"Vali, you are with the Khaos Brigade!" Issei shouted in anger at Vali Lucifer the host of divine dividing and this generation White Dragon Emperor.

"Indeed I am my rival…" He replied calmly from under his balance breaker but literally everyone could feel his grin

"But to be honest I am disappointed my rival is weak and was duped…" he said cryptically, Issei however ignored his words. He had a lot of people to protect with Rias Rias and the others being among the foremost.

"Remember Issei you can only go into balance breaker for a limited amount of time" Azazel reminded , Issei simply nodded at that before making a note to thank him later for the bracelet he gave to him. Although he was pretty calm despite losing an arm.


Issei was then covered in his incomplete balance breaker form for the very second time, the first time was at the Raisers wedding to save Rias.

"You are going down Vali!" Issei roared as he charged at Vali at very high speeds.

"Come my Rival don't disappoint me…" He replied is tone calm as ever and it frankly angered Issei who couldnt understand just how Vali could he be so calm.


Issei lunged at Vali with his fist cocked back Vali however waited until the last second before his fist reacted and contacted with my face. The blow was deflected by Isseis helmet as he continued attacking, soon however Issei felt a sharp drain on his power as Albion called out.



Ddraig called almost immediately as Issei felt his energy return before I decked Vali in the gut. He replied by headbutting Issei, sending him reeling before following up with an uppercut to Isseis chin, his barrage did not stop as he promptly followed up with more attacks. He then kneed Issei in the chest before he decked him in the face sending Issei flying backwards towards the ground. Issei landed flat on his ass right in front of Rias and the others. He then grit his teeth in frustration before getting up.

"How weak…. You were just an average student before and now you are the red dragon emperor but you still disappoint me…" Vali spoke with clear disdain in his voice.

"You have point there Vali?" Issei snapped back at his rival.

"Yeah I want you to get stronger but it seems your master isn't suitable…" Vali calmly replied

"What did you say about Rias!" Issei roared as Rias and the others watched on with concern.

"Maybe I should kill one of your friends then you will fight better…" Vali said calmly as he hovered in the air, he summoned two balls of blue energy before he launched them at Asia. Issei reacted immediately [BOOOST!] and jumped in front of Asia taking the blow for her.

"Issei" Rias and Asia shouted out in concern as I was launched backwards several meters

"Don't worry Rias,… I won't disappoint you…." Issei said proudly as he staggered to his feet, a smile of proudness and concern graced her lips but It was all the motivation I needed.



Ddraig called out as Issei roared "Let's do this Ddraig!" before charging straight at Vali

"Good you still have some fight" Vali said with amusement in his voice, as he stood waiting to receive my attack, Issei grinned at that he had Vali right where I wanted him.

As Issei got close he struck his left arm out, and shouted "ASCALON!" as he said that the dragon slaying blade extended from the gauntlet, Issei could practically see Vali's eyes widen as he jumped back dodging the sword. But Issei didnt let up and pressed his advantage, Vali managed to dodge three strikes before Issei got him with the fourth sending him flying into the ground. However was still standing but his balance breaker was down.

Vali wore a cocky grin that had several emotions in it. Joy and Excitement being the most prominent of the bunch.

"So you are not completely weak…" Vali said as he wiped some blood calmly from his mouth, His divine dividing still present on his back.

"It's still not over though" Vali replied with a grin


"What!" Issei spoke in astonishment; as Vali could still activate his balance breaker

[The fight does not end until one of us is dead or unable to continue fighting. This is how dragons battle….] Ddraig chimed in

Vali then charged at Issei who was caught off guard before a punch to his face knocked him back into his senses. A [Divide] promptly followed.

Issei could feel my power drain and grit his teeth as he tried to survive through Vali's barrage of attacks. trying to counter attack was useless as he kept pushing before he knocked me backwards with a roundhouse kick to the face.

I landed with a solid thud in front of Rias and the others.

"Issei!" Rias screamed with concern, as she tried running over to Issei but was stopped by Sirzechs who said.

"Rias! Their power has reached the point where they will vaporize anything in the vicinity."

"But he needs me!" She shouted with concern. Issei in response grit his teeth. He knew that he could not fail her now.

"Don't worry about me I will be sure to defeat him!" Issei told her with determination lacing his voice. His tone made her smile.

"The trust you put in her is endearing, dear rival…" Vali said in a sarcastic tone as he watched the interaction with a malicious look.

"Don't insult Rias!" Issei shouted back as he defended his one true love interest.

"If only you knew the truth rival" Vali spoke cryptically as if he was about to reveal a major secret.

"What truth? What are you talking about!" Issei screamed in confusion.

"The fact that your master has only been using you… she doesn't care about you she even let you die to get your power!" Vali informed Issei while staring at Rias

"No she hasn't been using me! I choose to fight for her!" Issei said as he disregared Vali's words.

"And what do you get for your fighting, you have been near death, injured and what do you get her word of thank and a pat?" Vali said with venom lacing his voice. He couldnt understand

"Don't insult HER!" Issei roared using his anger to propel him forward. Issei cocked his fist back but Vali easily dodged the attack and head-butted Issei, destroying his helmet and exposing his face.

Isseis eyes gazed back at Valis serious yellow ones as he held him by the neck of his armor, "She let you suffer, she knew Yumma was going to kill you and she sat by and waited for you to die…" Vali told Issei the truth, Issei paused for a few seconds and started thinking.

Unknown to many Issei was an intelligent person he himself had a few questions regarding His reincarnation. He however put the concern to his think on later list. He then powered up and broke out of valis grasp before the two of them started a battle of power.

"Arent you going to question your precious master?" Vali taunted.

"Oh I will just not now. I need to focus on right now." Issei answered back as ddraig boosted his power a few times before he threw vali back before he suddenly entered a trance like state. Currently the only thing that he could feel was how perfect ascalon felt in his hand.

He could see vali charging at him, he could vaguely hear the voice of his teammates telling him to dodge but that was not important what was important was that he had a blade in his hands. Just as vali threw his haymaker Issei lightly turned his head a bit and on pure instinct slashed his sword which hit valis armor and caused it to crack a bit.

Everyone was looking on at the scene in shock. Vali was wearing a grin, he was confused by the change in his rival but he was not one to complain. However before they could continue the barrier broke and a teen named bikou appeared before Vali left with him. As he left he advised issei to get stronger as they would most definitely have their battle in the future.

As vali disappeared he sent ascalon back into the gear and just as suddenly he left his trance. Not landing on the ground he thought "Ddraig what the hell was that?".

"(I think that was your ancestors blood in you beginning to rise out. We will discuss this later for now return to your group, there is much that we need to figure out." Ddraig called back as Issei nodded before he returned to the ground where he was monster hugged by the girls.

(Timeskip to the 2 months of training)

"I cant believe it. She really did let me die. Everything connects." Issei thought in sadness and shock as he waited for tanin to appear for the second day of his training.

"[What are you going to do Partner It seems that what vali said was the truth. Should we run away?]" Asked ddraig.

"No that'll put a target on my back and I am no where near strong enough to protect myself. Not to mention its only my bond with the Occult research club thats affected. I will stay and rise up the ranks." Issei replied back determinedly.

"[As you wish partner tho I do need to tell you something. I looked at your blood work and DNA and found that you are the descendant of Kenshin. The greatest swordsman the east has ever produced. During the fight with Vali you unconciously bought out your latent ability with swords. Now then thats out of the way I have a small proposition for you.]" Ddraig said.

"Sugoi I didn't know I had such a great ancestor. I think I will ask mom and dad if they have any old heirlooms. And what proposition are we talking about?" Asked Issei.

"[I found a way to turn you into a dragon without you having to deal with the excess energy problem. By doing that your base stats will sky rocket giving us a chance to reach higher levels of power.]" Ddraig said.

"How?!" Issei asked in shock.

"[Ill use the magic from your evil pieces as the cost for change. Meaning it will have no detrimental affect on you.]" ddraig answered.

"Lets do it. I don't want to be a pushover anymore." Issei said before he felt searing pain in his chest and passing out. An hour later Tanin appeared and after ddraigs prompt explanation he also began channelling his aura into issei helping in the dragonification process.

(Timeskip 1 week)

Issei woke up with a groan and was immediately assaulted with multiple sounds and scents. The sudden influx of information caused him to develop a headache which he ignored. It was then that Tanin spoke up and said "It seems you are awake how do you feel?"

"Hmm if you ignore the lingering headache I feel amazing. Much more powerful. So might filling me on every thing?" Issei answered before asking the million dollar question.

"[Why not. Lets start with your composition. You are 60% dragon, 30% devil and 10% human. Your bones are denser, muscles are stronger and more flexible, your senses are sharper upto to the point that your sensory range is as long as several kilometres, thanks to the transformation your brain can process information much more quickly almost in nano seconds, your magic reserves have gone from non existent to upper tier high class beings. Apart from that you now have a very high, almost godlike affinity for fire. Now for your appearance, you have grown a few inches, your hair is longer almost up to your shoulders and lastly your eyes have changed color from brown to emerald green. During the dragonification I managed to bring out your ancestors blood making you just as talented as he was in the blade arts. Tanin here has just the styles for you to master.]" Ddraig finished feeling very smug at the newly attained strength of his host.

"Amazing. How much time do we have left until I need to go back and what else do I need to work on?" Asked Issei.

"I have 3 things planned for you. One is to help you master your new draconic body, two is to get my knights teach you how to use that blade of yours and finally helping you unlock balance breaker. And we have 3 weeks left." Tanin answered thoughtfully.

"That's a lot of stuff to cover only in 3 months. Are you sure that it will be enough for us to do all of those things?" Issei asked in a slightly confused manner.

"[Dont worry about that partner. Me and tanin will be creating a time lapse barrier for you to train in. Basically one week outside will be equal to a month inside. So instead of 3 weeks you'll be able to train 3 months which will be more than ample for you to complete the objectives set.]" Ddraig answered.

"Sugey! Let's go." Issei cheered as his 3 months of torture began.

(Timeskip end of training)

"And thats it for your training. Will you go back alone or should I drop you off back to the estate?" Tanin asked.

"I'll go alone ossan. Cant be dependent on you for every thing now can I?" Issei rhetorically asked.

Tanin shook his head in amusement before he flew of towards his territory leaving Issei who turned around and flew away towards the gremory lands. As he flew Issei eyed his outfit and hair. One was completely torn while the other looked wild and un tamed. He decided to honor his ancestor by using the style he used to follow which included having a battle kimono with his hair tied up in a pony tail.

He landed inside the gremory gates before he started walking towards the courtyard where all of them had been dropped of for their training. He then leaned against a pillar as he waited for the rest of the peerage to appear.

A few moments later he felt the presences of both the knights of the group and wordlessly nodded to them in greeting as they came into view. He could tell by their auras alone that they were stronger than they were a month ago. Both kiba and Xenovia looked at Issei in shock, he was completely different. He was taller, more buff and most of all his aura just screamed of power.

"It seems that your training was very interesting wasnt it Ise kun.?" Kiba asked in a friendly manner.

"That it was, that it was. Tanin is a real slave driver." Issei lightly commented.

Asia soon entered the fray before she blushed at the sight of Isseis torn shirt that displayed a lot of his muscles. Issei raised his eyebrow at her but said nothing. In the end she was a part of both the groups that had wronged him and was among those who he was impassive towards.

Rias soon appeared and tried to hug Issei but she along with everyone else present was shocked when Issei said "I am not in the mood Rias." Rias didnt say anything in shock, soon the group was joined by akeno after which they went back into the gremory compound to refresh themselves.