It was a couple of days after the meeting and Issei found himself lazily walking around yasakas mansion. As he walked he came across a room where Leo the 15 year old annihilation maker wielder was currently staying. Curiosity getting the better of him he peeked inside to find Leo staring out the window with a blank expression.

Knocking on the door he stood and waited as Leo turned to look at him. A slight change in the color of his eyes was all that changed in his expression. After a few minutes of silence leo nodded towards Issei giving him the permission to enter the room.

"Sup." Issei greeted as he sat down on the seat by the window, keeping enough distance from leo to ensure that he wouldn't be taken by surprise by anything leo could try. He however wasn't surprised to find that Leo did not talk to him he merely stared at him with a blank expression on his face. There was absolutely no emotion in his eyes not anger at being caught twice or even fear at being in the presence of someone who had disposed of him without much effort.

Issei on the other hand was slightly put of with the blankness in the leos gaze. It sent him back to the conversation he had with Azazel regarding leo after the two of them had met after the alliance meeting with yasaka.


"So sensei how did the meeting go? Was it in favor or do we need to move out by tonight?" Issei asked jokingly.

Azazel cracked a smile at the attempted humor and said "No we get to stay and enjoy the hospitalities for a bit longer."

"Thats great then, I'd hate to leave Narumi chan so soon after we became friends." Issei said with a smile.

"Oh is there anything we should know about eh Issei?" Azazel asked teasingly, causing a small blush to appear on Isseis cheeks.

"Who knows there may be something there may not, I still want to have a harem one day, I just don't broadcast it around any more. And besides It is up to Invigld hime to decide whether someone can enter or not." Issei answered with a shrugg.

"Thats good, Im happy that you are taking her opinion, any way Issei there is a favor I want to ask of you." Azazel quietly said.

"What is it sensei?" Issei asked curiously.

"I want you to get leo to warm up to you, the hire ups want to persecute him but me and the maous are pushing for him to be put in Inviglds peerage. He was under a very strong mind control spell for a few years so he is having a hard time expressing himself. We probably will succeed in getting him into her peerage but we need someone to who he can look up to to be there close to him. Can you do that for us?" Azazel asked seriously.

"Sure, I can try, but I doubt he will even look at me as a friend much less as a role model. I did beat his ass down, even if he was under a mind control spell." Issei said with an uncertain shrugg only to receive an amused smirk from Azazel that did not help to quell the confusion that Issei was feeling from Azazels request.

(Back to the present)

"So how are you doing? Is this place to your liking.?" Issei asked leo with a raised eyebrow.

As expected leo did not say anything for a few minutes but Issei was relentless and kept on staring at Leo with an expectant expression. After a small period of time Leo sighed and looked away as he replied in a whisper "I am as well as can be despite the last few years, and this place is comfortable I guess, much more than the cell I used to live in."

"Oi whats with the tired sigh?" Issei asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You are way to pushy, i had the blank mask on perfectly but you irritate me so much that I was forced to remove it just so I could make you leave early." Leo answered without shame.

"You are so very cold leo kun, I am hurt." Issei said as he playfully placed a hand on his heart and pretended to show that he was in pain.

"And here I was hoping that you would die." Leo dryly replied to the sarcasm.

Issei actually grinned at that, the brat in front of him had quiet a dry sense of humor. " Im touched by your concern brat but it will take more than that to kill me. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, answer me seriously how do you feel. And don't bother feeding me the crap you have been telling the others I for one will know if you lied."

Leo stared back at Issei with a defiant expression but for some reason he wasn't able to beat him in a battle of wills and soon sagged after which he answered " I am really not ok, my life has been a lie, I remember my parents being murdered when I was nine and then being taken in by the same people who murdered my parents. The spell was applied around that time the next 6 years of my life I lived within my mind and watched my body wreck havoc, after you beat me, I felt relieved. And then suddenly the fog caused by the spell lifted and I was outside again. The kicker is despite me being the old me again I don't have anywhere to go back to. And even my future doesnt look all that bright when you look at the crimes that I have under my name. The way things are going I will probably be killed out in the wild alone." Leo said finishing in a solemn tone.

Issei could tell that the boy was deeply hurt, scared and lost. He could slightly imagine what he was going through. After all Issei himself had been just as lost when he found out the truth of his reincarnation but thankfully both Tanin and Ddraig had supported him and he was able to make it out without any major problem.

"You know I found out that the gift of life I was given was based on a lie and the purpose of my life that I had grasped for myself was just as false as the gift. What could have happened naturally and in good faith happened under the guise of disgusting manipulation. I was lost for a majority of three months and had on more than one occasion contemplated on running away, but my senseis kept me grounded. And soon, I had found my new purpose and I can tell you its a very satisfying experience. I can advise you from experience to keep walking you will one day find the purpose you are looking for." Issei said and was just as surprised as leo at the wise words that drifted out of his mouth.

"You had your senseis with you I literally have nothing with me. Not a sentient gear, nor a home. I can't even go back to the hero faction because all my memories pf them are either fake or made under a very bad light." Leo said pitifully.

"You could stay with us, a new start is what you need. Joining Inviglds peerage will give you quiet the safety net. Not only from world politics but also from outside forces as well. And before you say anything about slavery there are two things you need to consider 1) Do you really think someone like me could be a slave to anyone? And 2) Invigld chan was raised in the human world by her mage mother, she does not conform to most of the norms that you know about in the high class devil society." Issei said firmly.

Leo was quiet for a few moments as he contemplated what Issei had said to him. It was true that Invigld was quite unlike the other high class devils and was quite modest while having a ton of raw power. The next thing was Issei himself who leo, would never admit out loud, was beginning to look upto. He counselled him and even gave him a bit of his own past to show that they werent all that different. There was also the fact that the alliance had a lot of information on sacred gears, he would have access to that and would gain better control of his gear. Keeping all of these things in mind he mentally nodded to himself before turning to look at Issei as he said " Very well I would like to join Invigld samas peerage if that is acceptable to her."

"She would love to have you, she's innocent and good like that. You will have the time of your life with us. We will probably have to add you to the first year program at kuoh high as well. Not to mention there is our club as well." Issei said cheerfully to a slightly stunned Leo.

"S-s-s-school? C-c-club?" Leo stuttered out slightly overwhelmed.

"Yup, I am pretty sure you didnt get to experience it during the early years so this is your chance to live a little and be a kid your age. As for the club every high class devil at kuoh has a club that consists of the devils peerage and Allies, since you will be joining the leviathan peerage you will be coming to our band / club." Issei said cheerfully.

"I-i-I see." Leo said feeling his throat get slightly heavier.

"Anyways you will probably be talking to Invigld tomorrow, so try and discuss the terms you want before entering, because if you do enter and then willingly betray her for any reason we will meet and I promise you words won't be exchanged." Issei said in the same cheerful tone, However there was an underlying steel in his voice that told leo that Issei wasn't joking. And he personaly knew just how strong Issei was and that alone frightened him a bit but he non the less nodded in agreement. Leo however realised an important thing that day, Issei Hyoudou was the best possible ally you could have but if you were an enemy he'd make sure to be your worst nightmare that was seen on the worst day possible.

The duo continued talking for another hour with Issei regaling stories about his post tanin training battles loving how the boy he was beginning to look at as a younger brother was looking up at him with awe. When they were done Issei bid Leo Goodnight before leaving towards his room. That night Leo went to sleep with a peaceful expression, the first one in his life where he didn't have any bad nightmares.

Elsewhere in another part of the mansion Narumi walked towards her mothers room hoping to catch her before she went to bed and discuss what was on her mind with her mother. Knocking on door she waited for a few moments before receiving a soft 'come in' after which she entered the room.

"Naru chan? What are you doing here?" Yasaka asked Narumi, she was currently dressed up in nightwear. It was clear that she had been preparing to go to bed before her daughters impromptu visit.

"I need to talk to you about something kaa chan." Narumi said in a slightly nervousvoice.

"What is it Naru chan?" Yasaka asked as she pulled her daughter down to sit next to her.

"Can I join Inviglds peerage?" She asked hesitantly, knowing that her mother had a rather low image of the devil faction in her mind thanks to the nekosho massacre.

"And pray tell why do want to join a devils peerage?" Yasaka asked with a raised eyebrow, her voice suddenly having gone blank.

"I don't know whether you know or not but I don't really have any friends here, either because of my status as the princess of kyoto or the amount of power I wield amongst my generation. Invigld is my first friend, who treats me like equal. Not to mention that she is has the same status as me as the princess of the underworld. I don't want to lose that friendship so soon after gaining it due to something as trivial as long distance." Narumi said hoping that her mother would agree and would not ask for the information that she had left out.

"Oh, that does make sense but for us supernaturals distance is a very fickle thing. So tell me Naru chan what is your real intention for wanting to join your new friends peerage." Yasaka being the mother asked, immediately picking out a missing essence from her daughters explaination.

Narumi sighed disappointedly before saying "I want to get closer to Issei. I havent told anyone about this but his actions over the past few weeks have caused a slight magical bond to form between us. This bond it makes me feel warm and safe. I want to take a chance with him mom, even if it fails I can say that I gave it my all and it wasn't meant to be. Not to mention he is the strongest person I have met in my generation and he isn't bad to look at either." Narumi meekly answered.

Yasaka stared at Narumi for a few moments, her face not giving away anything. She had her full cross pantheon politician facade on. Yasakas expression made Narumi squirm as she realised she was still quiet a bit of ways away from reaching her mothers level. Yasaka however soon broke the stare with a tired sigh and said "Alright I will talk to Azazel dono and Serafall dono about it tomorrow. I do have a couple of conditions that I need you to follow."

Narumis face broke into a beaming smile as she tightly hugged her mother and excitedly said "Of course, any thing you say."

"First things first before you can join I will be talking with Azazel dono and will make the alliance sign a contract that will give you the option of leaving Leviathan chans peerage at any moment that you want or if I decide for you to leave it at any given time." Here yasaka raised a hand and stopped Narumi who had opened her mouth to argue.

After a moment she continued and said "And the second thing is I will be sending someone along with you in there peerage, and this is non negotiable, if I am sending you away I at least will be able to rest properly knowing that there is someone who I can trust watching your back." Yasaka firmly said ending all of Narumis potential arguements.

"Fine, who will be going with me?" Narumi asked unhappily.

"Why Itachi kun obviously, who better to guard the princess of Kyoto than the white sheep of the forsaken uchiha clan Hmm?" Yasaka said with a twinkling smile. Narumi on the other hand groaned into her hands. Itachi was her older brother figure and if he was going to be joining her, it would make her attempts at getting closer to Issei, more than a little awkward.