The next morning once again saw Yasaka in the meeting room with Azazel and Serafall. Ahe had requested the meeting so as to discuss narumis latest request. "Forgive me for calling another meeting so soon Azazel Dono, serafall dono."

"It is no problem at all Yasaka dono. We are Allies after all. But if you could ellaborate on why this meeting was called it would be most appreciated." Azazel formally said as he and Serafall sat down.

"Ah yes, my daughter as I am sure you can imagine hasn't been able to make that many friends. That is due to her heritage as the princess of kyoto and her prodigious skill. Your student and his master have left quite an impact on her." Yasaka said dryly.

"I don't know what you mean Yasaka dono. Could you perhaps please elaborate." Serafall asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, my daughter has become enamoured with the young red dragon emperor and has formed a decent friendship with the young leviathan heiress. As such she doesn't want to leave her friends so soon after getting them. Due to this she requested permission from me to go into the young leviathans peerage." Yasaka explained and after seeing the looks of understanding dawn on her compatriots she continued.

"Ah I see, and I am I correct in guessing that despite the recently signed alliance you arent comfortable in trusting your daughters protection in the devil lands?" Serafall asked politely.

Yasaka gave her an apologetic stare and said " Your assumption is correct leviathan dono. I mean no disrespect but you need to see it from my point of view, I lost an entire species to your people on a reaction to the actions of one. Even after that my people weren't paid any recompense. So you will have to forgive me if I say that I am not going to trust you with something as precious as my daughters life." Yasaka firmly said asserting the fact that while there was an alliance in place it wasn't one where the trust was blind and it would take quiet a bit of time for there to be any sort of warm feelings between the two races.

Serafall opened her mouth to argue but did not say a word as Azazel had raised a hand signalling that he was going to take over for a while. And just like that serafall fell into the back seat, she however did not have a problem with that. Azazel, herself and Gabriel made up the main negotiation team for their pantheon and they were a damned good one at that. It was one of the reasons that they had managed to get into an alliance with the norse pantheon just a few months after reuniting the Christian pantheon.

"What you say makes perfect sense and is completely agreeable. Now then you called the meeting I take it you have an arrangement you have in mind?" Azazel smoothly said bringing the meeting back on track.

"Ah yes, Narumi hasn't really asked for anything in her life and I want to let her go but I need for a few things to be agreed upon before I let her take that step." Yasaka professionally stated.

"Hmm and what did you have in mind?" Azazel asked stroking his goatee.

"One of the stipulations I have is that Narumi chan will have an option to come back to kyoto when ever she wishes. The second one will be that I will be sending some one to accompany her and look after her in my absence. Said some one will also be taking up place in Leviathan chans peerage." Yasaka firmly iterated.

"Those are fair conditions, is there anything else?" Azazel asked curiously.

"Yes there is one more. I want Narumi chan to have the ability of leaving leviathan chans peerage at any moment should she wish to and revert back into a normal yokai." Yasaka sternly said.

Azazel did not immediately reply to this statement and turned to look at Serafall since she was the one who could properly commit to that being a devil king and all. Serafall herself was silent for a few moments before she made her decision and looked towards a stoic yasaka.

While she knew what Yasaka was asking was very unusual and had the potential to spark a protest, it was worth it as well. The shinto and yokai faction officially joining the alliance would not only strengthen it but also open the door to negotiations with hindu faction keeping in view of the Indian yokai.

Serafall then sighed and with a serious look not normally seen on her public persona said "I do hope that you know that such a thing has never been done, right?"

"I am aware of that." Yasaka confirmed with a nod, but did not say anything else. Her face holding a resolute look on her face.

Serafall held Yasakas gaze for a few moments after which she sighed and gave a smirk before saying "You know what fuck it. I agree, I'll have ajuka set things up, Narumi san will have the choice of exiting the peerage whenever she wishes to. In change of that I would like you to at least be a little more open to the idea of moving past our past grievances."

"I shall strive to do so." Yasaka said in a slightly relieved voice.

"Well than I guess that is that. That is unless you have anything to discuss Yasaka dono?" Azazel asked interjecting himself back into the discussion.

"No I have nothing else on the agenda. However may I offer you a glass of something?" Yasaka asked as she stood up and made way towards one of the many cabinets in the meeting room.

"Hmm do not mind If I do. Do you have any decent whiskey with you?" Azazel asked as he and serafall stood up and walked after Yasaka.

"What exactly is your relationship with The red dragon emperor kun Azazel dono, you seemed to have a much more vested interest in him when compared with serafall dono." Yasaka curiously asked after they had downed a glass each.

"Hmm you could say that in the time that I have known him, I have started looking at him as the son I never had. Vali never opened up to me much and is still way to guarded but with Issei he tells me everything like a son would. Being honest it is quiet a privilege." Azazel replied after a few moments of silence.

"I see, than what kind of boy is he? Will he be someone my Naru chan will be happy with?" Yasaka asked as she looked at Azazel with a quirked eyebrow.

"Well if they do get together you won't really have to worry about Narumis safety ever. Anyone having an intent to harm her will be 6 foot under before they even have a chance to do anything." Azazel casually replied.

"Ah I see. Well here is to a new alliance." Yasaka said as she raised her glass a bit. Her action was followed by both Azazel and Serafall after which the trio clinked there glasses and gulped their respective drinks down.

(With Narumi)

Currently we find Narumi walking like a woman on a mission. She had finally covered all of her bases and was now going to go for home. She had Inviglds permission and her mother was aware of her choices the only thing left now was for her to make the move.

Walking through the courtyard and into the nearby forest she soon came across a rather beautiful clearing. Said clearing not only had simple ground but also came with a large waterfall. Sitting under the water fall was a shirt less Issei who seemed to be meditating. She was surprised to find him doing just that as the excercise was one used in the later stages of senjutsu training. She knew that he had no chakra and hence didn't really understand why he was doing said excercise.

"Oh Narumi chan what are you doing here?" A voice asked bringing her out of her stupor. Turning around she saw Invigld walking towards her with a basket lodged up her elbow.

"I was looking for Ise kun when I found him here. What about you Invigld chan what brings you to these parts of the woods." Narumi asked back.

"Azazel sensei told me Ise was training here so I bought him some water and snacks. By the way what exactly is he doing.?" Invigld said in a rather perplexed tone.

"I believe I can answer that." A voice interrupted the duo.

Looking towards the source they found Su Wu Kong calmly resting on a tree branch eating a banana as he observed Issei.

"Wu Kong sama! what are you doing here?" Narumi exclaimed out in surprise.

"Hmm I just offered the young red dragon emperor advice on the next step of his training and was stopping by to see how he was doing." Su Wu Kong casually answered.

"I mean no offence to you Wu Kong sama but why are you taking such a keen interest in Ise kun?" Invigld asked with a frown marring her face.

"Heh Is it wrong for me to show my to be apprentice some attention?" Su Wu Kong asked breaking his gaze away from the training Issei.

"Apprentice? You want to take on Issei kun as your apprentice?!" Narumi said in shock even Invigld looked surprised.

"Yup, the gaki has everything I would ever want in an apprentice and while I can't teach him senjutsu, this old man has more than enough other skills to pass on." Su Wu Kong replied with a smile.

"If you do not mind me asking, if he is your apprentice why are you watching him from afar?" Invigld curiously asked.

"Mainly because that I have not gotten the word of final approval from the leaders of your pantheon. As soon as I get that I can begin his training in the earnest." Su Wu Kong answered.

"You would not have to wait much longer, I just received word from Sirzechs and Michael giving you the green light to take him on as your apprentice. Though you will have to come to kuoh with us if you have a long term training plan for him." Azazel said as he walked over to the group.

"That is perfectly fine, I will easily be able to transverse between kuoh and kyoto so that is no problem for me." Su Wu Kong Happily said.

"This is good and all but what is he really doing? Why is he do the training excercise we youkai use to train in enhancing our bodies with our chakra?" Narumi asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh my dear child, this excercise has many uses and the senjutsu one is just one of them. What I am training him to do is gaining control over his senses. There are several stages to it. And even more stages to the art that I have in mind for him." Su Wu Kong said with a smirk.

"And how good will he be when he completely masters said ability?" Azazel asked intrigued.

"After he unlocks it, he will have to learn through 7 levels. Though once he does achieve and master level 7 he will quiet easily be at the level your pantheon calls the super devil level." Su Wu Kong said as he rubbed his chin, making the other three of his companions to jaw drop at the power this ability held.

"I see, will you be telling us more about it?" Azazel asked after Su Wu Kong did not continue his explanation.

"Hmm I will leave it for my apprentice to explain the steps to you as he learns them." Su Wu kong replied.

"You are no fun old monkey." Azazel said with a slight shake of his head.

"That is what makes it different and makes it fun for me." Su Wu kong said with a grin.

"Sorry for interrupting your very important banter but how long does Issei kun need to train. I need to ask him for my date damn it." Narumi said growling at the two older men.

"Well he won't be free until he completes this excercise." Su Wu kong succinctly said.

"And how exactly will you know that he has completed said excercise.?" Narumi asked as she put her hands on her hips and glared at the older yokai.

Before Su Wu Kong could answer he felt a slight change in the air around Issei. He smirked inwardly when he felt the completion of his apprentices excercise. Deciding to test him over it he called out and said "Oi Gaki dana how many life forms can you sense around you as of now?"

"15 birds, 13 squirrels, 17 fish, and the 4 of you talking." Issei swiftly replied back. He did attempt to sound non chlatant but even was unable to keep the surprise out of his voice.

"Decent enough for now gaki dana, you can come over now, we will be working on more cool stuff in the upcoming days." He instructed.

Issei opened his eyes and nodded before he stepped out of the fall dressed in boxers only. Narumi and Invigld blushed beet red as they saw his wet torso, as he walked towards his things. After quickly wiping and getting dressed in his usual attire he walked towards the group and nodded towards Azazel while hugging Invigld and pecking her on the cheek.

"Well Ise kun the old monkey over here is officially your trainer be sure to learn as much as you can from him. He may not look it but he knows a lot." Azazel said.

"Ha ha ha you really a fun aren't ya you old crow? On a serious note we will begin your training in earnest in two days. Until then I want you to relax and get your body back to peak physical condition." Su Wu Kong said to Issei after glaring at Azazel.

"Alright sensei." Issei said with a firm nod. With that both Azazel and Su Wu Kong left leaving behind the three teens.

Clapping his hands together Issei said "So what did you two need me for? I doubt you went along the entirity of the mansion just to simply greet me.?"

Hearing his question Narumi coughed into her fist before straightening up and saying "Take me out on a date!." She said almost screaming.

Issei in response could only stare at Narumi wide eyed while Invigld giggled at the sight of her shocked boyfriend and now comically blushing best friend. This was to good to pass up maybe she should have a bought a camera for herself.

"And don't you worry about Invigld chan she already gave her permission so come on lets go." Narumi said as she grabbed Isseis hand and led him away.

Issei could only dumbly stare as the sound of giggling reached his ears.