Author's Note: I've just watched this video called 107 American Dragon: Jake Long Facts YOU Should Know about a cartoon I used to love and there was one particular fact that got my attention. It just seemed really cool to me and it would be amazing if it really happened on the show, so I decided to write a fanfiction about that because why the hell not.

Okay, so this may all seem a little bit rushed, I just don´t like describing stuff. Also, I´m in high school so my English will probably look like it – not a native speaker (so I don´t really know anything about how things actually work in the US).

Oh, and I'm afraid everyone is kind of OOC in here (especially Lao Shi and Rose and The Dragon Council and so on). But I think I nailed Fu Dog.

This is set sometimes after season 1, but there will probably be some references to season 2 as well.



June 2008

"Lao! Lao!" yelled Fu Dog as he ran inside the Canal Street Electronics shop.

"Fu. What is going on?" asked Lao Shi calmly while sitting behind the cash box and pouring himself a cup of tea. It was a sunny day.

"It's about Jake. The Dragon Council..."

"Has Jake thrown a party, and the Dragon Council took his powers again?"

Fu looked dumbfounded for a second. "Okay, first of all, how do you know about that? And second, no. No, I just heard a word from the street - the Dragon Council arrested him."



The speed that Lao Shi took to get to the Isle of Draco was impressive.

Andam, Kulde and Omina, the main members of the Dragon Council, all seemed to go a little white at the sight of him. The other members behind the golden table quickly started pretending to be reading some important papers.

"Mister Lao Shi," coughed Omina after a while. "To what do we owe this honour?"

Lao Shi was red with rage. "To what - how can you arrest Jake just like that without me knowing about it?! He's not even of age! Did you just snatch him right out of New York or -"

"Lao Shi, calm down," interrupted him Andam. "In the case of Jake Long, we acted the way we found necessary. A very critical situation has emerged."

"Hmph, a very critical situation you say." Fu rolled his eyes. "What, you heard him saying you're nothing but a bunch of old lizards? 'Cause that would never cross my mind."

Kulde stared at him coldly and then turned back to face Lao Shi. "No... In a manner of speaking, your grandson didn't do anything. Yet."

After seeing their confused glances, Omina continued. "Today we were working on our traditional control of all dragons that are known to us and their dragon chis. We do it once in four years. It is..."

"Councilor Omina, it was me who suggested you do these controls in the first place. I know what it's about," said Lao Shi drily. "You take a little piece of a dragon chi and check whether there is anything amiss. Then you compare it with the chi that resembles it most."

"... Yes. Well, there was nothing wrong with Dragon Long's chi, just... we have found a nearly perfect match with a different chi we have in here."

"How is that a crime?" asked Fu. "Match with whose chi?"

"At first we weren't sure it wasn't just a mistake," explained Andam. "We have that particular chi more or less thanks to a lucky chance. Someone gave us a claw we added to the database."

"Okay..." replied Fu. "So? Gentlemen and Omina, I suggest you quickly get to the point, because Lao here is running out of patience he didn't even have." He waved his paw towards Lao Shi, who was breathing heavily.

Kulde leaned forward ominously. "We are convinced that Jake Long and the Dark Dragon are the same person."



Author's Note: So back to the video, it's the fact n.92 (time 18:14). I kind of know where this story is going so I'll try to make it into sentences and keep posting :)