Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King and all it's characters belong to Warner Bros. and Shoot The Moon Enterprises Ltd. I'm just borrowing them, since THEY won't do anything with them anymore, for my pleasure and hopefully yours! The story is completely my own. Any resemblance to any other fanfic or one of the episodes is entirely unintentional except for references to 'The First Time', written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner; 'Over the Limit', written by Tom Roplewski; and a few paraphrased lines from 'The Eyes Have it', written by Lynne Kelsey; 'Nightcrawler', written by George Geiger; and 'Stemwinder I & II', written by Robert W. Gilmer and George Geiger.

"How Do I Live" written by Diane Warren, sung by Trisha Yearwood, and "Shameless" by Billy Joel. No infringement intended.

Summary: A time for renewal. Total fluff. ºÜº

Timeline: August 13, 1989-Two years and six months after the secret marriage. Marriage has been public knowledge for eight months. Everyone knows everything. Well, as much as you can in a *need to know* world. Fits into my *Where've You Been* Universe.

Feedback: Sure, constructive criticism accepted with a very open mind, on list or off, I can use the help. Flames will be used to light my husband's cigarettes as he is always losing his lighters. (If I don't get many flames maybe he'll quit!)

Thanks: Huge thanks and cyber-chocolate to my friend and beta, Kathy. Your support, brainstorming, and correction have been and will continue to be priceless and unquestionably the reason this part of my little tale is so much better than it started out. It has been an absolutely incredible *working* relationship. You have my undying gratitude ;) (could I throw in my last born, too?!)

Notes: Just another moment in my version of Lee and Amanda's life. Hopefully when I'm all done with these they fit together believably. Oh, I took some creative license with the backyard/gazebo. Heaven knows the original writers did.

********* Represents a shift back in time.

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Rating: PG

Written by: MusicBox a.k.a., Momm2five, Laura