Read at your own risk. This was a young teen writing this. I hope to do a better and updated version in the future! - TDP

Robyn Jacobs: Ace Attorney
Episode 1: First Wits
Chapter 1

A fire burns, both in the heart and in a barn. Two men look square in the eye. One is old in years, the other is young. BAM! The younger man picks up the gun, and shivers in fright. "Young Sir," a policeman walks up. "You're under arrest for charge of murder."

I am Robyn Jacobs, a defense attorney. And while this wasn't my first case, it certainly was the first case that changed me. It was also the first case I had ever done in my own hometown, and the first case that taught me something-The truth is stranger than fiction. Since it took a battle of wits to uncover the truth about this case, let's call it "First Wits".

I guess I should tell you about my hometown, since this is where the case started and ended. It's a small, Midwestern town called Odyssey. You could say that, in this modern age, Odyssey is a remnant of the past, but there are some like me, who still call it home.

In Odyssey, there is an ice cream shop and "discovery emporium" as the owner, John Avery Whittaker calls it. In fact, the shop is named "Whits End" as a play on words. That's where this case really started.

The building itself was a gigantic, Victorian-styled recreation center. With a modern glass dome comprising the other half of the shop, you really couldn't miss it. As a walked through the door, I heard the ring of an all too familiar bell and the voice of an old friend.

"Robyn!" Connie Kendall ran, her strawberry-blonde hair bouncing as she did. "It's so good to see you!" She said while hugging me.

"Connie! It's so good to see you too after all these years!"I said.

"So, how have you been? I heard you became a defense attorney."

"Yes I did! I've had a few cases after that Candid Conversations call."

"Really? Well, I'd love to hear about them-"

"Connie?" From the kitchen came a older gentleman, sporting white, curly hair. This was John Avery Whittaker, or Whit, as some called him. "Connie, can you- Robyn, is that you?"

"Yep, Mr. Whittaker, it's me!" I said.

"Well, it's been awhile since we've seen you in these parts," he said. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes, I would! Maybe a cup of coffee?"

"Alright! One cup of coffee coming right up!" Connie said. "And don't worry, It's on the house for former residence of Odyssey, since so many are coming back to the town."

"For the 'Best Town' competition, right?" I asked as Connie poured the dark liquid into a cardboard cup.

"Yep! And here's your coffee," Connie said, while the aroma of the coffee filled the air. But it wasn't the only thing filling the air, for the familiar tune of "Amazing Grace" found its way into my ears. "Oh, that's my phone," Connie said, as she took the black Appleberry from her pocket.

"Hello, Constance Kendall here. OK, what is it?" Connie stood still as she placed her hand to her mouth. "I'll tell Whit right away, and you be careful, alright? OK, bye," Then Connie hung up from her phone call.

"What is it Connie?" Whit asked.

You could sense Connie was holding back tears. "W-well, Whit," One tear fell from her face, then two, then so many you couldn't count. "T-that was Joanne. She just told me T-Tom died...In his barn...there was a fire..."

Whit sighed and turned away. "I'm going to go to my office."

"Wait!" Connie sobbed. "They think Richard Maxwell did it!" Whit turned back. "It couldn't have been Richard though, he's changed, I know it! There must be some explanation!"

"All we can do is pray," Whit replied.

"Wait," I said. "There is something I can do." I got up from my seat at a booth, but Connie stopped me.

"Robyn, where are you going?" she asked.

"The only place that a defense attorney can go to when a case has started, I'm going to see the client." I confidently walked out the door. This was going to be a tough case, and I knew it. Who was the real killer? And why did Richard Maxwell go to see Tom?

Strolling through Odyssey made me feel like a kid again. McAlester Park, with its lush, autumn trees gave me so much nostalgia. Immersed in my own memories, I forgot my objective. I sat down on a wooden park bench, thinking of my childhood. The park was in the center of the town, with its winding trail leading to Whit's End. The trees followed the trail on both sides, every one of them spaced at an equal distance from each other.

"Did you hear about that new lawyer? I think her name was Mia Fey," My ears perked at this. A little girl, most likely 10 or 11, had said this. She had wavy, auburn hair, and a sea-green jacket.

"Yes, Emily, I heard about her," Another, presumably in her mid-20s, responded to the young girl named Emily. They were both walking along the trail. The older one screamed of a rich lifestyle. She had short, light blonde hair, and a fair complexion. She had a white, "puffy" dress, with a gold apron.

I got up from the bench and walked closer to the two girls and said: "What's this about a new lawyer?"

"Mia Fey, she was the lead defence lawyer in a murder case. In fact, it was only her second case," The blonde replied.

"My second case was an inheritance dispute," I said, glumly.

"You're a lawyer?" Emily replied.

"Yep! Robyn Jacobs, defense attorney," I said, with a cheerier attitude.

"I'm Emily Jones, my father is also a defense attorney!" Emily said."And this is M-"

"I'm Maurice," the other said, interrupting Emily. "My father is also a lawyer, however, he is a prosecutor. His name is Manfred von Karma."

Manfred von Karma? That name shook me to the bone. Manfred von Karma was one of the most famous prosecutors of my time, and to think I was standing right next to his daughter!

"So, Ms. Jacobs, Are you on any case right now?" Emily asked.

"Yes, in fact, I am, or will be," I replied. "Oh! And that reminds me, I need to see my soon-to-be client! So, I bid you adieu, ladies."

As I turned and walked to the direction of the Odyssey police station, I heard Emily shout "Bye!" I turned around and waved. Maurice and Emily both waved back.