At the Wow-O Toy Factory, the owner was displaying the new Mariachi Micro dolls when a group of robbers stole the plans. They knocked the people out with Aztec sleeping gas.

Later in their villainous lair, they showed the plans to their leader, "We got the goods Señorita Sartana" said one of the henchmen, "Plans for the Mariachi Micro dolls"

"Excelente work." Sartana smiled,

"Now remind me why are we stealing these?" asks a skeleton.

"Simple" Sartana answered, "The Mariachi Micro dolls are a way for Wow-O to promote their love for Latin American culture. Valentina the violinist, Gabriel the guitarist, Angeles the accordion player, Bautista the bongo player, Manuela the maraca shaker, Fabian the flute player and Gloria the guitarron player. Now we need one more minor detail."

Meanwhile, in Rosewood, a lot of commotion was going on in the gym. "The annual Halloween party is 3 nights away." "And this year's theme is Dia De Los Muertos."

Bailey saw Miguel putting up the decor, "You're excited for this are you Miguel?" she asked.

"Sure am," Miguel answered,

"Why is he here again?" Mia asked.

"He wants to bring his roots to Rosewood," Donna explained, "So maybe the annual Halloween Party would be a good idea. Plus the money will be donated to the language wing of the school.

"Plus you'll be serving detention for putting makeup in class, again," Bailey recalled,

"This year's Halloween party is going to be a SMASH" Miguel replied, "There will be a piñata break, jarabe dancing, face painting and a performance by me."

"Let's not forget about the slow dance." Mia recalls, "Where two people get to dance passionately."

"What's the point?" Bailey asked,

"Let's see here" Maria recalls, "Solo is with techie bad boy, "Michael", Stacy is with football star, "Caleb", Emma is with video gaming dork, "Luis", I'm with violinist, "Aiden", Samantha is with Oasis owner, "Wade", Spencer is with carpenter boy, "Toby", Red is with Emoji bassist, "Nick" Emily is with concert pianist, "Alison" and Abby is with your theatrical brother."

"Whoever your going to dance with is crucial Bailey" Mia replied, "And you're looking at the captain of the chess team or worse, theater organizer, "Ajay"

Donna started to feel down, "Come on Bailey," Donna said to her, "Let's finish up making picados."

"Seriously Maria" Mia whispered to her best friend, "What do you see in Aiden Zhou?"

"Aiden may be friends with Solo" Maria whispered, "But I don't mind a nerd."

Emma came up to Donna and said, "Donna, are you sure letting all the girls of the Halloween Party committee handle today themselves."

"Of course" Donna answered, "Rocket is hogging up The Golden Griddle again."

"What for?" Emma asked.

at The Golden Griddle, Ron was setting up the cameras when Michael came up to him, "Ron" he asked cautiously "Are you sure about all of this?"

"Trust me Michael" Ron answered, "A Naco eating at The Golden Griddle will be no one will ever expect on StoppableBueno"

"Isn't that your Viewtube channel?" Aiden asked.

"You guessed it," Ron answered.

Mr. Andor, Caleb, Nick, Wade, and Toshiro came in with hundreds of Nacos. "This is stupid." Mr. Andor said, "Not to mention a useless waste of beef and cheese."

"Come on Cass" Ron replied, "Donna is going to look after the girls while we eat our Nacos."

Wade looked at Simon and Bram, "Are the cameras ready?" he asked.

"They are," Simon answered.

"How come they get to sit this out?" Ron asked.

"Someone has to record us for the channel." Toshiro answered, "Plus Ajay is keeping an eye on us so we won't make a mess here."

"Cameras are rolling," Bram shouted.

"Okay people" Ron shouted, "This is the first ever StoppableBueno Naco eating contest. Also, you people may have noticed that this isn't Bueno Nacho, this is the Rosewood famous Golden Griddle. I got the idea from hometown darling, "Donna Solo" after she told me about-"

He looked at Cassian, who was glaring at him, knowing that Ron might blow their cover, "Their fascinating milkshakes and jukebox dance nights." Ron blabbed out as Cassian smiled with relief.

"Now here are the rules of the contest," Ron said, "Our 6 contestants will eat their Nacos stacks, including myself. Whoever is the last to throw up wins."

"Oh, my" Ajay worriedly said.

"Timer ready Rufus" Ron asked as Rufus nodded his head, "Go!"

Michael, Caleb, Aiden, Wade, Toshiro, Nick, and Ron started eating the nacos. The Greys secretly placed bags next to the competitors incase they get sick.

Toshiro was the first to be defeated in the contest. As he was tossing out his barf bag, he saw a really cute Latino boy, "Hola" he said, "Is this The Golden Griddle"