Naruto's Harem- The New Realm

Chapter one- The Assassin, Melona

Warning this is a smut fic, very smutty. A story with multiple cross-overs and some oc's.

Naruto will find himself in a strange land with only women. Naruto being a legend that was foretold to arrive in this strange land. This fic will have mythical creatures and will be weird every chapter, and is meant to be.

Crossovers- Queen's blade, Dragon's crown, Bayoneta, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Akame Ga Kill, Gurren Lagann, Drgonaut and Manyuu Hikenchou.

Naruto had become the hero, defeating pain. Everyone in the village cheered his name and admired their new hero. Yet Naruto's daily routine had mostly stayed the same.

Currently it was a normal night like any other in Konoha, the streets were mostly quiet and the stars filled the sky. The sixteen year old, Naruto had just finished a bowl of ramen and was just leaving Ichiraku ramen for some rest.

"Thanks for the bowl." He told with a smile.

"Alright Naruto, always happy to see you stopping by." Teuchi replied. Naruto left with a grin and walked down the quiet, empty and dimly lit streets. As he traveled further down the desolate roads he gazed up at the sky, the bright stars filling the darkness. There were countless and so illuminated covering the gloom. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud thud, looking over he noticed a shadowy figure in an alleyway, staring at him. Their eyes gazed over him from afar. He looked closer trying to see who, or what it was. Walking forward the figure disappeared in an instant with a puff of smoke. He didn't know what just happened, but shrugged and continued his journey home.

Moments later he arrived at his apartment, opening his door and taking a quick shower. Once clean he walked over to his bed and laid down, getting his long awaited rest. Closed his eyes and quickly found the sleep he needed.

Moments later-

A puff of smoke appeared in the blonde's room, the shadowy figure emerged from the mist in his room, closing the distance towards the blonde. Reaching the young blonde's bed, the figure simply stared at Naruto for a moment. Their eyes gazed over the young teenage without any emotion. The figure breathe came to a halt as a book was pulled out and the mysterious stranger began to chant odd words at the blonde's bed. The room began to quiver with tremors as a small orb formed above the blonde and began to gradually expand. Their words were fierce as they began to chant with passion. The orb expanded around Naruto and consumed him. The blonde had no idea the new life that awaited him.

The next morning-

Naruto slowly awoke, his mind was scattered as he came to, having a substantial headache that ran through his core. What the hell happened? Blinking a few times he saw clearly, taking in his surroundings. His eyes opened wide. On instinct he sat up confused, looking around he saw nothing the same, in somewhere else entirely. In what looked like to be some sort of spiritual room. Looking down he found himself on an enormous black circle. In front of him, a wooden desk covered with bizarre books, as the floor was covered with different hieroglyphs. The room was marble with a few bookcases against the walls and nothing much else. Confused, not knowing how he ended up here. He recollected his thoughts, requiring to find where he was. But nothing came to him, not a single speck derived to him. He remembered just going to sleep like any other night. Nothing came to him and he knew standing here would get him nowhere. He left the room and walked forward uncertain, to find himself in another small room with books and items along the walls, with bizarre text he had never seen.

As he strode further into the room he heard the racket of someone, looking over, he found a woman with a pink hue covering her body. The woman remained down in a chair, a book in her hand. The blonde immediately drank in the woman, staring at a woman with large pink ears and with a pair of massive tits that stood high and firm on her chest, defying gravity. She is scantily-clad, wearing only a very small pink transparent jacket that only covers her shoulders featuring eye-like pauldrons and a collar bound by a heart-shaped emblem with wings and a pink dress. She wears an equally revealing blouse of the same color. As his eyes drifted lower, he briefly looked at her inhumanly naked slender waist and flat tummy which was missing a belly button, but ignored it when he spotted her thick thighs. Naruto simply stared at the woman taken by surprise. Naruto was in shock by the beautiful woman sitting in front of him, looking her over he never saw a woman with breasts as stunning or as big as hers.

Melona felt a presence in the room and looked up from her book, noticing the young blonde. She blinked several times until she slowly stood up from her golden chair, placing the book down on a small wooden table and immediately wore a bright smile.

"Master?" She asked, squinting seeing if this was him.

"What?" He immediately replied, not sure if he heard her right. Melona the assassin and once aid to be swamp witch smiled seeing the man more clearly, seeing the man the elders spoke of. The young man with whiskers, the only man she had ever seen in her life.

"Master, it is you! It's been years but you have finally come home!" She squealed, happily running up and hugging him without a question. Her massive breasts squish against him as she pressed her body against him with a lurid giggle.

Naruto stood there unenthusiastic, looking down at her. "What? Who are you? Have we met?"

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "I am Melona the assassin, master, and you have finally come home." She whined staring at him, her eyes always on his. Almost a moment later she was smiling again. "And a very sexy, young master that I would be happily to do anything for." She told with a sincere smile and a squeaky voice. The woman was completely insane as she grinned, her hands roaming over Naruto, enjoying his muscles, astonished to see a young stud was her master.

"Where are we?" he asked trying to get a simple answer. Melona ignored the question as she eyed over her sexy master, enjoying what she saw.

"My master is incredibly handsome." She declared, eyeing him up. "What do you think of me, huh?" She sexily asked as she slowly spun around to showcase her almost naked body. Naruto looked at every inch of the beautiful, curvy woman, in awe. She was downright gorgeous and sexy and there was no reason to deny it. He couldn't speak by such beauty of this woman.

"It seems master is awestruck." She said and giggled, she practically noticed he couldn't advert his eyes from her chest.

"Men your age must be obsessed with these." Melona stated as she grabbed her i-cup breasts and gave them a tight squeeze. Naruto stared, he never saw breasts so enormous and stunning. Making Melona smirk, watching her young master fixate her body. "It's ok. Master we don't need any more introduction. I have waited, and I know what you desire above all else. So we need to get the process going, show me your cock and let me please you, master in ways no other will ever." She told with passion.

"What?" he asked utterly confused. Before he could do anything the woman moved with unearthly speed. In a flash the woman he just met was down on her knees and pulled down his pants and boxers. His cock jutting out, slapping the woman in the face.

"By the nine, you truly are gifted." She declared with hearts as eyes and another giggle. "Such a long, lovely thick cock just for me. It's amazing." Her eyes were in a trance by Naruto's amazing pillar. "The elders said you would be legendary." Melona couldn't be more than pleased to have this man to be her master, this young man had what looked like a eighteen inch long cock. In all of her years she had never seen such a fearsome cock in any the books she read about male anatomy. Very gradually the woman extended her arm wrapping her hand around the base, her fingers grasping him feeling how hot and throbbing powerfully he was, her hand not being able to cover half of his thickness. It was so incredibly hard, veins and a strong feeling more rigid and dense than anything. She lost track of time as she studied the fat dick before her, in complete awe.

"Miss Melona." Naruto stated looking down at the woman he just met between his legs. Melona had been starring for a minute straight lost in thought, his words snapping her back to reality, glancing up at Naruto still in shock. "I appreciate what you're doing but I still don't know where I am-" He was cut off midsentence.

"I still can't get over it this fucking, enormous dick… master you have the biggest, fucking penis." Melona stated looking up at him. With his cock still in hand she couldn't wait to see what he tasted like deep down her throat. Can't wait to give this big boy a ride. Gently she began to massage his shaft, stroking him off, moving her hand up and down the entire length. The busty woman smiled watching as his cock throbbed. She leaned forward and sniffed the manly scent. Naruto was baffled but couldn't help but stand there, stiff not moving.

"Now let me see how my master's cock tastes." She leaned forward, and gave Naruto's cock a lick, making him groan. She looked up and smiled.

"My master likes it, doesn't he." Naruto couldn't help it and nodded. She grinned and brought her arm up and wrapped one of her gentle hands around the base of his shaft, her head not being able to fit around the thickness. In a swift moment her hand flew up and down his dick stroking him.

"Oh fuck Melona." He stated.

She leaned back. "Yeah get into my master." She finished with a grin.

"That feels so fucking good." Naruto cooed. She smiled liking how the young ninja enjoyed her hand job.

"Let Melona take care of you. I am yours to please in every way possible. Every fantasy, every naughty thought will be no more, because you can use me. You will never be alone with me by your side, master." She stated as she leaned forward and gave a gentle lick to the underside of his throbbing cock triggering Naruto to groan. Naruto could feel goosebumps prickle down his dick as he couldn't deny the thought of having this unknown woman for himself. She then gave the massive bulbous head a very long slow lick, trailing circles around his head Naruto feeling ecstasy. She then felt ready for the impossible shaft.

The bombshell leaned forward and opened her maw wide to receive the immense dick, her jaw stretching wide to accommodate the enormous manmeat. With one last look into Naruto's eyes she pushed the massive head into her greedy little mouth. His massive girth stretched her lips as she took in as much of him as she could. Her lips were pulled so far apart by taking him inside she felt they would snap. With the fat penis-head filling her stretched mouth she was having trouble fitting more cock down, cheeks bulging.

Pushing forward the cock filling her, savoring the taste of Naruto's manmeat as she pushed forward, stretching her throat. Naruto groaned as her tight mouth suffocated his cock. Tears ran down her eyes as she gagged on the biggest dick she could have hoped for, traveling further down, her saliva coating the thick trunk. Once she made it to ten inches she came to a halt, his dick deep down the back of her throat, his thick head pressing against her the back of her throat.

"Of fuck Melona." Naruto delighted the tight mouth smothering his cock as he placed his hands on top of her head. She brought her lips back up to his head, sucking tightly as she did and continued the process. It was her goal to take this stud's entire godly shaft into her mouth. Sucking the first ten inches while stocking the rest, her head rocking upon his shaft. She kept up this pace for several minutes, wanting the young blonde's fat cockmeat. With each stroke she took him a bit deeper down causing her to gag and cough, no regard for her loss of breath.

Soon it became clear, she never could imagine being able to take the full mast of his manmeat. She thought she met her match, unable to tame this massive monster. She came to halt unable to take more and looked up at Naruto. He looked down to see why she stopped. Naruto knew why and slowly grabbed her then pushed her down, inch by meaty inch. She took him further, his cock pushing down her throat, cutting of her air. After several strokes she stopped her nose pressing against his waist, she had taken the entire fat eighteen inched prick into her throat. His rod so deep down in her throat her neck bulging, clearly visible.

"Holy fuck you took my entire cock." Naruto didn't care at all he didn't know this woman he was pleased with the sight, his manmeat so far deep in the woman's throat. Slowly she traveled back up to the head. She moved at a slow pace getting used to the size. Once ready she wanted to provide Naruto with the finest treat she could think of.

In an instant Melona moved her mouth with unearthly haste. Slamming her head down on him and pulling back up with no regard for her sputtering, gagging and loss of breath. Naruto slammed his hands her head and gripped her, feeling her tight mouth moving with such speed, in total ecstasy as this woman he only met minutes ago was sucking his fat dick at an absurd speed. The demon woman certainly put effort into her sucking, using her technique on the stud's thick manmeat, her head a blur as she raised her hands stroking the base. She sucked, lapped and drooled all over him, her drool traveling down making his cock glisten. She pushed even further as she took eighteen inches of dick in her mouth, his musky smell intoxicating. Naruto grinned felling total ecstasy as this woman sucked him off, her tight mouth coaxing his fat cock.

She sucked him vigorously, working with her hands, lips and tongue to pleasure him. He seemed perfectly in control with his enormous erection getting all the attention she could give it, with no sign of being close to ejaculating. She gagged as she worked his fat prick, keeping up her pace, swallowing pre cum whenever he fired it and stroking him.

A half an hour came and went of a fierce blowjob, Melona working her damndest to receive his cum. She finally was about to receive her prize, Naruto felt his balls tighten and his cock expanded in her mouth. Melona tried to cry out as she felt the girth of his cock get even thicker making her throat bulge out even more obscenely.

"Fuck." Was all Melona heard before Naruto grabbed a hold of her head and forcefully slammed her down his massive pole. Once she was secured down his dick, he fired his first unearthly blast of thick white jizz directly down the big titted woman's throat, instantly filling her mouth. She felt the hot thick liquid gushing down her throat, a large amount filling up her stomach while the rest was forced back up her, spilling out of her nose. Huge blasts continued to hose down her throat causing her to choke. Just as soon as she swallowed his cum she began to cum herself, even more forcefully than before. Her muscles tightened as the orgasm surged through her, releasing the pressure and making her legs go weak. Her fem-cum gushed out as he fired a profuse amount of cum, her belly began to look four months pregnant.

As soon as she swallowed a blast of cum more would fill her mouth to the point she couldn't swallow any more. She held him in her mouth for a long time while his cock pulsed and throbbed as delicious huge orgasmic spasms cramped her vagina. After a minute he released his hold and she released his cock.

Still ejaculating he fired more thick spunk into her face covering her completely. His spunk traveled far and covered the entire room seeping into the wood. After two long minutes he fired his last blast and stopped. He stood back smiling pleased with himself, as semen covered Melona's entire body, running down her chin onto her breasts. He looked at the mess he created, his thick semen masking everything in the room, hoping the woman he just met wouldn't be livid.

"Fuck Naruto I've never seen so much cum in my life." She said surprised. Naruto couldn't help but smile wildly experiencing the best orgasm of his life gazing over the goddess of a woman. "Melona that was amazing!" he told and she grinned.