No matter how brave or tough you say you are, everyone has their fears. Like the young Ruby Rose, for today was the day she faced her fear.

"Why am I cursed with such smartness" the Young girl sighed to herself as her silver eyes stared at the verry intimidating building where she would now be staying for the next few years. She wore a simple attire, a pair of baggy torn jeans and a faded black tank top,along with silver worn out sneakers on her feet and a black and red backpack hung from her shoulders, black hair with red tips reached for her shoulders.

"You look lost kid" she heard a voice behind her making her jump, "I'm Raider, sorry if I startled you" said a man as he waked up beside her rubbing the back of his neck "R-Ruby" she stuttered out looking up at the giant of a man beside her, he was around 7 feet tall and well built with messy brown hair, He wore black work boots with black jeans, He had a white shirt with a black leather jacket, He wore a thin silver chain around his neck with a silver skull with red eyes hanging from it, There were black leather fingerless gloves on his hands.

"Your one of three people that I know of who got accepted into Beacon College" he said "hey, you ok?" he asked when he noticed Ruby tensed at his previous statment "I uh yea I'm fine,just a little nervous is all" she said shaking her head to clear any bad thoughts "what do you mean I'm one of three people who got accepted" she asked "well I don't know if you know this but, you either get accepted or buy your way in for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, most of everyone here bought in,except you me and one other person" he answered.

The bell rang indicating the beginning of Ruby's first break, the first two classes had gone fairly well aside from everyone calling her names for being poor, but what was she supposed to do, sue them? "holy hell this place is expensive she mumbled finiding a seat to sit at wile she ate her rather expensive sandwich. "hey pig,your sitting at our table" she heard one of the people from her previous classes call behind her, "so what" she said turning around to face him but froze when she saw multiple people standing around her, the man who spoke before started to walk towards her before stopping, a look of fear on his face, Ruby felt the table shake as something either heavy was dropped onto it or something light was slammed into it, "there a problem here" Raider said making the others all retreat to where ever they came from. "great timing, also thanks for saving my ass" she said as she turned back around and continued eating "no problem, we gotta stick together y'know, and yea I tend to be in the right place at the right time, though Weiss says it's very iritating sometimes" he said with a chuckle "who's Weiss" Ruby asked curiously "that would be me, Raider I hope your not saying bad things about me", a girl said sitting down beside her, Weiss wore a simple white skirt and top with ice blue edges, her white hair in a lopsidded ponytail contrasted well with her ice blue eyes, she wore a pair of matching high heels on her feet.

"I'm glad you're in my next two classes, I don't think I could handle anymore insults" Ruby smiled as she walked beside Raider to their next class together "yea, now that you know all your classes are either with me or Weiss I don't think that'll happen again" He said. After meeting Weiss, Ruby soon discovered that Weiis was in her first two classes Raider being in the next two then they were all in the last class together. "I still don't think that's a coincidence" Ruby said "who knows" Raider said opening the door to their next class, "thank you" Ruby said as she walked past Raider, there was a loud thump behind Ruby, she turned around to see Raider rubbing his now sore forehead, "stupid fucking low doors" he mumbled to himself "soory Professor Goodwitch" he apoligized when he saw the Proffessor glaring at him "I was distracted" he finished.

"Distracted huh" Ruby asked with a sly grin "what do you mean" Raider replied "I mean, when you hit your head, you said you were distracted" Ruby explained "I was" Raider complained not liking where this conversation was going "oh please, admit it, you were staring at my ass" her grin growing as she said this "hey, in my defence Weiss has no ass, and she's the only other girl in this school I'd ever talk to, secondly I WAS distracted and I'm not gonna say wether it was your ass that distracted me or not" Raider defended himself "whatever, anyway your going in first this time", "I swear I have the dirtiest mind", "what's that mean?", "it means, never say that to me again", "what, your going in first?", "YES that" Ruby snickered "there's literally no way to make that dirty.

"holy shit, I don't think I've been so bored before, and it was enineering, that's one of the only reasons I even came here" Raider complained as he and Ruby walked to where they would meet Weiss, "sure" Ruby said sarcastically, "what does that mean" Raider frowned "I saw you staring", "are we really going back to this", nope, just thought I'd let you know to be more sneaky next time, besides I don't swing that way" she replied happily "hold that thought one moment" Raider said pulling out his phone, "what are you doing", "just gonna message Weiss and find out where she is" he said which wasn't entirely true.

Ice queen

Good news Princess.

What? and don't call me Princess.

Red swing's bent, also, where you at?

Ok thanks, and as for where I am

turn around.

Raider turned around just in time to be greeted by a hard slap to the face, "that's for calling me princess, and my last classes were very infuriating" Weiss said, "ok, but next time please warn me" Raider said trying not to rub his now burning cheek. "that left a mark" Ruby said wincing at the red hand print on the side of Raiders face "better get used to it, she tends to have quite a few 'infuriating' classes, I think it's just an excuse for her to slap me though" Raider said "that's not true" Weiss Growled "wait, you let her slap you whenever?" Ruby asked Raider "only when she's angry or upset, and it's not just slap's, she can hit me anywhere above the waist" Raider explained "your like her own personal vent" Ruby giggled at the thought of Raider getting beat up by the short white haired girl "I suppose, though I'm sure Weiss would deny it" Raider said trying to get Weiss attention "hm?" Weiss looked up from her phone "who's that you're messaging, your new boyfriend" Raider teased only to be slapped again, he then turned to Ruby "see" she only giggled "you know damn well I would never date anyone here" Weiss yelled "except for the people in this group, and you already said no to me, so that only leaves Ruby" He said making both girls blush.

"Hey Ruby, how are you getting home?" Raider asked his new friend, "oh I'm getting a ride from my sister Yang, why?", "he wants to showoff his car" Weiss said as he walked beside Ruby "yep" Raider said proudly Weiss and ruby both let out an exaggerated sigh "well, limo's waiting so I'll see you guy's tomorrow" Weiss said as she headed for the long whte car parked outside the school, "now who's showing off" Raider called out only for Weiss to raise her hand and point her middle finger at him, "well, now that's just rude" Raider said "you think she has a limo because she can't drive" Ruby asked making Raider jump "did you forget I was here", "kinda, another dissadvantage of being tall, you forget you have short friends, anyway what did you say", "I said, you think she has a limo because she can't drive" Ruby repeated slightly annoyed at being called short "hmm, let's find out" Raider said pulling out his phone.

Ice Queen



Ruby wants to now if...

If, what?

Weiss's mind raced trying to figure

out what Ruby wanted to know.

You have a license or not.

What? why would she want to know that?

Also remind me to punch you tomorrow.

Well, you ride a limo everywhere and Ruby

just thought you didn't know how to drive,

and I'm not sure I want to remind you to do that.

Yes I have a license.


"Well that answers that" Raider said with a sigh "so she has a license", "that's what she said, don't know if I believe it or not, how far away is your sister", "she shouldn't be to far","ok well I gotta get to work, hey you want a job?", "depends on what it is", "mechanic", "I'll think about it","cool anyway see ya tomorrow or whenever I decide to come to school next" Raider then pulled out his keys and pressed a button, a blue muscle car just behind Where Weiss's limo was parked rumbled to life as Raider walked up to it, Rubys jaw hung loose as she stared at the car. "Oh, one more thing, here" he said handing a piece of papper with his and Weiss's phone numbers on it to Ruby. Just as Raider pulled away leaving an impressive set of tire marks, a yellow and black motorcycle pulled up in front of Ruby, "hey Rubes, need a ride?" The blonde asked opening the visor to her yellow helmet, her waist length hair sprawled out everywhere, she wore a brown vest on top of a yellow t-shirt, she had black cargo pants and brown work boots, a pair of yellow sun glasses covered her lalic eyes. "Hey Yang" Ruby said hoping onto the bike, pulling on her black helmet with red roses.

"Hey there's Raider" Ruby yelled to yang, pointing to the blue muscle car from before sitting a a red light. Raider was looking through some papper work as he waited for the light to change, he hated this light, it stayed red for 15 minutes, he knew because he time it so he never missed it turning green, he turned his attention to a yellow and black motorcyle that pulled up beside his car, noticing Ruby on the back he grinned, The driver of the bike revved the engine, Raiders grin turned into a smirk as the car leaned to the side when he revved his engine, The loud rumble of the engine blended nicly with the whine of the supercharger sticking through the hood, shaking the ground, Raider cheaked the time, there was about 5 more minute until the light changed, flipping a switch he heard a quiet hissing sound as the front end of the car lowered a few inchesand the rear tires deflated a bit, flipping another switch a white stream of air spryed from the hood for 5 seconds, Raider glanced over at the two gilrs staring in amazment. "hold on tight" Yang muttered leaning foward, Ruby doing the same and tightening her grip around her sister, The light turned green and the bike launched foward pulling a wheelie, Ruby grinned, looking back to see how far ahead they were, her grin fadded as the car flew past pulling it own wheelie before scretching to a hault at the next lights.

"Not sure weather I expected that or not" Yang said hoping off her bike "what, losing the race or Ruby making a friend on her first day" Raider said with a chuckle "hey" Ruby whined making both Yang and Raider laugh. "your lucky we wern't goin' for slips" Raider said as he opened the door to the workshop they had arrived at. Rubys eyes bulged out of her head as she stared at all the cars in the storage room, Ranging from high-end super cars to old classics, there was even a Rat-Rod in the corner, "Yang can I work here" Ruby begged "I don't see why not" was her sisters reply.