"why do you need so many things to make simple cookies" Weiss complained as she walked into her penthouse holding two bags of groceries, Ruby following with three bags "oh, you don't need all these things I jus-wooow" Ruby cut herself off, as she looked around the massive room, "I've never seen the city this high up before" Ruby said looking out the massive window "ooooohhhh, a telescope", "there's time for that later" Weiss called from the kitchen "coming" Ruby called back, grabbing her bags she ran into the kitchen. Stopping in tracks when she saw Weiss' outfit had somehow changed, "wha- Weiss, when did you change" Ruby asked completely dumbfounded "dolt, I changed as soon as I put the groceries away", "I wasn't staring out the window that long was I", "yes Ruby you were, I don't blame you though, I spent a whole day admiring the view when I first moved here, then it just got boring then I never really paid any mind to it" Weiss said as she got two aprons out of the cupboard "what one do you want, the 'I cook as good as I look' one, or the 'Head chief' one" Weiss asked holding the two aprons up for Ruby to see "are those the only aprons you have", "I didn't have any until my sister gave these to me for my birthday, so yes these are the only aprons I have", "your sister, gave you those, for your birthday" Ruby raised an eyebrow, "just pick one already", "fine, I'll have the 'Head Chief" one, since I'm the master at cooking", "are you saying my cooking is bad", wha- Wiess I haven't even tried your cooking before", "so your assuming my cooking is bad", "I never said that", "relax Ruby I'm just joking" Weiss said chuckling to herself while Ruby pouted.

"Weiss" Ruby asked as she stared at the burnt cookies in the oven, "yes Ruby?", "how good are you at following instructions?", "very, why do you ask", "because, you can't follow a simple recipe written down on paper" Ruby raised her voice a little as she held up the book pointing at the page repeatedly. "Weiss your oven's broken" Ruby called from the kitchen "what did you do" Weiss asked as she walked through the doorway shaking her hands dry, "I did nothing, it burnt and under-cooked the cookies at the same time" Ruby said as she held picked up a burnt cookie and broke it in half to reveal raw dough inside. "how is that even possible", "probably the same way you managed to turn cookie dough into concrete" Ruby said gesturing to the perfect cookie and bend knife sitting on the bench, Weiss only pouted.

"Cookies" Ruby yelled cheerfully, holding the golden treat in her hands. Rubys phone started ringing as Weiss walked up to the fresh batch of cookies on the counter, sighing Ruby put her cookie down and answered the call. "Hello", "hey Rubes when ya comin' home?", Weiss who overheard the question, got an idea "Ruby, tell her you won't be going home tonight", "I uh won't be coming home tonight I'm um staying at a friends place", aw man, now I have to cook, anyway have fun", Ruby sighed again putting her phone in her pocket and reaching for her cookie, which wasn't there anymore, a quick look at Weiss told Ruby where her cookie went "Weiss you're eating my cookie" Ruby whined "I have no idea what you're talking about Ruby" she said with a smirk as she took a bite out of the small treat in her hand, Ruby pouted then an idea popped into her head, "hey Weiss, are you ticklish" Ruby asked with an evil grin, "n-no" Weiss stuttered, now afraid of what was about to happen.

"Weiss, I let mysel- Raider cut himself off when he saw Ruby pinning Weiss to the ground, tickling her. Raider walked back out closed the door waited a for a minute then knocked. "what do you want" Weiss glared angrily at him "to remove whatever I just saw from my memory" Raider said as he ducked under the low doorway "why are you here" Rubys called from the couch "well I can't text Weiss a package now can I" he said holding up the small black box that he had in his hand "ooooh, what is it?" Ruby asked curiosity in her voice "Weiss bullied me into doing her homework", "I'm right here y'know" Weiss said as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned on one leg "good job detective" Raider said clapping his hands after he put the box on the table. "so what is it exactly" Weiss asked trying to remember what she got Raider to do for her, "It's that science experiment you wanted me to do" Raider said slightly tilting his head in Rubys direction who didn't notice because she was heading to get more cookies, but Weiss noticed and she could barely contain her excitement, she wanted to hug the giant right then and there but managed to remain calm, "a-are you sure it's safe" she hesitantly asked, "hey Raider you want a cookie" Ruby called as she walked back to the table "I taught Weiss how to bake" she finished when she rejoined the small group "it looks a little burnt" he said as he looked at the burnt "cookie" Ruby held out to him "it still tastes good" she said taking a bite of her own, "alright then" he said taking the treat and bringing it to his mouth, it smells good, he thought before taking a large bite, "what is this monstrosity" he asked as he spat it into his hand he headed to the bathroom to dispose of the so called monstrosity, "Weiss how did you manage to burn and under cook a simple goddamn COOKIE" he raised he voice slightly to emphasize his point whatever it was.

"so, what do you want to do now" Ruby asked Weiss after Raider left "how do you have your coffee" was all Weiss replied "uh cream and five sugars", "no wonder your so giddy all the time", Weiss said as she walked to the kitchen taking the box Raider had left with her, though Ruby couldn't see it, Weiss was smiling happily, tonight was going to be a great night. Weiss waited until she could hear the TV before she started making the drinks, when the drinks were made she removed the test tube containing a pink liquid from Raiders box she carefully measured a small amount before mixing it into Rubys drink. "what are you watching" Weiss asked as she placed Rubys drink in front of her, "just some strange cartoon with overly exaggerated weapons and bullshit physics, I mean how is that girl even swinging that massive scythe around so easily, and how the hell does she fit an entire mini gun in a goddamn handbag, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Ruby sighed as she grabbed her drink, "that sounds interesting" Weiss said taking a sip from her drink after sitting beside Ruby, "I mean the story is good but it's a little unrealistic don't ya think", "Ruby, it's a cartoon it can be as unrealistic as it wants", "eh I suppose, but still at least make it a little believable" Ruby replied after drinking some of her drink. Weiss watched as Ruby drank her drink, "What?" Ruby asked when she noticed Weiss starring, "s-sorry I was just thinking about something" Weiss said blushing a bit, "you look cute when you blush" Ruby said as she sat the now empty cup back on the table, "w-what" Weiss said as her face invented a new shade of red.

"Well that show was" Weiss paused as she tried to find the correct word "different, strange, stupid" Ruby tried to help her with her sentence, as she stood from the couch grabbing both empty cups, and headed to the kitchen to dispose of the used dishes. A storm had blown over during the night which made Ruby feel uneasy, "everything alright Ruby?" Weiss asked as she followed Ruby, "y-yea, I guess I'm kinda afraid of storms" there was a loud explosion of thunder right outside the window, Ruby was now clinging to Weiss with a grip that rivaled that of Yangs brutal bear hugs "R-Ruby I-I ne-ed to bre-ath" Weiss choked out, "oh sorry" she said sheepishly as she released her grip. More thunder boomed outside and the lights flickered before the entire building lost its power, "ahh, I'm blind" Ruby cried out "Weiss where are you", "wait for your eyes to adjust" Weiss said calmly her eyes already allowing her to see Ruby, "I-I have silver eyes" Ruby sounded as if she were about to cry, for reasons unknown to the greatest doctors and scientist, people with silver eyes couldn't see in low light environments, Weiss' own eyes widened in realization "it's ok, I'm right here" Weiss said as she slowly wrapped her arms around Ruby as not to startle her. After dealing with the empty cups, Weiss guided Ruby to the guest room, just as she managed to get Ruby to let go, and hop into bed more thunder boomed outside and once again Ruby was clinging onto Weiss for dear life, "don't leave me Weiss" she cried trying to hide in Weiss' hair, "ok, come with me" Weiss led Ruby to her room where they got in Weiss' bed Weiss smiled as Ruby fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, "good night Ruby Weiss said as she drifted of to sleep, just before she was fully in dreamland more thunder caused Ruby to cling onto Weiss in her sleep, Weiss sighed, this was going to be a long night.