This all begin as an relaxing day for Shantae.

What a rexlaing day, Shantae said. But I can't help but notice somethings missing here.

Then a cannon ball smashed into Shantaes house. You know it was coming so stop pretending that you didn't, Shantae said. Then Shantae got up and started swimming towards Ristys ship.

Alright Risty Boots, Shantae said. Tell me, what are you planning?

Oh I'm not up to anything, Risty said. Then voice changed when she said, all I want is you. Then she shape shift into Nega-Shantae but with a red sweater with yellow stripes with a hat and a glove with a claw on it.

Nega Shantae! Shantae said in shock. What are you...wait a minute what's with the clothes?

Your not at all scared by these clothes? Nega-S asked. I hope that you've kept the receipt for that because the answer to that is no, Shantae said.

That's just great, Nega-Shantae said in anger. I just spend 20 million jewels at a Halloween store just to get this costume and it all went down the drain. Whatever, that's not what I came into your dream for. But I came to challenge you to a little game that I made just for you.

What is it? Shantae asked.

I'm going to let you pick, Nega-Shantae said. Nega-S then transported her and Shantae into a world of blackness with three doors in it.

These doors have a different game in them, Nega-Shantae said. The game you pick is the game you stick with.

What do I get if I win? Shantae asked.

If you win you come out, Nega-Shantae said. And if you lose that's where I come in.

Ok. Shantae then chose door number 3 with Nega-Shantae giving a sickening evil grin which that means she's up to something. The door toke place in a dark and spooky forest.

This is hide and seek, Nega Shantae said. But with my little take on it. It's to make it more interesting. You got 24 hours to find me.

This is going to take all night, Shantae said. Ok, I'll find you even if it does take me all night. *Knowing that the dark clone of herself is a mischievous trickster, Shantae had to be very careful when it comes to her*.

But in the end, it looks Nega Shantae had found her.

Found you, Nega Shantae said. No fair, you should have gave me more time to find you.

Oh well, Nega Shantae said. It's like a said, i add some rules to my version of hide and seek. Keeps things original.

Whatever, Shantae said. You're not going to get away with this.

Yeah, you're not getting away too, Nega Shantae said. She then turned into a lawnmower with sharp pointey ends. I'll be sure of that.

She started the engine and chased Shantae down the forest. Shantae had to hide from her in order to think about her move before she finds her.

I need to think of something, Shantae said. Then she saw a hose, a sandpit, and some chopped up grass. It's going to take some time but i think it's going to work. Shantae then got the stuff that she needed for her trap and put it together.

Hey lawn girl, Shantae said. I'm over here. When I get my hands on you, I'll tear you to shreds, Nega Shantae said.

Nega Shantae ran over for the trap and fell for it. Ugh, Nega Shantae said. I would forget this.


Shantae then woke up from her dream. What a dream, Shantae said.

The End.

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