Pain seared through my body, from the side of my waist to my right shoulder-I was in agony. I couldn't stop shaking. I felt my cheeks were wet while I could hear the faint sounds cries of my friend, pleading with me to stay with him, to stay alive but he never stopped blaming himself even as inner anger for what they had done began to brew. No he was more focused on me than them which left me worried for his safety regardless of whether they would attack again or not. My friend would not stop crying, knowing that if the Navis hadn't attacked him then I wouldn't have chosen to get between them to save my friend. In truth he was not just a friend, he was more than that to me. In fact he was a brother to me. Strange as it was given how we only knew each other for about six months. He was a friend who I thought I would never gain given my misfortune when I somehow ended up in a Reploid era to see war take place before my very eyes. Losing two brothers was harsh and traumatizing but witnessing my third brother take his gun and shakily place it to his head as he slowly lost the ability to stay in control.

I remembered pleading with Axel to stop, to fight against the Reploid Lumine. But to my grief Lumine was gaining more control as the seconds trickled by, knowing that I wouldn't be able to end Axl's suffering he had chosen to fight against the effects and end it. At that moment guilt from not just being able to save him engulfed me to the point that I couldn't breath or sleep afterwards was my punishment, for not being strong enough to save him even if he harboured no ill will for my weakness. Knowing Axl's grief and guilt for the fact I would be forced to watch the death as it was either himself or I, given that Lumine would be too strong to kill from within as he had somehow managed to enter Axl after my brothers destroyed his body. Just that unexpected situation threw us off to the point we were sitting ducks, everything had been fineā€¦ just fine. We were relieved that it was all over despite the fact Axl was unconscious from going to investigate Lumine's corpse, in the end we were planning to get him patched up and speak about it. The Jacob project, Paradise Lost it was suppose to be all over and then suddenly I lost them all and a day had not even passed since Lumine's defeat. I know that my brother wanted to end it all and stop Lumine before he had the chance to hurt me or anyone else, But at a price I was left alone. Knowing that other Reploids would be also going on a rampage I was left to watch this from afar, knowing humans would also be suffering to the point that they would be forced to take shelter until the hell was over which in truth was a sad way for it to end. Whether there was a heavy casualty I do not know but after gathering what was left of their data and memories. I was left unable to think about what I wanted now, what I had wanted to do due to my experience and the worst part- I was only seven before the Reploids fell completely. Eventually a friend entered my life after I was picked up by my father's friend- his colleague since he started working as an intern, for once I didn't care if my friend was dangerous or powerful. Because he... he reminded me of- me? Like I had found someone who I know would always be apart of me and would have my back no matter what. But those people hated him and always tried to use any excuse to get rid of him even when he had tried countless times to prove himself, to prove he was good and would never hurt anyone intentionally. In truth sadly it was never good enough for them and now... I was a casualty of their own hate.

I never wanted to cause my friend harm or to hurt him deeply, but I didn't want to be left alone even as I started to feel cold. Just hearing him say 'I'll be back for help, I promise' it felt like this would be the last time I would see him again. I wanted to ask him to be with me but I had been too weak to stop him and at times I blacked out. A few times when I regained some consciousness when I had blacked out briefly I had seen a figure running towards me but I couldn't move. I would never forget how despite being in cyberspace, I ended up bleeding and the attacked caused my friend's face to be stained with my blood. It horrified and shocked me as I never expected that to happen, nor being able to enter cyberspace at all given that I am a human. It was still very strange even to this day I could never understand it.

By the time I had awoken I had seen white walls and sheets leading me to believe I was in hospital. Did that mean my friend had found help but if that was true- then where was he?

Spotting the door was open I knew, Dr Light had helped me given how his son knew me and uncle, I had a sinking suspicion that he was now secretly helping me escape before they caught me since they would see me as a threat as well like uncle and my friend. Swallowing I had forced myself out of bed regardless of the pain and fatigue that continued to form, once I was sure I could move I fled. Knowing that those men would hurt me. I had to my sadness nowhere to go, I was homeless and weak. I knew no one, uncle Cossack was in jail for a crime they accused him of and no doubt they would also find a way to silence me for knowing too much. However... it all changed when a woman with black and white hair spotted me. She knew my father, I was shocked and yet there was a part of me that trusted her. How?

She had my father's eyes.