Summary: it was the final battle. The ultimate standoff and he won. Spider man finally succeeded in making New York safe for its citizens to enjoy and prosper. But it came at the cost of Peter Parker's life. Now with everyone he knows and love taking him for dead, our friendly neighbor Peter has hit the absolute bottom of the barrel. Now the only way to go is up, as Peter decides to turn this curse into a blessing to create a brand new life for himself away from all the bad memories of New York and into the peaceful life of echo creek. Unfortunately for our dear wallcrawler, the infamous parker luck chases him everywhere and is hell bent on making his life a living hell. Lucky for him there just so happens to be a bright star from another dimension ready and willing to make his new found life into one of the wildest experiences he has ever known. Let's hope he survives the experience.

Update (17/07/2021): Currently re-writing all of my chapters. This was my first story ever so it has a lot of grammatical and narrative errors. Slowly but steadily I am working through them so they can better match my new and much improved style. It is a work in progress so don't expect new chapters until the editing is done. Give me your thoughts on the new updates, I would really appreciate them.

Chapter 1: Born Again.

It was an incredibly morbid thing, to stare into your own coffin knowing it was nothing but an empty box.

It is a feeling you can not quite describe with words. It is an empty feeling, one that tears at the heart and leaves you almost an empty husk.

But not for them. No, for them the feeling is way worse. It is an impalement to the core of their being. The grief is real and so are their tears.

He gets a free pass only because he knows the truth.

Everyone he cared about, everyone that came to the funeral anyway, were completely ignorant to the elaborate trick.

Except this was no sleight of hand or simple deception. This was leagues above that. A truly disgusting act that leaved a sour taste on his mouth.

The tears, the cries, the flowers, the whimpers… they were all genuine.

All for a pretend memorial, a ruse of a funeral, and they didn't even know it.

All of his dear friends, companions and fellow workers were coming together to give their last goodby, to grieve, and all Peter Parker could do was watch from afar.

How he longed to stand amongst them, to save them from their pain. Maybe he could replace it with anger, with hate, with anything else other than that gut wrenching pain that he was all too familiar with. It was preferable for them to hate him instead of mourning him.

He was not worth their tears. Not when he was lying to them like this.

It should be no trouble to him. Almost a second nature at this point, considering the complexity and compromise involved in his former "other life", but it did nothing to diminish the crushing pressure on his chest and the burning of his eyes. One last lie he told himself. to protect them he had told himself this time and time again, and somewhere along the way he started to believe it. The lie became a reality in his twisted and damaged consciousness.

But now that he was here, standing from afar, watching a beautiful blond in a black dress fall to her knees, her hands covering her beautiful blue eyes with a sorrowful wail escaping from her lips as the rain overtook her...with such an image now present with nothing he could do to change it, to make it he knew that those thoughts were nothing more than a bunch of bullshit.

He may be a halfway decent liar, but not even he could buy into what he was thinking.

He knew. Deep inside, in his heart of hearts he knew this was just another excuse to avoid pain.

This is what all of this was about, what has always been about ever since he got bitten by that damm spider!

All the half assed lies, all the crappy excuses, the secrets...he used to think he did it for them.

To protect them from a truth that would most likely hurt them in ways he couldn't bear. That his secret was already crushing enough on its own and that sharing it would spread unnecessary pain and suffering to those he loved.

But the truth was more disappointing than that silly pretense.

He just didn't want to get hurt. He didn't want to live his life worried about every move, every action that they made, in fear that it would lead them to their demise in the hands of his numerous enemies.

He didn't want to be excluded, demonized for the freak that he was. Not quite human, not quite a mutation of nature, but something in between. A true abomination of life.

It was so stupid. All this time he thought he was protecting them and in reality he was just thinking about himself.


As usual.

He hasn't changed at all!

Just the good ol selfish Parker that he had always been! Superpowers didn't change who he was. He still was that idiot kid that was too self centered to notice the thief getting away with the money, not knowing it would end the life of the greatest man this world had ever known.

And now it had happened all over again, just that in place of Ben Parker being shot by a thief, it was…

Peter closed his eyes tightly. He couldn't tear up now. He had lost that right the moment she died.

Needless to say, he could now be considered a true orphan now. He had no family left in this world. He was utterly and completely alone.

That final had broken him beyond mere wounds, and bruises and broken bones.

It had drained him. The sacrifices he had to make to keep his city and all of his friends safe had been enormous. But he won in the end right? So it was all worth it right?

What was the right answer here? What is right and wrong anymore? Did it matter?

He didn't know.

All he knew was that he had lost the only family he had left, leaving him alienated from any kind of normal life.

With such an abysmal consequence to endure, faking his one death should be tribal by comparison.

Well, "faking" is kind of a stretch because he really thought he was going to die. It was the closest near death experience he ever had since becoming Spider-Man. If not for the intervention of a certain super spy, he really would have really been six feet under in that grave.

Nevertheless, by the end of the fight and when the dust settled, he was left with no home, no family and no apparent life.

He had finally reached rock bottom.

Right then he was faced with two choices: one, to come clean with his best friends, revealing to them the truth of his life or…

Well his current situation just speaks for itself doesn't it.

He lied. Again. Like he always does.

He is such a coward.

He couldn't cope with the possibility, the mere thought was too scary to even imagine it... so he eliminated it from the equation. Not even considering it, he went all in with no regards to anyone but himself.

He was the worst.

This lie however, unlike all his other deceptions, was a long time coming. A truth he was afraid of admitting but has no choice now. The first real decision he had ever made and should have made ages ago, but refused to because of some delusion of grandeur or something like that.

After all that he has given his all to New York city, to its citizens, to his had left him with nothing.

He gave himself to this power, and the responsibility that came with it, so that he could become the "hero" he knew his uncle would want him to be, all in his honor...his memory.

"With great power, there must also come great responsibility".

He would never forget those words. He couldn't. And even now, when those words have brought him nothing but pain, Peter still believes in them. Somewhat, anyway.

But, no matter how strong or durable someone is, no matter how mighty their will is, there is a limit to how much responsibility someone can take on before the weight becomes too much to bear.

His powers are great and spectacular, so to not run the risk of using them selfishly again, he dedicated his life to saving others.

Catching bad guys, sometimes saving them from themselves.

Solving the occasional murder.

And lets not forget the annual team up with other heroes when the situation demanded it.

Each scenario is more and more exhausting than the last.

He never actually thought he would lose. He was so consumed by his arrogance and pride the thought never even occurred to him.

He thought that he would take on any and all challenges that came his way and emerge victorious.

Not this time.

He might have won the war, but it came at too high a price. He is done.

He can't keep on living like this. He always cared too much about others and he will always care...but what about him?

What about his safety?

What about his happiness? Didn't he deserve peace and tranquility just like every other person he had saved?

Just because he was a "superhero" it meant he had to keep on sacrificing and sacrificing until he had nothing left worth losing? His life wasn't enough, now he has to keep on living without family, endangering his friends, always preparing for the next big attack? The next doomsday plan?

He is just a teenager for god's sake! Three long years of nothing but dangers and disasters were three years too long.

No more.

This was never meant to be his life! The power may be amazing, but it means nothing if he has to let go of everything that gives his life any real meaning.

No more.

The crux that came with these abilities had become too big for him to carry.

No more.

So, when presented with this particular proposal by the furious Nick, he only took two days before coming with an answer.

No more lies, no more secrets. No more hurting his friends when he doesn't mean to. No more being a burden in their lives. No more putting the city in danger. No more making promises he can't keep.

No more responsibility.

Which leads us to right here, in this graveyard; a hoax funeral for a very faulty "human being" that did nothing but lie and hurt everyone he ever cherished, once again, for "their own good".

Said liar was also watching every part of the ritual from a safe distance, so as not to draw any attention to himself.

Just to see them one last time before disappearing for good from their lives.

What a coward, right?

He is just tired, you know? He can't keep going on like this...something has to change.

Using his own death as an advantage would have never crossed his mind before.

God bless the calculative and tactical mind of Nick Fury. Its twisted and nefarious ideas are simply disgustingly efficient.

"A blessing in disguise", were his exact words.

He isn't completely sure about that, but who knows... It just may be exactly that.

After today, a brand new day would start for Peter Parker.

One in which he didn't have to fight supervillains on a daily basis.

A life where he wouldn't have to lie to anyone for his, or their "benefit" ever again.

A life in which he can finally think about his future without ruining the futures of others.

A life one would get hurt by his actions or inactions as a wall crawling menace.

Nick made sure to not leave any loose ends that might unravel the truth. It seems that being the director of the most powerful security enforcing entity on the world has its benefits

There was no turning back now. No second chances.

No take backs.

There is no going back for him after this. He couldn't do this to them, only to reappear some time later to reopen the wounds.

This has to be permanent. They would grieve him, yes. But they would move on. Time heals most wounds and sooner or later, they will go on with their lives. Not quite the same, but it would be better than what would happen if he remains.

This is his final scheme. His final lie to them.

After the funeral it will be bye-bye New York.

Bye-bye to captured villains that were breathing through straws and would never see the light of day.

And it will be bye bye to his dear and closest friends. No matter how much it actually hurts to do so.

And it hurts.

By god, how much it hurts…

As Peter realizes this, he sees the familiar and beautiful blonde girl, approaching the lowering coffin,on the verge of pulling her hairs by sheer greif. Her cries of anguish, mixed with the ever falling rain, created a very depressing image that was sure to remain in his mind for a very long time.

As he watched this, and as the funeral came to a close, it occurred to him that this would be the last time he would ever see Gwen Stacy again in his life. If only he could tell her. If only he could get close to her, to ease the pain in her heart that was sure to be the same pain he had on his own.

And not just her.











Robbie senior and Jr together.

Even good old Jameson himself.

Everyone he knew and loved was here. There were even dozens of other people he didn't even know. They were all crying, they were all mourning him.

This time he didn't bother with preventing the tears from forming


Even if it was all fake, for them anyway, he should at least greif alongside them... for the end of his old life.

The end of an era.

As of today...Peter Parker is dead.

And with him...Spider-Man is no more.

He is born again.

He is Ben Reilly.

Now and for the rest of his brand new life.

"Are you all set, kid?" Peter didn't need to turn around to recognize the owner of that gruff and no-nonsense voice. Nick Fury was behind him, awaiting his response so that they may leave for his new home.

"Remind me where we are going again" he was surprised by how tired and hoarse his own voice sounded in comparison. Jesus, he sounded older. He was only 18 and he sounded like an adult.

"We are relocating you to a small town in California called Echo Creek. It is a quiet place. Hardly anything too exciting happens in there and I doubt anything ever will. SHIELD has just finished manufacturing your new records, personal information and papers for your new identity. It will in no way, shape or form be traced back to here or to Peter Parker. You have my word on that".

Peter knew all of that already. He just wanted to hear it from his mouth again. Hearing those words aloud made the situation all the more real. As if to remind him of the severity of what he was doing.

Not that he needed the reminder.

He had to confirm it. All of the wheels have been set in motion and no one can stop it now. Especially him.

"...I know I said it before but thanks Fury. For doing all of this for me I mean. I couldn't have done it better even if I knew how to start. It would have been a disaster if I tried to do this on my own".

"Well...I would be lying if I said I did this out of the goodness of my heart. Your current situation can be of use to me in the future, which is why I intervened in the first place. You owe me now Reilly, so don't be surprised if one day I come to collect".

The tone of which he said that last part left no room for negotiation or argument, as Peter already expected. It was fine though. He already expected that kind of condition out of him. Nick Fury never does anything without thoroughly planning every step of the way and predicting all possible outcomes.

Also, he never involves himself in the affairs of other heroes or vigilantes, unless he is can gain something in return. Say what you want about him, he at least is consistent and honest with his own nature.

It was strangely reassuring.

"Don't worry. If you ever need me for anything just let me know. It's not like I can refuse anything you say now, when you pretty much gave me this second chance on a silver platter".

"Well, it's not like you have an actual say in the matter anyway"

Peter decided to ignore that.

"Anyway, you will be attending the Echo Creek high school academy so you can finish your formal education. Not that I think you need it but I had a hunch you would like to finish school and would have requested me to do so".

"Good what happens now".

"Now we get a move on. The longer you remain here, the bigger the risk it is for anyone you know to recognize you. Word of advice, try changing your image".

"My image? Like plastic surgery or something?" Peter asked, not entirely on bard with it. Does his healing even allow something like cosmetic surgery to work?

"Nothing that extreme. You would be surprised how little changes can completely alter the perception others have about you. I would recommend dying your hair to a more vibrant color".

Sounds like a lie, but ok.

"Dying my hair?...that's it?"

"Right now you should be the opposite of Peter Parker as looks are concerned. It works more often than people realize. Now while I don't think you should go to any extreme or draw attention to yourself, dying your hair to a more bright color will immensely reduce the probability of familiar and unfamiliar faces to recognize you. Similar faces and doppelgangers exist as a fact in this world. No one will be none the wiser".

Yeah, ok. Sure, totally.

"Is that so?" Peter hummed, not entirely convinced.

"Come on kid...who is the super spy here?" Nick said in annoyance, crossing his arms at the boy.

Peter rolled his eyes at the director. Talk about getting your panties in a bunch.

"Well, any suggestions then?".

"Dye your hair blonde".

Peter did a double take on that one, not quite expecting such words from the spy. It nearly made him laugh at the rudeness of it.

"Blonde? Why specifically blonde? You have a fetish or something?" he said, confusion clear in his tone.

"I could give you an extensive explanation, detailing the symmetry of faces, the social meaning of color and a whole other bullshit you don't need to know or you can just trust me on this. What will it be?" Nick said, already tired from the conversation.

Touche. What would he know? Maybe it was THAT simple.

Yeah, right. Whatever. What even was this conversation?

"Alright, alright!. I will dye my hair blond as soon as I get the chance" Peter said, putting his hands up amicably.

"Good. Now, if you don't mind, we are wasting daylight as it is. Your plane should arrive half an hour from now so we need to go if you want to arrive in time".

Peter sees him turn and walk away from him, towards the car that has patiently waited for both of them ever since they arrived at the graveyard.

Peter doesn't move from his spot.

Noticing this, Nick stops and gives a heavy sigh.

"Look kid...I know all of this may be too much for you to bear. I have been trained for this sort of thing and now you are forced to leave everything that you knew and love behind to start a new life far from your home. It can be crushing. It is crushing but I want you to understand: You are doing the right thing. You are doing the smart thing. Sometimes doing the smart thing isn't the thing we want to do at all, but the other options can lead to disasters much worse than you can ever imagine. It sucks balls but that's life. Nothing we can do about that. You made the bed, now it is time to lie on it...move forward. And who knows, the future might look up for you from here on out. After all, once you hit rock bottom the only way you can go is up".

Rehearsed, cliche and overly naive. Not to mention forced... Nick was clearly just saying this to get him do what he wants.

Peter is no fool. Nick has his own agenda, his own plans for him and his future. He has made that abundantly clear.

One day he would call Peter to collect the favor. It might get ugly… he might not get any say in it.

So no, he trusts Nick only as far as he could throw him and he can throw pretty fucking far.

But he can use Nick, just as he plans to use him. And at the very least, he doesn't need him yet. When the time comes...he will deal with Nick and whatever he has in store.

Not today, though.

And so, grabbing his bearings, Ben Reilly moved from his spot behind the tree and made his way to the car. And as Nick gave instructions to the driver, and as soon as they got moving on the road, not once did the individual formerly known as Peter Parker looked back.

His future didn't lay in the past anymore, regardless of all the precious and loving people he had left behind to mourn his death.

The moment he got in that plane towards California, and as soon as they were in the air, far above the dark clouds of storms, the sun shined brightly with a newfound warmth Ben had never actually experienced in his life till now.

Resting his head in the window, Ben allows himself to drift to sleep.

The worse was behind him now.

It was a brand new day for him. A brand new life.

He was born again and this time he will not waste the opportunity life has given him.

A quiet and small city in California is just what he needs to start over.

What could possibly go wrong now?

To be continued…

This is my first spider man crossover, and hopefully not the last, tell me what you guys think of it. As you can probably guess, the tone of the story will be a little more mature and dark, while still having fun and very entertaining moments. The spiderman of this story will be heavily inspired by the spectacular spider man tv series. That show was simply the best.

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