Characters in this prompt: Dragon Slayer Ornstein, Artorias the Abysswalker

Summary: Ornstein gets into a life threatening situation when an enemy is grabbing his hair.

This was quite a formidable foe. Ornstein couldn't help but be amazed at the enemy forces he and his soldiers were fending off. After all, they had managed to invade into Anor Londo, the best protected city in Lordran. This knights had to be the elite of their country.

This peculiar foe had managed to take down at least four of the silver knights before Ornstein arrived at the rafters and took up the fight. It was quite a bold move trying to enter the cathedral through that place, because one misstep would mean a deep fall. Ornstein knew this place like the back of his hand and knew perfectly where he could stand. With occassional backsteps and jumps over his enemy, he managed to evade their sword strikes with eases and kept them onto their toes until he saw an opening. Readying his spear, he lunged forwards and managed to take his foe out by burying it deep into their body.

Crimson red seeped out of the armour of the enemy knight while they stumbled and fell backwards to the ground. Ornstein grabbed for his spear to pull it out of the dead body when he felt a force pulling on his ponytail. He quickly forced the spear out of the corpse, planning to turn around and fight the new challenger, but just as the tip of the spear left the body, he could feel that this feet left the ground and the next thing he knew was that he was about to fall into the deepness.

Ornstein's heart stopped for the fraction of a second. Everything seemed to move slower while his right hand clutched his spear and his left hand shot up to find something to hold on to. Awaiting the impact, he quickly opened his eyes when he noticed that he wasn't falling anymore. He had managed to hold on to the rafter just in time. Suddenly the thought of wearing several pounds of armour wasn't so appealing anymore. He struggled holding his weight up with one hand alone and then there was still his foe. If they noticed that he didn't fall off... He looked up to see his fear becoming realitiy as the knight raised their foot to stomp on his finger. Ornstein braced himself a second time for the moment of the impact when the knight got knocked over by a large figure, which charged at them with a howling battle cry.

Artorias! He came at exactly the right moment. Ornstein just had to hold on a little moment longer. He perfectly knew how strong Artorias was. But had Artorias seen him fall? Did he even know that he was in such a life threatening situation? With one ear focusing on the battle noise, he felt his grip on the rafter slipping. Just as he heard a thud of a body hitting the ground, he readied his voice, really hoping that it hadn't been Artorias who fell.

"Artorias, help, over here!", he shouted just as his grip on the rafter slipped completely. He closed his eyes at the thought of the upcoming impact and only opened them again when he heard Artorias voice.

"I got you!", the wolf knight yelled, having grabbed his hand. "How did you manage to get into this situation? Let me pull you up." Artorias was on his knees, holding Ornstein's left hand with his own one, his greatsword rammed into the rafter and hold with his right hand for support. "You know, that would be easier if you could give me both of your hands...", Artorias groaned.

Ornstein had another concern right now. He spotted another enemy knight behind Artorias, raising their sword. In this position, holding him and trying to pull him up, the wolf knight was very vulnerable. "Artorias, watch out, behind you!", Ornstein shouted when a javelin impaled the enemy and knocked them down from the rafters. The silver knight archers had arrived! Ornstein's throat went dry at the thought of the enemy falling down. Soon, his fate could be the same. He could hear the voices of the silver knights yelling.

"Sir Artorias, we are making sure that nobody is distracting you. Concentrate on getting our captain into safety.", they yelled, probably preparing the next dragon slayer arrow to shoot at anyone who would try to attack Artorias.

"Ornstein, give me your right hand already.", Artorias pleaded once more.

Ornstein looked down, then at the spear he was clutching in his right hand. "I.. I can't. I can't let go of my spear.", he said.

"Are you crazy? A weapon can be replaced, a life not!", Artorias shouted.

"Without this spear I wouldn't have a reason to live more. For me, it is as valuable as my own life.", Ornstein yelled back while he felt his hand slipping. He could feel Artorias tighten his grip around his wrist.

"I know how important it is for you, but throwing your life away for it? Please give me your other hand. How did you even manage to get into this situation?", Artorias snarled at him.

"My ponytail. They grabbed it while I was distracting striking another foe down.", he answered. "Still hurts.", he added.

"Ornstein, you trust me, right?", the voice of the wolf knight suddenly sounded very calm.

"Huh, Artorias, what do you have planned?", Ornstein cried.

"Answer me!", Artorias bellowed.

"Yes, I trust you!", Ornstein shouted.

"Then I will let go.", Artorias said and Ornstein could feel how the grip of the wolf knight was released from his wrist.

"Artorias, what...", Ornstein started in disbelief feeling his body plunge into the deepness when he felt that particular sensation on his head again and got pulled up hitting the rafters with a loud clank.

"Ouch... Artorias, that was brutal.", Ornstein said, laying there shivering.

"I am sorry, but it was the only way I could think off. Letting you go and pulling you back up by your ponytail. It was the only thing I could have grabbed while you were falling.", the wolf knight said, heavily shivering himself. Then Ornstein felt himself embraced into a tight hug.

"How could you be so stupid? Don't ever think about throwing your life away like this again!", Artorias growled, but Ornstein could hear the relief in his voice.

"I am sorry..", Ornstein said. "But throwing my spear away... it would feel like I would throw him away... everything we got..."

"You got it from the Firstborn, right?", Artorias said and relased Ornstein from the hug. Ornstein nodded.

"We don't want to interrupt your moment, but there are more foes heading this way!", one of the silver knights upon them shouted. Ornstein and Artorias both stood up and readied their weapons.

"We can talk later. For now, we have some fighting to do.", Ornstein said with a newfound determination.

Artorias grinned: "Whatever you say, captain."

(Author's note: Requested by nightmaredaisy on tumblr)