Characters: Lorian Elder Prince, Lothric Younger Prince

Word Count: 1.725

Summary: Lorian managed to get a wound at his last campaign, but doesn't want for his brother to know.

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Still, the requester has done something really nice for me and even though I don't know if you are still into Dark Souls, I wanted to give something back and decided to fill this prompt out. I hope you enjoy.)

Lorian had just come back from a campaign against the demons.

Again, they hadn't been able to locate the Demon Prince.

Again, they had to fight countless demons in their way, only to come back without any striking success.

Again, Lorian had managed to get a rather nasty wound, this time a burn on his right upper leg. Courtesy of the demons who often would attack with rather fiery skills.

Of course they had some healers with them, but Lorian had left them to treat the wounds of the mortally wounded, his wound was painful, but he would be easily able to live with it.

Now, that he was back at the castle, he technically could have gone to the infirmary, but his heart and soul ached to see his younger twin brother, the one that felt like an extension of him. They had been together in the womb and even after they had set their feet on the grounds of this land, they still shared a connection.

He certainly needed to see his other half first and he knew that it was no different for Lothric.

The only thing that bothered Lorian was, that Lothric had been born sickly and frail. He had his own kind of miracles, strong, powerful healing miracles, but if he used them, there was the chance for him to get a high fever. Lorian preferred for Lothric to not use his miracles, especially not when he already was feeling sick. Lorian knew that Lothric would want to heal his wound right away should he know about it, so he decided to put on a brave face and swallow down any pain. He couldn't worry his brother.

Lorian was still limping once he was in front of Lothric's room, he never understood why their father had insisted on them having to give up their shared room, but after he knocked, he took a deep breath and shifted weight on his leg. He couldn't be seen limping in front of Lothric.

"Brother, come in.", Lothric's voice sounded through the door, he of course already knew that it was Lorian who was waiting outside. Since he had gotten into studying sorcery, Lothric had no trouble sensing Lorian at all.

Lorian opened the door and slipped into Lothric's room, closing the door behind them and then walking over to Lothric's bed, where his little brother was tucked in with a book in his hands and that prayer robe that he always was wearing. Lorian knew that he was forced by their father into this clothes.

"How are you feeling?", Lorian asked, ignoring the pain in his leg as he strode over. "Do I have to worry because you lie in bed?"

"I simply did not had any desire to leave my bed.", Lothric said. "Besides, you know that it is difficult for me to walk on my own."

"Of course, but often you prefer to sit near the window in a chair and read there.", Lorian said, carefully sitting down on the edge of Lothric's bed, suppressing a hiss as the burn wound on his leg protested at the sudden weight put on it.

"There is no way to hide anything from you, Lorian...", Lothric sighed. "I indeed had a fever the last few days. Surely the worry about your safe return." As he said that word, Lothric's hand was on his forehead and he looked at the ceiling in a rather dramatic gesture.

Ah, so it had been the right choice to not tell Lothric of his injury. If he was recovering from a fever, then surely he would only make it worse once he tried to heal Lorian's injury. Lorian knew that Lothric would try to heal it, even if he would say him that he would go the infirmary. Lothric seemed to be under the impression that he was the only one who was qualified to tend to Lorian's wound, so that they healed in the best way possible.

Lorian had to admit that he always thought that Lothric's healing miracles were far superior over the healers in the infirmary, but he wouldn't let his brother take a toll on his health over a simple burn wound.

"Would you like for me to stay and read to you, like we did earlier, when we still were children?", Lorian asked.

"Aren't you exhausted, brother?", Lothric asked, voice quiet and low. "You just came back from your campaign."

"I am fine.", Lorian said, maybe a bit too quickly. Sitting on his leg made the wound sensitive and he carefully shifted his weight until the pain ceased, for the moment at least. "Our campaign wasn't fruitful, we only managed to slay a few lesser demons. I actually could need some distraction too."

" you really think that you will find the demon prince one day?", Lothric murmured, very quietly, but Lorian could still hear it. He decided to act like he hadn't clearly heard Lothric speak though.

"What have you said, brother?"

"Oh, nothing.", Lothric said. Lorian knew that Lothric would have preferred for Lorian to stay in the castle, to not risk his life out there, but Lorian didn't had the qualities for a Lord of Cinder like Lothric had. The only way he could try and proof his worth to their parents, was by being the best knight in the kingdom.

"It would be lovely if you could read to me, if you don't feel too exhausted yourself.", Lothric said and leaned back into his pillows.

"Do you want me to read you from the book that you were reading before I came in?", Lorian asked.

"No.", Lothric said, crossing his arms, "Actually... can you get the book with the fairy tales? That you always read to me when we were little?"

"Of course.", Lorian smiled at his little brother and got up, wincing a tiny little bit when he put weight on his injured leg. Hoping that Lothric hadn't noticed that tiny slip-up, Lorian went over to the book shelf and found the mentioned book, old and tattered. He must have read the tales in this book to Lothric so often, that he knew some of them by heart, but he always had to hold the book, even if he just retold a story he already knew or when he started to reimagine some of the stories, so that little Lothric could feel better about his ailment.

Lorian went back to the bed, trying not to limp, carefully sat down, wincing a second time, a second slip-up that shouldn't have happened, and flipped the book open until he was at a story about a sorcerer that Lothric always had enjoyed a lot when they both had been around ten years old.

Lorian started reading and glanced back at Lothric, who carefully had laid back into the pillows, eyes half open, not looking at the book but at him. It made Lorian a tiny bit nervous, had Lothric picked up on that he was in pain?

"Lorian, you already have read this paragraph.", Lothric said and when Lorian looked at the book, he realized that he in fact had accidentally read the same paragraph twice.

"Sorry.", Lorian said. "I must have shifted in the line."

Lorian continued reading the book, but more and more he started to feel strange. The letters in front of him seemed to become blurred and he often had to shook his head to get a clear view of them again. At the same time, the pain in his leg suddenly got far worse. It hadn't been that bad at the beginning, it felt like it was on literal fire.

Still not wanting to admit to Lothric that he had been injured, even though Lorian knew he probably should get up and get treatment at the infirmary, he clenched his teeth and continued reading, not caring that his voice was breaking or that droplets of sweat started to fall on the pages.

"Brother? ...Lorian?!", was all that Lorian heard when the book fell out of his hands and he himself into unconsciousness.

When he came back to, he noticed the feathers laying around him as well as Lothric staring at him with a slightly flushed face and a reproachful look.

"Why haven't you said anything?", Lothric cut straight to the point.

"Because...", Lorian started, slowly sitting himself up. The pain in his leg was gone as well as the discomfort he had felt. "Because I didn't want for you to use your healing miracles, they only make your sickness worse..."

"I don't care.", Lothric said. "When healing my brother gives me a day more of fever, then it shall be. Especially when said brother had a wound inflicted by demon fire, which only would display its full effect after a certain amount of time passed."

Lorian looked at Lothric and felt a pang of guilt in his chest. Not only because he had hidden the injury from Lothric, but also because Lothric had found out anyway and in the worst way possible.

"I am sorry...", Lorian said, looking down at his knees.

"You didn't want me to worry, right?", Lothric said. "I just ask one thing from you, brother... You can trust me with knowing my own limits. I wouldn't heal your injuries when it would get me into grave danger and believe me, I am used to a little fever. There almost hasn't been a single day where I didn't had one in one way or another..."

"I am sorry, Lothric.", Lorian said again. "You are right, I didn't want you to worry. I thought the wound wouldn't turn out to be that grave. From now on, I won't hide any injuries from you anymore."

"Thank you, Lorian...", Lothric said. "Now, how about you continue the story and I would like to hear the version you came up with from when we were children."

Lorian looked at Lothric and saw a certain grin under that hood of his. Apparently, Lorian wasn't the only one who could see right through his brother.

"With pleasure.", Lorian said and continued to tell the story of their childhood until Lothric had fallen fast asleep.

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