Chapter 14

Ok so perhaps this wasn't the best idea I'd ever had but I was seriously bored at home after having nick to myself for four days just me and Kelly sitting in the loft with bud and his friends was starting to get a bit strange, they were sweet enough but they kept giving me strange looks like I was about to cast a spell on them, I mean I know I could have but I wouldn't have without them we would surely have been lost, they are so good at sorting the loft into areas for living it's actually amazing beyond speechless, within a few days there is suddenly extra bedrooms, a proper sitting room shower room and bathroom nursery for Kelly the kitchen and dining area are in the same place as well as mine and nicks bedroom. So here I sit in Sean's office watching out of the window as some woman is practically drapes herself all over nick she touching him flicking her hair, and seriously if she licks her lips one more time I'm not bruise them so hard she'll be to scared to touch them.

So what happened was I arrived to the station as I needed to get out the frome for a while, so Kelly and I made the decision to just go where the car felt like going, and then as luck would have it we were at nicks station. So with Kelly in his pram we headed to see daddy, turning the corner what do you think I saw, my husband being pawed at by some harlot with long glistening nails, those false gel things, stroking them up his arms, lip gloss dripping from her lips sitting straight backed pushing her boobs in his face and laughing at his jokes, which by the way today aren't that funny, and he's enjoying the attention subtly flirting back, with wu and hank sitting watching with tongues hanging out and flirting from the sides, ( strange cause I always thought woo was gay, but perhaps he's just playing along or bi) . Wu looks up and sees me staring and taps nick on the shoulder, oh the look on his face was precious from flirty smile to deer caught in head lights " adalind, hi what you doing here"

" well Kelly and I were passing and thought we would drop in and say hello, so hello, what you doing? Anything interesting? Oh whose she?"

"She, who do you think your talking too, who do you think you are?" really this woman is talking to me like that seriously oh my palms are itching I can feel the tingle in my tips, Nicks colour is slightly paling as he stands but hank beats him to it " hey adalind this is Jennie Sinclair her fathers house was broken into and he was attacked so we are just trying to get some information "

Sinclairs yeah I know of them very rich people in the state, had a huge estate on the edge of town in a sprawling part of the forest, very nice, very rich, very Wesson, my mother had dealings with the old mr Sinclair before he died, very suspicious circumstances people said the son did it, probably did but it was never proved, so looks could kill we'ed both be six foot under.

"Um why don't you go into Sean's office, he just checking on mr Sinclair at the hospital"

Nick says to me, " plus there's some paperwork that you need to do for the administration department for health insurance etc" really so business wise all of a sudden " you know now that your my next of kin mrs burkhardt". Oh that bitches face dropped like a sack of potatoes "wu could you take adalind and get her sorted".

So that's why I'm sitting in Sean's office trying to think of ways to claim myself down and not rush out and punch her lights out, seriously I know nick will never do anything our bond is to strong but other people have no self respect, opps was that a glass of water that got knocked over on her clothes, a side smirk from nick tells me he approves I catch his eye looking at me, god he's so beautiful and just think he's all mine I love him so much. My thoughts are bought back to earth as the door to the office opens and there's wu standing there with the paperwork in his hands, " he told her he wasn't interested and that he was happily married, but she's so thirsty it's like she has cotton wool in her ears", smiling I take the papers and sit at the desk, " I bought some lunch with me, want to join me wu, if it's ok". He smiles helps himself to nicks sandwiches whilst I get down and fill out the forms.