The operation was almost completed. Herman took out his handkerchief and wiped his forehead. Only the lips and a completely new Jonathan would be finished.

His hands worked as if by themselves.

'Finished! It was done!'

Satisfied, Herman looked at his work. His eyes wandered over Jonathan's high cheekbones, to his closed eyes, and hung on the other's mouth. Herman reached out a hand. Carefully, he stroked Jonathan's lips.

As if by magic, he leaned forward. He stopped only inches from Jonathan's face. Almost imperceptibly, he felt Jonathan's breath on his face. Herman's heart rate quickened.

'If only he could muster the courage ...'

Herman sighed and straightened up again. His eyes fell on the clock hanging on the wall.

'Actually, Chonny would soon have to ...'

In the second, Jonathan started to stir, his breath quickened, and he opened his eyes. Slowly he straightened up and lazily ran his hand through his hair.

Herman stepped closer to the operating table again.

"Chonny, how are you? Is everything ok"

Jonathan nodded and got up. He went into the bathroom and stepped in front of the mirror. Herman followed him. Carefully, Jonathan examined his new face. Then he smiled slightly.

"Very good job, Doctor," he praised Herman. He smiled shyly.

Herman paced nervously. In the past few days he had caught himself on his mind at the thought of Jonathan's lips, Jonathan's hands on his hips ... Desperately, he wringed his hands.

'What was he thinking? What should Chonny find on someone like him?

A creaking behind him made him drive around. Jonathan had entered the room.

"Ch ... Chonny?"

Jonathan Herman looked questioningly.


Herman avoided his eyes.

"Nothing, Chonny."

Jonathan frowned.

"What's up, Doctor?"

Herman swallowed.

"What should be going on?"

'Hopefully Chonny did not notice.'

Jonathan took a step towards him.

"You have behaved strangely for days. Has anything happened? "

Herman shook his head.

"It's really nothing, Chonny ..." His eyes went to Jonathan's lips.

"... nothing ...", as if in a trance, he joined Jonathan. He looked at him in confusion.


One more step and they stood directly in front of each other. Nervously, Jonathan licked his lips. As if hypnotized, Herman's eyes followed the movement. He reached out and gently stroked Jonathan's cheek. Jonathan blinked. His hand reached up and lay over Herman's hand. He leaned down hesitantly. Herman's eyes fluttered shut. A sigh escaped him as Jonathan's lips settled on his. His hands moved up into Jonathan's hair, pulling him down a bit. Jonathan deepened the kiss, his hands brushing Herman's back. They broke away from each other. Herman's eyes opened. There was a reddish glow on Jonathan's cheeks.

"I thought about that," Herman whispered, smiling shyly at him.

Jonathan grinned back and pulled Herman closer. He cleared his throat.

"That ... that's good," he mumbled then, leaning down to Herman and kissing him again.