Kein Trinkwasser

Pairing: 13x3/3x13

Completed: October 2001

Author's notes: This fic was named after a song by Orbital. The title literaly means "No Drinking Water". Obviously, I'm not an old Japanese guy so I don't own GW. If you like the fic, join the Trowa x Treize mailing list off of the main page!

Dorothy left a little past nine and soon after came a sleepy haze. "They sure have me sedated to be this tired. Che. Did I just think Che? Man, I should stop hanging around Treize so much," he thought.

Then came a slight knock on the door. Trowa opened his eyes to the direction of the door and gasped. "Why is he here?" he thought trying to contain his blush. He sat up with a sharp intake of breath.

The self-conscious blonde stood there with a sad yellow lily in a blue pot in his hand. He was clad in all blue raver-camo and a blue wife-beater. He looked like he ran straight from the club. "Is he the boy that was in the road?" Trowa asked himself. The boy looked very embarrassed and ashamed the closer to him he got. "Drive? Is that you?" he asked timidly.

"Hai, I saw you at the club a couple days ago," he recalled.

"Hai, I'm Quatre Winner. Yoroshiku," he muttered hardly facing Trowa. "I brought you this." He placed the pot on the tray near the hospital bed. Trowa saw that the capillaries in his eyes were big. "Was he crying?" he wondered. Not thinking, Trowa leaned toward Quatre and put a hand on his cheek. "What's wrong? Were you crying?"

"I . . . I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed and began to cry again. Quatre thrust his face into his hands. Trowa instinctively reached for him and brought him into his embrace. Quatre sat next to Trowa's uninjured side with his head in Trowa's neck. For some foreign reason, Trowa felt responsible for his sadness, like it was his duty to cheer him up. "Shhh," Trowa coaxed and pet his hair lightly. "Tell me what's wrong."

Quatre climbed out of Trowa's neck and faced him with the sternest face he could muster. "I was the one on Route 7. I was the one who did this to you. You can hate me. You should hate me! If I had gone by myself, this wouldn't have happened," he scorned himself.

Trowa took this fear into him. "I can't hate him! It wasn't his fault whatever it was. He was the one I was going to ask out. He's so exquisite even if he's crying," he thought. Instead of doing what he wanted him to do, he followed his heart. "Quatre. I can't hate you. I don't even know you. If you somehow made this happen, I know it's not all your fault."

"But it is!" he retorted. His shame distorted his seraphic face. "I was at the coffee shop on 56th and this guy asked if he could drive me to the Box. He said he'd seen me there before. He looked sort of like you, but he had a goatee. I got into his car and we headed toward the club. We were on 7 when he started asking me . . . intrusive questions."

"Like what?" he asked.

"He was asking me stuff like if I was an uke or a seme. He started licking his lips and tried to touch me. When I told him I wanted out, he got upset and wouldn't let me out. He stopped at the side of the road and locked the doors," he began to sniffle again. "He started grabbing and kissing me. I kicked him and unlocked the door. I got out pretty much unscathed. I headed back on the side of the highway. That's where you saw me. This is all my fault! I shouldn't have trusted that guy anyway. Please hate me!" he pleaded.

Trowa wiped away his tears and held him close again. "Come on, Quatre. You didn't know that fucker was a creep. You're lucky you got out of that. Please, don't blame yourself."

"I don't know if I can help it," he faced Trowa again.

"I'll help you," he caressed his cheek again. Then Trowa leaned forward and kissed Quatre gently on the forehead.

Shocked, Quatre stared at Trowa in bewilderment. With reddened cheeks, he smiled a bit. "That would be nice. Could you ever forgive me?"

Trowa smiled and tenderly kissed Quatre on the lips. Quatre kissed his back gently. The kiss wasn't lusty or passionate, but exhibited forgiveness. They broke off and smiled thoughtfully at each other. "You'll come and visit me, right?" Trowa asked.


Treize returned the next morning to a rested, aware Trowa reading a music magazine. Treize leaned against the doorframe gazing at Trowa's fresher, less puffy form. He radiated with balance. His minor wounds had healed completely and his good leg dangled off of the side of the bed. "Kawaii," Treize called to Trowa.

Trowa continued to stare into his magazine. "Fag," he replied.

Treize smiled and sat his backpack at the end of the bed. "Good morning to you, too. I also took the liberty of calling your professors to get your assignments. And here's your strawberry kiwi shake," he handed it to him. He immediately ripped it from Treize's claws like it was a treasure and started to drink like a child. Treize perched next to him on the bed and pet him on the head. "You care thank me later."

Trowa swatted his hand away, "Don't touch the hair."

"Sheesh. You're definitely not a morning person. The nurses told me a guy stopped by late last night. Who was it?" he asked nonchalantly.

Trowa caught the shake in his throat before it sprayed out of his nose. "(Cough) the guy who got me into the accident."

"What?!" Treize yelled. "And you didn't call me or contact your lawyer? Trowa, you've had too many sedatives. You're not making any sense."

Trowa returned to fixating on the shake and reading. "He was nice."

"Nice?" Treize nearly cried.

"It wasn't his fault. He's stopping by later. Don't do anything to him."

He sighed, raking through his hair. In that instant, Trowa's eyes floated toward the scent of vanilla and roses drifting into his senses. "Treize always smells so nice. I bet he takes baths in that stuff," Trowa then thought about Treize in the bath. Then lathering up. Then ooh . . . His thoughts became mush.

"Trowa?" he called out.

"Hn?" he came back to reality with a better idea of what to masturbate about.

"Why do you have Shounen Ai manga in your bag?" he asked.

"Were you going through my bag?" he irked.

"No, the bag's falling open," he informed him.

Trowa spotted the blue manga with the incriminating cover. Quickly, he collected his things and put it on the other side of the bed. He felt it would ridiculous to try and hide it now. Treize had seen him staring at Quatre form the booth. He sighed. "I enjoy reading it."

Treize smirked. "Of course! He's like me. No wonder he leaned into me and let me kiss him the night before this happened. Could he possibly. ." he examined his thoughts. "I see."

"Aren't you going to ask me anything?" he hid behind his magazine further.

"Sure, Do you want another smoothie for lunch?"

In another week, Trowa limped with crutches out of the hospital doors with Quatre beside him every step and hop of the way. It was the first time Trowa smelled foliage or heard the unmuted song of birds in over a week. He let the new air crawl through every cell of his body. Quatre helped him into his little green Toyoda after throwing his bag and plant into the back seat. They drove up to the club at a slower speed than Quatre was use to. He didn't want to traumatize Trowa of cars forever.

The night sky crawled slowly past Trowa's closed eyes. He was honestly happy to be out of the hospital and with his new companion. Quatre fussed over him like an older sister while he was in the hospital. He hardly let him go to the bathroom by himself. He even let Quatre see him smile genuinely at him for being so cute. Even though he didn't like Quatre as much as Treize, he was a nice body to look at. He confided in Quatre his affection for Treize after he let himself realize it.

After Treize left the day he brought his bag, Trowa realized he wanted Treize as badly as Treize wanted him. Treize didn't jump him and harass him as soon as he found out about him. He left it alone. Trowa knew Treize was waiting for him behind his fa├žade. They didn't speak of that the rest of the week he was at the hospital. They chatted about the club, Trowa's studying, and unimportant things. Treize felt Trowa yank at his heartstrings every time he left. Through little insignificant actions, he saw the pain Treize felt. Every time Quatre fussed over Trowa while he was there, Treize crossed his arms and looked the other way or looked straight through them.

Trowa decided it was time to repay Treize for his patience and kindness. He asked Quatre to drive him to the Box so he could spin for Treize. Treize confided in Trowa that his missed his spinning and that the club hadn't been the same since the accident. People at the club found out that Drive was in an accident; the mood of the place had changed. Everyone knew something was missing from the air. Treize felt that the air had thinned without Trowa there by him.

"Arigato, Quatre," Drive said contently.

"For what?" Quatre cocked his head a little.

"I'm thanking you for doing this for me. I know you don't like Treize."

"Was I that obvious?" he giggled sheepishly.

"Not really," Drive mused. He knew if they weren't in a car, Quatre would have hugged his arm and put his face into Drive's neck. Instead, he grabbed Drive's hand and put it back on the stick shift.

"It's nothing. You know I'll always be there for you, right?" His deeper tone matched the hum of the engine's whine.

"Hai," Drive said with a smile.

Quatre and Drive both knew they were lovers in past and future lives. This lifetime, Quatre knew Drive would be with another, but he didn't mind sharing his love with another, this time. They happened across it the second time they met. Drive's uninjured leg hung over the side as it had many times during the day and Quatre lay back against Drive's chest as they read one of Quatre's Shounen Ai manga. Drive hadn't read that one in particular, but it included is favorite duet. Chichiri and Tasuki had found each other in modern Japan, Chichiri was a teacher and Tasuki was an unruly student. In one scene Chichiri took his shirt off, exposing his scarred back. Quatre piped up; "I always liked Chichiri more because he has scars like yours." Quatre did a double take along with Drive.

"How did you know I had scars on my back?" Drive asked ghostly.

"I . . . I don't know. I just knew," he replied.

Little things like that kept on happening. It seemed like everyday they found they knew something new about each they didn't know they knew. These things only made them even more attached to each other. They loved each other more than brothers, more than lovers, more than a mother to a son. This eternal love is what let Quatre trust Drive with Treize this lifetime. Deep down he knew Drive would be his again one day.

One day.

They arrived at the Box a little after eleven o'clock that night. The bodyguards were letting patrons in as cautiously as usual when they saw Drive enter through the back way in crutches and smiled at each other. Quatre followed him through the back doors with his crate of vinyl. Drive spotted the larger bodyguard leading Treize into his office with a "question" so he'd miss his entrance. Drive wove through the crowd to the booth generally unnoticed where Lex waited with a wide grin. "How are you kid?" he screamed over his beats.

Drive gave a petite smile and showed Quatre where to set his stuff.

"We missed you! I'll be done in a few minutes!" he stated.

Objecting to Drive's need to set up himself, Quatre set up his gear from memory and put the record he got him while he was in the hospital on the first base. Quatre smiled like a child who'd done a new trick right for the first time.

As Lex finished, the lights went dead and Treize looked through his window into the main room. "What's going on out there?"

The guard waved it off, "Oh, that's just Lex bein' flashy again. Don' warry 'bout it."

"No," Treize said. "I warned him about pulling that shit. I could get called in by the fire marshal for that." He stomped out of the room and into the black haze. It was silent except for people speaking about the confusion.

Quatre pulled Drive's crutches from under him, letting him stand alone in front of his set before Quatre left the booth. Drive missed them and the melodies they helped him make. He stood with his eyes closed and his hands on the controls breathing in the humid juggernaut of the crowd. After a couple moments of silence, the lights went up on his set alone along with the tinkering of his earrings and belt chains. In a black hoodie, in his favorite place, before his favorite people, he spun the first record around in one succession. Everything went silent aching to hear the next move.

Treize walked furiously toward the booth to behold Lex standing at the swaying door of the side entrance. "What the hell?"

"Nice to see you too, Boss," he smirked.

"Duo, if you're not spinning, then who is?" he demanded curiously. Then his eyes flipped toward the light source. A ghostly green figure stood before a set of familiar turntables. Squinting, he thought he spotted Quatre in the crowd. Dismissing it, he walked through the rotating doors to be halted by a combustion of light behind the figure.

Every corner of the room lit up like Christmas in New York. "Che!" he shielded his eyes. The crowd hopped into dance the next staggering moment the DJ pounced into measure. The figure leapt into what seemed like the middle of one of Drive's songs. Potent bass vibrated in Treize's chest as he found the strength to come closer to the figure covered in a midnight hoodie. The hood disguised the lengthy man bouncing feverishly at the tables. At first he stood dumbfounded at the mad sounds pounding the forefront of his brain. Treize fell into his curiosity. As he brought the black hood back, familiar bangs flopped from the garment. Treize gazed upon the face he was in a hurry to see everyday every since he'd met him.

Drive acted as if he hadn't noticed him and spun to the screaming of the audience. He smiled gently indirectly at Treize and set the beat for the next minute. Treize absorbed the sight into his mind and felt his heart vault at Drive. He mouthed his real name in time for Drive to set the earphones down and look directly at Treize's eyes confidently. Drive's unwavering

gaze pulled another thorn from Treize's heart. "Trowa, you didn't have to do this." Treize's eyes were puffy with threatening tears.

Trowa nodded and looked to the floor past Treize. "I wanted to do it." His attention returned to his set. "Will you see me in an hour? I can't spin for more than that."

Treize wanted to shower Trowa with kisses right there and tell him how much he loved him, but he knew it was neither the time nor the place. He patted Trowa on the back and went out the entrance of the booth. There, Lex smacked him on the shoulder. "Grouch."

"Gomen, Duo," he looked at him with a bit of shame.

"Don't worry about it. Oh, and by the way, happy birthday."

Treize tilted his head, "Duo, it's not my birthday."

Duo shrugged, "I know, but this would be the cutest birthday present ever!"

Treize sighed as he was whisked away by a bunch of fan girls swimming around him like piranha. "Wufei sure has his hands full with him." He thought. He leaned against the wall near his office and watched the elegance he knew behind the rotating records. His spinning was like wind against his skin when he drove unnecessarily fast. It was so natural for him to be rustled by it. The vibrations went through his hair and clothing and skin. They saturated every fiber of his soul. The feathers of his heart puffed out like a bird in winter whenever he felt him near.

His feather sunk back around his body. "Treize."

He turned to the short blonde before him, "Hai, Quatre?"

"In the hospital, Trowa got rid of his addiction." Sadness swirled in his eyes as he spoke. "He and I'd like it if you didn't offer him anymore speed."

Treize smiled. "I'll never hurt him like that again. I promise."

Quatre promptly left with a nod, "Yokatta."

Drive shed his hoodie long ago and spun his last beat. His leg went limp for a moment in exhaustion, but he rapidly caught himself with the table. Panting, he pulled himself back up and started to pack his stuff up. Quatre prowled behind him and hugged his back. Drive stood up in acknowledgement. "Quatre."

"I don't want to give you up! Will I ever see you again? Are you still going to spin here?" Quatre asked clutched tighter.

Drive spun around holding Quatre to him. "What are you saying? Of course I'm still gonna spin here you silly little boy. And what have we said before? We'll be together always. I'll see you every time you come here and listen. You know where I go to school; you can visit me. I'd never want to stop seeing you Quatre, ever. What gave you such an idea?" he pulled the other boy's face to look at him.

Quatre pouted. "I just thought . . . Don't call me little!" Quatre released him to punch him a couple times in the arms.

Drive defended playfully and asked Quatre to help him put his stuff in Treize's office. Once they got there, they saw Treize hunched again over a pile of bleached white paper. His expression suggested he'd been doing it for hours.

Drive imitated a cough.

Treize looked up, "Yes?"

"Could I put this in here for now?" he asked.

"Hai," he continued to do his work. He was really stalling until Quatre left.

After setting the crates down, Quatre kissed Drive's chin and gave a good night smile. Drive smiled back and watched Treize work for a couple minutes from near the door. Treize was more handsome than ever to Trowa's hungry eyes. Trowa wanted to ravish him so badly, but he'd have to tell him first. He opened his mouth forming a "T" but held his breath. Then he made an "I", then a "W". Trowa then reverted back to thinking he was a fool for a moment before starting up again.

Treize noticed his frustration and looked up to his face, which made him stop. "Is there something you need, Trowa?"

Trowa loved to hear him say his real name. His heart melted a bit. "Let's go get a shake."

Treize sauntered next to his shorted counterpart patiently glancing at him drink his strawberry watermelon shake. He looked delightfully sincere. A small smile crept across his lips. "So why'd you get a different flavor this time?" he asked to fill the air with noise.

The early morning glow of the land filled Trowa's senses, when he wasn't drinking his sweet elixir. "I wanted to try something a bit different."

Treize grunted in recognition as they headed toward his house's back door. "So this is it," he pushed the key into the lock.

"Thanks for letting me stay with you for a couple days. You know, since I'm still injured. I don't know if I could do all this by myself." Trowa knew he could take care of himself, but he wanted so badly to be close to Treize he came up with an excuse that sounded dumb even to his ears to get here.

He hoped Trowa used "I'm injured" as an excuse to get into his house. More than that, he hoped he wasn't just pulling at his heartstrings for no reason. "Don't think anything of it, Trowa. As long as you need help, I'm here." He unlocked the door and picked up Trowa's bag.

They wondered up to the guestroom in the gigantic white house on the hill. "Why does Treize need such a big house? He's the only one who lives here right?" Trowa thought as he dumped his crutches on the bed. Treize placed his plant on the table by the bed and his bag on the bed. "If you need anything I'm down the hall. Don't hesitate to call me." He opened the door and hesitated to leave, remembering something. "If you see anyone else, don't hesitate to rub their belly." And he left an extremely confused Trowa to stir in his own juices.

"What?" was his only thought. Sighing, he limped into the double-sized bathroom to shower the sweat off of him.

He returned to the primarily white room with dripping bangs and a blue towel around his waist. The down comforter sank in as he sat on it. His back hit the satin cover, which made a tingle of pleasure run up his spin. Then something furry ran other his hand. "Ah," he eeped.

A white cat hid under one of the obese pillows at the head of the bed. Neglecting to hide it's tail too, the cat stayed still, hoping not to get caught. Trowa giggled to himself and pretended not to notice as he changed into a pair of boxers to sleep in. The cat didn't move, and he had a lot of sugar in his system from the shake so he pounced on top of the pillow and proceeded to wrestle wit the frightened feline. It put up a good fight and the two reconciled with a barage of purrs and petting. Once he had the white cat on his chest purring he notice a pair of eyes behind pot, then behind the door, then from under the vanity. From every crevice of the room came a cat of a varying breed and size. Kittens and full-grown cats all jumped onto the bed and cuddled against Trowa. Tickled by all the affection, he laughed violently, unable to get away in fear of injuring a cat. His throat became a little hoarse and he held the one white cat close as he continued to stew in his fit of laughter.

With a crash, Treize threw open the door and urgently ask, "Trowa! Are you okay?" Then he saw Trowa in the pool of fur donning barely anything holding mischievous Sugizo in his arms. He never thought he could be jealous of a cat. "I see you met the others," he smiled.

Trowa giggled with a genuine smile, "Heh, yes. They're very affectionate,"

"Sugizo, let him sleep," he ordered the ringleader. The cat jumped onto the biggest pillow and the other cats jumped off of the bed. "Good boys."

Trowa pulled the covers over him and pet the cat one more time before looking back at Treize. "Arigato."

"I was worried you hurt yourself. Don't scare me like that," he insisted. "You should rest."

"I've slept so much these past two weeks more than I have in years. I'm not sure I'll be able to," he played with the comforter nervously.

"Well, do you best. You still have some healing to do," he closed the door. "Good night."

"Good night, Treize," he muttered to the door. Trowa turned back to the cat, "Is he always so sensitive?"

Sugizo shrugged coyly and climbed into Trowa's arms. He purred loudly as Trowa held him and stroked his fur. "Wait, all Treize's cats are male?"

An hour later Trowa still wasn't asleep. He'd slept so much that he was well beyond his limit. He moved himself from the profoundly happy cat and slinked out the door. He found himself at Treize's door. A light was shining from under the door. Trowa let his heartbeat slow down before he knocked. There was a rustling of covers and an invitation in.

Treize sat with glasses on his nose and a book in his hand. From Trowa's angle, this was all he was wearing. His perfectly tan chest sat exposed in the faint lamplight a foot away. His eyes were clear with understanding of something. "Yes, Trowa?"

His voice was husky and low, much more sensuous than Trowa was used to hearing. His chest tightened and he closed the door behind him. "You're not supposed to read in the dark you know," he replied.

Treize gave a warm smile, "Would you like me to read you a bit of it since you can't sleep?"

Trowa tediously slowly paced toward the bed and Treize patted near him on the red satin comforter. Trowa shed his self-consciousness at the edge of the bed and sat by Treize. Treize eyed the youth next to him, shifting against him. "Kirei da."

"Fag," Trowa uttered unconsciously. He looked away from Treize embarrassed at his bad habit and turned back to him again to apologize. "Gomen, I didn't mean to."

Treize shook his head; "It's okay." He turned his attention to the book; "This story is about a Chinese man who has to act as a woman to kill a Japanese soldier while the Japanese occupied China . . ."

Trowa wrestled with his conscience and fidgeted with the comforter. "No, it's not okay. I have no right to say that to you."

Treize was confused by Trowa's actions that night. "Trowa," he put the book down and held Trowa's face up to him. "Trowa, it's okay. I've been called worse. I know you're no trying to hurt my feelings when you say it. It's your defense mechanism."

"That doesn't make it right," he paused as he felt Treize's eyes on his skin. "I said it because I wanted to hurt you."


Trowa moved a bit away from Treize so he could face him. "I thought that if I told you enough times, you'd start to hate me."

"Why would you want me to hate you?" he puzzled.

"So you'd stop liking me."

Treize's heart sank and he took his glasses off. "I see." He thought: "So he doesn't like me, after all. I annoyed him . . ."

"I thought that if you started to hate me . . ." his heart was beating like the cylinders of his Baby Fi. He looked directly at Treize's hurt eyes. "If you hated me, then I could stop loving you."

Treize caught his gaze in disbelief. "Trowa, you . . . love me?"

Trowa's cheeks burned and he gathered his legs in his arms. "Hai. I was so mean to you when you helped me out so many times. When I needed more speed, after the accident, even when I was acting like a dumb fuck. I'm such a shit head for not saying this in the beginning. I'm sorry Treize," he got up to leave when Treize caught him and pulled him into his embrace roughly. "Trowa, you . . . you baka," his heartstrings pulled in every direction. "I've waited for you to tell me this for so long. Don't ever call your self such things! I'm never, ever gonna hurt you again. Forget Speed, Trowa. I'll never get it for you even if you beg me. Don't you know I love you too much to hurt you?"

Treize raised Trowa's pained face to his in an aggressive kiss. Trowa kissed back just as hungrily. They lost track of where one's pain ended and the others began. They separated, panting for more.

"Treize, I've been so stubborn," Trowa reasoned desperately.

Treize turned the lamp off and took Trowa into his arms again. He lay Trowa down beside him in the middle of the sheets. Trowa was all wound up. He needed to calm down before he went into a fit. He moved to rest his chest on Treize's chest and stared into his eyes. Trowa felt everything had been express except for his love. His thoughts chilled into thoughts of love. Treize's crystalline blue eyes cooled his anger into a purr. Treize laughed at his exhibit of pleasure. "Trowa-neko."

Trowa crawled over Treize like a cat and continued to purr, rubbing into him like Sugizo had done before. Treize laughed and pet his oblong bangs. Like a cat, Trowa stretched his back lazily brushing the length of his body against the length of Treize's. Looking into each other's eyes, the game ended with one delicious kiss after another. Trowa lie leisurely on top of Treize caressing every appropriate inch of his body. When he got to the naughty bits, he realized Treize slept naked and jumped off of him.

"Gomen!" he exclaimed. "I didn't realize."

Treize pulled Trowa back onto him like he would pull any cat to him. "Trowa, I'm fine with it. Unless you think it's unfair," he purred and tugged at Trowa's boxers with the hand not holding him close.

Trowa eeped then started another kissing fit. He kissed timidly, then found his way inside Treize's mouth to fence with his love. Midway through the kissing, he slowed down and the passion became evident. Treize felt up and down Trowa's back careful not to rudely push his erection into him. Trowa parted and disrobed. He straddled Treize's nude form with his equally naked body. Treize gazed up at him with bedroom eyes. "Trowa, the last thing I want to do it push you, but would you like to make love?" his husky voice returned.

Trowa answered by kissing down Treize's neck to his peach nipples, biting tediously at them. Small bites, leaving one nipple only to go to another, both equally licked and teased. Treize groaned in rapture, "Trowa, Ai shiteru."

He sopped and moved back to his mouth where he hovered millimeters from his lips. "Say that again."

"Ai shiteru," he replied in his husky tone.

"No, say my name," Trowa smiled.

"Trowa. Ai shiteru, Trowa," Treize rolled onto Trowa and gave his neck little bites down to his nipples. Circling the soft skin there with his tongue, he let his hand graze Trowa's thigh. Trowa thrusted up upward into Treize's erection. Treize responded by teasing his nipples with his teeth hearing Trowa gasp in reverie. Treize fed off of that noise like a starving man. His teasing became biting as he began to thrust back. Trowa couldn't take it anymore; this was too much. Not only was he with his love, but he hadn't pleasured himself in over a week. His aching erection had become painful. "Ah, Treize," he licked his lips and pulled his face up to kiss him lusciously. Treize sensed the urgency in the kiss and moved to stroked Trowa's ache. Trowa felt Treize's taut muscles on top of him. The rippled flesh brought life to dormant parts of his flesh. His cheeks and ears became fiery under Treize's masterful touch. The pumping of Treize's hand made Trowa pull Treize to him. Treize stroked Trowa's flesh how he loved to pleasure himself, slow but firm. The maddening pleasure made Trowa whimper Treize's name. "Treize, I can't . . ."

Treize stopped and pulled Trowa closer, "What is it koi? I'll stop . . ."

"No," Trowa cried and ground Treize's into him. His firm hands fondled Treize's buttocks and kneaded his back urgently. Treize nearly forgot his voice in the display. Trowa's long fingers on him, his dreams seemed so real. He was even better at the little things than Treize imagined. Treize kissed his needy lips and kissed slowly down his neck to his chest, his chest to his stomach, and finally to the aching gravity of his affection. Treize flicked his tongue underneath the head of Trowa's manhood, making sure not to spill the nectar down any further. Treize's breath on him drove him to gripping the covers in anticipation. Finally, Treize took Trowa into himself fully wanting to overwhelm him without drive him over. Trowa gasped and tightened his stomach muscles under Treize's wandering hands. His small groans only excited Treize further making his own erection throb. Long fingers found their way into Treize's hair pushing him hesitantly. Sensing the need, Treize put everything to work at once, coddling Trowa's testicles in one hand while holding tightly onto Trowa's other hand. Soon after, all of Trowa tightened under Treize and released into the back of Treize's throat. Treize was surprised by how soon it came but swallowed it quickly. Trowa's pants became lighter and Treize pulled Trowa near him, kissing his face. Trowa let the beginnings of a purr escape from him throat to hear Treize laugh richly at his antic. "Was that good, Trowa?"

Trowa purred again with a smile and circled Treize's nipple with one of his long fingers. As he took in the first deep breath, he noticed Treize's erratic breathing and elongated penis. Trowa immediately crawled back on top of Treize, "What do you need me to do?" He began rubbing himself against Treize's lithe form feeling himself get excited all over again. He hadn't been this stimulated in his life. Nothing could keep him from pleasing Treize.

Treize groaned a bit louder than Trowa. "Trowa," he positioned himself near Trowa's entrance and rubbed beckoningly at it. His cheeks burned at the idea of taking his love. Trowa leaned onto it, to let Treize get a feel for his tightening flesh. Treize groan loudly then let his breath run heavy. Trowa looked around the room in search of something; to which, Treize panted, "It's in the drawer." He threw his head to the left. Trowa scrambled to the drawer and pulled out the green tube. Trowa mounted Treize's knees and put the tube to the side. Treize looked at him questioningly. In reply Trowa drug his hand from Treize's lips to the base of his shaft. Treize licked his lips to see Trowa bend over to take him in. At the last moment, Trowa breathed on him hotly. Perplexed with passion, Treize groaned again. Then Trowa sat back up to get the tube. "You tease," Treize laughed. Trowa answered with a smile and a moist palm to his shaft. Treize licked his lips again as Trowa began to pump at him, slowly but firmly. Trowa straddled Treize to kiss him, letting they're penises grazing each other while he pumped. Panting, Treize rolled Trowa onto his back and lie between his legs. "Bad kitty."

Trowa purred once more as Treize slid his finger into his tight opening. Purrs melted into pants as the second then third finger stoked his insides. Moans escaped him like wings from a birdcage. He pulled his legs closer to him to give him the access to his vessel. Treize looked up at him for permission. Trowa smiled, "Of course I'm ready, koi."

At once, Treize pushed a bit of himself into Trowa. Trowa gasped at the urgency. He pushed in gradually so Trowa could feel his whole length inside of him. His sheer size wasn't evident until that moment. Trowa felt as if he were completely filled with Treize. No part of him couldn't feel his presence until he pulled almost completely out. Treize looked at Trowa with overwhelming affection. Trowa pulled Treize's face to him to kiss him, making Treize return fully into him. They both awkwardly kissed feverishly until Treize began to pump faster. They groaned each other's names feeling each other's undying presence. Treize went faster and faster until he knew he would come soon, "Trowa, I'm gonna . . ."

Trowa spat his seed like a fountain onto Treize's chest, feeling Treize then spasm as he pushed into him one last time. Treize fell limply onto Trowa. They let their breathing moderate. Trowa didn't feel empty even after Treize pulled out of him. They cuddled until the mess congealed between them. Their eyes and minds focused only on each other. "Treize, I . . ." Trowa was hushed.

"I know koi. I know. That was amazing. Thank you for sharing you're heart with me," Treize pulled himself up near Trowa's face.

Trowa laughed, "No, koi, I was going to say we should wash off."

The next morning Treize woke up alone. His heart sank loudly in his ears as he felt around for a warm body or a note of good riddance. Instead, he found nothing. He pulled on a robe and walked down the stairs to check the answering machine when he smelled something. As he walked closer to the kitchen he began to smell different fruits and batters. Then he saw cats all over the counters except one. There stood a familiar brunet with a skillet in hand and a fluffy white cat licking its lips at him. He flipped over the crepe and turned the blender on. Treize leaned into the kitchen to see strawberries and watermelon bits in it. He leaned on the doorframe smiling at the display. "Koi stayed. My koi. Trowa, from now on, everything I do, I do for you," he told himself.

"You can sit down, breakfast will be done soon."

"Aren't you the industrious one?" he laughed as he walked to the table.

"I had a little help," he looked at Sugizo. He replied in a simple "nyo".

Treize watched how the cats seemed to be drawn to Trowa. He recalled his feline charisma the night before. All the cats faced him whether they were sitting or fighting to stay on the counters. Trowa put the meal on plates and turned to Treize, "Could you get my shake while I feed the cats?"

Treize complied immediately. Trowa pet Sugizo and put the food dishes out, making sure all the cats had a place around the bowls. Treize poured his shake into a green glass thinking about the countless times he overlooked Trowa's selflessness toward him. All the times at the club and alone with him he took care of everyone else before himself. Except last night. He let him take care of him first. Treize smiled at the thought.

Trowa perched at the table where Treize had sat the glass and waited for Treize to sit. "You didn't have to do this, Trowa," Treize said sheepishly.

"I'm staying at your place. It's only fair."

Treize put the first crepe together and tasted. "Oishii, Trowa. Arigatou."

"It's nothing, koi," he smiled at Treize.