Saw: The Next Generation 2

Sequal to "Saw: The Next Generation"

The survivors of the last "Saw" attack are trying to move on, but new Saw team goes after the survivors' family. They'll only have 3 days to save them - those who are still left.


Jade Montgomery - Emily Browning
Maya Ory - Maya Ritter
Kellina "Kelly" Vazquez - Nicole Munoz
Amelia - Madeline Carol
Daniel - Joey Richter
Ivy - Selena Gomez
Alison- AnnaSophia Robb
Sofia - Alison Fernandez
Maddie - Yael
Stepdad Frank
Holly - Annie (90210)

Chapter 1

There is an old, worn down building full of metallic and deadly traps, in the stranded town of Kepler. Four floors, shuddered windows, trap doors. A dead body of teenage girl in the hallway on the third floor. Cause of death appears to be poisoning.

On the first floor, four unfamiliar teenagers are gathered around an arcade Cyclone game. The four teenagers are all sweaty and have various injuries.
One tall girl with long brown hair and a cut on her forehead pressed the button to the game.

"Wait Holly!" One girl said. She had orange hair.

"For what?" The first girl, Holly, asked. "Let's end this."

The light moved around the edge of the perimeter of the game. The two girls and one of the boys pressed the button, missing the light by a few bars. The four teenager was way off, and the cyclone game buzzed.

"What does that mean?" The red haired girl asked.

A compartment opened from the cyclone game. Quickly, a circular saw shot out of it, impaling the boy who lost the game.

The remaining three teenagers gasped and screamed as they watched the boy fall to the ground, dead.

The second he fell to the floor, a large double door opened several feet away from them. Despite the huge doors, what lied beyond was darkness. Holly and the two others began to walk down the dark hallway, in silence. After a minute, they heard a click. One of the stepped on a land mine.


The bottom floor of the building faced serious damage. As the smoke cleared, and the building was visible once again, someone came through the entrance of the building.

Holding her gut and limping, Holly survived.

- Opening Credits -

3 years later...

Several students walked up to the Stanford College campus in October. There were posters and flyers all over the campus. New clubs, sports events, student newspapers, and theater auditions. Over to the dormitories, Jade Montgomery was finishing up her homework for Calculus.

A girl Jade's age entered the room. She had long silky dark hair. She she dressed well. The girl removed her bag from over shoulder and sighed.
Jade looked up from her homework.

"Professor Layton is the worst." She said. She leaned against the wall.

"Hello to you too, Ivy," Jade said.

"She just ridicules you in front of everyone for not know what a quotient is. And then she doesn't ever answer it. So now I'm left wondering what the hell is a quotient and why is it so important for creative writing?" Ivy ranted.

"Hey, you're the one who picked classes before checking that website that rates the professors." Jade said.

"It's my first semester. I don't know all the life hacks of college." Ivy said. "And how do you know that? It's your first year too."

"They told us at orientation. You weren't there." Jade said.

"Because orientations are pointless."

"Apparently not," Jade said. She went back to her homework.

Ivy made a face at her and sat on the bed. "So, there's a party tonight at the Zeta Alpha fraternity. Should we go?"

Jade looked up at her, annoyed. "Ivy."

"I know. You don't like parties." Ivy said. She put her hands up. "But this is college. It's a time to live and discover yourself."

"I've already discovered more than I wanted to about myself." Jade said.

"You don't have to drink, you know." Ivy said. "Just go. Dance. Meet new people. Have fun."

Jade continued on her homework. "I don't need to be a loud crowded room to have fun."

"Well you need to socialize with more than me these next four years." Ivy said. "Come on. If you won't go to the party, you at least need to audition for the play next week."

Jade closed her the text book. "I've got enough classes to deal with. I might just wait until their next play."

Ivy leaned back. "Ugh! Jade, you need to stop this. Today is what matters. Do something for yourself."

Jade put her text book in her backpack. "I am. I'm doing my homework so that I can watch Netflix until midnight."

Ivy gave Jade a look. "You sure you're not avoiding anything - or anyone?"

"What?" Jade asked.

Ivy leaned forward. "Daniel."

Jade rolled her eyes. She turned on the small TV in their room and put on Netflix.

Across the state from Stanford was Harrison High School. A standard looking school. Nothing fancy or cheap about it. Simply average.

Kellina was in her sophomore year, taking 10th grade classes and Geometry. She passed notes in class to a girl with blonde hair. She giggled at the note.

After classes, Kellina called her, "Alison!"

"Mr. Jones does look like Kermit the frog," Alison giggled.

"It was bothering me these passed few weeks. I knew he looked familiar but I just couldn't figure it out." Kellina said.

Alison and Kellina walked to the cafeteria together.

"Hey could I come over after school today?" Kellina asked. "To do homework and also watch more Riverdale."

"Haha I knew you'd get addicted." Alison said.

They passed by Maya as they entered the cafeteria. Kellina and Maya briefly made eyes contact backer Kellina looked back at Alison.

Maya shook her head and walked away in the opposite direction with her small tray of food. She walked away from the quad and over to the classrooms. As she turned the corner, she stopped her her tracks.

Someone was sitting in Maya's usual spot. No one ever sits there. It's by the band room and no one wants to hear them warming up while they're trying to eat.

Maya has sat in the same spot since the first day of her senior year. She would eat lunch and work on her Spanish 4 homework or Statistics homework.
Maya wondered if she should find a different spot for the day. She looked to her left and took a half step. Then Maya thought that This student in her spot might think it's okay to sit here. They could be here tomorrow and the day after that and so on.

Maya walked up to the student. Maya could tell she was younger than her. "Hey?" Maya said.

The girl looked up. Her hair was pulled back into a single braid. She had a homemade sandwich in hand and brown paper bag still half full of treats. "Hello."

Maya took another step towards the girl. "Are you new here?"

"Well, Yeah. I mean this is my first year of h go school. But I've been here since the beginning of the year." She said. "I'm Maddie."

Maya looked down at her food. She considered asking the girl to leave, but then she sensed something about this girl. She had a feeling about her.

Maya sat down next to Maddie. "I'm Maya."

After school, Kellina walked home with Alison and watched TV while trying to do homework. Jade watched TV in her dorm while Ivy took a nap. Maya went home to her same family.

As soon as she put her backpack on the table, she could feel his presence in the room.

"Why are you late?" Her stepdad asked.

"I'm not late. I walked home from school." Maya said.

"Hey!" He said sternly, "You are to be in this house by 4 so you can start dinner."

"It doesn't take 2 hours to cook every meal." Maya said.

"It does if you want a good one." He said.

"Frank, I have homework to get done." She said.

He pounded his fist on the table. "Your mom is working hard at her job, so that we can live here. Have the food that we do. When she gets home, she'll want a nice hot meal waiting for her."

Maya's face tightened. Her mom got a job as a nurse a few months ago. Maya wanted to be happy for her mom getting a good job, but all Maya could think about was the dreaded and extended time she'd have alone with Frank.

After Maya's time being kidnapped with Kellina and Jade and the others, Maya thought things would change. She thought Kellina would invite her over more or hide her in the attic. Over the summer, after they were free, Maya applied for summer jobs but nothing was available.

Maya got started on the meal. Frank handed her a cookbook and turned to the page with the recipe for chicken stir fry.

"You know," Frank said, "you'd be home quicker if you got your license."

Maya stopped what she was doing. Last summer she took his car without asking to go a trip with her friends. What this a trap?

"I have my van. You're already familiar with driving it. I could teach you what you need to know on weekends. And you could drive it to and from school. And absolutely no where else." Frank said.

"I-uh. Are you serious?" Maya asked.

He gave a sly nod before getting up to grab a cold beer from the fridge. "Why do you say?"

"I'll have to think about it," Maya said.

In a remote location, Amelia and a tall man with dark hair were inside a laboratory. There were several screens with black and white images from different cameras in a building. There were all sorts of contraptions and booby traps inside but no people.

"Alright," the man said. He flipped a switch. "We are all set for our next game."

Amelia clapped her hands. "Wonderful."

The man sighed. "Are you sure you want to do this so soon? It's only been a few months since our last game."

Amelia folded her arms. "I'm aware." She went over to a file cabinet and picked up a stack of files. "It's time to get our next players here."

"It's won't be like last time," he said. "We'll have to grab them in pairs or individually."

Amelia gave a smile. "It's easier that way."

"Not when the chloroform only lasts so long per person." He said.

"Don't worry," Amelia said. "This will be our best game yet, dad."