Saw: The Next Generation 2

Chapter 15

Jade sprinted across the tunnel. She raced against the clock down the path. It seemed to go on forever. A never ending hallway. Until Jade finally came to the end of it. There was a ladder going upward. Jade climbed it and found the exit. It was a hatch with a lock on it. She used the key to unlock it and opened it up.
Jade peeked into the empty room. She slowly climbed out and looked around. She was in a fancy room, a lobby of a hotel. This room was untouched by their traps.

She climbed out and called, "Daniel!? Ivy!?" She held the key in hand and went over to the entrance. It was chained and locked from the outside. "Daniel!? Ivy!?"

She walked around the lobby. She found a room behind the check in area. It was empty. Across the lobby was a dining room. "Daniel!? Ivy!?" Nothing. "Anyone!?"

Ivy went to the other end of the room. It was a dark and Smokey hallway. Jade stepped back. "Hello!? Daniel!? Ivy!?"

Jade saw a dark figure walking through the hallway. Jade tensed up, clenching on to her key. What if it's Frank? What if the only person to make it this far didn't deserve it? What if it's not Ivy or Daniel? What if I've lost them?

The figure came closer. Ivy soon could tell by the height and the shape who it was. She sighed with relief and ran up to them. "Daniel!"

She ran up to him and hugged him. "I'm so glad it's you."

Daniel came into the light. "Jade! You're here."

"I am." She said, with a huge smile.

He put his hand on her face. "I'm so happy to see you... Ivy's gone."

Jade bit her lip and her eyes watered. "But I didn't lose you both." She grabbed his hand and took a moment. "Are you the only survivor?"

He nodded and turned back. "Maddie was so close."

The trap door from the tunnels opened up. Daniel and Jade held each other. Sofia was down below. "A little help here?"

"Sofia?" Daniel asked.

"We'll explain later," Jade said. She grabbed Sofia's arm and Daniel grabbed the other. They both pulled her up. Right under Sofia was Amelia.
Amelia made eye contact with Jade for a moment before looked down and turning back. She began walking away, back toward headquarters. Back through the tunnel.

"Wait!" Jade said.

Amelia looked back at Jade through the opening of the tunnel.

"Is this it? Will you leave us alone, forever?" Jade asked.

Amelia's face looked sad. Like she would miss them. It was as if she really cared about them. "Yes. You're free from me." She backed up out of sight.
Sofia, cast half way up her leg, closed the hatch.

A moment later, the entrance door were shook. There were two figures on the other side. They unlocked the door and entered the hotel. Kellina and Maya.

"We're really safe," Jade said. "It's finally over."

Daniel held Jade close and kissed her.

"Sofia!" Kellina shouted. She ran up and hugged her little sister.

Kellina called the police after they all left the hotel safely. Jade called a police offer over. "I have something to report." The officer listened as she told them about being raped.

The police showed up and discovered the bodies of Maddie, Alison, Frank, and Ivy. Maya checked the bodies as they brought them out. The police tried holding her back but she escaped their grasp. "I have to see for myself!" She saw Maddie's body. Her broken body. Maya's face read of guilt as a tear fell from both of her eyes. She wipes them away when she saw Frank's body a few feet away. A sinister grin grew on her face.

The news for the next few days focused on Daniel and Sofia. "The New Generation of Saw killers has struck again!" Became the headline of the newspapers and articles.
"The New Generation of Saw killers used an abandoned hotel this time to torture six people." One news reporter said.
"Authorities have reason to believe this new Saw killer is at least 2 different people." Another reporter said. "Their crimes have been linked to similar attacks as far back as seven years ago, just one year after the original Jigsaw killer died."
"The killers are still at large, but each trap brings us closer to their identity." Said a third reporter.

A few weeks later, Kellina was having breakfast with her family. She and Sofia walked out to the car together. Kellina went to her high school. She walked across the campus during lunch. She saw her old friends - Alison's friends and walked in another direction. Kellina walked over to Maya's spot, but Maya was missing. Kellina still sat in her spot, alone.

Jade woke up alone in her dormitory. No one was in any hurry to become her roommate. Jade met up with Daniel before her first class. They held hands as they walked over to the theater for auditions. Daniel got one of the minor roles and Jade was in the ensemble. She had 2 lines in the play.

Amelia and Samuel were inside a new building. It looked old and was falling apart. "I just bought it," Samuel said. "Ye old courthouse."

Amelia spun around in a circle. "It's beautiful. This will be great for our next game." She closed her eyes as if she was absorbing it all. "Now I see why we had to move three states away. What do you thing?" She looked across the room. "Are you ready for this?"

"Yes," Maya said.

*****A Saw: The Next Generation 3 and 4 are in the works.