Saw: The Next Generation 2

Chapter 2

The Next day, Kellina woke up to her little sister jumping on her bed. "Get up, get up." She said.

Kellina rolled over. "What Time is it?"

"Time for pancakes," she jumped on Kellina.

Kellina turned over and rubbed her eyes. "Fine. I'll get up. I'll be down soon Sofia."

"Better hurry or else Jose or Matias will eat yours." Sofia said. She got off Kellina.

"You forgot about Lucas," Kellina said.
Sofia lied next to Kellina. "He left for college remember?"

"I know," Kellina said.

One of Kellina's brothers entered her room. He was about twelve years old. "If you're not gonna eat any pancakes, I'll gladly have your share," he said.

"No way Jose," Sofia said. She quickly got up and ran out of the room after her big brother.

Kellina slowly got up and went downstairs.

Maya's wake up call was less pleasant than Kellina's. She was sound asleep until the sinking feeling of someone getting on the small bed beside her. The creek of the bed also attributed to Maya waking up with eyes wide open. She was already awake when Frank grabbed her leg. Maya quickly sat up and hopped out of the bed.

"Good morning," he smirked at her.

Maya looked at her alarm clock. 7:21am.

"My alarm didn't go off." She said.

"Yeah, that thing is so loud. It woke me up too. So I turned it off and decided to wake you up myself." He said.

Maya tilted her head. She grabbed her backpack and hurried out of the room. She went to the back room and turned on the light. While brushing her teeth, she noticed a new purple mark on her neck. Maya combed her hair and wore it down, covering the mark. A tear fell down her face as she did her hair.

Jade's early morning English glass was cancelled. She stared at the sign on the door, wishing she had known sooner so she could have sleep longer.
"You look disappointed," someone said.

Jade turned to see a boy about her age. "Hey Daniel." She said.

"Hey Jade," he said back. "Since our have some free time now, would you like to accompany me to the theater?"

Jade shook her head but smiled.

They sat in the middle of the empty auditorium with the view of a bare stage in front of them. People on the stage went back and forth bringing in set design pieces and potential costumes.

"They don't even have a cast yet. How is there a crew?" Jade asked.

Daniel leaned back in his seat. "There's no auditions for being in the crew. They need casting directors before they can have cast auditions." He said.

"Yeah, I guess." Jade said.

"Will up be auditioning?" Daniel asked. He leaned forward.

"I don't know. I mean you set the bar pretty high." Jade joked.

Daniel chuckled.

"You played 4 different characters in the last play." Jade added.

"Yes, and those characters each had one line." He said. "It can be fun just being in the ensemble."

Jade paused. "I don't know."

"It's so much fun. It doesn't even feel like a class. It's like a club. No- a group of people coming together to release their inner child." Daniel said.

Jade sat back. "Maybe I'll do the lights."

Daniel sunk his head into his knees for a moment. "Lights? Maybe?" He said.

"What?" Jade asked. "Lights could be fun. I'll work my way up to being in front of the stage."

"Nah," he said. "Cast and crew are passive enemies. If you join them I don't think we can be friends anymore."

The two of them giggled. Daniel looked at her and smiled.

Kellina hung out with Alison and her new group of friends at lunch. They sat in circle in a patch of grass with a blanket to sit on.

Maya and Maddie walked by together.

Alison nudged Kellina and eyed Maya and Maddie.

Kellina looked at them and narrowed her eyes.

Maddie leaned over to Maya. "Why are they staring at us?"

Maya shrugged. "One of them is an old friend."

One of the friends in Alison's group said, "Talk about trading down."

Alison snorted.

Maya turned over to them. "What you just say?"

The boy replied, "Oh."

"I don't understand what you said." Maya said. "Friends are not something you trade in. They're not cars. But if we did, I'd say I've upgraded."

Alison giggled quietly. Kellina looked down.

"I have a friend who hasn't abandoned me for the 'cool kids.'"

"That is not what happened," Kellina said quickly.

"Oh, you do still have a voice," Maya said.

"Just go away Maya." Kellina said.

Maya got in Kellina's face. "It wasn't supposed to be like this. After everything Amelia put us through... everything that's happened... you just left me in the dust like I meant nothing."

Kellina's face tightened. "You were the one who couldn't move on from what happened."

Kellina's friends leaned in. Maddie folded her arms. "Maybe you two should have this conversation in private." Maddie said.

Kellina got up and Maya followed her. They found an empty bathroom and continued their argument.

"All I wanted for you to admit what happened in that old hospital," Maya said.

"You wouldn't stop talking about those 2 days." Kellina said. "You were obsessed and it scared me."

"Three of our friends died. Of course I wanted to talk about it." Maya said.

"I just wanted to move on. It's a new school year. I didn't want to be 'the victim.'" Kellina said.

"Kelly," Maya said, "you can't just brush something like that under a rug... Remember what happened to Jade?"

"Yes. And she still hasn't come forward about her assault." Kellina said.

"It's like no one learned their lesson at all!" Maya shouted.

Kellina stepped back. "Learned our lesson? Are you saying we deserved what happened to us?"

"Well we are flawed. We've done terrible things and we have not changed after what happened to us. We were supposed to be better people." Maya said.

"And we are. We broke up the group." Kellina said.

"There was hardly a group left." Maya said.

"If you care so much, why don't you visit Jade?"

Maya paused for a moment. "She doesn't want to see us."

Kellina smirked, "thats right. We've all moved on and it's time you do too." She headed for the door.

"I told you." Maya said. Kellina stopped walking. "I told you about my stepdad. I told everyone. That wasn't easy. But I thought... if I told you things would change. You would be there for me. I needed you and you were off making new friends-"

"I had to!" Kellina said. She turned around, facing Maya. "It's too hard to see you every day. It's a reminder of everything we've been through. Losing our friends. Being tortured..."

"Speaking of, have you friends asked why you won't go swimming with them?" Maya asked.

Kellina glared at her. She got permanent scars from burns in the trap on her chest. She left the bathroom without saying another word.

Amelia and her dad had a microwaved lunch together in their laboratory. They ate on steel chairs and a steel table.

"Amelia," he said, "I have to ask. What's the fixation on these girls? We used to always move on after a game. It's risky to go after them again."

"We're not-" she sighed. "We're not gong after them specifically. And usually there aren't so many survivors."

He gave a smirk. "So you're saying we need more traps?"

"No, the same amount, just more dangerous." Amelia said. "And I have an idea about our grand finale."