His name is Eran Bijarnesen he is called the Dovahkiin, and he has found himself venturing the land of Falmart after a portal of alien architecture opened itself up in the city of Whiterun. Warriors that vaguely resemble Imperial Legionaries started to march out and pillage the city, raping, killing and plundering everyone that they come across.

One of them being the dragonborn's love, Ysolda. She was attending the bannered mare when a group of invaders broke in and ravished her, her barmaids and their daughter… Killing them after and displaying their bodies from the walls.

He was filled with rage when he received the news and immediately headed back to Whiterun only to find it burned to the ground, with all of its inhabitants killed.

That night, the dovahkiin, the slayer of Alduin lost himself.

He took on the entire invading army by himself and crushed them in the most brutal way possible, without pity or mercy.

And now he travels the land through the portal, that was called Falmart by one of the soldiers he captured before he butchered him. Seeking revenge against whoever caused the grief he felt with the loss of his family.

Then on the horizon, he saw a group of riders heading towards him. Fully armored and with swords drawn. Soon enough they surrounded the Dovahkiin and cautiously kept their distance. A girl who couldn't be any older that his daughter approached him and held out a scroll which was nothing special, the scroll was not like the elder scroll he had back at his lair but just a regular scroll written on by scribes.

"In the name of Emperor Molt we, the Rose order, have been ordered to halt your madness and mayhem. Surrender now and face trial or face fierce opposition." The brown haired girl spoke out.

The Dovahkiin laughed, laughed like a madman with a voice as loud as a storm. He finished laughing and looked at the girl who has dropped the scroll out of fear and gave her a look that screams 'madness.'

"Madness and mayhem? You have no idea of what madness and mayhem is girl."

The last sentence brought something out of the young girl which turned her expression of that of rage as she spurred her horse towards the Dovahkiin and her sword up in the air.

She reached the Dovahkiin , oh she did indeed, with a spear impaling her and her sliding straight through the pole, resting mere inches away from the Dovahkiin, feeling his cold breath before her life left her.

The Dovahkiin threw aside his spear and the impaled girl with disinterest like discarding old trinkets. He looked back to his agressor's comrades to see them converging at him.


The thu'um sent several of the riders infront of him flying as the rest stopped dead on their tracks.


He charged the frozen group of riders and beheaded three of them in one go, then drawing the sword of one of the fallen horsemen and threw it to another rider hitting her square in the chest.

The Dovahkiin continued his rampage till there was nothing left but two girls, one of which was holding her dying comrade's hand.

"No Bozes! Don't go! You're the only one I can confide to you are the only one that knows me, don't leave me please."

"pri-princess… be-behind you."

Pina felt someone grab her red hair from behind and suspended her, painfully, up in the air.

"Princess Pina she said? Well, this is a stroke of luck… you shall be one of the many who will pay for the loss of my family." The Dovahkiin put his hands on her neck, and suspended her further up.

"For the love of my life, and my little girl…" The Dovahkiin said as he pierced the princess's stomach with her own blade.