My lovely older sisters 01

Touma Kamijou was what people would call lucky. For one, he was adopted by two wonderful women who raised him since his early childhood into his teenage years.

Two; they were really fucking hot.

"Touma, finish your breakfast," Oriana told him, pointing with her lettuce at his untouched plate. The curvaceous blonde bombshell continued reading the news on her white tablet, seated beside him on the round silver table on the backyard of their walled compound. It was a mansion, designed to look like a castle. It was located up a hill separated from the rest of Looksville which had a decent population of about one hundred thousand.

He couldn't help but eye Oriana now and then. She was nibbling on her lettuce, preferring healthy meals to the meaty burgers he always ate. She wore a blue tank top and brown boyshorts, not even bothering to wear regular shorts or a skirt. She left a lot of skin bare, and he was in that age where his hormones took over his entire body.

Oriana's sapphire blue eyes twinkled as she caught him staring, and her lips curled into a playful smile. "Whaddya lookin at, squirt?"

"N-nothing!" Touma growled, feeling heat flush into his cheeks. He fanned his white and scratched his blue shorts. "I mean, the lawn needs some mowing, don't you think?"

Oriana sniffed and crossed her arms under her breasts. "Touma, I didn't raise you to be a hard worker. What I want to do is take my clothes off and jump straight into the pool. We can pay someone else to do all that gardening crap." Their pool was located under the basement which required monthly maintenance to keep it clean and functional. Needless to say, the expenses were ridiculously high.

"Oriana, are you serious?" Her serious face broke into a smile at his deadpan expression.

"Of course not, loser." She tousled his spiky hair, making the poor boy whine.

"I'm not a kid anymore. You can stop that," Touma said.

"Hmm..." Oriana rubbed her chin and contemplated his swords. She snapped her fingers and said, "Nah. I like reminding you your place."

"Hey guys," Kaori said, entering the gate to their place. The voluptuous girl was in a white shirt, black cycling shorts and rubber shoes. Her hands, covered in fingerless black gloves, held the handlebar grip of a bicycle as she steered it towards them, her helmet attached to the saddle. Kaori was drenched in sweat. She flicked her ponytail behind her ear, scowling. "I need a haircut."

Unlike Oriana, who gave the image of a sophisticated noblewoman with servants at her beck and call, Kaori was the attractive sportswoman participating and winning in all the athletics events.

Oriana was Caucasian, and Kaori Asian. The strange pair were not related in any way, similar solely in their breathtaking beauty and their mutual interest in Touma Kamijou and each other. It was a strange relationship. They all adopted each other, in a way.

When he was young, his parents died due to a car accident. It was Kaori and Oriana who took him in. Whenever either girl was nostalgic, they reminisced about the past. At the time, they were apparently at a crossroads. Oriana fleeing from something in Europe, and Kaori running away from her own home right there in Japan. They were both going to Academy City when they met him, and for some odd reason, he just tagged along as the two made their way to the States instead.

They weren't alone, of course. Expenses like these needed a backer to financially support their lifestyle.

"So, what did the boss say?" Oriana asked. She took her teacup and sipped. She passed a glass of milk to Kaori, who finished it in one swig.

"Gah!" Kaori exclaimed cheerfully, licking the remaining milk from her lips. "That hit the spot. As for the boss's question?" She shrugged. "Some mission, I think. They weren't quite clear on that." She took the white towel from her seat and dried her head. Her eyes under her bangs caught Touma staring at her. "What's wrong, sweety?" she asked, smiling kindly.

Touma shook his head. "Just wondering if I'm going to continue being a freeloader is all."

"Shush, you." Oriana chided him in a softer voice. "You leave all that adult stuff to us."

Touma scowled. "You know I'm just a couple of years younger than you two, right?"

"Shut up and eat your breakfast," Kaori said airily, smiling as she took the chair on Touma's other side and licked her lips. Today's meals were bacon and eggs, cooked by their lovely sibling. "Thanks for the meal, Oriana," Kaori said, reaching over the table and squeezed Oriana's hand.

"Welcome," Oriana smiled warmly.

"So Touma," Kaori bumped his shoulder. "Got any wish? Your birthday's coming." Her fork stabbed the bacon and she took a bite.

"Mhm." Oriana grinned and took a sugar cube from a glass container, dropping it into her tea. "I can think of a few going on in that head of his."

"Um," Touma winced. He felt his heart thud crazier than ever. It was so strong he couldn't hear anything else over the beating under his chest. His face was so warm it was making him dizzy. If he continued on this hairbrained scheme of his and get rejected for it, he wasn't sure he would even be able to get out of his room.

"I-I'd like to m-m-maybe marry you two?" He stuttered.

Oriana snorted, wiped a tear from her eye and laughed. "Oh, Touma. You're always full of jokes."

Kaori looked between the two with curiosity. "Come again?" she asked Touma with a loving smile, having lowered her arms to hold the sides of her seat.

"Nothing," he murmured and rubbed his shoulder, looking down at his lap. He felt embarrassed just even saying that! And of course, Oriana would hear it, despite Kaori possessing hyper-awareness. Sometimes things just slip her mind.

"He said he wants to marry us," Oriana said in a teasing tone. "Put diamond rings on our finger, little brother?" She closed her left hand and traced a line over the back of her left ring finger, focusing on Touma with a cheeky smile.

Kaori looked more amused than perturbed. She sliced the egg in half with her fork and drew a smiling face on the white plate with the yolk.

"Hey," Oriana said, frowning. "Don't play with your food."

"Sorry," Kaori said. "Touma, you want it?"

"No thanks." He shook his head. He attempted to become invisible by keeping his mouth shut, drawing attention from himself so he could escape to the confines of his own room and hide for the remainder of the day.

"You know," Kaori mused, put her elbow on the table, propped her arm and leaned on her hand. "Your joke made me think about the future. I don't ever imagine myself settling down."

"Me neither," Oriana said. She held her cup on her lap, closed her eyes and sighed. "The tea was good. Thank you, Touma."

"Be a shame though." Kaori poked Touma's sternum.

"Hey," he complained without any fire in his words. He made a half-hearted attempt at throwing a chop, one she easily weaved out of.

"I'm not sure I'm willing to accept any girl you bring into this house," Kaori said. She frowned. "Strange. Why I am so disheartened by such a prospect?"

"It's because you have taste," Oriana said with a scowl. "We wouldn't want any bimbo walking through that gate. Not when it's always been the three of us for so long."

The three of them and the mysterious boss Oriana and Kaori work for, Touma thought. The money wired to their bank accounts was large enough to fund countless expensive luxury items, clothes, and trips to the best vacation spots the planet had to offer.

"Oriana, don't be rude." Kaori narrowed her eyes and chided her adopted sister.

"Sorry," Oriana said with a grin, not sorry at all.

Kaori scrutinized her a second longer, and then shrugged with a groan. "Why do I always have to make sure you don't do anything impulsive?" She hooked an arm around Touma's shoulder and pulled his head to her chest. "Be more like Touma here. Other than his terrible attempts at being a wisecrack he's rather amenable."

"And that's the type of man you like?" Oriana asked. She leaned over the table and held her cheeks.

Kaori's playful smile made Touma shudder. It was always bad news when the two tag-teamed him.

"Well I do like my men subservient," Kaori said, getting in on the game of the day. They were playing 'Let's make Touma blush like a madman,' and unfortunately, he was the only one amongst the three with that name.

"Oh?" Oriana's cattish grin reminded him of an actual cat looking at an unsuspecting mouse moments before it pounced.

"Yes!" Kaori nodded. "You would not believe the men who followed me back then when I was the Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Church. They would not back down from fights. Idiots, the lot of them. Got hurt trying to protect me from nonexistent threats."

"How could threats who don't exist hurt real people?" Touma asked as he tried to escape the hold of her arm wrapping on his neck. He tried to pry her forearm off, but Kaori didn't even notice. The gap between them in terms of strength, speed or durability was too vast for him to overcome with mere effort.

"Smartass," Kaori smirked. "We had enemies, as do all successful things in life. I could've incapacitated most of our enemies and send them to tears with the hospital bills, but my former people refused to let anything dangerous come to contact with me. Such foolish pride…" She shook her head, pulling herself free of her reverie and whipping his face with her ponytail while she was at it. Oriana covered her mouth and muffled a laugh, biting her lips when he glared at her to shut up.

"I'm glad, though." Kaori's indulgent expression made both Touma and Oriana blush. "If not for me leaving that group, I wouldn't have met either of you. Or that insufferable employer of ours."

Faster than either of her siblings could react, Kaori leaned over the table, made Oriana shriek with her speed, and grabbed the other girl by the waist. "Hugs!" Kaori said, carrying Oriana's body like she weighted nothing over the table in a great display of strength. Touma looked at the undisturbed food and shook his head. Amazing.

"You spilled my tea!" Oriana angrily growled and attempted to squirm out of the immovable arms that bound her. Kaori ignored her complaints and held the two to her side, squishing their faces against her chest. "Gods above this is why I dislike it when you get mushy!"

"Liar," Kaori said happily. "You finished your drink minutes ago. Did you honestly think it would escape my notice? Oh, why do they grow up so fast? Why can't you stay a kid a little longer, Touma? I abhor the thought of sharing your time with someone else."

"W-we don't have to," Touma said, feeling stupid at making a second attempt but trying it anyway. "It could just be the three of us."

"Oh?" Oriana immediately lost all her rage in favor of focusing on his face, the distance between them inches apart. Kaori looked down at her sibling with another bright smile.

"Really?" she asked. Kaori hummed. "If this is another one of your jokes I genuinely do not find it amusing."

"I'm not joking," Touma hastily shook her head in denial.

"Well if you insist on remaining a virgin forever," Kaori quipped, drawing a cackle from Oriana.

"Earlier, I wasn't joking either." Touma's throat suddenly felt dry and his lips brittle. He gulped and licked his lips. "I-I want you two to marry me. It's my birthday wish. The three of us together."

His face was so hot he thought he had a fever, but he couldn't help the goofy smile on his face.

Oriana and Kaori were similarly red. Oriana gaped at him. Kaori bit her lips, looked to the clear blue sky as if to seek guidance, and returned her eyes to him with a worried expression.

"I-if you're sure," she similarly stuttered. "Oriana!" Kaori homed towards her sister. "Anything to say!?" Her words seeped with panic.

"N-no! I mean, I wouldn't mind." She looked away, feigned apathy and rolled her eyes. Though the bashful expression she gave Touma when she sneaked a peek told her siblings otherwise.

"Not like there's anyone else waiting for me," she said, forcing a smug smile in an attempt to reign in the wildfire that became her emotions. "Looks like I'll just have to settle for that feeble endeavor for a proposal you've made."

Touma couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was so excited he didn't realize his siblings, and if he was lucky his future wives, that he didn't realize they were barely holding themselves from freaking out.

"I-I have two rings in my room if you want me to get on my knees and do it properly!" he said with conviction in his voice and determination in his eyes.

"N-no!" Oriana wiggled out of Kaori's grip, her reaction enough to surprise her sister into releasing her. Oriana covered her red face with her hands and said, "Y-you can't do this to me, Touma! You can't just play with my feelings like this!"

"Isn't that a little hypocritical of you considering you do the same?" Kaori asked, having released Touma from her arm and looking away from him as well. She didn't want him to see the stupid smile on her face, barely managing to maintain a cool expression in front of her siblings. She had the image of a mature older sister to maintain.

"It's not the same!" Oriana whined and pulled her hair. Her pout was cute enough to coax an urge out of Touma and Kaori to take a picture of her face. She stomped towards Touma and poked his chest. "This is all your fault, mister! I expect you to take responsibility!"

Touma nodded happily.

Kaori turned around with an impish grin. She playfully punched his shoulder. "Me too you inconsiderate charmer you."

"Yeah," Touma said. He breathed a sigh of relief. "I feel like I'm in cloud nine right now."

"Yeah, well I don't." Oriana kneaded her forehead. "I can't believe I just considered dating someone who was willing to propose to two girls." The blush receded from her face, replaced by a perplexed expression. "Kaori," Oriana called out to her sister and held her hips. "Isn't it weirding you out?"

"What is?" Kaori tilted her head.

"The idea of sharing your husband!" Oriana said.

Kaori's amused smile did nothing to assuage her worry. "Relax," Kaori said. "Even though it's called marriage, it's just another certificate to keep the three of us together. Kind of like playing house, for adults. Right, Touma?"

"S-sure." He forced a smile and gave a thumbs up. Oriana glared at him. She knew full well his intents had nothing to do with 'playing house' or whatever rationalization Kaori was deceiving herself with.

Oriana smacked his hand down. "Kaori, that's not what he meant and you know it."

"W-well, I mean it's his birthday wish, Oriana. Surely we can entertain his wishes until he grows bored of them?" Kaori appeared to be in some sort of denial regarding Touma's confession.

Oriana eyed Touma's flustered face. Her own cheeks reddened.

"Ugh," Oriana groaned. "How many times are we going to keep blushing like idiots?"

Kaori snapped her fingers. "What about you two go biking with me?"

"No,"/"No thanks," Oriana and Touma said at the same time. They shared a grin.

"No offense, sis, but you tend to tire us out with the nonstop biking," Oriana continued.

"We can't even keep up," Touma added.

"Okay," Kaori nodded solemnly. "We'll walk."

"On second thought…" Touma said. "I'll get the mountain bikes."

"And I'll take a shower!" Kaori caught Oriana's shirt before she could make a break for it.

"Hurry up, dear." Kaori ushered Touma to their garage, dragging a reluctant Oriana in tow.


A white hare poked its head over the green bushes, rustling leaves and pushing pebbles down the stream. It glanced left and right, wary of predators like foxes and wolves. Finding no imminent threat, it jumped out the brier and unto the stream, pressed its mouth to the water and sipped a drink, hydrating itself.

A bell ringed in the distance, followed by tires rolling on gravel and water. Without looking back the hare made a run for it.

"Oh look!" Kaori said, clutching the handlebar grip with one hand and pointed at the hare with the other. "It's a rabbit!"

"Why oh why did I agree to this!?" Oriana complained even as she followed her sister across the stream, scaring squirrels back into the holes of their trunks and sending birds flying from their nests.

Oriana didn't change much clothes. She simply added a white cycling short, blue rubber shoes and a pink bicycle helmet strapped to her head. Unlike Kaori, who seemed to enjoy outdoor activities, Oriana was the exact opposite.

Touma was behind them, cycling as fast as his lazy feet could take him. He just put on black sneakers and a white helmet, not even bothering to wear outdoor clothes. "I would've been fine just being the commissaire!" he groaned.

Kaori took a turn, deeper into the forest. Oriana followed her sister, with Touma at their tail. He didn't fail to notice the glances they gave him every now and then. The two slowed down to make sure he could keep up, he knew. Despite his attempts to join in their fun, he was physically the weakest of the three, if only due to their jobs requiring a lot of stamina.

A fox poked its head behind a tree to spy at them. A pack of wolves behind more trees appeared in droves to keep up with them as they pedaled through the detritus. The wolves chased a lonesome deer the age of a fawn. "Kaori!" Touma said in alarm.

"On it!" Kaori laughed and put the brakes on her bike, her tires kicking rocks and twigs into the foliage. She made a turn for the back of wolves, followed by her siblings. The rear-wolf looked behind it and howled as it found three metallic vehicles running towards it.

"Excuse me, Mr. Wolf!" Kaori alarmed all the other wolves to her presence. They jumped to the side, some rolling on the forest floor and others hitting trees. Kaori winced but continued and reached an arm towards the fawn. "I'll be taking this!"

She scooped the fawn and dashed down a brown slope covered in sharp rocks. It cried in panic and made futile attempts to writhe itself free of her arm. Kaori laughed in sheer joy when her bike flew through the air. The tires landed on some roots, breaking the roots with the impact.

"I don't think I can make this jump!" Oriana screamed above and behind her. Kaori rolled her eyes.

"You can do it, sis!" She put her hand around her mouth and hollered.

"Fuck watch where you're going, idiot!" Oriana screamed.

"So sorry!" Touma cried.

Kaori grinned, held the fawn by her hips and watched the accident in the making. If her guess was right, Touma most likely bumped into Oriana, unaware she stopped and looked over the ledge. The consequent act was forever burned into her memory. Oriana was screaming and crying, her arms wrapped around Touma's head, blinding her brother in the process.

Kaori watched them crash into a blueberry bush, their bicycles a meter away. Oriana rubbed her head with a grimace and pushed herself up Touma's chest. "Are you okay?" she asked, taking off her helmet. Her blonde hair curtained his head and her hands propped up the earth on either side of him. His face was covered in leaves, blueberries, and dirt.

"Now that you're here," he murmured and took off his helmet as well. She laughed and kissed his cheek. He clutched his abdomen and grimaced. Oriana sighed and looked behind her.

"I think he's hurt," she said.

"Got it," Kaori said. She noticed a herd of deer across the river further down the slope and released the fawn. It jumped in joy as it returned to its herd, an older deer similarly jubilant as it licked the fawn.

"Come on," Kaori said, dismounting her bike, resting it against a tree and attaching her helmet by the saddle. She ambled towards the two and noticed how erotic Oriana's position was, on her arms and feet just above Touma. Kaori felt another blush cover her cheeks and sighed. Both her siblings glanced at her, noticed her reddening face, realized their compromising position and followed suit.

Despite that, there was no sudden cry of panic and Oriana jumping off Touma's body with a kick. Nor did Kaori overreact and hit her brother or reprimand her sister. No, there was only the eye contacts, lip bites, and gulps.

None of them denied the loving atmosphere. They embraced it.

Kaori scratched the back of her head and pouted. She practically raised the two, and due to the age gap between her and Oriana and Touma, he was further brought up by his two sisters. Their benefactor funded her the money she needed to live a good life in the States, but she was the one who made sure the two grew up into good, moral and upstanding people.

She did more than succeed, as it turned out.

Kaori looked up the canopy and sighed. What a mess.

"Hey there," she smiled and crouched down beside Touma's head, propping her elbows on her thighs and holding her face. He forced a smile. "Want me to carry you home?" she offered, taking her siblings' helmets from their hands, turned behind her to the bicycles lying on the ground and attached them to their saddles.

"Nah," he said. "I'm fine. Just need some rest. Give me five minutes?"

Kaori shrugged and grinned. She sat on the detritus, uncaring of the dirt and blueberries that stained her cycling shorts and legs and kicked a twig to a rock near an anthill. Oriana sighed and curled on Touma's side, leaving her head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

"I wonder if these are still good?" Kaori plucked a blueberry from the undamaged parts of the bush and pressed it to her lips, swallowing the berry with a pop. "Mhm! Sweet!" She beamed at Touma and rolled a blueberry between her thumb and forefinger. "You want some?"

"No, thank y-hnn!" He didn't continue talking due to the blueberries she stuffed to his mouth. Touma growled, glared and scowled at her while he chewed on the sweet berries. Oriana on his chest and Kaori seated beside him laughed at the expression on his face.

Kaori turned behind to their bikes, took their water bottles from the bottle cages and passed the containers to her siblings. Touma guzzled his water greedily. Oriana took a sip from hers. She passed her container to Kaori and scowled when Kaori finished the rest of the water.

"I didn't give it to you so you can drink it all," Oriana said.

"It's fine," Touma said. A bit of water trickled down his cheek. He wiped it with his forearm and offered Oriana his water container. "Here, you can have the rest of mine."

Oriana rubbed his chest. "You sure? I mean, it was my fault you got hurt at all."

"Oriana, take the damn bottle."

She meekly acquiesced to his demand.

"I think I'm better now," Touma said. Oriana and Kaori got up and offered their hands. He accepted the offer and took their hands, grimacing as they hauled him up. Once he was on his feet Touma cracked his neck, rolled his shoulders and kicked his foot to the air. "Yeah. See?"

He brushed dirt and berries off his shirt. Brown and black stains made him scowl. "Ugh. This is gonna take forever to wash away."

Oriana went behind up, wrapped her arms around his chest and pressed her chest to his back. "You're talking like you're the one washing the clothes, squirt. Last I recall I was the one washing your undies."

Touma blushed, once more. Oriana cackled at his reaction.

"O-only because you don't let me! You do all the housework and Kaori does the shopping and pays the bills. Even when I try to do something on my own one of you always tries to help." He scratched his cheek. "I was just a little frustrated my shirt got dirty. It means more work for you, Oriana."

"Hmm." Oriana lowered her chin to his shoulder, and when he turned to look at her, gave him a fond smile. Touma reached a hand back to rub her head. Oriana happily hummed. She kept to herself and followed him as he made his way to the riverbank. Kaori carted all their bicycles with one hand, not troubled at the least by the weight of the three single-track vehicles. They emerged from the forest and were greeted by the warm rays of the sun.

Further down the stream, a grizzly bear submerged its head into the surface of the water. It emerged triumphant, throwing splashes across gravel and rocks. In its jaws was a large Atlantic salmon the size of Touma's arm.

"That's a big fish," he said. As if understanding his words the grizzly bear raised its head in victory and left the river. It settled down by the riverside, lied on its belly and began eating the juicy fish.

"The wildlife in Looksville forest never ceases to amaze me," Kaori said, looking at the bear in awe.

"Or disgust me," Oriana said, looking anywhere but the bear. A shine in the water caught her eyes. It was the scales of more fish reflecting the light of the sun. She smiled. "Kaori, you hungry?"

Kaori lowered the bikes to the earth, tilted her head, placed her hands behind her back, looked at Oriana curiously, glanced at what caught her gaze and bit her lip. "I'll catch the fish, you two start the fire."

"How are we going to do that?" Touma scratched his head.

Oriana laughed and took out her flashcards.

"Oh, that."

"Why Touma. It's almost like you've forgotten I can use magic." She wagged her flashcard an inch from his face. He scowled.

"Magic is overrated anyway." Touma harrumphed and crossed his arms over his chest. Oriana gaped at him, covered her mouth and laughed at his display.

"Y-you, you're so cute!" Oriana squeed and wrapped him in another hug. Touma sighed, kneaded her back and kissed her neck. "Mhm. I could get used to this," Oriana whispered to his ear. "Did you mean it? Wanting to put a ring on both of your sisters?"

"Yeah," he answered.

"I'm glad," Oriana said, relief in her voice. Slightly pulling away to look at him she tried to scowl, but it broke halfway into an indulgent grin. "It's unfair though. I can't even get mad at you for suggesting marrying two girls. You're such a lucky bastard, you know that?"

"Quite," Touma said. "Literally, too."

Oriana sighed. "You are such a downer sometimes. C'mere. Let's make a fire." She took a step away from him, which made him miss the warmth of her body. She held his left hand and winked as if she could read his mind. "Grab some sticks, won't you boy?" She took a shorthand into her mouth and ripped it off the rest of the pile. She raised her left arm, palm pointed to a tree. Silver blades made of wind emerged from the palm of her hand."Timber!" Oriana said and watched the tree fall into pieces. It cut into multiple, clean slices so precise it would make professional lumberjacks green with envy.

Touma picked up the smallest slices of wood he could carry and returned to Oriana. On the backdrop by the river, Kaori caught fishes by the dozens with a single swipe of her hand and threw them into the rocky riverside. The bear, having long since finished its meal looked hungrily at the salmon Kaori amassed into a pile. A glance from Oriana stopped it from taking a step, however. It glanced at the tree she destroyed and knew full well it could share the same fate.

"This enough?" he asked. There was a pile of lumber by the riverside. "How are you going to get it burning when it's on wet earth?"

"With maaagic," she drawled with a smug grin. In a more sincere tone, she asked, "Help Kaori clean the fish?"

"On it." He left Oriana to her witchcraft and approached his other sister. "Need a help, Kaori?"

"That would be wonderful, Touma." Kaori thanked him earnestly for the offer. He felt embarrassed because he didn't even do half the work she did. "Oriana, can you make us some knives? Preferably ones that won't break under Touma's touch." After Oriana cast a spell she threw two wooden knives through the air. Kaori caught one by the handle, and the other by the tip of the wooden blade. She offered it to Touma. He clutched the handle with his right hand, expecting it to shatter to pieces. When it didn't he made a delighted smile and went to work.

He scaled the salmon fish by the river, washing the scales off its body with the current of water. After he was done with one side, he flipped it to the other side and repeated the process. He rinsed off the lingering scale with water. Afterward, he pierced the knife from the fish's backside and pushed it all the way to the lower jaw. He was careful not to puncture the intestines. He didn't want to spill fish feces everywhere. He pulled it open and took out the fish's entrails with a grimace. He knifed the gill filaments from the base of the head, scraped out the other remaining organs and submerged it once more in water for cleansing.

He wiped sweat off his forehead with a satisfied sigh. "Whew, that's a relief." Touma glanced at Kaori, Oriana who stood beside her and the pile of fishes. "I'm done with this fish. Hand me another."

Kaori and Oriana shared an amused grin.

"We're done, slowpoke," Oriana said, pointing a thumb to the pile. "While you were busy spending time with that little thing me and Kaori took care of the rest."

"What!?" Touma asked in shock and disbelief. He narrowed his eyes and scrutinized the pile. It was true. They were all cleaned of their scales, cut up and removed of their intestines. He slumped and felt all the energy vanish from his body in a puff of smoke.

"Cheer up lad," Oriana said in a patronizing voice and patted his back. "We'll get em next time."

"There's no we in me," Touma said.

"There is if you count double-u as an inverted em." Her insufferable grin was too much to bear. Touma groaned, felt his head hurt and threw the fish he scaled to the grizzly bear. It roared in approval and thanks and began eating once more.

His two lovely, older sisters laughed once more. "Come on," Kaori said. "Let's grab some sticks. These fishes won't fry themselves."

By the end of it all, he was pouting as he sat by the riverside, watching the fishes cook over the fire. Sticks pierced through their mouth and emerged from their back. They made a makeshift broiler from a bunch of twigs and constantly replaced them with new ones after the flames burned out the old. When Touma's stick full of five fishes was done cooking Kaori took it from the campfire and handed it to him.

"Enjoy," she said with a loving smile.

He took a bite, chewed, swallowed, gasped, and said, "It's delicious."

The bear seated beside him roared in curiosity. "Here, have a taste." Touma offered the bear a bite. It took an entire fish off the stick, held the fried salmon with its claws and took the entire body in one bite. The grizzly bear roared in approval.

"Yup, he agrees with me." Touma grinned. A flash of light drew his attention to Oriana. She had a hand closed into a fist, the knuckle pressed to her cheek, and her other hand held a smartphone as she looked at him with another amused smile. "You took a picture of me? Are you for real?"

Oriana giggled. "Why not? It would be a sin not to take adorable pictures of you, cutie pie."

Touma blushed at her compliment. "Gah! How am I supposed to defend myself against this!?"

"You don't," Kaori wisely advised him. Oriana nodded sagely.

"Listen to your sister," she said. "She knows what she's talking about."

"Bah. You're both full of shit," he smirked and took another bite of his fish.

Only to chew on air.

He noticed, other than the small stick on his hand, everything else was gone. The bear, he thought, noticing the grizzly bear suspiciously missing from his side. With a cold sweat, he glanced behind him to the distance. The bear made a run for it, with a stick in its jaws, back into the woods.

"What the fuck! What kind of shitty luck is this!? Such misfortune!" Touma screamed into the heavens. Oriana and Kaori shared another laugh at his expense. He sighed and felt a migraine incoming. It receded when the two offered him their share of the meals.

"Here," Oriana said. "Wouldn't want you to get thinner than me, now would I?"

"Let's share our meals, Touma." Kaori tapped the free space between her and Oriana. Touma couldn't help the goofy smile on his face as he sat beside them. Their body heat was warmer than the fire, he thought. With a satisfied sigh, he took another bite of the delicious Atlantic salmon.

And then they grabbed his knees, pressed their faces to his, their lips brushing his skin, and kissed him on his cheeks. That was when he knew he was in heaven.

"Wait till your birthday, stud. And I might just grant your wish," Oriana purred into his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

"What she said," Kaori added huskily, cupping his cheek. Directing his face to hers, Kaori went for a second kiss, this time to his lips. When she was done, leaving him gasping for air, Oriana took her turn. Maybe, Touma thought, as Kaori and Oriana eyed each other amorously and then shared a kiss. I'm not so unlucky after all. Oriana moaned into the kiss, and her hands clutched the back of Kaori's head, fingers buried into Kaori's scalp as Kaori took her breath away.

"Been wanting to do that for a long time," Kaori said, wiping saliva off her lips. Oriana was still gasping for breath. Touma shook his head.

"Wow," he said.


Shout-out to abodo and his story, "Between a Saint and a Sinner," without which I wouldn't have made this story. Might change it to M rating in the future, who knows. Just wanted to get this out there.