I've been looking for a fanfic I can't remember what it was called, it was a Skin's fanfic between Naomi and Katie. From what I can remember Emily and Naomi were in a relationship things weren't going so well for them. One night they had an argument and Naomi came back to Emily's house drunk, She got into bed with who she thought was Emily but it was Emily's twin sister Katie, I think she had sex with Katie while thinking it was Emily or she kissed Katie i can't remember it fully. The next morning Katie and Naomi tried to forget about it but both felt an attraction they didn't tell Emily what happened I think Naomi found Katie in the kitchen the same morning thinking it was Emily, she put her arms around her waist or something like that. Eventually Naomi and Katie got together and Naomi and Emily broke up, but I think before Emily and Naomi break up there is some moments of passion between Naomi and Katie (kissing in private etc) I've been trying to find this fanfic for days and any help will be appreciated. Thanks :)