This story is the 'Original' basis for Sparkle in my Eye. It wont ever be completed, but you'll probably seeing elements from this story in the new story. Enjoy this story if your new to it, enjoy it again if you remember this pile of something :).

Chapter 1: Chapter 0: The Start

Edited Sept 27 2015

Harry Potter: LifeSpark

Chapter 0

Harry shot up from his bed clutching his arm in pain as he bit his lip to keep himself from screaming. Slowly releasing his arm Harry let loose a shuddering breath and got up from his sweat soaked bed, standing on wobbly legs a soft noise made him turn to a worried eyed Hedwig; he tried to smile to placate her but felt himself grimace instead. Walking to her perch he let himself stroke the soft white feathers of his friend,

"Sorry Hedwig didn't mean to wake you up. Just bad dreams again, no need for you to worry." He knew she didn't believe him what with that 'I'm not stupid' look she gave him. Hedwig gave a soft prek before nipping at the boys fingers in gentle reprimand making the young hero smile.

"Yeah, I wouldn't believe me either girl."

Harry stood there who knows how long stroking his owl friends breast feathers, thoughts racing as memories resurfaced, the horrid visage of Voldemort from the cauldron the raspy call of 'kill the spare', Cedric's body falling with a heavy thud. Harry remembered the ghostly forms of his dead mother and father, the happiness and awe he felt before being ripped away from it. Shaking his head as if to rid himself of his thought harry ceased petting Hedwig who had fallen asleep during his thoughts. Looking back towards his bed Harry wondered if he would be able to return to sleep; a flash of green and Cedric's dead eyes made him flinch not wanting to slip back into that nightmare. Looking around Harry tried to find something to occupy his time till he had to make breakfast at eight, staring at the red numbers of the salvaged clock Harry noted he had six hours until he had to 'get up', with his trunk in the cupboard downstairs Harry was stuck. Slowly taking in his relatively clean room he spotted the pile of broken toys in the corner, thanking Merlin for his spoiled cousins' ways he moved to the pile and picked up the closest item in it. A bright red and white ambulance truck, well not as bright seeing as it had the doors missing the light barely hanging on and dirty beyond reason, trying to remember why Dudley had such a uncool toy he remembered many Christmases ago Aunt Marge got him a Hospital play set to encourage any 'innate' doctor in him. In two days all that was left was the ambulance most likely because it lit up and made sounds, eventually that to found its way in the toy graveyard that was Dudley's second bedroom. Heaving a sigh Harry set the truck down and went to the loose floorboard where he kept all his most precious possessions, his father's invisibility cloak, his photo album and Hogwarts letter. Pushing those aside Harry pulled out a rather worn brown box from its confines before putting it to the side before resetting the board. Picking up the slightly heavy box he walked back to the junk pile and sat down the box right beside him, grabbing the dilapidated toy he looked at what was missing then started to dig for the doors in the pile. After what felt like forever Harry emerged victorious with two doors and a couple of wheels he thought he might need, picking up the toy again he flicked open the brown box to show a wide array of small tools that he 'found' around the neighborhood when he realized no one was going to help him with his 'loving' relatives. Grabbing the screw driver first he began his work to try to fix the broken toy.

Snipping a spare thread Harry looked up startled when he heard the sharp rapping on his door, "Boy get up and start breakfast, I won't have you lazing about in my house!" the tight pitch of voice made Harry cringe but scrambled up wincing as the feeling of pins and needles danced up and down his legs before rushing to hide what finished toys he did under his bed, listening as the locks came undone he realized the box was still out and quickly shoved the thing into the junk pile,

"You better not be doing anything freaky or you'll be answering to your uncle boy." Her face appeared showing her pinched lips and furrowed brow, "No Aunt Petunia, I'll go start breakfast right way." He rushed by as fast as he could without touching her before heading downstairs to slave away over a meal he wouldn't get to eat. Falling into an old routine he began to make the large English breakfast that was the usual at the Dursley household, pulling out the package of bacon, sausage and carton of eggs he cooked those first as that was the main portion of the meal; most of it going down the male Dursley's gullet. Once he had those out of the way the rest went by quickly and efficiently, setting up plates and utensils before plating the mountains of food on the very sturdy table. Hearing the pounding of the stairs Harry quickly moved out of the way of a large Dudley before he could run his smaller body over. When all his relatives were seated and digging in to the hot meal Harry made a quick escape back to his room and to the toys. Shutting the door as quietly as he could he zeroed in on the pile of fixed toys behind the larger pile of broken ones, particularly the fixed ambulance, picking up the red truck he couldn't help but smile remembering the day Dudley played with it all lit up making siren sounds. How he wished he could have played with it back then and now, he could.

Pushing aside the feeling telling him he was too old to be playing with toys he reminded himself he never got a chance to play with anything to begin with and set the truck on the ground before pushing it. Harry never knew that pushing a plastic toy could be so much fun and calming at the same time, the pushing and pulling as he made the truck go back and forth on the wood floors felt as if a weight was lifted off his mind. So distracted was he that he didn't hear the heavy thuds coming up the stairs until it was too late,

"Boy what do you think you are doing? Spreading your freakiness to Dudley's toys!" A large meaty hand reached down to pull the truck out of Harry's hand. But Harry was having none of that. "No it's mine! I fixed it, Dudley doesn't even play with them anymore!" crying out as he tried to keep a grip, no way was he going to lose his first real toy. It was his, he fixed it he spent the time to make sure everything fit that it was perfect, and his oaf of an uncle was trying to take that away from him.

"Let go BOY!" and with a mighty tug Vernon wrenched the ambulance out of slender hands, "You dare to steal our Dudder's toys, ungrateful brat after all we did for you. Eating us out of house and home you don't deserve Dudley's toys, any of them. You will not touch them or I will see you moved to the shed!"

Harry watched wide-eyed as Vernon threw the truck, his truck, 'No no no no no no nonononono!' Without thinking he threw out a hand wishing to stop it from smashing into the wall and into smithereens. To his amazement a glow enveloped the toy before it hit the wall. When the toy hit the wall and didn't break Harry made a quick decision, scooping up the intact truck he ran passed his shocked uncle down the stairs and out the door as fast as his legs could carry him. Harry ran for what felt like hours until he felt secure that no one could follow him before slowing down to a halt and collapsing in front of a tree. Gasping for breath Harry looked down in his arms at the toy he was sure was going to get him murdered by his uncle. Looking up at him was a small humanoid face with the coloring and parts of the toy he had fixed, Harry stared for what felt like hours and then the toy spoke,

"Are you alright Maker?"