Chapter 17: Is it me you're looking for?

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Luna kept driving, after the amazing knee-shot she took her chance and booked it, taking alleys and back streets to lose their killer bot. Biggy, the coolest brother ever kept his head out of the bag to keep an optic out for a surprise attack, even when they left the city limits. She vented a sigh of relief when they started heading into the desert with no one following them, and today started out so good too. At least she enjoyed herself before she almost got killed and she did get the phone Knightroad wanted, so bonus there but she didn't think she'll want to leave the base anytime soon.

Passing by a rock structure Luna almost wiped out when a honk came from behind it and a familiar Bentley came out to drive beside her. There was some silence as they drove, and boy did she feel better already.

'Are you injured at all Lunarwheel?'

She shook her head no.

'What of the enemy, I sense no foreign signature am I right in assuming you lost them?I'

Luna motioned towards the still alert Bigshot,'Biggy here really put his name to use, nailed the guy twice, one in the shoulder and the other in the knee. I booked it as soon as they went down. Took all they back streets and alleys until I hit the highway.'

Knightroad was silent but she felt him scan her, nothing like ol' Medy's but something basic all the bots had. He turned the scan onto Bigshot who began to calm down the longer they drove. They continued to drive in silence, Luna was mildly surprised Snapchat hadn't woken up at all during that noise but then again it was probably a blessing he was in such a deep recharge even if when he woke up he'll be as hyper and chatty as usual. Keeping an eye around them, she turned smoothly onto the dirt and sand Knighroad right behind her. When she saw the symbol on the ground she almost sagged in relief and hurriedly rested on it letting it read her signature, barely letting the ramp open completely before she shot down the hole.

She was safe now, she was home.

-I am a line-

Harry was surfing along the internet, Circe and her avatar right there with him, poking at links that looked interesting and closing tabs of things too icky or scary for her. They were currently watching a cat video, why was there so many cat videos? When he heard the speeding sound of an engine echoing in the large space and no sooner Luna shot out of the ramp doing a hard donut to brace herself, the bag fell to the ground when her holoform fizzled out. Bigshot didn't even complain, well he didn't complain about much, his stoic little tank that he was, but the tan little bot grabbed something small that also fell when the form phased out.

"Maker, Maker!" Snapchat's high voice cried from his seat on his sister, the abrupt change of pocket to seat enough to wake him up from recharge.

"Hey guys, whats the hurry? You came speeding in as if demons were after you and I'm pretty sure demons don't actually exist in America. Did you see Knightroad on your way down, he looked anxious before he left not to long ago." He didn't like to see the serious bot so wound up, and he didn't say anything before quickly transforming and heading topside. Probably why he was watching cat videos, to take a bit of the edge off.

Before anything could be said, said robot rolled in transforming as he went causing Luna to transform as well. Now he knew something was wrong, Lunarwheel never transformed she was always driving around doing as many wheelies and tricks as she could in the limited space she had; it was boring walking on two wheels she said. The sudden transformation got everyone's attention.

Harry stood up, "What happened? Is everything okay?" Luna was clutching at Snapchat as she rolled forward akwardly, but it wasn't her who answered.

"It would seem Maker that there are other sentient robots on this Earth than us." Knightroad sounded grave as a placed a comforting hand on Lunarwheels shoulder, what? Other robotic lifeforms? Before he could ask Knightroad motioned to Luna, "Lunarwheel was attacked by this other bot, and with the assistance of Bigshot was able to escape unharmed and undetected."

Bigshot took this as time to hand over the small object he was holding into his Makers' hands. Looking down at it Harry realized it was a cellphone, a very nice cellphone. That didn't matter though, one of his children was attacked, actually three of them on account of them being together of the attack and looked up at Luna.

"Are you okay Luna? You weren't hurt were you?" Stepping forward he placed a hand around her hip region, his palm warmed against her plating and saw her begin to relax at his touch.

"I am now Maker, and no, Biggy was a real big help back there. Got the blighter right in the knee." Here Bigshot began scuffing his tread into the dirt, looking everywhere but them. Harry smiled and leaned down to pat the tank on the head. "Thank you for protecting your sister Bigshot, who knows what would have happened if you weren't there."

Bigshot let out a hum of static, "It was my duty, and I would do it again in a sparkbeat."

This made Lunarwheel lean down to be closer to Bigshot, Harry stepped out of the way of her shoulder grabbing Snapchat from his spot on her way down. The little guy wrapped his arms around his neck, the sound of his gears shifting and moving almost soothing to Harry's ears. She made the motion of pushing his chin, smiling as she did so, "I'd always be happy to have you have my back. You and me Biggy."

Harry saw Knightroad gesture towards the kitchen where he had left Circe, " I believe I can transfer the image of the other transformer to Circe from Lunarwheels memory bank. This way we shall know who and what to keep an optic out for and avoid it. Lunarwheel please extend a cable into one of Circe's USB ports."

Luna was standing up again when Harry brought over Circe, screen facing out so she could see what was going on and to project the image for everyone to see. A small thin cable detached itself from Luna's arm and plugged itself into one of the ports, Circe miming a clocking with her arms as she processed the information and sifted the images to project the right one. Sticking out a tongue she made guns with her fingers and shot at the screen and from her camera a image was projected out into the space.

The image scared Harry, the bot was all hard edges and spiked metal, his red eyes screaming bad intent. The projection changed to a police car looking as if the car was actually driving by them in slow motion. To Harry it looked like a regular police car but on the side of the car he saw the phrase ' To punish and enslave' instead of the stand, 'To serve and protect'.

At least they'll know what the bot will look like transformed, the image drove by again focusing on the man 'driving' the car, and what his holoform looks like as well. When everyone got to see the images Circe clapped her hands and shut the camera off, Harry knew that the gestures her avatar did was superficial but it was so cute watching her do them; which was the whole point of a chibi avatar, being cute. Knightroad gestured again, "It is unclear if there are more of his kind out there, I highly recommend that no one leave the bunker until I have searched and scanned the local and surrounding areas. Circe you will assist me in this endeavor."

Circe nodded, expression severe yet completely adorable, giving him a thumbs up.

"What about us huh? We can help too ya know. Fly up high and look around, we'd look like birds from that height. Nobody would know it was a tiny plane watchin em." Sunblazer said leaning over Skysetter's hand eagerly. Yellow eyes staring intently at Knightroad. Harry could see the unsure look flickering in Knightroads eyes until they shut with a resigned sigh. Blue connected with yellow, "We will discuss your idea later Sunblazer, it has merit.' he added before the jet could begin to yell,' Just let me begin a base search with the data collected from Lunarwheel and the surrounding areas with Circe."

Harry watched Sunblazer sit back in a happy manner, hard to spot from the ground. He watched as Knightroad transformed and his door pop open, "Place Circe inside Maker, we will convene in my room for privacy."

"Err, okay." He set her on the seat watching as the door closed and him drive off to the room he had made him, backing up into it and seeing the sliding doors close. He worked really hard on those doors too. Looking back at the quiet Luna, not really liking how upset she was settled a hand on her hip again.

"So wanna tell me how the trip went before the killer robot?"

Purple eyes brightened,

"So I saw this really cute dress-"

Harry laughed inside his head, this was gonna be awhile.

So we have the introduction of the lovely decepticon Barricade, no new Harry bot yet have to think of a new name for a phone. I'll try to update when I can, I have started school so that takes priority. Next chapter might be him going to school, don't know. I'll see where my muse takes me, all of my fanfiction stories usually don't have a set path, I know not the best but somehow I try to make it cohesive and make sense.

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