Template for SOL Technologies Profiles

Online ID: LINK VRAINS Identity

Real name: Real-world name or Unknown

Other aliases: Possible titles or alternate names to individual

Gender: Male/Female/Unconfirmed

Age: Suspected Age unless confirmed

Place of Residence: Known or Unknown

Deck: Archetype Deck

Occupation: Known jobs

Allegiance: To SOL Technologies or other entities

Activity History: Time since joining LINK VRAINS

Win-Loss Ratio: Percentage of victories out of total duels

Threat Level: Danger to SOL operations or property

(Note: Threat Levels are based off dueling history and hostile activity directed at SOL Technologies or its property. Possible ranks, from lowest to highest, are: F, E, D, C, B, A, and S.)


Anecdotes that may be of interest to any readers about the profiled individual.

Addendum: Hey everyone, this is Cypher, your favorite Ignis. I've been getting bored over the past few weeks, so I decided that I would hack into SOL Technologies to see if they have any interesting data, and I found these on their server. There are profiles here for Morningstar, Playmaker, Charisma Duelists, and many other people. As I am still bored after retrieving these, I thought I would share them with you, with some comments and edits by yours truly. This first one is a template for how the pages work. I have to run through these to make sure there are no viruses in them, so I won't release them all at once. And as time goes on and I meet new people, I'll probably come back to the SOL server and download more profiles. Information is power, you know?

Oh and, before I forget, don't tell my partner about this. He'll probably consider it a pointlessly dangerous effort and deprive me of my telev- I mean he'll probably not take me outside anymore. Yes, that's right. He'd be wrong though; there's no chance SOL could catch me, after all. That said, better not to bother him with this. Thanks!