Hey guys, so sorry for taking so long. I was in Basic Training. This is a Snake eyes/Scarlett one. Love this pairing. I think they are one of the best comic book couples.

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She stared out the window of the truck as they left another campsite, another temerary home, behind. She missed her room back at base, at least there she could get some privacy. There she and Snake could make love, but that all went up in smoke as soon as that factory blew.

Then, her faith in him was up in smoke when she found out that he knew what had become of her father. They were on there way to her old house now so she could investigate her recent dreams and confront Snake-eyes. How could he keep something so important from her? Why? Would he have ever told her if they hadn't been on the run?

She sighed, this was too much to think about right now. She had to prepare herself for what was going to happen, for seeing the man who had betrayed her trust so fully. How could she have fallen for a man like this, and why did she still love him...

When they reached the house, a feeling of dread filled her. She just might learn how her father died today, and how Snake fit into it. They went into her father's old lab, and saw the mess. She opened the safe, and there was nothing in there. Then, she felt his presence enter the room. Since they had started training, she had learned how to sense his presence. She turned around and there he was. "Why didn't you tell me you knew my father? What else do you know? How did he die?" She questioned him. He merely raised an obviously stolen hard drive.

She watched the video and questioned why he'd waited for so long. He grabbed her shoulders, then pointed to her necklace...

That evening, after the battle, destruction of her old house, and her forgiving Snake, Duke decided on staying in a hotel that night. She had just showered and gotten dressed for bed, and was about to climb into bed when she sensed him. Before she could react, he wrapped his arms around her.

"Snake, I'm sorry for being so rude earlier." She apologized.

He stepped around her and signed, 'No, I'm sorry for keeping the truth from you for so long. But I knew that if I'd told you when I first found you, you'd demand answers and never trust me. Then I didn't know how or when to tell you, and I was... scared of what you'd say.'

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