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Niyx POV

Niyx sat on Mount Paedris, the piece of silver bark in his hands. Alex had just left after their daily training.

Admittedly, he wouldn't give her the pleasure of saying it to her face but she'd improved tenfold since she'd started. That's why Niyx knew the time was coming. That his time was coming.

And because of that he had to do this. For her. For his kitten.

As he knelt on the ground he wrote the first word that came into his mind. Kitten.

After that, he was afraid that he would have no words in his head. No instructions telling him what he needed to do. But all it took was the memory of his sweet kitten, the person he cared about most in the world and the dam had collapsed.


If you're reading this, then it's probably because you've done something

stupid and I've had to step in to save your ass.

He could hear Alex laughing as if she was still right next to him. His heart ached at the thought of being without her.

If that's the case,

he continued,

and I gave my life to save yours, then I need you to know I have no regrets,

no that wasn't enough he needed to tell his kitten to move on.

and I don't want you to, either.

Protecting you has been a full time job, one I undertook willingly. I

always knew I would die for you -

It was true, from the moment he met Aeylia in the future, he had known the role she played in the world's existence, he had known that this was the way his life would end. And Aeylia, or Alex as her friends called her now, deserved to know the truth.

-and I can't imagine a better way to go, or a more worthy reason to

sacrifice my life.

However...I also know you'll beat yourself up over it forever, and that

is something I won't allow you to do.

He could never allow Aeylia to spend the rest of her life mourning him, when she had the potential to do so much more.

You have an extraordinary capacity to love, and you love hard, kitten.

It's what draws so many people to you, and it's a beautiful gift that lights

up the worlds of those fortunate enough to know you. Myself included.

But it also means you have an extraordinary capacity to feel the pain that

comes with loss.

He knew it. He knew that she she would feel hurt from this loss.

So if you could only take one thing away from this letter, let it

be this: If I could do it all over again, from the moment you Claimed me,

to however I meet my end, I would. A thousand times and more until

eternity. Because knowing you has given me a reason to live...and a

reason worthy of death.

Aeylia's pain must be unbearable at this point. But he knew she would bear it. His kitten didn't back down in times of need.

Don't blame yourself, kitten. I knew what I was getting into.

And now that it's done, you need to get up, and you need to keep

fighting. But you also need to know that even though I'm gone, you are

not alone.

Not with that overflowing amount charisma she wasn't.

Trust your friends. Trust Kyia and Zain. Trust Athora.

And trust Kaiden - he seems a good sort, and he has an impressive right

hook. Trust him to look after you now that I-

No he couldn't write it. Couldn't even think it. But his kitten needed him to.

-now that I can't.

You saved my life when you Claimed me, kitten. And you've saved it

every day since. It's taken thousands of years, but thank you finally

giving me the chance to return your favour.

How would he finIsh this? This was not a letter you would just casually write, 'from', nor would Niyx ever resort to writing, 'XOX', on any letter. After pondering for a while, he had an epiphany. There was only ever one way he could finish this. He wrote-

Eternally yours,


True to his personality, he couldn't help adding-

P.S. Now stop crying and go kick some immortal ass.

He'd done it. Niyx's final message to Alex. Aeylia had passed a long time ago, it was Alex this was addressed though. The letter had captured what he wanted to say so well, yet it still missed something. Or rather, he realised someone.

He couldn't exactly hand it to Alex after he died. But he chuckled. The problem was the easiest one he'd encountered so far. There was one person he knew would protect Alex just as Niyx would, go to any length to save her.

Standing up, he rolled the Silverwood bark into a scroll and tucked it into his jacket. Tonight, after he'd fulfilled Aven's duties for the day, Niyx would find the deliverer of his message. But this was one person he knew wouldn't say no to Niyx, not when it came to Alex.

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