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Kaiden POV

Kaiden had just arrived back at the dorms, after a tiring day.

Over the Kaldoras holidays, he had come down with a fever and it hadn't gone away for a while. He had noticed a little improvement just it in time to return back to Akarnae at the start of the term.

However, as the medication he had been taking hadn't worked, Kaiden's overprotective Aunt Nisha had forced him to go through some medical tests to see what was wrong.

The tests had revealed someā€¦.interesting results about something in his blood which could have been the remnants of the Sarinpox disease Kaiden had had as a child.

Luckily, it was nothing but a case of River Fever and he was fully recovered. That was how he had been able to attend the lesson with Athora he had just finished.

It had been more interesting than usual, with the presence of Alex and her comment about Kaiden being a megalomaniac.

Nevertheless, it hadn't been all smooth sailing. He had to constantly slow his pulse down, especially when they were walking back to Alex's room, standing so close he could still smell the fiery remains of Athora's fireplace on her clothes.

But now, Kaiden plonked himself on his bed and settled down to sleep. He would deal with his feelings in the morning. For now, all he wanted to do was get some sleep.

And there is one chapter uploaded now time for another one! Also sorry there wasn't much action in this chapter. I just wanted to give an overview of what he setting is like. Read on!