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Niyx POV

Niyx wasn't sure what to expect. He was sneaking into an academy room in the middle of night to wake someone he barely knew. He would have been okay with a gasp. Maybe even a scream.

He was definitely not expecting a fist to the face in the span of two seconds.

"Well. Ouch. You have a strong arm," Niyx attempted to laugh it off.

It died down when he realised this wasn't exactly a laughing matter. He took in Kaiden's striking blue eyes fixated on him. He had to admit, he was quite handsome for a mortal. He was too busy marvelling at the interesting hue of blue in the boy's eyes that he almost didn't register Kaiden's hand inching towards a blade.


He intercepted Kaiden's blade to the chest right before it struck. Barely jostled, he met his gaze. He saw the shock written on the boy's face plain as day as he realised what he was. Only a Meyarin could have such speed.

"Who are you?" Kaiden asked with a voice of steel. To give him credit, he didn't seem scared in the slightest.

"Please hear me out. I'm a friend of Alex's," he replied, hoping to avoid another fist to the face.

"Like hell you hasn't mentioned you."

"That's interesting," he paused, wondering where to take this conversation. He decided to test Kaiden's loyalty. "She's..very close to me, you see."

He deliberately dragged out the very. Kaiden's eyes widened as he realised what he was implying. They quickly narrowed again.

"She's single. I'm sure of it," he said. His voice wavered slightly giving away his weakness. Alex. Alex was his weak point. Kaiden had only wavered when Alex was mentioned.

And now Niyx was sure he had made the right choice.

"I am Niyx Raedon. Sorry for the trouble. I was testing your loyalty to Alex and seeing if you truly do love her. I love Alex. But not in the way you do. I am her guardian and we are bonded in a way that is stronger than blood. I cannot explain, but I hope one day Alex might," he paused and noticed the myriad of emotions on Kaiden's face. Relief, confusion and possibly a small amount of blossoming trust. And for that trust, he continued.

"I am training her for the future. But I know my time is almost up. If I die, I want it to be defending her and all she fights for. But when I'm gone, I need to know she'll be looked after. She has such a capacity to love, but with that comes the capacity to feel the pain of loss," he whispered, remembering the words he had written on the scroll.

"When I die, and it will happen, will I be able to rest knowing that you will look after her. Will you, Kaiden James look after my kitten?" he broke off, too emotional to continue. It was rare that Niyx ever cried. He had never let anyone see him cry before, but the weight of having to leave his precious Aeylia behind was heart-shattering.

Then Kaiden spoke up for the fourth time that night.

"I don't know you. But I know Alex. And I can swear to you on my life that I would give anything in this world to see her smile. So yes, you can trust me. Even if she still doesn't."

"Trust me, Kaiden. I know Alex better than anyone. She would trust you with her life," he replied with an emotion-clogged voice. He handed Kaiden the scroll. "When I die, I need you to give her this. Please."

Blue eyes met the purple eyes and shared a look of understanding.

"You can count on me."

Niyx nodded and began to walk away. Everything he had to say was said. He felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders, knowing there was someone to look after Alex.

A voice called him back again.

"Niyx?," Kaiden called.

He peered questioningly at Kaiden.

"Try not to die, yeah?"

He chuckled and continued walking.


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