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Now to get to the story. No war, no divergent hunt. Just too much tequila. Tris and Four did not get together during initiation.


I wake with my head pounding. I can feel the bright light of the morning, I can't see it. Keeping my eyes scrunched shut, trying to keep the hangover from really surfacing. I will kill Christina and Uriah when I see them today. Well, maybe not today. I don't think I want to see anyone today.

I'm trying so hard to remember what we did last night. I remember sitting in the cafeteria finishing dinner when Christina thought it would be fun to go drinking and dancing. Two things I have never thought to associate with fun!

It feels like the heating has been turned up too high and I am about to throw the covers off me and find out what the thermostat says when I hear a moan from behind me. I take in a quick breath and I am wondering what the hell is happening. I think I hold my breath for too long because next thing I know I am running from my bed and straight into the bathroom.

After what feels like forever I finally get my head out of the toilet bowl and I rest my face against the wall tiles. Oh god, I feel terrible. I am never drinking again. "You'll catch a cold sitting there like that," the voice says.

I don't want to see who the voice belongs to, don't look, don't look, just don't look!

I look.

Then turn quickly away, not being able to hide the blush that must be showing from the tips of my toes to my forehead. I swear if you look close enough you could see the steam coming off my head. There he stands, my old initiate instructor, in all his glory. I can't believe that Four is standing in my bathroom naked.

"What are you doing here, Four?" I ask.

"Where do you think you are, Tris?" Four asks.

I slowly raise my head and look around. Oh My God! This isn't my bathroom, where the hell am I? And why is Four here? No, no, no, I'm naked. I'm naked in front of Four. Could this get any more embarrassing? Then I look up and see that Four hasn't moved. This is getting more and more embarrassing by the moment.

Four quickly gets a towel of the rack and throws it over me. Thank god I'm at least covered now. I wish he would cover himself. I can't really move because it seems that all my eyes want to do is look at him, all of him. Damn you my traitorous eyes. Can't you just look anywhere but his parts? I can't even think what it is called, parts, where did that come from? I suppose it's better than calling it junk. Christina loves to use the word 'junk' in front of me, she knows how uncomfortable it makes me.

"Four, do you think I could have a minute, maybe?" I finally squeak out.

I can hear his chuckle as he leaves the room. Thank goodness he is gone. I don't think I could have coped with seeing him like that for much longer. Not that there's anything wrong with the way he looked, actually he looked better than my imagination could have ever imagined. Not really the point here Tris, I think to myself. Now I need to try and find a way out of here without making any more of a fool of myself. Why did it have to be him? Couldn't I have woken up with Christina or even better Uriah. At least they would have a laugh about the situation and I sure as hell wouldn't be naked.

Four, on the other hand, is acting like he has a stick up his butt, even worse than he usually does. Oh shit! We were both naked. Four and I woke up together naked, in his bed. What have I done?

"If you want you can have a shower, Tris," Four shouts out from behind the door. Only if you want to join me, I think. Where did that come from? I mean, well, everyone in Dauntless knows how incredibly good looking Four is, but still. I don't know where I'm even going with that thought. My head is pounding and I can't get the image of Four in all his nakedness out of my head. Not that he didn't look good, actually perfection is the only word I can find to describe what he looks like. I still don't understand how I got here and every time I try to remember my head pounds more. Why would I, of all people, be in Four's bed with him? I remember Uriah telling us that no one is ever invited to stay at Four's.

"There should be a spare toothbrush in the cabinet," he calls out.

"Thanks," I say, trying to sound a lot more confident than I am.

I don't have to worry about stripping my clothes, as I know I'm not wearing any. I wonder where they are? Should I go out and get them, or should I just stay in here? I know I can't stay in here forever but right now I wish someone could come and wake me up so I can get out of this nightmare.

As I turn the water off I hear what I think is a door slamming. I am hoping that I can walk out and find my clothes and not run into Four. I really don't want to have to deal with him right now. Not now, not ever. It's not like he is my friend. If it wasn't for being friends with Uriah I probably wouldn't have anything to do with him. And with our work schedules it's not like we even see that much of each other.

I quickly dry off and race around the bedroom grabbing my clothes as I go. I move the sheet back to grab one of my shoes (how the hell did that get there?) when I see the evidence I didn't ever want to see in such circumstances. I can feel the tears starting to well in my eyes. The one thing from my old life that I was holding onto for dear life, not wanting to be just like every other Dauntless girl and give it up so easily.

I quickly grab the offensive blood stained sheet off the bed and start opening doors in the apartment. Part of coming first in initiation is getting your own washer dryer combo. I remember, during my own initiation, Four once saying something to Peter about having ranked first; he must have one here. I finally locate it, throw the sheet in and quickly set it to wash and then dry. I finish retrieving my clothes and quickly get dressed.

I open the front door to make a quick get away when I see Four standing there with two coffees and what I can only assume are containers of food. "Breakfast?" he quietly asks.

"Um, I ― er, I ― I'm sorry. I'm running late," I mumble as I cast my eyes downward, not able to face him after realising exactly what we must have done but having no memory of any of it. With that I rush down the hall as quickly as possible, willing the tears not to leave my eyes.