I lie here in Tobias' arms, knowing I want more of what just happened but most of all I am longing for him to be inside me. I am relieved that I don't remember my first time because I'm sure that there was pain, but also sad that I don't remember because it was with Tobias. It's hard to describe because part of me wishes I could have that moment back but at the same time I feel more confident knowing we have already been together. It makes me that little bit bolder, which I'm sure I would never have been if we had had sex sober the first time. It has also taken the thought of that intimacy fear away. How can I have a fear of something I have already accomplished?

As I revel in the afterglow of my first ever orgasm (well, that I remember), I really want to tell Tobias that I want more, but the words are failing me right now. Tonight he has been the talkative one, guiding us both through unknown territory.

"Tobias," I whisper into his ear.

"Mmm," he slowly says.

"Tobias, make love to me," I whisper.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yes, I want you," I say.

"Okay, but there is something I want to do first. Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do."

Tobias kisses my lips and then slowly starts to kiss along my jaw and then down my neck, I love the feeling of his lips on my body. He kisses between my breast but tweaks my left nipple with his fingers as he kisses further down my body. I can't help but let out a small squeak as he touched my nipple and as I realise where his lips are heading I can't help but wriggle in excitement.

He runs his hands up and down my thighs as he lowers his tongue along my slit. I let out a very loud moan as I can't help but to enjoy what he is doing with his tongue. He runs his tongue over the nub of my clit and then circles it a few times, which feels amazing.

He then moves down and slips his tongue inside me and around my opening. He licks back up my slit and sucks on my clit and I can feel myself getting closer to falling over the edge when he suddenly stops and moves back up my body and then enters me quickly.

I can't help but to let out a cry but it's not from pain and he stops to see if I am okay. "I'm fine, I just am a little overwhelmed at how good you feel inside me," I say.

"You have no idea how good it feels to be inside you," he replies.

With that he starts to thrust into me with long slow strokes. Every inch of him fills me and I feel a warmth run through my veins, I know that this is where I was always meant to be. It's like I finally know where I belong. It doesn't matter if I had been in Abnegation or Dauntless; hell, we could be factionless for all I care. Tobias is my home.

As he moves I start to get used to the rhythm and start to move with him, stroke for stroke. As he starts to move faster, so do I. I can't get enough of this feeling, the feeling of him inside me. Caressing the one place that no one else will ever be near, the place that is only for him. I hear his breaths start to get ragged, as mine are doing the same. We are both calling out incoherent words and moans as we get closer to where we need to be.

He touches my clit with one hand as he holds himself up with his opposite elbow and it is my undoing, I cry out in ecstasy. Unable to hold it in, as I buck harder against him riding the high I am on out as I hear a low grunt come from Tobias and then he calls out my name.

A few quick thrusts later, Tobias slumps onto me, our bodies covered in sweat and spent from an exercise neither one of us is used to. I love the feeling of his body on top of me, him still inside me and us both trying to get our breaths back. No fantasy dream could ever have made me feel what I am feeling right now. Coming down from the high that an orgasm gives you and the reality of who I am with and the closeness between us, I can't help but let a few tears roll down my face.

"Hey," Tobias says as he wipes away my tears. "It wasn't that bad was it?" he asks.

"No, no, not at all. God, it was amazing. I just feel a little overwhelmed. I didn't expect to feel like this."

"Like what?"

"Like I'm home," I quietly say. A blush coming across my cheeks and down my neck as I feel that I may have revealed too much. What if he doesn't feel the same way.

"I think that is the best way to describe it. I feel like you are my home, Tris. No matter where I am, as long as I have you with me, I am home."

I feel Tobias pull out of me and I hate the feeling, I feel like something is missing now that he is just laying next to me. I move so my head resting it on his shoulder and I have an arm over his body. He pulls me as close to him as possible and laces our fingers.

"Sleep, Tris. Tomorrow we can wake up and remember what we did tonight."

I can't help but smile at this. It will be good to wake up and remember. With that I close my eyes and quickly fall asleep.

i wake wrapped in his arms, a small smile can't help but display on my face. I feel Tobias start to stir next to me, I try to turn so I am facing him but he pulls me tighter.

"Morning," I say, it comes out very cheerfully, not my usual grumpy self in the morning.

"Good morning," Tobias replies and I can hear the smile in his voice.

i turn to face him and he does in fact have a smile on his face, which makes me smile wider.

Tobias moves so that he can kiss me, I hope I don't have morning breath, I think to myself, but it doesn't matter I soon get lost in the kiss.

i jerk away suddenly from him, he looks startled and all I can do is push him away and jump out of bed. I run to the bathroom and make it just in time.

"Tris?" Tobias asks. I put my hand up with one finger pointed, trying to tell him to give me a minute. He rushes over and covers me with a towel and holds my hair back for me.

"You didn't drink that much last night Tris. I wouldn't think it would have made you this sick."

I didn't drink any alcohol last night. I was putting water in my drinks when no one was looking.

i pull my head out of the bowl. "Look in the top drawer," I tell him.

"The top drawer?" He asks.

i just nod my head as another wave hits me and my head is back in the bowl.

I hear the drawer open and he says "oh shit."

That's it. The end. Don't kill me. I just like that it is really open and you can all use your own imaginations to how things may have gone for our favourite couple. The story only took a few days to write, who knows if I will ever get inspiration to write further. I really liked the way the characters were in this one, especially Zeke and Eric. Plus I didn't make Christina a horrible person for a change. So I might need to use the characters this way in the future because I really enjoyed writing them this way. Plus, no war and no divergent hunt, it was fun to be able to write without worrying about those things.

'Thank you to everyone who has supported not only this story but my other stories as well. The reviews I have received for this one have been so positive and I appreciate every single one I get. I have a lot of people asking about The Wright Choice, there will be new chapters up very soon. Well as soon as I revise them and send them to my editor. I'm trying to balance a lot of things right now, so I will do my best. As for Allegiant Uncovered, I haven't started writing this yet, I do have every intention to write it and another in the series. I am just going to be taking a little longer to get to it than even I thought it would take. Please be patient with me it will be worth it.

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