"We've been surviving off nothing but squirrels and roots for days. We're gonna die out here, aren't we?!" Eddie's plaintive cry echoed through the high branches of the trees they were laying under. One hand over their stomach, trying to ease the perpetual empty feeling that was absolutely living there since-

I am the one catching us these 'squirrels', who, while overly furry and petite, are keeping us alive. So I would suggest complaining to someone else. Venom rumbled from where he was snuggled down for the night. Somewhere deep inside and just a little to the right of their heart.

"Hey, does my liver feel like it's smaller today than it was yesterday?"

Looks as shriveled and damaged by alcohol as usual.


...I'm not the one who wanted to interview the most infamous gunrunner this side of Singapore in a screaming, flying, metal death trap. Venom reasoned. Hating that he sounded petulant. And hungry.

"Oh, really, now this is my fault?"

Always was.

"Right, but I seem to recall somebody 'interrupting' my interview because he wanted to eat a terrorist. Pretty sure this is all your fault."

How was I supposed to know that the bodyguards would start shooting at us?

"Because that's generally what happens when someone holding a submachine gun sees their boss swallowed up by a giant, carnivorous monster!" Eddie keened, voice echoing back at them twice before they were once again completely alone.

I only ate half of her.

"Still ate her. Right in front of them."

Well... how was I supposed to know that the ricochets would depressurize the cabin, destroy one engine, and kill both pilots, causing us to tailspin until the tank caught fire, blowing up the entire thing?

"I don't know, man. Kinda sounds to me like you knew exactly what you were doin'," Eddie said. Trying to ignore the way they could barely see any stars through the tight knit branches above.

We survived. Venom pointed out.

"Barely! You remember how many of my bones were broken after that fall? You know that hurts, don't you?"

Well, you were too busy covering your eyes to warn me when the ground got close!

"I-I... I don't do well with heights."

You mean you're terrified of them! We climb even one measly fire escape and I have to do all the work.

"Whatever, man," said the soft, squishy human as he crossed his arms over their chest. Tone anything but soft and squishy.

Venom gave him a good thirty seconds in which to continue, but when his other half didn't, he gave him a mental nudge. Then spoke up.
Eddie? No response. Eddie? Like poking a wet noodle. I thought we were engaging in some playful banter? Arguing is one of your favorite activities, is it not?

Eddie snorted in amusement. "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

Ah. This is one of those 'loser things', isn't it? Venom guessed with a snort of his own. What? Did the other flesh sacks make fun of your utterly baseless fear while you were in your impressionable 'developmental' stage of life?

"You know they did." His other half said as Venom felt himself reminded of a nearly thirty year old memory of a tree house wreathed in taunting faces, pointing up and insisting the one crying inside was a 'big baby'.

Oh. Right.
So it's not one of those 'loser things'? The symbiote asked as he realized Eddie was getting better at the whole 'using his mind to communicate' thing. And that the memory wasn't what was bugging the human.

"No. Though you don't have to call it that every time," Eddie lied in a very killjoy sort of whine.

When the melancholy reporter's mood didn't improve immediately, Venom's resolve broke and he caved. Finally answering the question his host had opened with.
Fine. Yes.

"Yes? Yes what?"

Yes, your liver does feel smaller today. But only because these 'squirrels' have such inferior, maladjusted organs.

"I just- just don't like the feeling of having my insides nibbled away at. Feels like dying in slow motion."

Ah. So that was the reason for his Eddie's low spirits, Venom thought as he cuddled himself just a vein closer to their heart. Hoping the proximity might help keep the beating thing company through their unsheltered night.
...I am sorry. If I do not 'nibble', I will waste away. I do not want to leave you alone in this nightmare forest, where there is no food to be found and so little water we are reduced to sucking the dew from moss and grass.

"... I know, buddy," Eddie whispered on a contrite sigh. "I don't like this place either."

If you go to sleep, you can pretend we are somewhere else for eight hours. Give or take.

"Take, definitely. The kinks the ground's been giving me get worse every night," Eddie grumbled as he put a hand under his head in the pitiful hopes of cushioning it.

Venom didn't say anything to that, knowing Eddie would get to sleep sooner if he didn't mention the fact that those relatively minor discomforts were all his symbiote's doing. Or, rather, that Venom was choosing not to help with them. As doing so would take energy. The type of energy that just functioning was eating up faster than they could find living flesh to replenish.

So, yeah. Was actually a good thing, if you thought about it rationally, that they'd eaten that half a gunrunner before they crashed to a foresty grave.
Meant it would take them that much longer to starve to death. And avoiding starving to death was something Venom wanted for them very, very badly.

Aw! Poor things! Let's hope things are looking up for them!
Then again, this is a survival situation, so probably gonna get worse before it thinks about getting better. ;D