Five Worlds War: The Eclipsing Shadow

Artificial Island!

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In the Kingdom of Rakuen, Konton was sitting crossed leg on his throne with his head rest on his left hand while her fingering her tapping his cheek. Konton was bored, since he didn't expect the Alliance to take week before getting to islands. Think were so much faster in the Fairy Tail world, but it made sense, since area were a lot more closer. Konton just sigh and yawned finally know three of the Alliance Fleet made to three of the Four first island in the Grand Line or New World.

The throne door up and Konton saw both Sagi and Itan arrive. Sagi had his proudful grin on his face, since he has that after finishing a project or an intension. Know Sagi been traveling to other worlds that they were no bother with, but Sagi found on that had forgotten Mech or Mobile Suit he personally dust up in upgraded some too. Though Sagi admit he was impressed with the humans in the world. About to create technology that Sagi would admit, but not out loud that are far beyond his capabilities. Like giant robot, Space Colonies, and etc. Seem the world was still in a war of their own so Sagi collect what he wanted before leave. Konton didn't bother with any universe that still in war.

Then there was Itan, Knoton knew what the kind man done on his off time being a Hero to the people in the Rakuen Kingdom. Truth it didn't bother Konton, since Itan could make the people see they are the 'Heroes' in this war, they cheer and suppose them all they could for them to win.

"So Sagi what have you made to show me?" yawned Konton. "Better be something worthy my wild."

"Oh, but of course your Majesty," grin Sagi as he snapped his finger as a hologram of his new creation was shown and already in the Pirate World. Konton sat up and look at this with great interested.

"Well, I admit I'm impressed," said Konton. "Seem you kept yourself busy during that Campaign in the Wizard World."

"Indeed and how think are we can strike at some of the Alliance fleets while our Barrier keep two of the Fleet stuck and close together too. I have faith our force on Raijin, Mystoria, and Risky Red Island will keep the other fleets busy, since you pick out strong fighter and warriors your Majesty."

"Of course, and the forced on this... Masterpiece?" asked Konton. Sagi still grin said, "I think I gather very powerful warriors that would enjoy crushing the Alliance after the death of various Arrancars like Skullak Tuma. Some asked and beg to be part of this Unit to get revenge. Other were just the destroying time that I felt would enjoy using this super weapon of mine."

"Tch you think of you trust one of the two Leader of the Unit?" said Itan. Sagi glared at him and said, "What did you say?"

"I said I don't trust one of those two Arancar that are strong as Esapda," said Itan. "I can understand the one see he doing this after the lost of his best friend and many comrades, but the other just to dangerous, he powers are a threat to us if he become to powerful."

"Show how you are talking about?" asked Konton. Sagi used the hologram to reveal all the members of the Unit. Look at them Konton said who Itan was talking about.

"Ahh, him well, he could true become a major threat to even me if he about to destroy and kill the most powerful member of the Alliance and the Four Act too. Heck he be strong enough to destroy my brother from and my own brother too. Yes, he did that, I will admit even with my full power I wouldn't be about to win, but that the fun in gambling after all. Reviving powerful foes for the Alliance to face. It make this War so much fun as a game."

Konton laugh going to enjoy how the Alliance will deal with this threat. Sagi could wait to gather data and see his brilliant work in action. Itan just sigh a bit worry about things. He really didn't want any harm come to the people of their Kingdom, most to the children. One would think he not like the other members that are ruthless, violent, evil, lustful for power, and greedy to kill. He was one that want to make think right, why he was smart then the other members and about to think better when it come to battle. All Itan could do is wait and find out how this Unit and Sagi's weapon will work against the Alliance.

(New World Seas)

In the Pirate World, where raging sea and dangerous storms hail. The Alliance force were moving out. Their plan was to leave the New World and cross the Red Line to the four Blue Sea where Blackbeard or Marshall D. Teach is hiding, but there were other dangerous enemies out their like Doflamingo that need to be stop too. However, think already become a problem as the Coalition set up a massive powerful barrier that both the 4th and 5th Fleet can get passed and are trap unable to move forward. Lucky for them they were near each other. While the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fleet were already started to deal with the problem and the first battle were going to begin soon.

However, another threat was sail the dangerous, but move thought all threat that New World hit it with and did nothing at all. When one look at it, it just look like a huge common island with trees, rocks, and etc. However it was not real, but Artificial.

This was Sagi new created a massive battleship that look like just an island, but was a weapon that could destroy a Fleet with destructive force. Looking at it, it just look like a common island, but if you look underneath it in the ocean you see the mighty engines, gears, pistons, turbines, and etc move the battleship thought the sea. Its weapon was hidden of course, but it make up of automatic guns, cannon, bean technology, and other fire power is has.

In the middle of the island battleship was a large military base were the Coalition Unit has set up and add all their supplies and weapons ready for the upcoming battle. The name of this might weapon was called Battleship Island!

Walking along the base was one of the two Commander. He was a man with yellow eyes, long turquoise hair, and has a Spanish accent. His mask remain was on his right cheek, it appears to be the upper jaw, but it extended around the back of his head and has a sort of crest. His hollow hole was in the middle of his chest. He wears basic Arrancar uniform, but with a red belt worn just underneath his black sash. His Zanpakuto is a basic katana with a hourglass-shpaed guard.

His named was Arturo Plateado the Silver Arthur. He claim to be the very first Arrancar of all time. He was a Vasto Lorde the broke his own mask and gain great power. He was about to destroy half Soul Society when he when to attack. About two thousands years back he did this.

Arturo was beyond powerful that he couldn't be kill. Instead he was seal up in a very powerful barrier in Muken the eight level of the underground prison in Soul Society. Thank to Konton, he was about to break the seal, but was impressed how powerful it was. Took almost half of his strength to destroy it.

At first Arturo was so loyal and still wasn't, but after losing an leg and arm by Konton, Arutro knew he wasn't powerful to face and absorb Konton at all... yet. All he need to so was absorb the powers of many powerful foes to become even more powerful to destroy Konton for making him look like a fool. Still for now he was going to fallow order and killing this weak Alliance foes should be fun and use everyone to his advantage to become more powers.

Walk with him were two more Arrancars, that have the want for power and Arturo could use as warriors for himself. First was a man with slicked back blue hair, a thin mustache, and notably sunken eyes. His mask remain covers the left half of his upper face. He wears a similar uniform to Ulquiorra, but with a high cut in the jacket that bares his hollow how, which is on his stomach. His Zanpakuto is a standard katana with a diamond-shpaed guard and a yellow hilt and sheath.

He was Arrancar 28, Patros Parros. Revived to fight again, he still didn't like Konton see he wasn't an Arrancar, but he did fear his power and knew he was beyond fighting against. Still Patros respect Konton are better then Aizen, still hating Soul Reapers and hate one kill him. Of course he want revenge and kill all the Soul Reaper he could find and enjoy it too.

Next was a young man with blond hair, which covered his black eyes. He wore a plate over his chest and a white hakama with a black sash. On his wrists were grey shark like fin guards and his hollow hole is on the upper part of his abs. His mask remain is a hammerhead shape helmet on his head with a large scared gap on it that goes down to his left eye. His Zanpakuto is a katana with a dark blue hilt.

He was Arrancar 31, Lance Tiburon. Lance had a hate for Harribel for give him his scar when he was still a hollow serving King Baraggan. When he become an Arrancar he used his Resurreccion and attack Harribel and her group when they were hollow. He was so closed, but in the next Aizen come and kill him. He never understood why he did that. He was strong then a Vasto Lorde and would killed Harribel. Why did Aizen save her? Lance never understood why, but didn't care. He was alive again and ready to kill.

"Seem our force are all prepared and ready to strike any time we find any fleet," said Partos. Arturo nodded and said, "Good, time to show all why I was fear by even the Head Captain himself. That old fool is dead and now know one can stop me."

"I just want to kill and enjoy this human fear us more powerful Arrancar," grin Lance. "To think Lord Baraggan was defeat in battle. Tch thats impossible, but the Arrancars he has as his elite force, their just a joke he the were defeat by humans."

"With our power and forces we easy destroy and crush any opponent we face," said Patros.

"Good, I going to enjoy absorb what this other power are called Charka, Magic, and Devil Fruit along with Reiatsu. I become even more powerful and so all before him to crowed in fear and bow to the one true King," laughed Artuto.

Another part of the base was another group of Arrancars looking around and talking, while look at some of the new allies they have. First ss a man with long black scruffy hair and golden eyes with a scar over his left eye. He wear a similar uniform like Ggio Vega does and his mask remain look like a saber-tooth tiger helmet, but his mask's left fang is gone and his right fang was broken in half. His Zanpakuto take the form of two knuckle blades with spike on each knuckle and blade come out of one end.

He was Leo Vega, Ggio's older brother and Arrancar 23. He was also the former Captain of the Exequias when it was called Policia Secreta y Grupos de Ejecución (Secret Police and Task Execution) back in the day and Baraggan's loyal right hand man.

Leo sat and sign hearing about Baraggan defeat by a girl that had the power of the wind and his brother defeat too. It sadden him, but his little brother was still alive, so he could still be happy. Hope to see him again once this war ends.

Next is a boy who's features that match that of an 18 years old. He had white hair and pale gray eyes. His mask remain is an arrow pointing up upward on his forehead. His uniform is similar to Dordoni's except his uniform has no shoulder pads, the front of his uniform is close, and he wears a black sash. His Zanpakuto is a katana with a lime green hilt.

Arrancar 36, Fran Santonio was a skilled fraccion level Arrancar. However, he was a huge and loyal fan to Dordoni. He was his idol in away. Seen Dordoni was so strong, awesome, and need how to keep the mood good. Fran heard Dordoni was only lock up in prison and alive. He didn't have a mean of revenge at all. He would like to free Dordoni, but he knew he couldn't do it alone. Still for the Arrancar Army, he need to prove himself and show how strong he is too.

Next is a slim, lean-built young man who looked in his early 20s. He had messy, shoulder-length black hair and piecing emerald green eyes. He wears a standard attire, which is a bit similar to Ulquiorra's. His mask remain is a shark jaw on his neck. His Zanpakuto is a katana with a royal blue hilt and a four pointed crown-shaped guard.

He is Arrancar 32, Rey Tiburon. Unlike his young brother Lance, Rey was different. He was a nice guy, but a told womanizer and enjoy drink a bit too much to. Since he was on his fifth bottle of rum. Rey was a good guy and powerful too, just get out of hand when sexy burst women are around. Still he was better then most Arrancars that are violent or enjoy fighting.

Last was an imperfect Arrancar. He is large in size. His arms large with long claws. His mask opens up revealing a face with dark eyes. The mask changes shape slightly with long protrusions coming out the side and three orange tufts arising from the top. His Hollow hole is in the center of his chest, it looks like two holes that are fused together. His Zanpakutō has a very standard appearance (in comparison to his size). It has a square guard with curved lines going to each corner, a black sheath, and a dark green hilt.

He didn't have a name, but every just called him Cloner. He had a power to create hollow clones of himself. Which to a big help with their force, since they are just Adjuchas in level, but still they can be dangerous in great numbers. Cloner just stood there not rally care about much. He just wanted to eat Souls and get more stronger. Still he felt proud his power were going to be need the most.

Rey finish his drink and tossed the bottle back as it shatter on the ground. "Well, seem we be going to be fighting soon huh? I hope the rumor are true about the Alliance as the very sexy and busty women. Might make me not want to fight if I see them."

"Please Rey be more mature then that," said Leo polishing one his blades. "Think about the many Arrancar comrade we lost already and the more will going to lost as the war continue one."

"Yea, we also need to save Lord Dordoni and I guess anyone else lock up too," said Fran. "I don't think anyone care about the prick Luppi at all."

"Hey our commander does," said Rey. "Might be a emo looking guy, but he the only one it see Luppi show his nice side too. Not sure why thought."

"Everyone is different to others," said Leo. "Just how we are and how be act that make up who we are."

"Whatever, dude," said Rey look for another bottle of rum. "Oh look over their see those are some of those others allies we got from another universe or whatever."

The group look to see a very tall and muscle male being completely cover in armor. He was a bounty hunter that was both revived, fixed, and be pay big time if he help defeat the forces of the Alliance. His name was Durge, but he wasn't human at all, but an alien. A very rare species called a Gen'Dai.

A boneless species (with large fangs), a Gen'Dai is virtually a formless jumble of corded muscle and nerve bundles. Because of this, Durge typically inhabited heavy armor made for humanoids appearance. The only distinct feature Durge had was his head; typically bald, his face were humanoid with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Two large, wing-like ears protruded from the sides of his heads; but Durge typically tucked their ears under their jaw-line when wearing his helmet to hide any distinguishing features.

Lacking the vulnerable vital organs of most species, including hearts, and lungs, Durge could take extreme injuries and even complete dismemberment, and survive which gave him the reputation of being immortal. In fact, he could regrow lost limbs or other body parts in only a few minutes. Unlike most species, Gen'Dai had a nervous system which was distributed throughout the body in the form of millions of nerve clusters. This fact gave the species near instantaneous reflexes as well as the ability to sustain a high volume of injuries without any overall damage. So high was their sensory acuity, that the Gen'Dai were able to feel a Human's heartbeat from ranges of up to 200 meters.

As Durge did not possess a heart, his circulatory system functioned by way of a series of capillaries and muscular contractions which pushed blood through the body. If Durge received a cut, that area could easily be cut off from heavy blood-flow to prevent bleeding to death while the body regenerated itself. One of the Gen'Dai's few weaknesses was that they could be forced into an extended period of hibernation if they took too many severe injuries across their entire form. During this time the Gen'Dai's regenerative abilities replaced the body mass which was lost.

Ultimately the only way a Gen'Dai could be permanently killed was if their bodies were fully and completely vaporized or incinerated on an atomic level, such was case with Durge when he was sent into a star. It should be noted, however, that the Gen'Dai's advanced control over their bodies did not extend to healing their brains. Overtime, the brain degenerated like most species which caused a form of psychosis to develop in Gen'Dai of advanced age.

However, Durge for his brain repair and normal again so he could think out plan instead of rushing into battle not caring about plan and just kill with any mess he could. Durge was very old, but didn't look like it. In his universe he was born 2022 BBY and died 19 BBY.

With Durge was his small army of IG Lancer Combat Droid. They were tall and black droids that wield giant energy lances and ride on swoop bike.

Durge was curious about this new world he was in. Learn about this Pirate World was a good place for a bounty hunter like him, he could become very rich and be fear among all pirate, since no human could ever kill him at all.

As for the new members of the Unit, they were forced to help. Seem Jörg's visit to the Spirit World wasn't a waste at all, since others when their to capture Monster and force them to work for them. Konton for use his mind implant on them, but they want to go back home. So if they help the Coalition with this mission they be allow to return back to their own world.

First was Giant Soldier of Stone, with was a giant solder made of stone that two large stone sword. Next was Giant Soldier of Steel, which was a giant soldier made of steel and had two large curved bladed swords. Lastly was Sentry Soldier of Stone, it was more robotic and wield to large one side spiky blades that can be combine together into a double side spike bladed weapon.

All three were from the Rock types. Rock monster were mostly peaceful, but were very powerful with their size and strength. They just live in their lands, but when attack and three of their guards taken, the three Rock Monster had no choice to help the Coalition if they were to get back home.

Next was Deepsea Warriror, a green scaled man wearing an interesting looking uniform with a helmet that covered his face and wield a double side weapon that was a trident on one side and a double blade on the others side.

Deepsea was part of the Warrior type. Most an honorable race that do enjoy battle, but not for a war. Most to train or have fun fighting see how skilled they against each other. Deepsea didn't like being force to help in this war, but didn't have a choice if he wanted to go home.

Next was Strike Ninja. A man wearing a full on black outfit with golden armor or red piece on his ankles, knees, wrist like a belt, shoulder, and wrists. Her mask that a four pointed gold shuriken design on it with red eyes lens and a red mouth piece too.

Strike was on of the most honor member of the Warrior type. He didn't like want he was being forced to do, but didn't have a choice at all. He couldn't let any of his fellow warrior stuff being forced into a War. He just hope this battle can end fast and be allow to return home.

Next was Royal Knight a robotic angel looking being. He was made up of white holy metal with to balls on is shoulder that held it large wings floating behind him. It also wield a royal sword too.

Knight was part of the Fairy types a Holy and Peace race. Very powerful using power of Light and Holy magic. Knight hated being forced to work with dark and evil being. He was wish he could help the other forced to fight too, but sadly he was powerless to do anything other then force to help and after be allow to return to the Holy City were his type lives.

Next was Power Invader a very buff out alien looking being in maroon tight skin suit with is blue skin hands and feet exposed. It also had a small head on it huge body with yellow eyes too.

Power was part of the Fiend type, one of the most evil and dark type that live in the Spirit World. However, Power was not evil like most of the others are. Their were fiends that were peaceful and don't like fighting much. Power one of the few fiend like that, but being for to fight like this wasn't his idea of enjoy anything. He just want to get this battle done with and return home.

Next is Kaiser Sea Horse. A male creature that wear a full on armor body suit give him a bit of a sea horse look in away. He wield a double sided spear weapon and a shield with to curve blade in the front of it.

Kaiser was part of the Sea Serpent types that live in the underwater world peacefully with Fish types and Aqua type. The three type got along, since there wasn't much of a different between them. Kaiser being kind a high rank Knight felt dishonor to be force to fight against his will. However, he didn't have a choice at all and it was the only way to return home is to win.

Next is Blade Knight. A Knight in full body light blue armor wielding a light green shield and a sword with a red handle.

Blade was a very royal and honorable Knight. Being part of the high ranking Warriors in their types. Blade hate and was disgusted to be forced to help evil and dark being with others too. However, it he had no choice if he wanted to return home with his fellow Warriors with him.

Finally is Makyura the Destructor a being in purple armor with a gold chest plate. He has blade on the side of it head, a Millennium Eye, and two three blade claws on the back of its wrist.

Makyura was a dark Warrior and one of the few evil being among the Warrior type. Makyura willing join the Coalition os it can leave a path of Destruction in his wake.

Elsewhere on the base field, were 28 Calaveras soldier of Rudobon's. However, they have been here for long time, ever still the war started. They were trained to pilot new weapons Sagi upgraded.

Mobile Suit, they are humanoid combat vehicles, typically employing two arms to deploy weapons, two legs for propulsion, and a head that acts as a main camera and sometimes houses a secondary weapon that acts as a rotating turret (with the head itself providing the rotation). Typically speaking, a mobile suit is approximately 60 feet in height, with a cockpit located in the unit's torso.

The unit were about to have 29 Mobile Suits, all different and wield various different type of weapons. The 28 Calaveras work hard and each one master how to pilot the Mobile Suit, thought the last one had an AI unit in it that Sagi found and restore it to see how good it was just in case he can use AI for later in the war. Of course the Calaveras were all give code names so no one could mix up who is who.

First was the MS-05B Zaku I, pilot by the Calavera named Lee. Humanoid with dark green and dark blue color scheme on it armor and like more others a single pink optic camera eye. The base of all the Mobile Suit, but it was still touch for the first type to be created. It wields a 105mm Machine Gun with a second clip on it low back and hold a single MIP-B6 Cracker Grenade.

Next were five MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type. The Calaveras that pilot them were named Slender, Kohm, Crown, Stetch, and Ghien. Part of the Zaku II, this model were use for only land combat, but they didn't have a different in appearance like their space combat model other then, can't be used it space that all.

They were dark and light green in color scheme and more advanced then the Zaku I. They had boosters on their back for short flight distance too. This Mobile Suits are armed with various type of weapons for combat.

Each of the five has a single MIP-B6 Cracker Grenade, Shoulder Shield on their right shoulder, Spiked Shoulder Shield on their left shoulder for ramming, and a Heat Hawk on their left hip. They are ax weapons with a thermal activated blade that can slice thought most anything other then beam saber or other beam sword like weapons.

The first Zaku II wields a 120mm Machine Gun with a secondary clip too. The second one wield a H&L-SB25K/280mmA-P Zaku Bazooka. The third on wields a ZIM/M·T-K175C 175mm Recoilless Rifle that was good at long range. The fourth one wields a MMP-80/90mm Ver.8 Machine Gun with a secondary clip too. The last on wields Knuckle Shield for close combat, a two 3-tube Missile Pod on each of it legs, and a NF·GMG-Type.37/100mm Machine Gun with a secondary clip too.

Next is the MS-07B Gouf, pilot by the Calavera named Habe. The Gouf was blue in color with heavy armor. It was design for close-quarter combat with a powerful backpack and leg-mounted thrusters for jet-assisted jumps. The Gouf easily outstripped the Zaku II in terms of speed, power output, and melee combat ability.

The Gourf has a 5-barrel 75mm Machine Gun in its left hand which fire form it finger tips and a Shield on its left arm. The Heat Rod is in it right wrist, which could be used as a superheated slicer or grappling weapon with a power electric shock. Lastly is has Heat Sword Type-βIV held in its shield. A hilt when activated unleash a orange beam in the shape of a sword blade.

Next is the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom, which is pilot by the Calavera named Manning. The Gouf Custom was dark blue in the torso, but like blue in the arms, legs, and head with a red optic. It was for ace pilots more improved the the normal Gouf. It is improved in close quarters shooting and detachable weapons also a lighter mobile suit that could leap and jump.

Its weapon are a 3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun on its left wrist to replace the five finger 75mm machine guns in it left hand making it a normal hand. Then Heat Rod was replace with a Heat Wire in it right wrist. A magnetic grappler wire that connects and disables an enemy with an electric charge rather than damaging them. The grappler wire could also be used as a repelling line that could slow or even halt the descent of a falling Gouf in the right conditions. Its Shield was modified so that it not only stored the Gouf's heat sword, but is also capable of carrying a 75mm gatling gun, greatly enhancing the mobile suit's fire power. Calling it a Gatling Shield on it left arm, while the Heat Sword Type D III look like a normal looking sword it had a powerful heat way around it blade to slice to almost any type of metals.

Up next were three MS-09B Dom, pilot by the Calaveras named Nikki, Gaia, and Mash. Though Mash has a large scar over the socket of his mask's right eye hole. The Dom are the Successor to the Zaku II and Gouf far surpassed both in terms of performance. A heavy-type, high performance mobile suit main advantages were its speed, agility, and maneuverability. The Dom had massive legs and a "skirt," under which were several high-powered thermonuclear jet engines that allowed the Dom to hover over the ground. These gave it a 240 kilometer per hour hovering speed.

Each of the three had a Scattering Beam Gun in their chest that were powerful enough to blind an opponent for a few second. They all wields Heat Saber Type2, which are sharped very much like a beam saber. Two of them wield H&L-GB03K/360mm Giant Bazooka that can easily blow opponent away. The last on wield a 880mmRB-T27 Raketen Bazooka powerful enough to almost destroy anything with one hit.

Next were three OZ-06MS Leo, pilot by the Calaveras named Nichol, Nanaki, Izumi. Leo are kind of like Zaku II in ranking, as the main force of Mobile Suits. Theyare dark green and humanoid looking with square head and yellow view were the camera.

The are each equal with various weapons too. Two Leo have a Shield equipped to their left shoulder and hold a pair of Beam Saber in the shield. The first one wield a 105mm Rifle, while the second wield a Dober Gun on it right shoulder. The third one has a pair of Shoulder Cannons on both shoulder and wields a Beam Rifle.

Next were three OZ-07AMS Aries, pilot by the Calaveras named Walker, Mueller, and Alex. Aries as black flighting mobile suit the have pilot mask look on and blue vizor looking too over the optics. They were built expressly for aerial combat. With its pair of jet engines and aerodynamic control surfaces the Aries is fully capable of independent atmospheric flight. The Aries is also one of the first transformable mobile suits capable of folding its legs up into its body for flight. All three Aries wield the weapons too, a Chain Rifle and Missile Pods.

Next up was the OZ-12SMS Taurus, pilot by the Calavera named Victor. A space superiority combat mobile suit that was mobility for air now. It can transform into a high-speed fighter spacecraft. It was black in color having a humanoid spacecraft look to it too. This one wields a standard Beam Rifle.

Next was the OZ-02MD Virgo, but it didn't have a pilot. Instead Sagi program his new AI system he developed not to long ago. For him this was a perfect test to see how his AI system would work for later on. The Virgo has powerful offensive and defensive technology, but is a slow machine incapable of quick maneuvers. Instead, it relies on its heavy offensive and defensive capabilities to weather enemy attacks and return a devastating counterattack. It wields a Beam Cannon and Planet Defensors a powerful shield around itself with the four red devious on it left shoulder.

Next up were two MSM-03 Gogg, pilot by the Calaveras named Marcy and Lasa. Goggs are Amphibious Mobile Suit that are heavily armored to withstand deep sea pressure. They were light and normal brown in color with large legs and llong hard with claws. Both have twin Mega Particle Guns mounted on their bodies, a pair of Torpedo Launchers too, and for close combat a pair of large hand with Iron Nail Claws.

Next up were three MSM-04 Acguy, pilot by the Calaveras named Akahana, Ivanov, and Ramzi, Acguy were also Amphibious mobile suit too. They were stubbly looking and brown in color. They were very effective for stealth and infiltration operations. They come with a 105mm Vulcan Guns on it's unusually large head. Each of them had 6-tube Missile Launchers in their left forearms. Two of them have a Mega Particle Cannon in their right forearm, while the third one had a Vulcan Gun. They all had extendable claws known as Iron Nail in their right forearm along with an extendable arm to increase striking distance.

Next up was the MSM-07 Z'Gok, pilot by the Calavera named Callahan. It was blue in color with black legs and three pointed claws on each arm. The Z'Gok is the success came from what it learned from the Gogg's and Acguy's errors. The Z'Gok was very agile and fast in and out of water.

It has a 240mm Missile Launchers on top of its head with five round in each make it 30 in total. Mega Particle Cannon in the middle of its forearm for easier and more precise aiming. Last each hand also had three-claws or better called as Iron Nail Claws.

Next up was the MSM-10 Zock, pilot by the Calavera named Braskinev. The Zock was less like a mobile suit and more like a mobile armor in design. It was huge and green in color with two arms. Still it was also Amphibious too. The front and back were completely symmetrical and used a 360 degree mono-eye camera.

The Zock's feet and legs were mostly useless except for hovering. The thrusters in armor skirt and feet provided the lift needed to make it hover. It is armed with eight Mega Particle Cannons with four in front and four in back on it torso. A Phonon Maser Gun on top its head and Iron Nail Claws too.

Next was the MSM-03C Hygogg, pilot by the Calavera named Andy. The Hygogg is an Amphibious mobile suit. A light blue body with large shoulder pad and very long arm too. Its agility and mobility in water and on land were also enhanced better then the Gogg's would be.

The Hygogg's shoulder armor can flip down and its arms can be retracted to assume a streamlined form for improved underwater cruising, while an optional jet pack can be mounted on the back for short aerial mobility. It come with four Torpedo Launchers in its head, Vice Claws in the forearms, a pair of hand-mounted Beam Cannons in the forearm too, while it also has a Hand Missile Unit held in a missile looking container it holds in left arm.

Next is that YMS-15 Gyan, pilot by the Calavera named M'Quve. The Gyan was humanoid in look having light and dark blue colors. Along with a bishop looking shaped head too. It was a close-combat unit. Its silver armor and Pickelhaube helmet design, has a strong resemblance to a medieval armored knight. It's fighting style, which is heavily based on fencing. It wields a powerful yellow Beam Saber and along a large, circular Missile Shield that uses 60 Needle Missiles and 25 Hide Bombs, which look like space mines.

Lastly is the MS-14A Gelgoog, pilot by the Calavera named Anavel. It was dark green in the torso, but grayish blue on it limbs and head. It is superior mobile suit in every aspect to the Zaku II. It as a large Shield on its back, wields a Beam Rifle, and hold a Twin Beam Sword called a "beam naginata".

The Calaveras were in their bunker like build just rest, play card game, and do something to keep themselves busy while wait for battle. Outside their Mobile Suit stood wait for the time the battle would start.

However, three Decepticons were stand before them looking over the Mobile Suit. They were Blitzwing, Dropkick, and Shatter. Decepticons that learn about the defeat of the comrade in the Fairy Tail world, but didn't know most were still alive, being lied all were killed.

All three of them were triple changers, meaning they have two vehicle or alt mode they have. Blitzwing is purple and white in color have a form the look like he can become both a fighter jet and a tank. He also have a gas mask cover the lower half of his face.

Dropkick was blue in color and have a car and helicopter appear to him. While his pair and lover is Shatter. She was a femmes a female Cybertronian. She was red in color and had a car and jet plane look to her too.

"So human from one of this various worlds made this," said Blitzwing look over a Zaku. "I have to saw not bad for human. Seem the human in that universe were not worthy like most others are."

Shatter up a hand on her hip and said, "Still only weakness they have is need someone to pilot them." Dorpkick smirk and said, "When with this strength and weapons they still nothing to us."

"Whatever, still they be a big help when we go into battle," said Blitzwing look at the Gouf and Dom now. "Just because then need someone to pilot them would mean that can't help. I think we should give them a chance to prove themselves."

"Fine I don't really care, just want some action," said Dropkick. "After all this worthless World Government is made up of nothing, but ant. Think our threat to them work? After all we told we will Burn the Whole Planet to Cinder!"

Dropkick look to Shatter with a grin under his mask plate, while she smirk back. "By the way, seem you've been out doing things on you're own too," said Shatter crossing her arm. "Oh have I?" smirked Dropkick.

"Indeed you have been," said Shatter hold her arm out and activated a hologram of a wanted poster of DropKick on it said Wanted Dead, with a large bounty of One Million on it.

"What it's boring stay here always," said Dropkick. "Only human and killing and destroy a town or two keep the oil moving in my vein." Right," smirked Shatter shaking her head. How she come to fall for Dropkick, she would know, must been his good look and personality.

Elsewhere, in another building with a lounging area, it was kind o dark with only a few light on in it. Two Arranars were stand around wait. The first was a man that is tall and bulky with black spiked up hair and wears a standard uniform. His mask remain is a skull with a bull like horn and covers the upper-left quarter of his face. His Zanpakuto is a katana with a long pink handle and a flower patterned guard.

The other is a youthful, young man with spiked red hair with the end in a braid and amber eyes. His wears customized uniform with a sleeveless shirt exposes his mid-drift and his sash hangs below his left hip. His hollow hole was in the center of his chest and his mask remain is a jaw which rests on the upper-left side of his head. His Zanpauto is a katana with a green handle and a guard that has a half circle on both sides.

They were Arrancar 29 and 30, Aldegor and Menis. Two the were killed because Patros used them. They remain away from him not want to talk and see him after what he did to them. They lucky pick to be fraccions to the second commander they equal with Arturo in this unit. Both were very happy to serve someone that wasn't going to use them.

"Man it great to be alive again and this time work under someone that care about us," said Menis. "One of the Original no less!"

"Yea, can't believe we trust the fool Patros," said Aldegor. "Would been smart just to remain with the Espada, thought in the end most of them lost."

"Yea, but we might be alive, since most Numeros didn't fight," pointed out Menis. "However I'm ready this time."

"With the training we got, we ready for this Alliance to get what coming to them," laugh Aldegor. "What do you think my Lord?"

Back on the room was a figure sitting there. Along with a light bulb swing above as the light wasn't really on the Arrancar. Still there were four other Arrancar in the room too.

Too the left were two women. The first is a rather slim woman with medium black hair, grey eyes, and her mask fragments take the form of half a skull on her face. She wears a long green striped dress with a turtle neck, and black boots.

The other is a women that wear a standard uniform that resembles dress. She has pink eyes, long purple, curled hair and wears purple lipstick. Her mask remain resemble the head of a rabbit complete with ears. Her Zanpakuto takes the form of a princely palace-like sword/staff.

The first was Roka Paramia. She was more of a healer and suppose fighter, but still being an Arrancar she was strong then human are. She has interesting power she was about to master better with the help of her new leader, which she thanks all for it.

Second is Arrancar 48, Carolyn. She was a Numeros that was used to leader Hollow in a Hollow Fortress, but found it boring and realized she as kind of forgotten about. That when her new Leader come and found her give her a place in his Unit and being a member of his fraccions too. She felt more important now and want to repay that help.

"Ha let the human come, with our forced we can't lose," said Carolyn. "Not with our powerful Lord leading us."

"Still we need to not underestimate them," said Roka. "Already many poerful Arrancar have been beat and even killed against the Alliance forces. Grimmjow, Skullak, even King Baraggan been defeat by the power Allaince forces."

"Tch, still can't believe someone like Skullak or King Baraggan could be defeat," mutter Menis. "Still we win and show them the power of the Arrancars have."

To the right of the room were two more Arrancars that looking like twins. Both were girls, which girls, one with short red hair and one with long blue hair. Both their hollow hole were located in the center of their chest. They both wears similar matching outfits. A sleeveless white jacket, elbow-length gloves, white bracelets on each wrist, sock-like stockings, black high heeled Arrancar-themed boots, and short schoolgirl-themed skirts. Of this the skirt, stockings and gloves are coloured to represent their element. Their mask remain act as headband, which goes vertically down the middle of their head before reaching their eyebrows.

They were Arrancar 37 and 38 Yin and Yang Tachibana. Both were happy to be alive again, but this time not working for a Soul Reaper. They should have know that Soul Reapers couldn't be trusted at all either. Better to remain with their kind then with others. They because strong too thank to the training too. Both ready to fight as well.

"I'vs been so ready for a good fight in a long time," said Yin. "I'm charged up and ready to beat some Alliance weakling down."

"Well, then I'm fired up myself," laugh Yang. "Ready to burn the Alliance force to ashes."

Of course both look to their leader and said, "We all have our dear Lord Kiiro to thank for help us." Both sigh and look at the Arrancar dreamily.

The Arrancar is a young teen boy with light blue eyes and shoulder length black hair. His mask remain was around his right eye and his Zanpakuto is a katana with a crimson blade, an onyx crescent moon shape guard, and a black hilt. He wears a customized uniform that a jacket with a long collar, but have a v-shape to it and a coat tail the goes to his knees. It had long sleeves and a zipper to it too. He also has a shirt underneath and his long pants were white with black outliner like the rest of his uniform and lastly black shoe with white outlines.

Kiiro Eclipse is Privaron Espada 100 and the former Cero Esapda of the first Generation of Esapda. He lost his position because of that idiot Yammy and didn't take the giant seriously. His power to get strong the madder he got was want surprised Kiiro. He wipe the floor with him not released, his Resurreccion was a surprise, but not to much trouble, but it was his Rage mode that got the best of Kiiro. Lucky if it was for Skullak, Nelliel, Cirucci, Dordoni, and Gantebainne step in to get the fight stop, Kiiro was sure if he would have survived.

Kiiro always knew Skullak Tuma was always strong them him, but Skullak's caring nature and strong trust and loyalty to his comrades make his strong and leader the Esapda back then and even the Privaron too. The news about the war happen got Kiiro worry and news from each battle in the Wizard world was report to him and it wasn't good to him.

Kiiro was never going to part of this war like Skullak before him, but things changed. Hearing the death of Cirucci shock Kiiro knew that was the worst news of all time. He wasn't friend with her, but she was Skullak's woman and they were perfect together. Heck, Kiiro was asked to become Skullak's first man at the wedding, which Kiiro was excited for. However, learning about her death ruin the future of Skullak.

Kiiro watch Skullak fight and knew Skullak was going to die to the Act of Order or some other way. Cirucci was Skullak's everything and not even Harribel couldn't help him with her own love. Kiiro cried watch Skullak died before his eyes. His oldest friend and comrade that save and help him out at the start before being an Arrancar and he died they why he wanted like a True Warrior, but it broken and anger Kiiro looking two Arrancars he knew very much.

He even remember the funny time he accidently walk in Skullak and Cirucci making love. Lucky they cover were hiding thing, but Cirucci would have killed Kiiro with her Death Yo-Yo if Skullak wasn't there to calm her down and knew Kiiro didn't do it on purpose.

The he learned about Dordoni being POW, but at least she was safe. The same with Luppi too, that only friend was Kiiro. Since he was a prick to everyone else, but not to Kiiro, only person he was nice to and act normal too. Kiiro was just happy he was live too.

The he learned about Grimmjow and his fraccions. They death of Di-Roy and Nakeem didn't bother Kiiro. If it was Shawlong, Edrad, or Yylfordt it would have. They just had more personality then Di-Roy being annoying and over confident, while Nakeem just didn't talk much. Now Grimmjow was off training to achieve the power of Segunda Etapa too. Kiiro wish him luck on that.

Zommari defeat didn't bother him at all, but the death of Aaroniero show to him with Synchronized Awareness, was hurtful too. Seeing another of the First Generation Esapda died before in again in away broken Kiiro more. That was already three of them now. He couldn't never forgive the Alliance for what they have done. Like Skullak, Kiiro wanted to save Nelliel too, but he knew she would list to him hopefully. He just didn't know what feel she was in. He was happy Gantenainne was alive too even if he was defeat my an opponent that was... Kiiro just didn't know what right words to say about the short man of Blue Pegasus.

Learning about Baraggan and his fraccions was a shock to Kiiro. Skullak was far more loyal to Baraggan, while Kiiro respect the King of Hueco Mundo and believe that a Hollow/Arracnar can only be the one true ruler of Hueco Mundo. The report of how the seven were defeat shocked Kiiro.

Nirgge was the weakest of the group, but being defeat my a little girl of all foe that can send a giant, heavy mammoth man like his fly away miles was beyond believable. Avirama getting defeat by humans of all think was just wrong. Avirama on weakness was going into his Resurreccion right away and not weakening his opponents down first like Skullak's trained the fraccions before both the Wars started. Poww was defeat was shocking to, his giant size and powerful raw strength make his dangerous, but learn he was defeat by a mere human with a Devil Fruit was just unbelievable.

Findor defeat again a woman that use water magic was just unbelievable. He was smart out of the six, but he did get cary away sometime too. Guess being arrogant was nature to Arrancars. Charlotte defeat just make Kiiro slap himself in the face. Be defeat by something that like him in away, but of course he had to pose dramatically in the end. Kiiro could help to chucked and be happy Charlotte live, just hope Baraggan's punishing his fraccions would be to bad, but most like be. Finally Ggio lasting the longest and won some fight, but in the end he lost too. Kiiro sigh know Leo care about his little bother and if he died would break his heart too.

As for Baraggan himself, the girl the send Nirgge flying face the God King and was about to overcome him power. Out of all the Aspect of Death, Baraggan was the most deadly of all time, but Wind. Wind was something that was endless and could never be aged at all. It an element that forever no matter what. Kiiro just couldn't believe Baraggan lost, but now training himself. Kiiro knew Baraggan never trained before, but now he was going to achieve the power of Segunda Etapa and be Fear once again too.

Her hear about Szayel getting capture and it was a lost to look s smart man like him Szayel wasn't much to Kiiro, but seeing another Espada defeat, but lucky not killed, but POW just make him question if the 9th Esapda rank will be filled again? Learning about Rudobon getting injured badly gave Kirrio a sacred, but he got away. Rudobon was cold heart and didn't care about other much, the lost of hi only friend Skullak took away the last of Rudobon's nice side way for good.

Lastly was his former fraccions Loly and Menoly. They didn't lucky, but Kiiro didn't when know Loly anymore. Menoly was still the same and he trusted her. Just being defeat by a human upset Kiiro, since Menoly should been stronger then that. Loly was nothing like Kiiro knew, she was just a total bitch and insane too. Look at human to be lower then, the she let her own anger full her, but in the end lost to her own blind rage. Kiiro just couldn't see her again, she was far to gone, but he trust Menoly to never change.

Kiiro look up at his new fraccions with a small smile. Aldegor and Menis were very loyal to him and beyond thankful to be trained some too. Wish they knew Kiiro before Patros used them for his own evil plans. Roka was nice and need that boost of encouragement to help her out. Learn about her Resurreccion, have the power to copy any move after getting data form it was very impressive, just the down side it those attack were weaker then the original are.

Carolyn was a nice woman, she just want to get out of the stupid fortress and not be forgotten again. She was skilled most likely and was ready to help win this. As for Yin and Yang, they happy replace Loly from Kiiro's life. However, never Menoly, since she was loyal to him and would lie or trick him at all. Yin and Yang help Kiiro's make the feeling be betrayal gone. Both were sassy and loved battle, but they help Kiiro out and enjoy being with him to help their true Lord out whenever he need it. Since both were hold one of his arms and lay their head on each of his shoulder look at him romantically.

"Well, guess I can't sit around, while the others fight," said Kiiro. "Hopefully let some anger out when I find one of this fleet were going after has an Act of Order in them. I can't let the death of my close comrades be left in vein and forgotten."

"We ready whenever you are my Lord," said Aldegor. "Just let us loose when the time come and we show the Alliance the power of the Arrancar got," said Menis.

Kiiro smirked and said, "Good, just make sure not to die either. Like to keep Rey, Leo, and Fran safe too, but don't care about Patros and Lance at all. I know Arturo's plan for power to become stronger. Still our goal his to take revenge to our fallen comrades that have died and show the Alliance out power too!"

The fraccions felt pumped up now as they all knew the battle was coming soon. The giant Battleship Island head to the direction were two of the five Fleet have been trap and are unable to get passed the barrier. A new battle was about to beginning and it was a question of who will Win or Lose or Live or Die!

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