Five Worlds War: The Eclipsing Shadow

Numeros Forces!

In the Rakuen Kingdom at Konton's castle, Sagi was in his lab doing two things. He was working on one of his Faux Man to use soon. Of course he also kept an updated on his last Project creation, the Battleship Island. Look at the monitor, all their low ranking soldier without Arts were mostly defeated. Sagi didn't care they were nothing more the fodder anyway. Any solider without an Arts is useless to Sagi.

Sagi was of course still in a bad mood hating Arturo destroy his preview Faux Man. "That damn Arrancar think he going to be at the top, but know that Alliance they could do me a favor get rid of that fool."

"Ha seems someone still in a bad mood," said someone. Sagi look over his shoulder to see Itan, Boryoku, and surprising Uragiri. "What are you three doing here," asked Sagi. "Can you see I'm busy?"

"Ha play with you toys like alway huh?" grin Boryoku. "Just become you the brain around here don't mean you can do anything you like."

"Indeed, not good for you to lock yourself up in your lab for day," said Itan. "It sad you don't get along with anyone that much."

"Now now, let not give Sagi a hard time," said Uragiri smoothly. "Seem that Allies have give your forces quite a beating. Seem all the Arrancars are Ok and those others too, but seem you lost some of this robots you talk big around."

Sagi grind his teeth after restore those Mobile Suits back to their prime condition and upgrading them too just to learn several of them were destroy. Truth Sagi blame those Calaveras clones. Just because they learned to pilot them didn't mean they couldn't fail too. If it was Sagi way he used his new AI system for the Mobile Suit.

"I'm really getting sick of you guy always coming in on my all the time," glared Sagi. "Don't you have anything else to do. Like being executing someone or being a big hero or collecting to you're disgusting collection?"

"Please, I know I'm bored, but I look forward to when we get one of the Act of Order here," grin Boryoku. "My blade has been waiting behind on of others brats one day is the future."

"What I do is none of your business," said Itan. "I look out for our people because they think we doing something good. I still believe we are and our people need someone to visit them."

"My collection is a masterpiece," grin Utragiri. "I look forward to get more from that ladies of the Alliance forces."

"Whatever, I'm far to busy as I got too many plans to work on," said Sagi. "Know the Alliance they destroy the final generator soon and be heading to Fishman Island were they meeting their doom finally."

The three men look at each other and struggled their shoulder and left and when their own ways to leave Sagi to his work. Sagi wasn't planing of fail again after being made a fool by the Alliance forces. He would get his revenge and show them all it not wise to anger a member of the Nine Circles.

(Battleship Island)

Across the artificial island, many battle got started. Currently Sasuke started coldly at Lance that had a cocky grin on his face. Sasauke draw his sword and with his impressive speed moved at Lance.

Lance was shock for a moment, but when Sasuke attack, he held his hand out and blocked Sasuke's blade. "Ha, you think you blade can cut through my Hierro you must be stupid," mocked Lance.

Sasuke twisted his body around and land a kick in Lance's face making him stumble back a bit. "Ahh, you damn human."

This time Sasuka charged his sword with lightning and slash Lance in the chest and making a cut. "Seem your iron skin is not strong enough again my Lightning Jutsu."

Lance glared at Sasuke with rage. "How dare you human! I'll make you pay for that!"

Lance's hands start to glow red and he started to fire round of Balas at Sasuke. However, Sasuke's speed was his advantage. "Ahh stop moving and let me hit you!"

Sasuke saw Lance's weakness was his impatience and he just ran circle around Lance make him a bit dizzy too. This gave Sasuke another chance to strike as he slash Lance in the back this time.

"Ahhh I refuse to be defeat and look down on by a human," glared Lance as his eyes were red with lines on them. He held his hand out this time and charged and fired a red Cero at Sasuke.

Sasuke didn't move as he was hit by it, which make Lance laugh. However, Sasuke vanished and was replace by a log that got destroy. "What?"

Sasuke's blade piece through Lance midsection making the Arrancar grind his teeth in pain. "I'm not done with you!" Lance grabbed his Zanpakuto finally and swung it around.

Sasuke dunked under it and pull his one blade out of the Arrancar and move back. He swung his sword to get the blood off it and look at Lance with an emotionless look.

"You mock me!" growled Lance. "I'm an Arrancar! I'm care superior then you Human!" Lance used Sonido this time and appeared before Sasuke swing his blade at him, but Sasuke deflected it.

Lance started to wildly swing his blade, while Sasuke easy blocked all his hits, while keep up with Lance. Sasuke got an opening slashing Lance on his right legs and then on his left arm.

Sasuka move back look at the bleeding Arrancar. "You down already Arrancar?" asked Sasuke. "I expect more for your kind, but it seem only the Espada are the major threat of you kind."

Lance was shaking in rage and spit out blood too. "You damn human think the Espada are the main threat? I would have killed one if Lord Aizen didn't save the bitch Harribel! Fine then aloud me to show you my true power and how I'm strong then a Vasto Lorde is."

Lance burst out Dark Blue Reiatsu around him as it flare around him too. Sasuke narrowed his eyes, but also active his Sharingan know he would need it to fight an Arrancar in his Resurreccion.

With, Kurotsuchi, the young woman look at the large muscular Arrancar with a grin and his arms crossed too. "Well, let see what you can to little girl," said Aldegor.

Kurotsuchi draw her katana and was ready to fight. Aldegor didn't seem worry at all and his remain where it was and waited. Kurotsuchi used her speed to believe she could confused the Arrancar, but Adglegor didn't seem to care about that.

Kurotsuchi jump and brought her sword down on Aldegor's shoulder. However, nothing happen and Aldegor chuckled. "You think a common sword can cut through my Hierro?"

He uncrossed his arms and reached out to grab the young woman. However, Kurotsuchi twisted her body to dodged being grabbed and kick Aldegor in the face to back away too.

It didn't hurt him, but Aldegor was annoyed by that. "Let see how you can dodge my Bala!" Aldegor's hand glowed red and he unleash a Bala at Kurotsuchi. She jumped out of the way, but Aldegor wan't done. He unleashed a barrage of Bala at her.

Kurotsuchi's speed help her keep dodging the Bala fired at her, but she ned didn't couldn't run forever like this. Picking do something, she did some hand signs and used Hiding Like a Mole Jutsu to go underground.

Aldegor stop and frown. "You think you can hide form me?" Aldegor cursed being unable to located Kurotsuchi. Reiatsu was easy to sense, but this Ninja's Chakra was still something he didn't know how to find. Still Aldegor remain on guard looking around waiting for Kurotsuchi to make a move.

Soon Kurotsuchi used Earth Style: Falling Earth Spears. Soon coming out of the ground with stone shape spikes that come up all around. Aldegor. The Arrancar crossed his arms, but were attack all around him.

He grunted in pain and admitted that it hurst some. However, Kurotsuchi pop out of the ground and said, " Earth Style: Stone Fist Jutsu!" Covering her fist with rock, Kurotsuchi punched Aldegor with all her might. The rock spikes shattered around him as he fell to the ground.

Kurotsuchi smirked and said, "How was that?" Aldegor got up and rubbed his jaw. "Ok I felt that one, but if that all you got then you no threat to me." He grabbed his Zanpakuto this time. "Let see how you good with the sword of yours."

The two started clashing blades as Aldegor was a bit impressed with Kurotsuchi's skill. Still he didn't need to worry as when she gets a opening she made a strike, but sadly his Hierro was too strong to pieces.

"What's the matter little girl?" laugh Aldegor. "I heard you found one of the SternRitter, but if a Numeros like me is to hard for you then you no where near ready to fight an Arrancar like me."

"Let see how you get out of this," said Kurotsuchi doing different hand signs. "Lava Style: Ash Stone Sealing Jutsu!"

A think cloud of ash come out of Kurotsuchi mouth and wrapped around Aldegor and restraining him. "What I can't move what is going on?" yelled Aldegor.

"I might not be about to physically defeat you, but I can at least trap you," said Kurotsuchi. However, Aldegor laughed and said, "Oh you got me? Then let me turn this up to the next level."

Yellow Reiatsu surround Aldegor as the Jutsu that trap him start to crack and break. Kurotsuchi felt sweat running down her face as she remember Arrancars have their Resurreccion. Meaning it this fight just about to get started.

Meanwhile with Menis and Brook the two clashed blades together and were fighting equal for the time. Menis found with standard swordsmanship skill, but Brook's style was a bit confusing to Menis.

"Oh what wrong Menis," asked Brook nearly slash Menis on his right cheek. "It my Fencing style of fight hard?"

"NO, but I admit I never found this style of swordsmanship before," said Menis.

Menis got a bit off guard by Brook as he used his Aubeda Coup Droit, which hit Menis with a highly blast of air. Menis gasped and groan. "Damn, you strong then one would think for a mere pile of bone."

"Oh getting a little bit of respect for an Arrancar?" chuckled Brook. "Let see how this feel."

Menis look confused at Brook confused as he stealth his blade back into his cane again. "What are you doing? Already done fight me?"

"Oh don't worry you might no seen want just happen, but my Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri had cut you," grin Brook. All the sudden Menis right shoulder was slice open as blood spilt out of him.

"W-WHAT?" yelled Menis is shock. "I didn't see you move, you can be that fast."

"And yet you still got hit and didn't see it," said Brook. "Don't underestimate my Soul Solid it not a normal one."

Menis frown, but smirked as it vanish with Sonido. "Huh?" gasped Brook, but before he knew his he felt his head fall off his body. Behind him was Menis grinning, "Seem you didn't seen that coming skeleton man. Its all over!"

Brook body felt to it knees as Menis laugh, but all the sudden a green energy of Brook's Soul come out as it grabbed his own head and then reattached it back to his body.

"Yohohohohoho, I'm back," laugh Brook. Menis jaw drop as he was try to figure out what the hell just happen. "But I cut you head right off!"

"You did, but that wouldn't kill me. After all with my Devil Fruit, I use my own Soul to help me fight and keep going," said Brook. Menis frown, but before he know it Brook when at him again.

"Gavotte Bond en Avant!" said Brook trusting his blade into Menis left shoulder this time. Menis grind his teeth feel Brook's blade piece through his Hierro again. Though Menis try to slash at Brook, he set back and said, "Prelude: Au Fer!"

Menis gasped first his Zanpakuto disarm out of his hand and Brook's Soul Solid pointed at his neck. "It over Menis," said Brook. "Give up, you no match again my skill."

Menis glared at Brook mad, but used sonido to get away and took his Zanpakuto with him, since his foot was touching it. Moving back Menis picked up his Zanpakuto and said, "I'm done hold back on you Brook. Time to show you my full power!"

Menis surround himself with yellow Reiatsu. Brook got serious as he know what was going to happen next. This would be his first time again an Arrancar using their Resurreccion, but Brook still believe he could win this. He just need to be very careful now.

Back with Hancock and her sister, their fights were starting too. Hancock look up in disgust at the giant imperfect Arracnar. Though one think Hancock need to know was she need to kill this monster. His clones of his hollow form were all around the artificial island devour the more weaker members of the two Fleet. Kill the Arrancar would most like take out the thousand of clones around.

Cloner grabbed his sword and drew it out. "Prepare to die human. I will devour you and all here on your side and become even more strong."

"Mindless beasts," spatted Hancock. "I'm going to enjoy kill you and your filthy army too."

"Like a human with a useless power again me can do anything!" laugh Cloner rising his blade up and brought it down on Hancock. The beautiful woman held his right arm up and the blade come down on her.

"All to easy,' laughed Cloner. However, the dust clear to reveal Hancock was about to stop his large blade with a singe hand because her arm was contained in Haki. "What how did you stop my blade."

"Easy monster, like you Arrancar have your Hierro, we human from this world have our Haki or more pacific Armament Haki. That is far stronger then you mere Zanpakuto."

Cloner glared down at the woman and growled, "Impossible I refuse to believe that. Now Die!"

Cloner started swing at Hancock more wild, while she Haki up her other arms and easy deflected all of Cloner's strike on her. She got tired a grabbed his blade finally making the large Arrancars gasped in shock.

"Now it my turn," said Hancock using her free hand to attack. "Pistol Kiss!" Hancock fired several heart shape bullet at Cloner in his midsection. Cloner gasped in pain as her attack broke through his Hierro. He used his free hand to hold his body.

"That attack… it hurt me," groan Cloner. Hancock smirked and said, "Of course it did. It strong enough to hurt a foe using Armament Haki. Still I not done yet."

Punching the Zanapkuto away and with the help of her pet snake Salome, Hancock was able to leap up high put to the Arrancar's head. "Perfume Femur!" said Hancock land a powerful kick on the side of the Arranar's head which was his mask remain.

A small part of his mask remain turn to stone and broke too. Hancock landed safe with Salome's help. While Cloner touched where Hancock kick him seeing a bit more of his stone mask remain break apart too.

"This is impossible you just a human!" yelled Cloner. "Nothing, but a mere human!"

"Wrong I'm the most Beautiful Woman of all time and the Pirate Empress!" said Hancock. "Now how should I find you off now?"

"Finish me off?" glared Cloner. "Damn you! You'll pay! YOU WILL PAY!" Red Reiatsu surround Cloner as Hancock back away a bit and ready herself. She knew what was coming next. Ever though, she never fought an Arracnar before she knew about their Resurreccion and was ready for it.

Near by Marigold using his giant guandao with a blade on it, was clashing with Carolyn with his staff like Zanpakuto. Both women seem to be even in strength at the moment, but it seem Carolyn was play around.

"My you not only ugly, but weak too," smirked Carolyn. "What Was That?" glared Marigold as she slam her Guandao with all her might, but Carolyn held her staff up and block it without a problem.

"Please look at you, fat, ugly and what man would like you," mocked Carolyn. "Women like me with sexy curved out bodies are the respectful one. Both your sisters are far better looking then you."

"You Bitch!" yelled Marigold as she strike again, but this time Carolyn used Sonido to dodge it and then appeared Marigold as stab her in the back.

"So slow too," laugh Carolyn. "How did someone like you survived this long?" Carolyn when to strike again, but this time Marigold Haki up her left arm to block her Zanpakuto. This shocked Carolyn and make Marigold smirked at her.

"Let's see how you do again this?" said Marigold as her Haki up her right hand and then punch Carolyn in the stomach and send her flying back into a rock. Carolyn coughed a bit and glared back.

"You! You think one hit can be an Arrancar?" glared Carolyn. "Let see how you can hand this." Carolyn pointed her hand out and fired a red Bala. It hit Marigold and knocked her down too.

"Let see if you can take more," laugh Carolyn firing several more Bala shots at Marigold. Marigold try her best to used her Haki up arm to block, but being a large woman made it difficult too.

"Now to end this," smirked Carolyn as she point her staff forward and charged up a pink Cero at the tip. "Cero!" She fired the blast at Marigold and the woman look shock as it come and hit her. A large explosion happen and it make Carolyn laugh.

"Well, that wasn't the hard. So much for this human," laughed Carolyn. However a voice said in the dust cloud, "You haven't won yet."

This shocked Carolyn and make her question how a human could survive a cero. However, Carolyn saw that Marigold had change now too. Soon the dust cleared and Marigold was in her King Cobra Hybrid form. She was injure some, but transforming help out a lot.

"What how did you just do?" asked Carolyn. "Why would a woman become a snake of all creature… thought it only works for Sung-sun, but that not important. What going one here?"

"This is my Devil Fruit the Snake-Snake Fruit: Model King Cobra," said Marigold. "And I didn't have a choice to have this power. Those bastard Celestial Dragons force me and my sister to eat Devil Fruits against out will. However, we learn to use our new power and make them strong. Seem in the end those foolish Celestial Dragons just created their own enemies in the end when we take them down."

"Tch, like I care about this human in this world," said Carolyn. "We Arrancars are far superior then this stupid royal humans. A single fraccion could easily kill them all without trouble. Still it don't matter if you changes you still care win against me."

Using Sonido again, Carolyn when at Marigold to strike at her, but this time Marigold was about to dodge it. Carolyn look shocked, but tried against, but as she strike Marigold continue to dodge her.

"This is Impossible you can do this," yelled Carolyn. "You size and how huge you are, you should be about to dodge again me!"

"That is where you are wrong," said Marigold. "Snakes are quite fast and using my Observation Haki help me too. Dodge you is quite easy.

This annoyed Carolyn more, but then Marigold said, "Heavy Stick!" Marigold slam her tail against Carolyn and send her crashing down hard.

"Damn you!" cured Carolyn getting up again. She charged at Marigold to strike her down, but the King Cobra woman dodged and is then lit herself on fire and said, "Hebigami-Tsuki: Salamander!" The attack hit Carolyn as she scream out and when send flying back too.

Marigold then said, "You seem to underestimated me and in the end lead down to your defeat." However, Carolyn stood up again burned now and using her staff to hold herself up. "Seem you Hierro saved you, but I can't see you going on anymore."

Carolyn glared at Marigold in anger and yelled, "You Damn Bitch! You pay for this!" Suddenly Carolyn surround herself with pink Reiatsu as she help her Zanpakuto staff up.

Marigold frown and know what was coming next. She just hoped she was ready to fight again an Arrancar in her Resurreccion.

Finally over with Sandersonia, the tall woman look down at the calm Roka. "So are you going to fight me… Or what?"

"I'm not much of a fighter, but I still an Arrancar," said Roka. "Though my best skill is this."

Roka put her hands together and then moved them apart to reveal many thin Reiatsu Threads between her hands. "My Threads are my greatest power, which I call Backup. It allows to me transfer and store information that being my Soul and Memories. So it would be near impossible to kill me, but you don't seem like you want to kill me."

"I have to admit, you don't seem like a threat to me," said Sandersonia. "However, now still not seeing you that dangerous at all. Better to just knock you out if you can't be kill in normal way."

"I see," smiled Roka. "Truth I was never happy and Lord Szayel used me as a tool. Until Master Kiiro save me and gave me a better life to live too. I don't want to disappoint my Master and even if I can't do much at least hold you back could help some. So if you have anything to show me, you should show me before I release my power."

"Very well," nodded Sandersonia. The tall woman started to transform too and Roka watch Sandersonia go into her hybrid form and becoming an Anaconda Woman.

"Interested," said Roka. "This much be what you called a Devil Fruit power. Though why would a snake be you pick?"

"Truth is wasn't my pick," frown Sandersonia. "I was forced to eat a Devil Fruit by those evil Celestial Dragon. Still I got used to my new power and find them quite usefully."

"Very interesting, then allowed me to show you my truth form too," said Roka. Using her Threads, Roka created her Zanpakuto from the threads made from her own mask remain. Though Roka's Reiatsu wasn't flare or high, it was still there as she was ready to reveal her Resurreccion.

Meanwhile, all around the artificial island, many of the other Arrancars sense the releases of the six Arrancrar about to go into their Resurreccion.

"Hmm it seems you allies have force six Arrancars here to us their true form," said Leo as he look off. "Seem you side is strong then we thought."

"Never underestimate me friends," smirked Erza. Leo look back at her and smirked back, "However, the six Numeros that are using their Resurreccion are the weakest of us. Me and five others are far strongest then them and our Leaders are even more powerful."

Erza lost her smirk as her frowned and sweat a bit. If the Reiatsu the six Arrancars were give off now were just the weakest one, then she felt a bit worry how power Leo and this other five could be.

While Kiiro rise a brow and turn and look out too. "Hmm I didn't expect your force be about to force four of my fraccions to have to go all out this early. Still how you force fought against Arrancars I not expected."

Byakuya stare at Kiiro without emotions, but said, "From what I can tell I sense six Arrancar about to use their Resurreccion. You clam four of them are your underling."

"Fraccions is a far more better word to use Ok," frown Kiiro. "However, yes your right. The other two I don't care to much about. The one has an interesting cloning power that you notice been kill most of you side weakest members."

Byakuya frown and look to see Kiiro was right. Adjuchas looking hollow that look all the same been give their side trouble. They were not weak like low level Hollows are, but it seem everyone was doing their best to kill them until the main one is killed.

"And who this other Arrancar?" asked Bykauya. Kiiro spatted and said, "Lance, I don't care one bit about scum like him. He was revived to help us, but nothing else. I might not to completely loyal to Lord Aizen, but he did save Lady Harribel from Lance and going that I have a bit of a debt to pay to him. Along with Lord Konton, being back several Arrancars that were kill, so I have a debt to pay to him too. However, you Act of Order kill my best friend Skullak and I won't forgive you for that."

Byakuya saw a shift in Kiiro's mood as it become a bit dark then before. Byakuya wasn't worry about it at all, but sense how many others were fight he hope they be alright too.

It's not like I'm walking alone into the valley of the shadow of death

Stand beside one another, 'cause it ain't over yet

I'd be willing to bet that if we don't back down

You and I will be the ones that are holding the Crown in the end

When it's over, we can say, "Well done"

But not yet, 'cause it's only begun

So, pick up, and follow me, we're the only ones

To fight this thing, until we've won

We drive on and don't look back

It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past

All the things that we might've done wrong

We could've been doing this all along

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

And we'll be carrying on, until the day it doesn't matter anymore

Step aside, you forgot what this is for

We fight to live, we live to fight

And tonight, you'll hear my battle cry

We live our lives on the frontlines

We're not afraid of the fast times

These days have opened up my eyes

And now, I see where the threat lies

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

(We live our lives on the frontlines)

(We're not afraid of the fast times)

(We live our lives on the frontlines)

(We're not afraid)

We've got to lead the way

We've got to lead the way

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Stand aside on the frontline

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry

Everybody, with your fists raised high

Let me hear your battle cry tonight

Stand beside, or step aside

We're on the frontline

Back with Sasuke, he ready himself to see what Lance's full power would be like as he was about to go into his Resurrección now.

"Hunt and Devour, Tiburón Cazador!" Blue reiatsu burst from Lance. After it was over he stood before Sasuke in his Resurrección. He become a humanoid hammerhead shark with dull blue skin. He gain small fin like protrusions over his hands. His hollow hole was on his stomach and his entire chest was white. He retains the slash in his head given to him by Harribel while he was a Hollow a very long time ago. He had gills on his neck and all his teeth were on a single row on his head with a normal mouth below.

Sasuke was look a bit shocked at how dramatic Lance as change, but Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment and open them to reveal his sharingan to show it ready to fight serious now.

"So the first time you see an Arrancar's Resurrección huh?" grin Lance show his razor sharp shark teeth now. Sasuke remand calm and wasn't intimated by Lance new form at all. "Well, then it time for you to die now."

In Lance's right hand he created a Reiatsu lance. Lance then vanish with sonido and appeared before Sasuke. However, Sasuke block him with his own sword, but was shocked at Lance's strength now.

"Hahaha, I more strong then I was before human," grin Lance as he pushed Sasuke back. Lance started unleashing rapid stabbing strike at Sasuke with his lance, but Sasuke was about to dodge and block with his sword keep him with his own speed too.

Sasuke jump back and stab his sword on the ground and did some hand signs. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke breathed out a huge fireball at Lance that took it head one.

Sasuke look at the blazing fire before him, but saw a figure walking out of it like it was nothing. Lance come out unharmed and said, "You think fire can hurt me? My Hierro can withstand mere flames like this. Let see you dodge this!"

Lance held his left hand out a changed up a red Cero and fired it. Sasuke look shocked as it was fast then he thought it would be. Lance grin see Sasuke betting hit by it, but when it ended, Sasuke was replaced by a log.

"Damn those annoying ninja move," growled Lance. "Where are you human?"

Lance look around, but found a shadow above him. Looking up he saw Sasuke coming right down with his sword. Sasuke slash down on Lance's left shoulder, but it barely left a mark on him.

"Did you think this weak sword can cut through my Hierro?" laugh Lance as he used his right hand to grab Sasuke's sword, while Sasuke tried to pull his sword away, but couldn't get it out of Lance's grip.

Letting it go, Sasuke jump back and did a few hand signs and said, "Chidori!" His hand cover in lightning now Sasuke charged at Lance, while the Arrancar didn't both moving other removing Sasuke's sword from his shoulder and stab it on the ground.

Sasuke trust his right hand forward and strike Lance on the left side of his chest. The Chidori seemed to hit and left a mark, but all it really did was leave a bruise on Lance's chest, which make him laugh.

"See I told you human you can do nothing again me," grin Lance. "Now I going to eat you!"

Lance open his mouth wide reveal his razor sharp shark teeth. Sasuke acted quite before getting his face bit off, so he held up his left arm and Lance bit down onto Sasuke forearm. Sasuke scream out in pain feel the teeth sinking into his flesh and their was no way he can pull away too.

So grabbing his sword that was sticking up with is right hand, he did the only thing he could do. He swiftly slice off his own left arm form his elbow and jump away.

Lance took the arm out of his mouth and start to eat and tear it apart eating Sasuke's severed arm. Sasuke used a bit of fire style to breath out some fire to stop the bleed and close the wound up.

Sasuke watched is completely disguised as Lance ate his arm before it was other but bones. Lance tossed the remains down and lick his blood covered lip. "Hmm not bad! You ninja human have some tasty flesh. I wonder if your soul would be even more delicious one I kill land devour you."

Sasuke held his sword in the ready, but Lance laugh and said, "What can you do with that? You lose you power to do those Jutsu move now, now you only have one arm. It's over for you Ninja."

Sasuke found as he could have used his Mangekyō Sharingan, but refused to use it again a foe at this level. He found opponent far stronger then this guy, but he did understand now the power of an Arrancar a bit better now.

Look at his lose arm, Sasuke start to think about a told he had with Kakashi during they were on Dressrosa.

Sasuke and Kakashi were sitting together in silent as the war they know wasn't even half way over, since even if the win here in the Pirate World, they still have their own world and Hueco Mundo too to defeat the Coalition forces out.

"Hey Kakashi," said Sasuke. Kakashi look at him and said, "Yes?"

"This might be silly of me, but I have a question," chuckled Sasuke. "Funny me having a question to you?"

Kakashi smiled and said, "Nothing wrong with asking your old teacher a question Sasuke. So what do you like to ask me."

"I been noticing that losing an arm seem to be something that seem to been happening a lot," said Sasuke. "I know we have Orihime's amazing power to regain an arm back, but what would happen to use if we lose an arm in the middle of a battle and lost our way to do Jutsu?"

"Hmm I can see what you mean," nodded Kakashi. "However, we have the Sharingan after all. I learn with mine to be about to do Jutsu still with one hand from watch others we fought. I believe you can do the same too."

"Intereting," said Sasuke and smirked, "Tch to this I have to ask you this, but would you help me our again one more time and teach me how to do Jutsu with one hand?"

Kakashi blinked a bit surprised, but let out loud a friend laugh and said, "Oh Sasuke you don't need to be like that. Of course I will teach you and help you out if that happens."

Sasuke smirked to himself as he had to thank Kakashi for help him out. "Arrancar, you should never underestimate us Shinobi. We are far more skill then you think."

"Tch please you can do nothing to harm me anymore," said Lance.

Sasuke used to do sign with one hand and said, "Then you lost this fight. Chidori Senbon!" Sasuke wave his hand and send needles like bolt of his Chidori at Lance and he was it by it.

Lance grin his teeth in pain as he was covered in the Senbon. "What this is impossible! You can still us Jutsu?"

"You have no idea in how the Sharingan is," said Sasuke. "Some weak like you will never be about to defeat someone with this eyes ever."

'You damn human you pay for tricking me!" growled out Lance. Flexing his muscle he broke the Senbon off his body and used sonido to vanish, but Sasuke look up to see Lance stand in the air now holding a new Reiatsu Lance, since the last one was gone.

"It time for me to finish you off once and for all!" said Lance. He wave his lance above him and created a few larger lances. Point his main one that huge lance become down and split into thousand of more small lances. "Lluvia de la Muerte!"

Sasuke's eyes widen as it was near impossible to dodge as the Reiatsu lances hit the ground and Sasuke too. Lance wait and saw the smoke clear to see Sasuke lay on the ground with several of his lance piece thought his body and lay there dead.

Lance grin and sonido back down to the ground and said, "I know a human could never defeat an Arrancar. Now to enjoy my meal!" Lance reached out to Sasuke, but all the sudden smoke appeared then there was another log again.

Lance in rage yelled, cursing Sasuke for using this cowardly trick, but all the sudden a pain hit Lance in the chest. Looking down, a blade of lightning piece through him. Lance turn back to see Sasuke behind him and used his Chidori Sharp Spear.

"I'm done with you Arrancar," said Sasuke. "I seen enough of your powers and I think I got down the basics in the power of an Arrancar."

"You dare mock me?" glared Lance. Using his lance, he to break Sasuke's lighting spear and turn around ignore his bleeding and pain on his chest. Lance held his lance up and tossed it at Sasuke. However, with his Sharingan to see it coming at at a fast speed and dodge it.

Sasuke strike back quick using his Chidori Stream to make Lance be unable to move. "This won't hold me long!" said Lance.

"I don't need too," said Sasuke hold his sword in his right hand. Using a strong jump, Sasuke when several feet above Lance as his sword blade was powerful with lightning coursing through the blade.

"Time to finish what Harribel did you before," said Sasuke. Lance look up at Sasuke in fear as he trying to move, but couldn't. Using the force of his fall and with this lightning blade Sasuke's target was Lance's scar.

The blade when into the opening and slide down it and continue thought it too. Soon the blade was thought and Sasuke stood there looking emotionless as Lance's shock expression.

Lance's death was right away as he find thought was Impossible. A chuck of Lance's head slid off to the ground as a massive amount of blood just exploded out like rain. Lance's body fell to it knee and then land forward on the ground.

Sasuke look at the body of Lance and said, "Seem in the end like before you were nothing more then a pawn and your own arrogant was your undoing."

Sasuke turn as walked way coving in blood some, but he didn't care. He sheath his blade away, but groan as he couldn't believe he lost half of his left arm to an opponent like this, but he know how an Arrancar fights in away and be ready for his future fights if he face one more stronger.

However, Sasuke turn to the direction where Naruto was and felt the power that was the strongest here. Sasuke even wasn't in the best condition pick to go and hopefully help Naruto if he could.

Back with Kurotsuchi, she watch as Aldegor about to go into his release form.

"Freeze, Jabalí!" said Aldegor as his reiatsu burst out around him as a bit of smoke cover him, but after it Kurotsuchi's eye when as he look at Aldegor's Resurrección.

Aldegor's upper body and arms are all covered in armor. His mask remnant is replaced by a lower jaw positioned in front of his neck, leaving his face uncovered. Aldegor grows six hinged appendages from his back.

Aldegor laugh and said, "This is my Zanpakuto release. You have no change he doing anything again my now"

Kurotsuchi held her katana before her as she study Aldegor new form. From that look of it, it was didn't seem that impressive, but she learn from other that one should never underestimate the power of an Arrancar's Resurrección.

Kurotsuchi used her small size and speed to try to confuse Aldegor as she started to run circle around him.

"Oh you think you can use you speed to trick me and get pass my Pesquisa?" chuckled Aldegor. "I don't think so!"

Aldegor turn ready to punch Kurotsuchi believe she will appear, but was surprised she was there. "Then you don't know who you are dealing with," said Kurotsuchi behind Aldegor.

She leap up as Aldegor turn around and she used all her strength to stab her katana into Aldegor's chest. However, the large Arrancar laugh and said, "My Hierro is far more stronger then in was before."

He backhand Kurotsuchi away as she quickly did some hand signs and said, "Earth Style: Falling Earth Spears!" Stone spear shot out of the ground all around Aldegor.

"Tch not this trick again," said Aldegor bored. His appendages on his back wrapped around him into a sphere shield block the Jutsu. "Now it my turn! Desenrollar!"

Aldegor started spinning as he shatter the spear around him and rolled at Kurotsuchi. She jump out of the way as he come at her, but she was shock as she watch him stop moving while rolling and then move upward changing his direction.

Kurotsuchi gasped as she crossed her arms, but Aldegor slam into her making her fall down hard onto that ground. Kurotsuchi groan in much pain as she look up to see Aldegor land before her and moved his appendages away form him.

Aldegor smirk and watch as Kurotsuchi struggled to get up. "Seem you Ninja are stronger then more humans. A hit like that would have shatter bones. Still I don't want to end this just yet. I'm fun to much fun and its been a long time I have fun fighting."

Kurotsuchi was going to let this Arrancar bully her around and she did more hand sign and said, "Fire Style: Flame Bomb Jutsu!" Kurotsuchi breath out a large fire attack at Aldgor. She notice Aldegor covered his face most to not get hurt while the rest of him was about to take they fire. This gave her plan as she smirked.

"Oh you think you can burn me?" said Aldegor. Use charged a yellow cero in his right hand and blasted it putting the fire out. He look if he also got Kurotsuchi too, but saw a hole in the ground. "You know attack me from below wouldn't work again me!"

Aldegor wrapped his appendages around him again to protect himself from Kurotsuchi next attack. However, for Aldegor, Kurotsuchi used the earth under him to move to make Aldegor look his balance and fall over. Which made Aldegor loose his shield around him.

Kurotsuchi was up high now above Aldegor to strike. However, Aldegor said, "Don't think this can stop me!" Aldegor fired a bala from his fist, but Kurotsuchi used her own body weight to move out of the way.

When she land, Aldegor was back up again. However this time hi over used half of his appendages to only cover they left side of his body. "Golpe de Escudo!"

Aldegor slam his armor half into Kurotsuchi and knock her down again. "So much for you counterattack again me," smirked Aldegor. "It for me to finish you off now."

"I don't think so," said Kurotsuchi doing some hand sign quickly. "Lava Style: Quicklime Jutsu!" She fired out so quicklime from her mouth at Aldegor, but he used his appendages block it.

"What is this?" laugh Aldegor. "What an useless attack!"

"Oh I'm not done yet," said Kurotsuchi. "Water Style: Water Trumpet!" This time she fired water from her mouth at Aldegor as the quicklime spread around more.

"I told you your attacks are useless," said Aldegor. However, as he move his appendages away it was start to get harder to move them until they were completely suck. "What?"

The substance hardened over Aldegor's appendages making him unable to move or use the to block or close up around him. "I can't move them! This can't be!"

"Seem you underestimated me in the end Arrancar," said Kurotsuchi. "Now to fight you have. I going to put all my charka in this last attack to take you down. Earth Style: Stone Fist Jutsu!"

Kurotsuchi's right first was cover in strong stone and she leap at an stuck Aldegor and with all her strength she had punched Aldegor in the jaw with everything she had.

Aldegor felt his jaw break as he through, "Impossible! Me defeat by a human girl of all opponent. Lord Kiiro please forgive me!"

Aldegor form come crashing down as he eyes look white now and he was completely knock out. Kurotsuchi was completely out of breath panting having used all her strength up. She watch as Aldegor's form start to glow yellow as his release form vanish and turn back into a Zanpakuto by his side.

Kurotsuchi just fell back and said, "I can't believe it. I defeat an Arrancar! Oh I don't have anything left in me Think I going to rest until someone find me." Kurotsuchi passed out of being completely tired, but her smile on her face remain feel proud of herself win again an Arrancar of all the different opponent the fought again in this war.

Back with Brook, the skeleton man held his blade in ready seeing Menis about to release Znapakuto.

"Now Stab, Erizo!" said Menis as reiatsu surround him as he when into his Resurrección. Brook held his ground wait to see what Menis would look like, since this release form usually change an Arrancar's appearance dramatically.

The smoke clear away as Brook wish he had eyes, since he wasn't able to widen that in being surprised, but his jaw did drop some in shock.

Menis grows three segmented, tail-like appendages that have sharp ends to them. He gains armor on his chest which made his Hollow Hole visible. The remains of his Hollow mask move to cover his entire face and his dark red hair covers his sides from his head down to his waist.

"So bone man what do you think of my true form?" asked Menis.

"Well, I'm surprised," admitted Brook. "However, what does you release form name mean?"

"Erizo… is Spanish for Hedgehog," said Menis.

"A Hedgehog!" Brook couldn't help to laugh and said, "Those cute look animal. I don't see it with you."

"You mocking me?" growled Menis holding his two segmented tail arms up. "I make you wish you didn't make fun of what I am."

Menis extended out his segmented whip arms and started to swing them at Brook. Brook used his Soul Solid to block some of the attack, while need to dodge the other ones.

"What the matter bone man?" mock Menis. "Can't fight back at all."

However, Brook the stab his blade into Menis left arm segmented area to make him grunt in pain. Menis try to use his other arm, but Brook was about to flip over it and land on Menis left arm. Pulling his sword out of Menis arm, Brook started swinging move to Menis main body.

Menis gasped in shock to see Brook running up his arm and held his sword in away ready to behead Menis. "I won't let you get me that easy!"

Menis held his segmented tail up and stab it forward at Brook. Brook held his sword to block the strike, but was force off Menis arm as he retracted his arms back.

"Well, that was impressive," said Brook. "I really thought I had you their, but forget about your tail."

"I like told you," said Menis. "I won't let you defeat me. I'm a fraccion and you just some nobody."

Brook gasped and was insulted. "How dare you, I'm Brook the Soul King of the Straw Hats. You are the nobody here!"

"Then die and this time I make sure you will remain dead!" growled Menis. He extend his arms out again, but this time cover them in his reiatsu to make the more powerful then before. "Látigo de Poder!"

Menis strike with more powerful attack, that seem to leave mark on the ground. Brook at the moment only could dodge for now. "Seem I should stop hold back now," said Brook.

Brook block Menis left arm and said, "Soul Parade!" Menis gasped as his arms was starting to freeze with ice and quickly react his arms, but his left arm was now half was frozen.

"No, not ice!" gasped Menis. "Not again!" Menis remember his first dead by the hands of Captain Hitsugaya. Being completely frozen and shatter into piece was a quick death, but to Menis a horrible one to remember.

Brook took notice of this too and said, "What the matter you scared of ice?"

"N-NO!" yelled Menis. He used sonido and then appeared behind Brook with all three of his appendages ready to, but Brook sheathed his sword confusing Menis, but he swift draw and sheathed it again and said, "Eisbahn!"

All the sudden the ground around them turn into ice or more like an ice rink. Brook swift move to dodge Menis strike, but Menis try to move, but slip and fall.

"Ahh I hate you!" yell out Menis. Brook just skating around said, "I see you not good on a field you not used too."

Menis got up and set up a bit in the air to not be on the icy ground. "You forgot we spiritual being can stand in the air. So all you did was waste you time. Now let see if you can survive this! Lluvia de Espigas!"

Menis fired out his red hair out like quill needles. Brook look a bit shocked as he was rain on by pointy hair needles. Menis laugh believe he won, but he then saw Brook standing their unharmed.

"What?" yelled Menis. "Why are you still alive!"

"Well, you did ruin my clothes," said Brook have many hole in them. "But an attack like that is far better someone that has flesh, but I just bones so you attack just when thought most of me."

Brook laugh as Menis was done with his. "Your done this time I going to destroy you." Menis charged up a yellow cero in front of his mouth.

Brook got serious and said, "I should do the same think." Menis was about to fire, but then saw Brook vanish and was not behind him as he sheath his blade all the sudden too.

"How did you…" said Menis, but was interrupted by Brook saying, "Song of Scratches- Blizzard Slice!"

All the sudden a large slash appear in front of Menis perfect horizontal. He blood come up, but seen frozen. His cero disbursed as Menis couldn't believe it. Defeat by ice again.

"Impossible!" mutter Menis. "Master Kiiro I lost please forgive me!"

Menis fell back and lay there. Brook turn and wall up to him not sure what his condition is, since his face wasn't seen. Brook ready his sword to finish Menis off if he try a last moment attack. However nothing came.

Menis body glows as his release form vanished and return to being a Zanpakuto be his side. Menis was completely knocked out as his eyes were rolled behind his head. Brook calm down and pick to walk away.

"Well, that was a strength of an Arrancar is," said Brook to himself. "Well, he was strong, but not much of a threat. Still I should be careful if I face an Esapda later."

Back with the Boa Sisters, all thee of them wait for their opponent to reveal their Resurrección and see how much stronger they would be like.

The first one was Cloner. Hancock never face the full power of an Arrancar, but she didn't seem worry at all as she waiting.

"Crunch Them to Bits, Dientes!" said Cloner going into his Resurrección. His form changes drastically; his arms and hands turn to large club-like extensions, each with several spikes. A large, snake-like entity also forms above him.

Hancock narrowed her eye and wasn't that impressed at all. I just disgusted her more how ugly this monster as become. Cloner laugh out and said, "Now let see if you can stop me now!"

Using his large entity above him, Clone remotely controlled it to attack Hancock. The beautiful woman just out of the way as the entity slam down at her. Hancock fired a few Pistol Kisses at Cloner, but his entity moved and blocked the attack.

Hancock frown seeing she need more force to break the Arrancar's shield down. Cloner laugh again and said, "My Hierro is strong as an Espada!"

That was something Hancock didn't believe at all. He never face an Espada yet, but she did fight a SternRitter and As Nodt was from more of a threat then this monster.

Using Salome again, Hancock was send up in the air and kissed out making a larger heart this time. She up her hand into his and used it like a bow in away. "Slave Arrow!" She fired a large number of arrows down at Cloner, but he used his entity to block to.

Cloner laugh and said, "I told you nothing you can do stop me. I can see my army already talk out a good amount of your force. Seen all will be gone and you be devour by me."

However, Cloner saw his entity started to change into stone after being hit by so many arrow. Hancock grin as she Haki up both are arms and legs and come down on the entity and just crashed onto is. It start to crack all over, but soon it shatter into piece shocking Cloner.

"What?" gasped Cloner. Hancock acted quickly making a rope make out of heart like a certain SternRitter could to. "Love Knot!" Hancock wrapped Cloner in her heart rope several time around. Cloner growled try to break free, but couldn't.

"Now monster it time for you to leave this life," said Hancock. "Only the beautiful can remain and the ugly monsters should be dead and leave our world."

Hancock kiss another heart out and grabbed it as it changed. It become a sword with a pink handle, a heart shape guard, and the blade itself with pink too, but sharp like a normal sword or Zanpakuto. "Love Sword!" said Hancock. "A beast like you show die by the same weapon you kind uses."

Cloner stubbled back try to get away, but couldn't at all. Hancock finally saw the fear of death coming and she didn't care. This was war after all and there always be death. Those they do the worst deserve death more then others.

"Now monster prepare to me your end!" yelled Hancock. She used Salome to launch her into the air at Cloner. The Arrancar watch in fear as Hanock come at him with her sword pointed at him. The sword strike Cloner in the forehead piece thought his Heirro and going all the way in to the guard.

Cloner let out a roaring yell before he become silent. Hancock pulled her Love Sword out as Cloner's giant body fell back and he lay there dead. Hancock look around and saw the clones were all starting to vanish all around make the many Alliance members cheer. While the Arrancars around frown at they lose one of the best assist now.

Hancock jump of the body and said, "Now then, that one problem done with. Sisters you much win too." Hancock turn to her sister fights to watch and be ready to help them just incase, but her sisters have their own pride too and she didn't want to take that away. They badly need a win and Hancock trust they can do it.

Back over with Marigold, the huge snake woman held her guandao ready as Carolyn was about to use her Resurrección.

"Hop, Conejo!" Carolyn as her transformed before Marigold. She now appeared as an attractive, light purple fur humanoid rabbit woman that looked slender and fast still have her curves too.

Marigold blinked and didn't expect this. "What that's it? I was expect some more dangerous then a bunny."

Carolyn was hopping on her feet, since she hasn't been in her Resurrección for a long time and getting her body ready to start. "Then you have no idea how wrong you are about me snake."

Carolyn leap using her new strong legs and feet to shot herself at Marigold with impressive speed. Before Marigold could react, Carolyn kicked the giant snake woman in the stomach and then gave her a strong uppercut too.

Marigold large King Cobra hybrid form come crashing down. Marigold was shock, but she was about to get back up. "Oh seems being in your snake form making you stronger then your human one," mock Carolyn. "Still it don't help you at all."

Carolyn leap again ready to land and other powerful kick on Marigold. However this time, Marigold Haki up her arm to block the kick, which was able to stop it. Using her guandao, Marigold used all her strength to swing it down on Carolyn.

The bladed weapon hit Carolyn and she was slam down on the ground. "I'm not helpless or weak Arrancar. You forget I still strong."

Carolyn got up with a cut on her and a bit bruised up too. "You stupid snake. How dare you injure my sexy body. Let see if you can handle this!"

Carolyn sonido in front of Marigold and said, "Golpe de Velocidad de Luz!" Carolyn unleash an rapid fire are punches on Marigold. She when all wild on the giant snake woman punch her all around in front of her. Carolyn must up punched her a 100 time before punch her down.

Marigold hit the ground hard and lay then in pain. Carolyn laugh and stop her rabbit foot on Marigold's head. "Seem you get the beat down you deserve fatty. You thought a cute and sexy bunny like me wouldn't be a threat to a large snake like you, but in the end it seem I come out on top."

Marigold groan as she was getting annoyed with Carolyn mocking and talking too. "So what should I to to finish you off?" wonder Carolyn. "I just do it the easy way them."

Carolyn held up her right paw hand and charged up her pink cero. "Any last words before I blast you away?"

Marigold glared at Carolyn and hissed, "Never underestimate the Boa Sister!" Marigold then Haki up the end of her tail and swung it at Carolyn and knock her down as her cero disbursed.

"Modoku!" said Marigold as she spit a corrosive liquid venom out of her mouth all over Carolyn's face and upper body.

Carolyn scream out very loud and started cursing out too in anger. Marigold then turn into her full on King Cobra from and then open her mouth and as her fangs come out and bit down on Carolyn's right shoulder too. Her fangs were about to piece through Carolyn's Hierro, but after Marigold back away and return to her full on human form again.

"You think blind me will help you fucking Bitch!" yelled Carolyn. "I still have my Pesquisa to sense were you are. So this fight in not over yet."

"Tch what a fool you are Arrancar," said Marigold. "You just don't know it just yet."

"Silent you bitch and Die!" screamed Carolyn and charged at Marigold. However before she could get to her Carolyn feel to the ground and was having trouble getting up.

"What going on?" gasped Carolyn as she was sweating heavy, while panting and breathing heavy along with clutching her chest too.

"Seem my venom is taking effect," said Marigold

"WHAT!" scream Carolyn in fear.

"Even if my Modoku couldn't do must the burn you, my venom a bit into your is taking over," said Marigold. "And just like a normal King Corba's venom mine is the same, but strong and effect you faster. It over for you!"

Carolyn scream out and she rolled her back and clutched her body. "HELP ME MASTER! PLEASE HELP ME I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS. I… don't… want to die… at all!"

Suddenly Carolyn when silent as her body stop moving at all. The venom consumed her from the inside unit it killed her. Marigold sigh out and she was very tired out and had no more energy left. Seeing her sister Hanock was finish too all that was left was Sandersonia to finish her fight too.

Finally with Sandersonia, the anaconda woman watch Roka hold her katana she created out of her thread and about to go into her Resurrección.

"Dance Madly, Telaraña!" said Roka. Sandersonia watched as Roka changed and her eyes widen seen an Arrancar's Resurrección for the first time. Most Arrancar's release form have an animal motif and Roka wasn't an expedition.

In her release form, Roka gains four large spider legs with cloth wrapped around parts of them, as well as cloth covering the half of her face where her mask is, plus parts of her arms and legs. Her stomach, arms, and legs are bare.

"A spider?" said Sandersonia. "Well, I have to say that interesting animal."

"Now then, I guess we should get started," said Roka. "I'm ready and now it time to show you my true powers too."

Suddenly small cyclones formed around Roka's legs as they have bird-like extensions that jet out. "El Uno Picotear!" said Roka. She send the cyclones at Sandersonia and slam into her. The large snake woman crash down, but got up as it didn't turn to much.

However, look at Roka the cyclones were gone, but now she have large wings with bladed feather now. "Ala Cortadola Dispersion!" Roka then fired the ten bladed feather at Sandersonia.

"Sanke Dance!" gasped Sandersonia as she moved her body like a snake that let her dodge all the feather bladed. However, Roka now had eight large tentacles on her back now.

"Hierro Virgen!" said Roka as she send one of her tentacles at Sandersonia with sharp spikes at the end. Sandersonia gasped as her used Haki on her arms to cross them and block the attack. She groan in pain as s few spike did her turn, but it wasn't to bad.

Soon the tentacle was gone and now Roka has armor looking like dragon like heads on her arms. She forced energy between them and fired a powerful blast in the shape of a dragon's head. "Rugir del Dragón!"

Sandersonia got hit my it making it the ground hard, but she was lucky she had scales now, since her normal skin was be burned and injured a lost badder then this. Look at Roka she was normal again as she staring at her own hands and body.

"It seems my Master trains as help me at lot," said Roka.

Sandersonia got up and asked, "What do you mean? What type of power do you have?"

"The power of my Resurrección let me use any move or techniques an other Arrancars has," said Roka. "Though I can only copy one technique from each Arrancars. The move I just used before were Luppi's and the Privaron Espada."

"You can use any move?" said Sandersonia. Roka nodded and said, 'Yes, other then an Espada. I'm strong enough to use Privaron and Fraccion level move. Even if Luppi was an Espada he wasn't as strong as most of the others were. Thought if I did use an Espada it will damage my body and tear it apart."

Sandersonia didn't expect for an Arrancar like this to have a power like this, but she need to still win. If only she could get up close to her she be about to win hopefully.

Roka the gain red large wind on her back and she flew up above Sandersonia. "Devorar Pluma!" Roka rain down feather that were heavy as steel. Sandersonia did her best to cover most of her body in Armament Haki to protect herself. However, even with the Haki protect her, the feather were still hurting her showing how strong they were.

When it was over, Sandersonia look up, but didn't see Roka in the air anymore. Instead she was on the ground again before her, but now she has a large fiddler crab's claw. "Tijeras Neptunea!"

She fired a high pressure water current as Sandersonia. She was barely able to dodge as she gasped at the water slice through the ground like nothing at all. Look back at Roka, she now had a helmet that look like a saber-tooth tiger skull.

"Misil Diente!" said Roka as she fired the two saber teeth out. They stuck Sandersonia on her tail body as her scream out in pain. She grind her teeth as she pulled them out of her. She was bleed, but she could handle it.

"You are quite fast, strong, and good endurance," said Roka. "Being a good test subject to test my powers one. Don't worry I not going to kill you yet, but I like to see what more I can do and see how much longer you can lost."

Sandersonia panted some and was in pain too. She hope she can handle this because she didn't want her sister to save her. She need to win this to prove herself to her sisters and the Alliances too. The defeat by As Nodt really hit her and even if he was a SternRitter, being an Arrancar would really help her confidents go up again.

Roka this time seem to have large arms with large extensions beyond her shoulder. "Onda de Fuego!" Roka unleashed a flaming blast of fire at Sandersonia. The large snake woman scream out in pain as the fire burn her, but she was about to withstand it. She was burn by her sister own flame by mistake, so she could handle this even if they were stronger.

Panting Sandersonia look to see Roka now having long claws. "Diez Barra de Hoja!" Roka used sonido to appear in front of Sandersonia and slashed her with her claws.

Sandersonia took them pain, but got her chance now. Cover her tail in Haki, she used her Heavy Slam on Roka using all the weight and Haki in her large tail on her. Roka hit the ground very hard and lay there.

Sandersonia was shock as she saw Roka struggling to get up. "I know I hit you hard, but didn't think that defeat you?"

"I'm… not defeat… yet," panted Roka barely about to get up. "My Hierro is not that strong like most others. Which is why I try to avoid close combat. I didn't think I left my guard they easy. Still I'm not done just yet. I can still fight for my Master!"

Roka now had four arms that contain extending fingers. "Uña Tirotear!" Roka fire a continued shot of 108 reishi blasts at Sandersonia.

Sandersonia took the blasts while using Haki to protect herself too. She start to slither forward as this attack wasn't that bad then most of the others. Roka finally stop as Sandersonia made her move.

"Hebigami-Tsuki: Yamata no Orochi!" said Sandersonia. Her hair turned into seven snake. Roka gasped and didn't have to time using someone else technique like before. He fired a bala at Sandersonia's face, but one of her snake hair block it.

Roka charged up a cero and fired it next. The cero was about to take out one of the seven snake hairs, but the six other come down on her. The attack hit hard and Sandersonia wonder if it was over.

Roka lay on the ground in much pain, but she returned to give up. She pick herself up and panted will look at Sandersonia. "I suggest you give up," said Sandersonia. "You don't look like you have nothing left. And what you told me before I really don't want to kill you either."

"I can't give up," panted Roka. "My Master is count on me. I can't fail him after all he do to save me. Lucky I still have one more techniques left. It's not one of the Esapda, but I know it very dangerous for my to us. Might tear my body up, but in order to win you give me no choice."

Sandersonia question was this techniques was. If it was that dangerous then she better ready herself. Roka suddenly surround herself in black reiatsu. She created a bladed of deep black reiatsu and said, "Mugetsu!"

Swing it down, Roka unleash Ichigo's more powerful techniques of all time. However, is was no were near Ichigo's level when he found Aizen. This one was barely a fraction of it power, but still again a human it was very dangerous.

The technique cover the area in darkness and left a scar in the ground too. Roka felt her body start to rip and bleed all over as her used her Reishi Threads to keep her body together, but she panted and couldn't believe she was able to do it. No one could surivied the massive veil of black reiatsu.

Roka the saw the end of Sandersonia's tail meaning she much have been taken out and that was all that was left her now. However all the sudden, burst out of the ground was Sandersonia in her full on snake form.

Roka couldn't do anything as Sandersonia wrapped herself about Roka's body and squeezed on her very tight. Roka scream out in extreme amount of pain. Bones were start to snap and crack in her body. The scream then finally stop and Sandersonia left Roka go.

Roka's broke body feel to the ground as her eyes were widen, but she didn't move at all. Sandersonia return to her human form, but at a pray. She was missing her right leg up to her knee. She was in great pain, but lucky her sister rushed over to help her, since they finish their fight at the same time too.

"Don't worry sister," said Hancock. She rips of a part of her dress and tight it around Sandersonia's legs to stop the bleed. Marigold look down at Roka and asked, "Is she dead?"

"No I believe she still is alive," said Sandersonia. "I just broke all her body in her body below her neck. I did promise to not to kill her since she was bad. She was just on the wrong side I think."

"Well, seem we are done then," said Hancock. "We did our job to help and defeat three Arrancars was a big help. I'm very proud of you two." Hancock's sisters smiled as they felt proud too finally able to win their own major fights too.

Roka lay unable to move as her eye become heavy and tired too. "I'm very sorry Master. I did my very best, but in the end I failed you too. I just wish I was able to repay my debt to you."

Roka closed her eyes as her passed out too. All around the island the remain eight Arrancars all sense the deaths and defeated of the six Arrancars that were taken out.

"What worthless scumbag," said Patros in disguised. "To be kill and defeat by humans so pathetic!"

"Yo man that not nice to talk down to your own comrades," said Darui. "Should respect them for try these best."

"Please what type of worthless words are you say," said Patros. "In our world the weak follow the strong and the if they can't win an easy fight again human then they are not worthy living. Kiiro the fool brought the weak unless Arrancars back. Unlike them you be dead before I need to fight seriously."

"Dude you have no idea my strength," said Darui. "The Raikage pick me personally to be his Right Hand Man. Sorry to say this, but you going to regret fight me. Don't worry dying by my hands will be an honor for your kind. Now prepare yourself Arrancar."

"Huh, I didn't expect you allies are that strong," said Fran. "You side should be underestimate I guess huh?"

"That quite right," nodded Lyon. "You seem different from many of the other Arrancars we face. Seem nice like Nelliel is."

"Well, we Arrancar have all different kind of personality," said Fran. "Not all of us are evil or bad. We just enjoy fighting a lot, but my purpose is to fight the best I can to honor Master Dordoni. I make him proud of me. Though you don't need to worry, I'm not much of killer at all Lyon. So you don't need to worry about your live being a risk. I just going to be you good and show you how powerful I am."

Lyon was quite surprise, but said, "Very well… Fran right? I respect you the same too. I don't like kill either, but you seem like a nice guy. A pity we are on opponent side. You seem like a nice guy to be friends with."

Fran smile, but nodded. She drew his Zanpakuto and was ready to fight. Lyon got into his fighting position ready to see how strong Fran was and if he could defeat an Arrancar.

Meanwhile, Yin and Yang sense the defeat and one death of their fellow fraccions they served Kiiro.

"Those fools," growled Yin. "They got defeat like this? Are they try to make our Master look weak and bad as a leader?"

"They did their best sis," said Yang. "Thought I more worry about how our Master would feel about them. At least three of them still alive at least."

"I guess, but we must win and if we win we will get reward," grin Yin. "Unlike the bitch Loly that never deserved to even think or look at our Master. I hate she didn't die like she deserved to!"

"What about Menoly though?" asked Yang. "She was never bad and had kindness and respect."

"Ok Menoly does deserve to be with us to have reward by out Master," giggled Yin. "Happy she's Ok."

"Indeed, but we need to force," said Yang. "Once we win and help great everyone her we get the best reward to all time."

Both sisters were giggled all happy having their own fanatic in be reward by Kiiro. Wendy just stood there confused and question what they were talking about.

"So I attack of what Carla?" asked Wendy look down at her best friend. Carla shook her head and said, "Just let them be for now. We shouldn't rush into this yet. Still be care this two will be very hard to best."

Wendy nodded and know she could do it. She defeat a fraccion before and most like the most powerful Esapda too. This sister will be a challenge, but Wendy knew she could do it as long as she believe in herself.

With Rey, he was rubbing his fingers between his eyes and mutter, "God Damn It Lance, why did you let yourself die again. Never listen or think."

"Seem unhappy?" asked Gray. "One of those Arrancar died huh."

"Lance was my stupid and foolish little brother," sigh Rey. "But I really don't care much. He died because of his own arrogant using power over being smart. Trust we never were close, so his death doesn't hurt me much."

"Hmm I guess I understand," said Gray. "Not every family member can like each other. Still I can't let you leave or anything at all."

Rey look at Gray and seem better all the sudden and grin. "Good fight you will help me out very much. To crush you will be fun."

"Then I won't waste your time each and take you out too," said Gray. Rey laugh and was excited to fight finally.

While Leo, he frown as the defeat and death of six Arrancars. "I know they were the weakest, but to lose still. You human are far more stronger then I expected."

"Well, we be fight a lot already and face powerful foes," said Erza point her sword at Leo. "As for you, you be another strong foe for me to see how strong I am."

"Interesting, so I just another piece in your way to see how strong you are," asked Leo. "That going to cost you if you think I'm just another fraccion or Numeros. There are some of that that have powers and strength that are Privaron level and near the lower Espada level too."

"I'm ready for Leo Vega," said Erza. "So show me what you got and I give you everything I have."

"Very well, it be your death for being like that," said Leo. "I'll still be nice and give you an honorable warrior death."

Arturo was look at Naruto, but then he sense the death and defeat of six Arrancar. "Worthless weakling! Kiiro you brought us useless warrior if they were defeat by mere humans."

"You really don't know who you deal with huh," asked Naruto.

"Should I?" asked Arturo. "Someone as extremely powerful as myself doesn't need to know names or what your allies abilities are. You just need to know that they will all die and make me even more powers."

Naruto glared at the teal hair Arrancar and said, "I won't let you hurt anyone. I trust my friends being about to defeat the remains Arrancar here. You just need to force on me and when I defeat you, your pride and arrogant will take a major hit. We already broke a few opponent unable to understand how the lost. You just going to be the same."

"Fool if I could destroy half of the Soul Society alone what can you alone do to me," glared Arturo. Naruto only grin as she could hear Kurama laugh in his head looking forward to show this Arrancar how wrong he is and show him why he the nine-tails in the strong of all the tail beasts.

Finally with Kiiro, Byakuya saw another mood change in the former Espada see him hang his head down a bit and sighing. "Something wrong?" asked Byakuya.

"Well, I should be upset at you force defeat four of my fraccions, the other two I don't care about really," said Kiiro. "I guess keep three of them alive I'm grateful for, but losing one make me not happy at all."

Byakuya knew his side would win despite how hard fights were. However, his duty was to defeat Kiiro. He knew this was not going to be easy at all. He could see Kiiro is powerful and won't be easy at all.

Kiiro look back at Byakuya and know this was one of the top Captain of the Soul Society. He couldn't worry about his fraccions right now. He need to win then got to them after. He was just happy three of them were alive and spared.

Soon the battle on the island were heating up more. Both side were give it all they got to win. No one knew what will happen next, but they only knew victory much be achieved no mater what.

Well, everyone I hope I did good in this. I'm sorry it took me so long, but being sad and depressed always with no motivation make think hard for someone to write. Still I feel I did very good and extend out this Arrancars like they deserves. Please review and tell me what you think about this six fights please. I try me best to continue one too, but please review and thank you for liking too.