"I really can't understand why they have to meet at my mom's castle," Evie muttered, as she, Carlos, and Jay stared up at the dark foreboding structure.

"Well, my mom would make them wash her coats if they met at Hell Hall," Carlos joked, "and the far side of the Isle is probably safer than in town."

"Hey, they're anti-heroes, right?" Jay reasoned, as they descended the steps to the basement, "What could be more heroic than going into Cruella's closet?"

"Maybe really pinning Horned King at Fright Night," Evie teased, making his face light up with a snicker.

"Going into mom's closet isn't heroic," Carlos muttered, "It's stupid; I only did it because I couldn't get out of it."

"Is that crying?" Evie stopped suddenly, "What-?"

"I can't believe Uma did that to her!" Hermie Bing's sobbing voice hit them.

"Oh my goblins!" Evie gasped, "They know!"

"We've gotta teach her a lesson!" Big Murph's voice cried angrily.

"But, that's not nice!" Yalz protested, "is it?"

"I don't care!" Big Murph snapped, "She can't-"

"Actually," Jay interrupted, as he and Carlos burst through the door, "we were hoping that you guys would be willing to come to the Chip Shop with us to show Uma this."

Evie stepped over the threshold and spun around in a circle, modeling her restored beauty for the dumbfounded group to see. Then pandemonium broke out and it was all the boys could do to keep them from tackling her.

"Alright, alright," Yen Sid finally clapped his hands, "I know that you'll all excited-goodness knows, I am too-but why don't you all take a seat and let them tell us what happened."

"Well," Evie explained, blushing demurely, "I didn't realize that you guys knew about-I'm sorry."

"We told them," Jace spoke up.

"We thought they should know," Harry added.

"That's alright," Evie swallowed hard, hiding her concern about Celia's knowledge with difficulty, "As you can see, my mom's spell has been defeated again. Do you remember what defeats it?"

"Ooo," Claudine gasped, "True Love's Kiss!"

"That's right," Evie grinned, "My boyfriend Doug-he's Dopey's son-stopped by our dorm room this morning and-well, you know." She choked up and the boys had to take over.

"Personally, I think she's more beautiful now," Carlos grinned, "if that's possible."

"I agree," Jay added, glancing at his watch, "But...we've gotta get going if we're gonna nab Uma and get back to meet Mal and Freddie at Maleficent's castle before Fright Night starts. Who's in?"

"I'm in!" Big Murph volunteered immediately.

"Me too!" Claudine, Hermie Bing, Hadie, and Yzla needed no convincing.

"We'll help!" Jace and Harry affirmed.

"Count me in, cuz," Diego raised his hand.

"Well, I guess I better come along too," Eddie grinned.

"Great, great," Jay nodded approvingly, "Let's go knock around a few wharf rats!"


"You get Celia," Mal instructed, as she and Freddie hopped off her motorcycle and made their way to Dragon Hall's towering front entrance, " and I'll keep Dr F distracted." She grinned diabolically, "I've been looking forward to seeing him again!"

"You have fun," Freddie chuckled, "We'll sneak out the back so we don't interfere with the reunion."

"Hey, Dr. F!" the purple-clad girl threw his office door open, her eyes glowing a menacing green, "Your favorite student missed you."

"Well, if it isn't Mal," the villainous headmaster sat frozen in his chair, trying to keep his cool as his long bony fingers gripped a half-dried old pen, "I wasn't expecting to see you ever again."

"Yeah, well," her lips twisted into a sneer, "Did you really think that I'd come back for Fright Night and not stop by to say hi?"

"I was hoping you wouldn't," he grumbled.

"Aww," she pouted, cocking her head, "come on, Dr. F. What's the matter, you dished it out pretty well back in the day."

"Not as good as my mom, of course," she acknowledged, "or Evie's, or Uma's. But Freddie and I used to boost about the good ole days and you were usually top five."

"What's the matter?" she taunted, slowly making her way to his desk with a diabolical smile, "Or are you really just a big fake without your friends from the other side to do your dirty work?"

As she'd hoped, his pride and anger was finally roused and he launched to his feet with a snarl, "How dare you come in here, you little traitor!"

"I'm no traitor!" she snapped, giving thrust for thrust, "This Isle is mine!"

"How do you figure?" he snarled.

"Two things," she answered, "I am King Ben's girlfriend and I'm my mother's daughter." She slammed her fist into his desk, her eyes throwing green sparks, "Case closed; I win."


"They're really going at it, aren't they?" Freddie poked her sister's ribs as they slid out the back door, "Say goodbye to this ole place; you don't ever have to see it again, if you don't want too."

"Bye," Celia waved, "I won't miss you."

Freddie laughed, as they scurried back to the motorcycle and climbed aboard, "There's only room for two; she said she'd walk back when she got done with dad."

"Where are we going?"

We've gotta meet the others at her mom's castle and settle one more score; then we'll go home."


"I'm back!" Evie waltzed into the Chip Shop and struck a pose, entering the noisy cafe with the same effect as a direct strike from a lightning bolt. Dead silence reigned as Jay and Carlos stepped in behind her and the anti-heroes filed in behind them.

"Cat got your tongue?" the blue-clad girl snapped, walking straight up to Uma.

The sea-witch's daughter remained silent, watching dubiously as the group of traitors gathered around her.

"That was easy," Jay said, tying the dumbstruck girl's hands behind her back without opposition, "Let's go."

"Just a minute!" Harry Hook suddenly recovered and jumped in their way.

"Get out of here, Harry," Evie stepped between him and her friends,"Look at me. Don't you see that there's a greater power at work here?"

Her eyes fell on Carlos' old invention, protectively cradled in the pirate's son's hands; she yanked it away and handed it to the Badums, "Oh and, by the way, this isn't yours, it's theirs."

"Oh, really?" he ran the backside of his hook over the side of her face in defiance, "And who's gonna stop me if I want it?"

She cocked her head with a smile and blew him a kiss then she shoved him aside,"Hmm, we'll tell you what you need to know at Fright Night. Don't be late."

"Just a minute," he recovered instantly and got in front of her again, waving his hook threateningly to cover his curiosity about this higher power that she'd mentioned.

"You heard her, Harry." Uma growled, interfering before Jay and Carlos could react, curiosity taking hold of her too, "Don't be late for Fright Night."

"How did you-" the green-clad girl continued, tensing as they headed for Maleficent's castle, "I thought-"

"Mal will reveal all shortly," Carlos answered gruffly, having some difficulty concealing his rage even though Evie was fine and beautiful again.

"Mal!" the sea-witch's daughter jerked to a stop, her heart going into her throat.

"She did say that she'd make you pay," Jay growled, pushing her forward again "and I've never known her to break her word."

"Wait, I-" Uma began to bulk and Evie's heart strangely went out to her, knowing as she did what it was like to feel Mal's wrath.

"Looks like you caught a shrimp." Freddie interrupted, rolling the motorcycle to a stop beside them as Celia scrambled down.

"Where's our esteemed leader?" Jay asked, looking back down the street.

"Still knocking dad around." Freddie answered, "This only sits two. She'll be along. You guys should have heard her!"

"She did say that the Isle does something for her bad side," Jay remembered.

"Well, look who's here?" their purple-clad leader was suddenly among them, glaring at Uma with blazing green eyes before turning to her friends, "Let's go guys. Even the white rabbit wouldn't want to be late for this party!"

Uma squirmed and twisted more frantically as they made their way to the center of the shantytown, pushing their way through the crowd and eventually mounting the stage where Evil Queen was preparing to MC.

"I see you've finally taken center stage, haven't you, mommy?" Evie said, "Sorry, but you'll just have to wait another year. It's our turn now."

"Nah," Mal said, as she, Jay, and Carlos pushed Uma up the steps, "We just need the floor for a few minutes; then she sell her soul again if she wants."

"Listen up, villains!" she continued, inspired by something Evie had said the day before, as she watched the crowd grow rowdy with discontent, "I don't know how many of you heard about what happened yesterday, but Uma here stole Evil Queen's enchantment and forced our beautiful princess to drink it."

Her words did nothing to quiet them; Evie was as famous on the Isle as she was in Auradon and even the villains didn't like the idea that she'd been mistreated.

"But," the blue-clad girl stepped forward, spinning in a circle, modelling herself for all to see, "as you can see, I'm perfectly fine now."

"So, what happened?" Harry Hook yelled from the crowd, arms folded definitely over his chest, "What's this higher power thing about?"

"Love," Mal snapped, "something that you villians know nothing about!"

"Think about it," she continued, "Love is why most of you are here. My mom, Evil Queen, Jafar, Cruella, Hades, Ursula, Dr. F, Frollo; and that's just naming a few. You were all defeated because the heroes over in Auradon overcame your schemes with love. Heck, my mother is a little lizard today because I chose love and Amos Slade lives in Auradon instead of here with all you freaks because he realized that a fox and a hound could love each other!"

"And let's not forget," Evie added, wrapping an arm around Mal's shoulder, "Love made two enemies into best friends."

""That's right," Mal grinned, embracing the blue-clad girl, "but you washed up old fools are stuck here because you've never loved and that's the saddest thing of all!"

Several pieces of rotten fruit suddenly whizzed over their heads and they instinctively backpedaled.

"Let's get out of here guys," Mal said, seeing danger, "We aren't going to convince them tonight."

"Just remember, Uma," she continued, turning steely green eyes on her bewildered, slightly frightened-looking former friend as she covered her retreating friends, "The secret to a life of significance is love and you'll never achieve what you really want unless you learn to love."

Then they were gone, desperately racing towards the limo and Auradon before they could be captured and held for ransom.

"Do you think she'll listen to you?" Evie asked, slowing down to allow Mal to catch up as they neared the wharf.


"Uma-do you think she'll learn to love?"

"Probably with the same burning intensity as my mother," Mal rolled her eyes as they dove into the backseat and Carlos started the engine, "Why?"

"Well, you said it yourself," Evie gave her a pointed look, "Love is really amazing. I just think Uma would enjoy it if she tried it."

Mal rolled her eyes again, but smiled despite herself, "You and Ben are a lot alike, you know. Always ready to forgive, no matter what awful thing she tries to do to you."

"Maybe that's why we both love you."

"What? Because you get so much practice forgiving?"

"Well, that wasn't exactly where I was going-" Evie started to reason, but she was interrupted when the door opened and an arm reached in and pulled them both out onto the beach.

"Well done!" Ben embraced them with tears in his eyes while the other Auradonians cheered behind him, "We live-steamed you guys; you were awesome!"

"Welcome to Auradon!" he picked Celia up and set her on his shoulders, "I hope that you love it here!"

"Oh, and I have a new proclamation!" he added, as things began to settle down.

"What's that?" Mal asked, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"In your honor, I'm hereby reinstating Halloween."

Author's Notes: Happy Halloween, folks! It was fun to write this story!