Wakanda 2008

"Comms check?"

"Comms are good. Weapons are good. We're about to get to the drop off." Erik responded as he looked over his pistol, the primary weapon he used. Harry looked around at the rest of the small strike team his adopted cousin now commanded.

"Indeed, we are. All right let's go over this. There're twenty-two terrorists in the building and eight hostages. From our scans, they are keeping the hostages on the third floor. We're going to have three main points of insertion the back exit, the front entrance, and the roof. The back exit will go in first to clear out the floor before opening the door at the front entrance. Those on the roof will also at the same time start clearing out the top floors. All teams will meet on the third floor to rescue the civilians. The power will be out so keep on your headwear." Harry said as he looked around the room to make sure everyone got the seriousness of the situation.

"We're over the drop point." Their pilot called back. Harry nodded at that.

"Alright, move out." Harry said as he moved over to a terminal on the plane where he would be coordinating the attack. Erik would be the one leading on the ground. Suddenly, the back door of the ship started opening and the strike team gathered at it in preparation.

"Deploy." Harry ordered. Immediately the entire team charged towards the door and started jumping out two by two into the night. Harry watched until the last one was gone before turning back to his monitor. He had his eyes scan everything in front before tapping into Erik's mic.

"Alright, four soldiers are patrolling on each floor. Make sure to not try to go in blasting this time so we can at least attempt stealth." Harry admonished.

"Shut the hell up. That wasn't even my fault." Erik whispered back angrily. Harry smirked at the reply.

"That's strange because, in my memory, you charged the door and pulled out your gun before anyone was even…"

"Alright, alright, alright. Shut up about it already. I handled it didn't I?" Erik ground out. Harry looked at him and his team land on the roof with one of the several drones they had in the air to monitor the whole situation.

"When you head down the stairs, there will be two to your immediate left. They're facing in the direction of the stairs so you'll need to take them down at the same time." Harry commented as he watched the camera cycle to an X-ray image so he could follow their progress without the walls getting in the way.

"Team one. All four on the first floor are in the middle of the lobby seemingly talking." Harry said as he switched comms.

"Understood." The team leader said back. Harry switched back to Erik's comm just as he struck down the last terrorist with his bare hands. Harry watched an image of the man striking his throat before lifting him across his shoulders and slamming into the ceiling, hard.

"Something you want to tell me?" Harry asked curiously. As he saw Erik move forward.


"You're attack patterns, you're purposefully sacrificing efficiency for brutality, which means you're upset about something." Harry said back as if it were obvious.

"I'm not upset about anything." Erik said. Before Harry could respond, Erik struck out again against another enemy this time striking him in his crotch. As the man bent over, Erik grabbed one leg and then his clothes at the back of his neck before picking him up, legs first. Harry almost flinched as he watched his cousin then slam the man headfirst into the floor, snapping his neck. He was silent for a moment.

"… Alright, I'm fucking upset, you happy?" Erik growled as he moved forward.

"Why would you being upset cause me happiness?"

"Why does everything you say sound like it comes from a therapist?" Erik shot back. Harry moved his eyes down to the two bottom floor teams to see how they were progressing. They had just finished the second floor and were now moving over up the stairs and were approaching the door to the third floor. Erik's team has just reached the third floor as well.

"Sending thermal imaging to your headsets and marking your targets. Hit them all as fast as possible otherwise, they might go for a hostage and this whole thing will become a lot harder." Harry said to him.

"Yeah, yeah. I got the mark."

"Good. Breach in 3, 2, 1… Now." Harry said. As soon as he finished, all teams broke through the doors and started blasting with either the Vibranium spears they had equipped or in Erik's case, his pistol. Immediately, the six targets were torn apart by the combined fire and went down.

"All hostiles neutralized." Erik reported.

"Good job. Recover the hostages and lead them outside. The convoy to pick them up is three minutes out. Leave the blindfolds on and get out of there." Harry ordered.

"Roger that." Erik said before setting to work. Harry said nothing as he watched the strike team quickly calm down the hostages before helping them move down the several floors and out to the front of the building.

"Thirty seconds till the convoy will be in view."

"We're moving." Erik said back. He watched them move away from the building and across the dirt road and into the forest surrounding the building. It was lucky these terrorists had not taken the hostages into an urban area otherwise it would have added a whole other layer of difficulty on top of what they had just done. Not that this had been difficult per se. But Harry liked it when things were easy. It made his life easier. As the team got to the ship, he called the drones back before swiveling in his chair and watching the approaching strike team.

It consisted of only Dura Milaje as was the custom for a member of the royal family on missions. Erik had picked each one out himself for various reasons though Harry could guess as to why. They had shown themselves to be, at least, somewhat like-minded in that Wakanda should operate more outside its borders.

"Convoy just arrived, that anonymous tip worked it seems. The hostages were picked up and we're good to go. Let's get out of here." Harry said as he looked at his cousin who was simply looking back at him with a bored expression.

Back in the tower for Royals

"So, what's up man? What's got you so hot and bothered?" Harry asked as they both lounged in a common room. Erik was sitting on a chair looking over various reports while Harry was on the ground while leaning back on his giant panther friend as he gently rubbed her side causing her to softly purr.

"What the hell have we been doing man?" Erik said after a moment.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked patiently.

"I mean it's been six years, and we still haven't done anything at all! I mean we do these missions and shit but how's that helping anything? That fucking council is still just sitting around and not doing shit. We need to be doing more man. I thought you had a plan for this?" Erik said as he glared at him. Harry didn't take it personally; he knew his cousin was just upset.

"Hmmm. I would argue those people you just saved would say differently. Had we not pushed for your strike team they may not have been around much longer."

"And that's good for them but it doesn't mean shit to the millions that are still out there suffering. I want to… I want to do more. And it's goddamn frustrating knowing we have the physical ability to do more and simply don't." Erik said while clenching his fist and closing his eyes in frustration. His whole body looked tense.

"Hmm. Interesting you should bring this up… Did you know we are having a council meeting tomorrow?" Harry asked the man. Erik looked at him in confusion.

"No. Are we attending for some reason?" Erik asked confused as to why he would bring up such a thing.

"Indeed, we are."

"Why? You don't think asking them nicely will have any effect, do you?" Erik asked sarcastically.

"Nicely? Oh no, I have no intention of doing things nicely. I've backed them into a corner now. They'll have no choice but to go along with my idea. It took a little longer than I had hoped but it's all coming together." Harry said with an innocent smile. Erik simply gave him a look of suspicion.

"What'd you do?" Erik asked wearily.

"Nothing that I haven't been doing for a long time. I told you once, you have to convince them that it's in their best interest to aid the outside world. You can't change several years of a singular thought unless there is a pressing need to."

"So, you've got something figured out then." Erik asked.

"Of course, I do. I'm me after all."

"Hmph, well I guess I'll take your word for it. But we better actually start doing shit. I'm tired of killing petty criminals."

"… Are African Warlords petty criminals?"

"You know what the hell I mean white boy!"

"What are you two talking about," T'Challa said as he entered the room looking at both of them suspiciously.

"I was just talking about out-smarting the council… again. But we were done with the topic. What have you been up to brother?" Harry asked with a smile. T'Challa glared for a moment at him with the same amount of suspicion but decided to not push the matter.

"I was simply training."

"With Nakia?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. T'Challa glared once more.

"So what?" T'Challa challenged.

"Is that what the kids are calling it now?" Erik muttered. Harry started laughing at that and T'Challa just glared at the both of them.

"We were just training." T'Challa insisted.

"Oh yeah. Was it anything like that last 'training' session I walked in on between you two? I am quite sure I have never thought of taking down an enemy quite like…"

"SHUT UP. NO MORE TALKING." T'Challa said as he turned around and rushed out of the room. At this point, both he and Erik were laughing their asses off while looking at his retreating form.

The Next Day

"You going to tell me what the plan is?" Erik asked as he approached Harry. Harry simply smiled back at him.

"No, I think it'll be better if you're left in the dark. It will keep your responses more genuine." Harry replied.

"Genuine, why wouldn't my responses be genuine?" He shot back.

"Because if we're both coming at this in the same way then it will look like we were plotting for it the whole time. I want you to learn about it at the same time so any of the Council who are trying to determine if we did such, will not be able to discern the truth."

"This is already sounding complicated." Erik sighed.

"Not complicated. Trust me. I may call on you in there to back me up. Just answer whatever I say truthfully. Got it?"

"Whatever," Erik grumbled in annoyance but Harry knew that to mean he would listen.

"Well, look who is here early. Are you so eager to speak with the council?" King T'Chaka said with a smile as he entered the room. Erik stiffened slightly at his arrival.

They had made a lot of progress from their first meeting several years ago. Erik had gotten over a lot of his mental hang-ups that he had been holding on to even though there was still much anger and frustration within him. Despite all this, it was clear that even though T'Chaka was his uncle, being in the same room as his own father's killer was uncomfortable for him. T'Chaka seemed to notice this but did not comment on the boy. He was likely waiting for Erik to become comfortable on his own.

"I don't know what you are implying. Am I not always early?" Harry said back with a small innocent smile. Erik snorted and the King's smile widened a fraction of an inch at his words.

"The mere fact that you asked to be here as well as reserved a time to speak on an issue says otherwise. Considering every other time, you have done this, I am sure this meeting will be just as frustrating." T'Chaka commented. Harry just smiled.

As he had once said, he was terrible at politics, but he did know how to play the game. As much as he wished to support his son and nephew, T'Chaka himself was a conservative and he was just as big an obstacle as the council was on many issues. The only difference was that he was much more willing to at least hear them out on what they had to say.

The rest of the council was no longer as keen on doing so. It was not that Harry did not bring up good points, in fact, it was the opposite. Harry always seemed to outmaneuver and back them into a corner enough to get his way. Wakanda was a place that prided itself to allow a healthy mix of both tradition and new ideas. Traditions were heavily respected but when they blocked new and important ideas, then there was an issue. This was where Harry shined showing with logic that certain traditions were no longer helping them grow and were holding them back.

"Every other time, I had only decided to join in on the meeting because of something I thought was important." Harry pointed out.

"Perhaps, but that doesn't change the fact that you always manage to cause disturbances that end up giving me headaches." T'Chaka said blandly.

"Well, then I hope you brought medicine with you to this meeting." Harry sniped. T'Chaka just gave him a half-hearted glare which Harry chuckled at.

"Will T'Challa be at this meeting?" Erik asked gruffly. Harry was also curious about this.

"He will but only in an observational manner today." T'Chaka answered wearily. T'Chaka wished his son to take on a more conservative approach as he did. While he did not stop his son or hold him back from anything, there were certain things he did not exactly encourage either.

At the moment, it was not exactly clear where T'Challa leaned in Wakandan politics. For the most part, it seemed his brother wished to stay closer to the middle of each view. There was nothing wrong with this and Harry considered it rather impressive considering Nakia had more progressive leanings though he wouldn't exactly call her an ally to theirs causes and ideas. Still, T'Challa followed her like a lost puppy in most matters but when it came to politics, it seemed he was able to think for himself, something Harry saw with relief.

"Well, I hope he observes carefully today then." Harry said airily as if talking about the weather. T'Chaka simply sighed.

"Fine, let's go and get this over with."

With that, all three of them walked into the throne room where the rest of the heads of the tribes were gathered as well as the current commander of the Dura Milaje. Okoye sat proudly in her seat looking every bit the warrior she usually did. She had a reason to be proud of course. She was one of the youngest Generals in the history of Wakanda having gained the position only a year and a half ago.

T'Challa sat on the side in a comfortable-looking recliner that he used when not directly interacting with the council meetings. Harry nodded at him in greeting and his brother gave him a small smile before nodding back. With that, Harry and Erik took their seats that were just outside of the council ones showing that they were part of the meeting but only for a certain topic.

T'Chaka immediately started with the common introductions and began the meeting with relative ease. They started talking about various economic issues that cropped up as well as new military technology ready to be introduced to the civilian population. T'Chaka even hesitantly brought up an idea his daughter had created to allow for faster mining of Vibranium. Something about the way it was stored to allow for faster movement. The council seemed interested but skeptical. They shelved the idea for the time being before continuing. It was close to forty-five minutes before T'Chaka finally called on him to speak.

"And now, my son wishes to bring an issue before this council. Hadrian, you have the floor." T'Chaka spoke in his native tongue which seemed to almost give him even more of a commanding presence. Harry stood as gracefully as he could before approaching the middle of the arranged council.

"Council members, thank you for listening to me today. I bring important news that could potentially spell a major disturbance for Wakanda." Harry said gravely. This immediately brought the attention of the rest of the council to him. While they may not agree with him politically, Harry held a high place in the military and was the current handler for Erik and his strike team which was currently the most effective Wakanda had. His words on possible military matters had weight.

"As many of you know, there has been an increase in the number of outsiders that encounter Wakanda. To combat this, I asked that we form Strike Team FANG several years ago to operate outside of Wakanda. The Strike team has been doing exactly what it was meant to in disposing of threats to Wakandan security before they become dangerous. As some of you know, just yesterday we disposed of a small terrorist cell that had the information they wished to exchange on the Black Market of our country. They used human SHIELDs to hopefully stop us which it didn't. We took care of them and saved the hostages without exposing ourselves." Harry told them.

"With respect, we all know the effectiveness of the strike force under your command, but what does this have to do with Wakanda?" The representative of the Border Tribe asked impatiently. Harry did not let his words annoy him though and continued.

"When we made the Strike team it was under the impression that even if their actions were noticed, it could not be traced back to Wakanda. Well, I keep a constant eye through both our spies and War Dogs all over the world to make sure of this and recently discovered that Wakanda has not been as careful as it thought." Harry said. He held up his wrist which had several beads on it and pushed his finger on one. Immediately and projected image popped up with the image of a black eagle in a circle.

"This is SHIELD." Harry said. T'Chaka immediately swore when he saw the symbol. The council looked at him questioningly.

"My King, you recognize this symbol?"

"Yes. SHIELD is a world spy organization dedicated to fighting major threats around the world. It was created after the second world war with permission from the UN. It was an attempt to make a global version of Interpol or the CIA. Not much is known about the organization even among the U.N. representatives but it operates mainly out of the United States and other Western countries. Hadrian, are you implying that SHIELD is aware of Wakanda?" T'Chaka asked.

"No, at least not yet. Unfortunately, they do suspect that Wakanda is not what it seems and may soon try and have one of their agents infiltrate our borders." Harry said.

"Why would this organization suspect Wakanda? It is clear to me that the Strike team must have made a mistake." The representative of the River Tribe said in anger.

"It was my first thought as well when I had found they had possible investigations into us but this is not the case. SHIELD, has had its eye on Wakanda ever since it has existed from what I could find. It seems that being the only natural source of Vibranium in the world garnered said interest. They seemed to suspect that we had more than we said and it was confirmed once the attack happened several years ago performed by Ulysses Klaue." Harry said, pausing to let the information get absorbed.

"Furthermore, they had several reports of both mine and Prince T'Challa's time in America that paints a picture of them apparently doing recon on the both of us. They didn't seem to find anything out of the ordinary but then, Wakanda discovers a long-lost Prince within the U.S's borders. This ramped up suspicion as they are unsure of how the boy got their and Wakanda's excuse of a runaway prince didn't seem to satisfy them. Right now, they have nothing concrete but with the sudden random attacks near Wakanda's borders well… it will not be long before they understand the extent of their own suspicions." Harry said. Immediately, the room burst into arguing as the council argued over what should be done to continue to stay hidden from the world.

"Silence!" T'Chaka yelled as he jumped to his feet and glared around the room. As everyone finally settled down, the King sat back down slowly before looking at Harry.

"While we can all agree that this is a serious problem, let us not focus on how it happened and on how to fix it. Suggestions?" T'Chaka asked as he looked around the room.

"Should we not simply disband the Strike Team?" The River tribe representative asked. Harry showed no emotion at the suggestion before he raised a hand to interrupt.

"If I may, disbanding the Strike Team will bring more harm than good. Remember, the Strike team was created for a legitimate reason. Without it, the threats we face at our own border skyrocket. Of course, I mean no disrespect to the Border Tribe, they are skilled warriors, but I would rather have no Wakandans die if possible." Harry said. The Border representative nodded in respect and understanding at his words.

"My son is right; the Strike team is not the problem itself. Even if we disbanded it, that would likely even bring more suspicion on the sudden halt of the attacks they did." T'Chaka said in thought.

"As distasteful as it would be, perhaps we should consider… assassination." The Merchant tribe representative said. Murmurs immediately came from the rest and unease filled the room.

"Assassinate who exactly? This is not a few people who suspect us, it's a whole organization. Do you intend to Assassinate the entire hierarchy? The assassination could only make things worse at this point." Harry pointed out.

"My son, do you have a plan to combat this?" T'Chaka finally asked. Harry nodded.

"I do but I do not believe the council will like what I suggest." Harry said blandly. Several members stared at him in annoyance at his words.

"I do not care. Let us hear what you believe is the wisest option."

"Well… In truth, I do not believe we are going in the right direction. I don't believe Wakanda can hide forever and whether any of you agree with me or not we should make contingency plans in case we are exposed. In truth though, I believe it is time to make another government department specifically for monitoring and dealing with such occurrences. It however will not deal with simple military interactions but civilian interactions as well."

"Civilian interactions?" T'Chaka asked in confusion.

"Yes, civilian. In truth, the biggest danger to Wakanda is its closed border policy. To most world governments they don't care too much but for information gatherers, the fact that we have closed borders represents forbidden knowledge. The fact that we have closed borders only further incites them to try and discover what we hide. I believe we should allow limited open borders to Wakanda." Harry said.

"Are you insane boy?" The Merchant tribe representative asked him rhetorically. This caused him to glare at the woman and cause an unfeeling to seep into the room.

"I remind you that I am a Prince of this country whether you like it or not and will not be talked to with such disrespect unless you wished to be treated the same." Harry said coldly.

"Hadrian calm down. That being said, he is right. I will not have such talk to your Prince and a commander in our military in such a way again. Is that understood?" T'Chaka asked with a glare to the representative who had spoken out of turn. The woman shrunk in on herself.

"Of course, my king. I lost myself in the high emotions of the moment. It will not happen again." The representative said apologetically. T'Chaka nodded in acceptance of the apology then looked back at Harry.

"Continue." He ordered.

"I do not mean to allow them into our actual cities or see our technology. We have a fake capital that is already inhabited. We could allow visitors to these and other locations to show we have nothing to hide. They will be strictly watched of course. It would simply help to take the suspicion off of us." Harry pointed out.

"How does that take away from the suspicion caused by the Strike force?" T'Chaka asked.

"It doesn't which is why I believe it is time we use subterfuge and some of our assets to fund certain ventures to aid in diverting attention from Wakanda." Harry said.

"Hmm. You plan to fund other African-based groups near us to get them up to a higher level to hopefully draw more attention to them." T'Chaka guessed. Harry nodded.

"You have given us a lot to think about. We will have to discuss. You may go for now; we will call you back when we have reached a decision."

A half an hour later

Harry sat in a side room off the throne while Erik paced in front of him. Harry just watched him calmly.

"You should relax." Harry commented.

"How the fuck can I relax after that. Holy shit, man. You backed them into a fucking corner. How did you do it, was all this staged?" Erik asked in confusion. Harry rose an eyebrow at that. He held a finger up to his lips to gesture for his cousin to be quiet. A moment later he waved his hand and the air in the room started to shiver.

Erik knew he had magic. He had revealed it to him two years ago after his cousin saved his life… Well sort of. Erik had thought he was saving his life, Harry would have been fine but Erik threw himself in a barrage of gunfire to save him. Harry had been touched and it had cemented the bond that they had been creating with each other for the last few years. In return, Harry had revealed his greatest secret to his cousin.

'So…?" Erik pressed.

"… I knew SHIELD had been suspicious of Wakanda for years. I knew since college that they had been making subtle inquiries about our country and not believing what the world had been told. They aren't sure what's actually going on but they're suspicious. I knew that ramping up our activities would draw their attention enough to be a possible threat that would force the council to act. The council wouldn't want to do anything but they're not in a position to simply do nothing anymore. Wakanda will be forced to deal with the outside world now." Harry said. Erik looked at him for a moment then started laughing.

"Fuck man, you're cold. Even I couldn't have thought of something like that."

"Well, I didn't need to do much. Wakanda was scheduled to be discovered sooner or later, the sooner the council and King realize this the faster we can make preparations to make sure our country isn't caught off guard by the reveal. Although it doesn't look like it, everything I did was actually to make sure Wakanda will be in the best position it could possibly be in." Harry said.

"If you say so. As long as it aids our goals then I couldn't care less." Erik said.

"Be careful of thinking like that. 'For the Greater good' is an expression that has taken more lives than any on the planet. Don't throw away your morality so easily cousin." Harry said. Erik gave him a queer look.

"You know I'm older than you right?" Erik commented. Harry chuckled at that. Erik seemed to calm down after his speech and sat down. He seemed to close his eyes and drift off as they waited. Luckily, they did not have to wait too much longer as fifteen minutes later, a guard came in the room and called them back into the throne room.

Harry stood and entered the throne room. Erik followed closely behind him. The council looked tired and he could tell there was a lot of arguing that had happened while they had been absent. Many were probably not happy with whatever the King had decided to do but they would do what they were told.

"My King." Harry greeted once more as he took his place in the middle of the council.

"Hadrian. I have come to a decision. After carefully reviewing the intel gathered and assessing the threat myself along with the council, I agree with your assessment on the potential danger Wakanda faces. Given what you told us, I know you have a plan already drawn upon what you suggested if you bothered bringing it up in the first place. I have decided to go along with your ideas on a preliminary basis. You will be the architect but I will be carefully observing at all developmental stages." The King said. Harry nodded and fought to keep the pleased look off his face.

"Thank you, my King." Harry said.

"But… you are already a commander and the fact that you plan to leave your post in another year after your mandatory stint is over, you will not be the overseer of this new department though you may aid it if you wish once it's created. Instead, your cousin, N'Jadaka, will lead it. He will need to have several representatives from each tribe to aid him in his plans and decision-making process. Understood?" The King. Harry nodded his head. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Erik stiffen at the news of what the King just said. He was an excellent warrior and had slowly proved his loyalty but to give him such a position of power within the Wakandan hierarchy was… strange. Especially since T'Chaka knew of his views.

"With that, this council meeting is adjourned. Hadrian, I expect you to have all your preliminary plans of this given to me by the end of the week. N'Jadaka, you will need to be part of this process as well. I will see you both soon."

With that, the intense meeting was over. Both Erik and Hadrian walked out together.

"I can't believe you just pulled that off," Erik mumbled in disbelief. Harry smiled.

"Satisfied now?" Harry asked. Erik smirked but shook his head.

"Let's see where this shit goes first." He said before going silent as the beads on Harry's wrist started buzzing.

"This is Hadrian." Harry said as a projection of one of the technicians he had under his command appeared.

"Commander Hadrian, there was some new information I thought you might like to know."

"What is it?"

"One of the people of interest you had us keep an eye on was just reported as missing." Harry's face scrunched in confusion. All the people he had on that list were potentially the most capable of discovering Wakanda and possibly becoming a future threat in one way or another.

"Which one?"

"Tony Stark."

This is the official end of this story. Covering everything in the MCU at this point would be a huge undertaking and not really what I set out to do when I created this. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this small little short story of mine. Sorry it took so long to get out, I graduated and have been juggling Post Grad program, a job, and trying to move all at the same time and it's been… hectic to say the least. Either way, I do plan to keep writing so keep an eye out for my other stories.