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I know this is a lot shorter than most of my fics, but I've been super busy recently and probably will be for the next little bit. I'm thinking I'll be turning this into a collection of short one-shots from prompts and such, though. Let me know if you think I should keep fluff and angst as seperate collections or not. Thanks!

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Edit: This story has been revised. (:

Lance stared out at the horizon, the colors just beginning to light up the sky. It had been years since the last time they'd had the chance to do this, longer for some than others, but sitting next to everyone on this roof? None of it mattered anymore.

They had done it. They saved the world.

Sure, there were a lot of problems that still needed solving, but humanity had been saved and their families had been reunited. That was good enough for Lance.

The sun hadn't quite shown up yet, and it was still fairly dark. It felt so long ago that they were on this very same roof, about to rescue Shiro and discover the blue lion.

Lance couldn't help the smile that came to his face. Things had been so much simpler back then. All he had worried about were grades and impressing girls. He didn't even know aliens existed.

He looked around at his friends, his family. They had all grown so much. Glancing at Pidge with a smile, he thought, 'well, perhaps not exactly grown...'

"What?" The sudden voice cut through Lance's thoughts and he saw Pidge staring up at him, a look of suspicion on her face.

"Huh?" Lance responded, unsure what he had missed.

Pidge rolled her eyes in mock annoyance, but she smiled. "Why were you staring at me like that?"

"Oh," Lance said. He hadn't realized he had been staring, but they were so comfortable with each other by now that the moment wasn't awkward. "I was just marveling at the fact that, even after all this time, you haven't grown an inch."

He let out a grunt when Pidge's elbow hit his gut. Honestly, he should have expected that by now.

Regardless, they both laughed and Lance didn't miss the smile on Shiro's face as he watched them. It looked so much like a proud dad face that Lance almost felt the need to comment.

"Sun's coming up!" Hunk's voice rang out, a childish excitement in his tone and everyone's eyes quickly turned back to the horizon, yellows and golds now branching out from where the sun was beginning to rise.

"Wow," Allura breathed, and Lance realized she probably hadn't had much chance to see a sunrise before. Neither had Coran. Some of the planets they had visited had atmospheres that would be capable of it, but they never stuck around long enough to see one.

Speaking of Coran, he seemed fascinated by the sight. He leaned forward as if to try to get a better look, mouth hanging slightly open. The mice that stood on his shoulders seemed to agree from their unmoving gaze.

Lance glanced over at Keith to see if he was enjoying it, knowing he wasn't one for sitting still. Keith didn't seem to mind this time, though. Keith sat next to Shiro, matching content smiles on their faces. Lance could see a bright light reflected in Keith's eyes and he turned back to see the sun was now completely visible over the horizon.

He had forgotten how quick sunrises were.

The sun illuminated everything, covering them and their surroundings in a golden glow. There were traces of pinks and oranges on the fluffy white clouds.

It was beautiful.

He looked at the others, looks of awe on their faces and he remembered a time when Pidge wasn't impressed by sunsets. Well, either sunrises were a different story or living in space for a few years had changed her opinion because she looked entranced, the gold of the sun accentuating her already golden eyes.

Lance's grin grew at the pure amazement on Allura's face and he made a mental note to show her the ocean someday. He had a feeling she would like it. Coran, too, seemed amazed. It was remarkable that a several-century old man could still manage to look like a child.

Hunk, who sat next to him, wasn't much different. Lance knew Hunk had always loved sunrises, and with how long it had been, he wasn't shocked at the shimmer in his eyes.

Lance's gaze fell on Shiro next and found him looking back, a slightly amused smile on his face. He, too, appeared to have been watching the others and sent a subtle thumbs up to Lance, which he took as 'This was a good idea'. Shiro flashed another smile at him and then turned back to the sunrise, his arm around Keith's shoulders.

Speaking of Keith, Lance hadn't seen him this relaxed in a long time, possibly ever. War can do that to a person. But the lack of tension in his shoulders and the soft smile on his face felt right, and Lance was glad it was finally there.

Turning his gaze back to the sun, Lance found that the colors had faded almost completely and he realized he had missed almost the whole sunrise. A small sniffle to his left made him glance over to see Hunk wiping at his eyes. Coran had placed a hand on Hunk's back but Hunk's expression wasn't of sadness. It was of relief. Love.


Taking a final look at the group, a flood of pride swelled inside him. They had done so much, come so far, and had actually succeeded. There were so many close calls, so many terrifying moments, but they were all here. Safe and happy. They could finally live in the peace they had fought so hard for.

Looking at his team, Lance suddenly wanted to take a picture to help him remember it. Maybe hang it in his room next to his other family picture. He quickly shrugged off the thought, though. He didn't need something to remember this moment.

After all, there were plenty more to come.

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