Alex Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
To all my friends,
I love you.

You've been with me through everything,
The ups and the downs,
We've done all we can,
To stop Aven taking the crown.

Jordan, with your "humour",
Your food-obsessed ways,
You're the master of meals,
Is there any greater praise?

Bear with your hugs,
Staying true to your name,
Bring comfort everywhere you go,
Don't care about the fame.

Dix, you're a princess!
But a great friend as well,
You've been with me through everything,
Not locked me away in a cell.

Declan with your two sides,
Or maybe really three,
Funny, serious or both,
You fill everyone with glee.

Niyx my past an future friend,
You're always in my heart,
I'll remember you forever,
Even when we part.

Roka your leadership,
Guides us through tough times,
When we start to panic,
You remind us, we'll be fine.

Kyia with determination,
You'll make a great queen, I'm sure,
You are fierce and loyal,
And don't need to be any more.

Zain, you call me "little human",
But you know you love me deep inside,
Your past is now behind you,
Go on, leave it all behind.

I could go on forever,
Name all the rest,
But there's just one more left,
I think he's the best.

Kaiden, my one and only love,
My heart belongs to you,
And with no explanation needed,
I bid you all adieu.