Percy Weasley yawned as he patrolled the halls of the castle, no one would be able to sneak by him!

"Hey Percy," his partner said as she rubbed her eyes, "We've been going up and down this hall for hours, no one's here!"

"You never know," Percy said as he scanned the hallway, "Some rulebreakers could be coming down the hall as we speak."

"If we didn't see anyone the last time we came down this hall, I doubt that-"

"Who's there?!" Percy shouted as he lit the tip of his wand, he knew that he heard footsteps, but he couldn't see anyone, but there was a large cardboard box that rested against the wall.

"Why are you being so paranoid?" His partner asked as "It's just a stupid box."

"A box?"

Percy sighed, he'd really been hoping that he'd catch a rulebreaker.

"Oh well I guess we can move on," Percy said.

As the two of them left the hallway, they didn't notice the box stand up and walk away...

Severus Snape whistled a jolly tune to himself as he walked down the stairs that lead to the Mail room. Underneath his arm, he held a bundle of thick envelopes that he planned to send to the parents of the students that had miserably failed his test. Most of them were either failing or were on the verge of failing his class, and he figured that a howler would set the students back on track. He had to admit though, he was looking forward to watching Wealsey get her howler.

"Hmm?" Snape stopped and looked behind him, for a brief moment he thought that he heard someone cough. But it seemed like he was the only one walking down the stairs. Snape shrugged and opened the door to the mail room, he felt like it may have been his imagination.

"Oh, hello Severus," Professor Flitwick greeted him as he handed an envelope to an owl, "How are you doing tonight?"

"I'm fine," Snape said, "I just need to send these letters."

"Those sure are a lot of letters," Professor Flitwick commented as he looked at the envelopes under Snape's arm, "I suppose quite a number of students failed your test?"

"Yes, I'm sending these letters out to their parents," Snape said, "Perhaps a few stern words from their parents will encourage them to perform better."

"Maybe," Professor Flitwick said, "By the way Severus, do you know what that box is for?"

He pointed to a cardboard box that sat in the corner of the room.

"It's been sitting there for hours, and no one has come to pick it up," Professor Flitwick said, "I wonder why?"

"Perhaps they didn't notice it?"

"Really? It sticks out like a sore thumb."

"I didn't notice that it was there until you had pointed it out," Snape said, "They must have used a Disillusionment Charm..."

If that was the case though, then he had a sneaking suspicion that he knew what the box was for. Snape walked over the box and lifted it up from the ground.


"Uh, hello Professor Snape, Professor Flitwick," Ron said as he stood up, "How are you doing on this fine night?"

"What are you doing here Weasley?" Snape asked, "You should be in your room, you're past your curfew."

"Oh well, you see I couldn't sleep so I thought that I'd come down here." Ron said.

"You came down here to sleep under a cardboard box," Snape said, "Do you honestly expect me to believe you?"

"What can I say? Mail just...turns me on."


Ron's statement confused Snape so much that he didn't notice the envelopes getting taken.

"I'm not one to question what...turns on a student," Flitwick cringed, "But if you had trouble sleeping you could have just taken an envelope and slept in your room."

"Oh, I didn't think about that," Ron said, he stretched and tried to walk past Snape, "Well I'll go back to the common room, goodni-"

"Where do you think you're go-" Snape had placed his hand on Ron's shoulder, when he suddenly noticed that the envelopes that had been under his arm had mysteriously vanished.

"I see," Snape glared at the boy, who shrunk back in fright, "Your true goal was to steal the letter I was going to send to your mother, wasn't it?"

"I-I uh, y-you know I-I uh," Ron gasped as he looked behind Snape, "What are you doing Harry?!"

"Potter?!" Snape whirled around in surprise, and Ron took that chance to escape as he shoved Snape aside.

"You won't get far Weasley!" Snape shouted as he started to chase after the boy, only to trip over his own shoelaces.

"What the hell?!"

"You know it's kind of sad that you don't know how to tie your shoes," Flitwick said, "Then again, maybe all that grease messed up your brain."

"Why are you just standing there?!" Snape shouted, "Help me, Weasley's getting away!"

"Why would I help you catch my own brother?" Flitwick asked.

"What do you mean 'your own brother'? You aren't related!"

Flitwick smirked and tugged his face off and threw it onto the ground.


"I'm a pretty great actor, aren't I?" Weasley asked as she took of the rest of the disguise off, "Anyway I've got to go, thanks for the letters!"

"Why you little-" Snape tried to grab her leg as she dashed out of the mail room, but she darted to the side and avoided his grasp. Snape grit his teeth in anger and stood back up, "Get back here!" he shouted as he hopped after the girl...

"Hey, do you hear that?" Percy asked his partner, "It sounds like someone's coming our way!"

"Percy you did this last time, there's no way that-"

She blinked as Percy lit his wand, and she saw someone running towards them.

"Ah ha!" Percy shouted, "I was right to check this hallway, I'll accept your apology once we catch him."

Percy cleared his throat and held his wand out.

"Stop in the name of-"

Ron barreled into him, sending the two crashing to the ground. Percy's glasses fell off and hit the ground, his wand rolled out of his hands, and the one source of lighting faded. Percy squinted as he tried to see who was on top of him.

"Ron?!" Percy shouted in surprise as he looked at his younger brother, "What are you doing?!"

"Sorry Percy I can't talk right now!" Ron said as he scrambled to his feet and ran away.

"Ron I'm going to-"

Someone tripped and fell on top of Percy, knocking him back down.


"Hey Percy, I'm being chased so I can't really waste any time," Ginny said as she got to her feet, "Bye!"

"Ginny get back here!" Percy said as he got to his feet.

He grabbed his wand and got ready to stun her, when he heard footsteps behind him. Thinking that it was another student, he fired the stunner into the darkness. Upon hearing someone hit the ground, Percy picked up his glasses and walked over to the person he'd stunned.

"So, you thought that you'd get past me?" Percy asked, "I may have let the other two go, but I'm going to march you straight to Dumbledore!"

He blinked as he lit up the hallway, to find an unconscious Professor Snape.

"We should run." Percy's partner said.

Percy nodded and the two ran after Ron and Ginny, leaving the Professor alone in the hallway...

"We are never doing that again!" Ron said as the two of the slipped into the common room, "Never!"

"Hey, you have to admit that it was fun to mess with Snape," Ginny said, "And on the bright side, your sneak stat just got raised, keep it up and you might get your own sneaking game!"

"I-" Ron sighed and decided to ignore that comment, "Hey Harry are you here?"

"Yeah," Harry said as he pulled off his invisibility cloak, "I can't believe that we actually pulled that off."

"Never underestimate the power of cardboard boxes!"