Chapter1: curses can definitely backfire on Evil Queens.

Author's note: this story was written for the swan queen supernova challenge on ao3. I wanted to share it with those of my readers who prefer this site. The challenge has a time constraint on how long you have to complete the story. I suffered some major writer's block while writing this story, and I feared that I feared that I wouldn't finish it in time and almost gave up on it. but my psychologist and my cheerleaders I was linked to with the challenge got me through it. And thankfully I was able to finish it all with 5 minutes to spare before the deadline. there are some scenes that might trigger some readers when some marital rape/abuse is mentioned. for some reason the word count is shorter on here than it is on ao3 I am laurathechef84 on that site. I hope you enjoy and please leave a review. I am contemplating writing the sequel for this story for next year's SQSN.

Regina, had come back to her castle in a fit of rage. Because what she found out from the caged Dark one wasn't news she wanted to hear. She had gone to him to question him about why her first attempt at casting the dark curse that he had given to her shortly after her long-time nemesis Snow White had married her Sheppard Prince Charming. She had waltzed into the castle's ballroom in all her Evil Queen glory. To announce that their wedding was her gift to them and for them to enjoy it as she was going to destroy their happiness if it was the last thing she did.

Regina had teleported herself back to her own castle just in time barely avoiding getting impaled by the gilded sword that Charming had thrown at her. She was furious that she hadn't been able to defeat her insipid former step-daughter. Rumplestiltskin no doubt had been watching it all unfold and felt that Regina was finally ready to cast his dark curse. He had teleported to Regina's dark castle and offered her a deal for her to find her happiness all she had to do was cast his dark curse. He told her everything she needed to know about casting it and left her too it, thinking that his plans were about to finally come true. He would be able to find his boy Baelfire.

"Regina you don't have to do this! We can go somewhere else to a new kingdom, you can find your happiness there. Start over again, where no one knows who we are. We both could be happy, please my sweet daughter, dark magic isn't the way to your happy ending." Pleaded Henry Senior, as he held Regina in a loving embrace.

"Don't you see daddy, this is exactly what I intend to do! I just need the heart of who I love most…" replied Regina as she plunged her hand into his chest ripping out the glowing red organ.

While Regina was distracted by her father trying to convince her that she doesn't have to cast the curse, Red was sneaking into the dark castle with the fairy dust given to her by Grumpy. Who had been given some from Pink whose sole duty was to take the large sack of fairy dust from the factory where it gets made. To the flower beds where all the fairies lived.

Their spies within the Dark Knight's ranks informed her of where the Evil Queen was currently brewing the dark curse. Red silently crept into the secret room. The cauldron was relocated there after the first failed attempt, for Regina didn't want her fellow evil creatures to witness any other possible failures.

She walked around the room until she located the cauldron, then bent over it holding the small bag containing the dust. 'Now what was it I was supposed chant over this dust again? Oh right…' Red pulled the drawstrings apart then chanted:

"Instead of darkness bring light,

Instead of hate bring only love,

Instead of chaos bring order.

In this hour of desperation, I alter this dark curse.

The caster of this curse shall not harm the saviour,

The caster will falter and remember the prophesy…

A dark queen will find the saviour, watch her grow,

On the saviour's eighteenth birthday they will join.

And all kingdoms shall find peace."

Once Red had finished the chant she turned the bag's contents into the cauldron. The dust latched on to the various ingredients of the curse. With her secret mission now complete, Red snuck out of the castle without any of the inhabitants noticing.

When Red reached the dark forest, she pushed the hood of her red cloak off her head, and greeted the Pink fairy. "Did you do it?" the fairy asked in an agitated voice, her wings quivering with her anxiety.

"Of course I did. I wouldn't be here if I didn't." Replied an exasperated Red.

"Good, hopefully Blue doesn't figure out what we did. If she or Black ever find out, I will lose my wings!" Exclaimed Pink.

"Calm down, will you? We are still within The Dark Kingdom we don't want any of the Queen's animal spies getting word back to her. I would like to avoid getting fire balled, thank you very much," replied a frustrated Red. Pink changed back into her small pixie form while Red changed into her wolf, knowing that moving that way would be quicker than if they were to remain human. They then dashed through the forest, dodging the reaching branches the Evil Queen had enchanted to ensnare her enemies.

Red and Pink reached The Light Castle just as grumpy began to open the gates to let the dark wolf in. "Took your time, Red. I almost gave up on waiting for you," grumbled Grumpy, as he followed the dark wolf and fairy down through the castle grounds until they reached the main entrance to the castle. "Well, you better shift back, Red. Her Majesty Queen Snow will want a full report on your success. I need to get back to my post on the wall," stated Grumpy.

As Red shifted back to her human form, the dwarf turned his back and then began walking back to the castle gates. Pink also transformed back into her human form. "Pink, don't you need to get back to the fairy garden?" questioned Red.

"I will soon, once we get the report to Snow. I need to check on what Blue is up to around the castle. Don't worry I won't get caught," replied the pink fairy. As soon as they reached the royal couple's bedchambers, Pink reverted into her small pixie form, then made herself invisible, so as not to alert Blue to her presence, as Pink knew that Blue would be overseeing the current consultation of Snow's pregnancy. The dwarf called Doc was doing the examination.

Blue is a tyrant in the fairy world, often exerting her power over the dwarves, preventing them from finding love and happiness, forcing them to only focus on their work in the diamond mines. She was also known to be selective with which families in the enchanted forest where worthy of having a fairy godmother, often only assigning fairies to the various royal families with an exception to the family line of King Xavier, mostly because most of his decedents have been cruel and tyrannical ruling with an iron fist. Something she didn't want to promote as it would draw attention to the fact that she wasn't as good as she pretended to be.

She exiled her sister known as the black fairy because she tainted the fairy bloodlines by getting sexually involved with a human male. Not only that, but the man her sister was involved with turned out to be a terrible father, abandoning the child. She supposed it was only inevitable that her nephew, Rumplestiltskin, would become the dark one. She felt sorry for her great nephew, so she gave him a magic bean she obtained from the giants.

Before King George's adoptive first son the identical twin of King Charming and his lover could defeat the giants. With his lover, Jaquelin he took a poison-tipped sword up one of the beanstalks to steal the treasure that a more gullible giant hoarded, and killed most of that giant's family. Blue had taken advantage of the giant's distraction to take as many magic beans she could carry in the sack that is often used in the collection of fairy dust. Using her magic to make the giant in charge of razing the entire crops onto think he destroyed them all. Blue had also secretly tortured any of the prisoners that resided in her favourite royal families' dungeons.

But since they were prisoners no one ever believed them whenever they told their captors their stories. Because Blue would convince the various royals that they were either delirious or making up lies to get released.

Pink flew around the castle using a well-placed disillusionment spell over her pixie sized body. If anyone were to look in the direction she was hovering, all they would see is the castle walls or the various statues and paintings dotted around the castle. It is a spell that even Blue isn't capable of casting, something Pink prides herself in. Pink is a skilled fairy, not that Blue would ever notice. To Blue, Pink is an incompetent bumbler.

Yet here she was casting spells the head of the fairies could only dream of. If only she was brave enough to pursue Grumpy and go on that sailing trip they had once planned to take before Blue and the head dwarf interfered. "Hey Pink over here," whispered The Purple Fairy. Pink headed over to where her fellow fairy was hiding near the library door.

"Purple! What are you doing here, I thought you were de-winged?" Pink whispered back, as she reached where Purple was waiting.

"No, I managed to get away before Blue could find me. She was too distracted with exiling Black to notice that I had slipped out of the fairy flower grove. I travelled to the other side of the realm. On the boarder of the Enchanted Forest and Camelot I found and ancient vault containing the rest of the prophesy, and many scrolls containing the various future possibilities," explained an enthusiastic Purple.

"Like what?" asked a curious Pink.

"Well there is one where the Evil Queen succeeded in casting the dark curse, and everyone from explained the purple fairy, better known as Kaye to her friends and fellow fairies. With that, both fairies left the castle to go to their respective dwellings.

Meanwhile, Red was granted entry into Snow's chambers, where she had just gone into early labour. "Red you are here. I wanted to ask you if you would be my daughter's godmother?" asked Snow after her first contraction had passed.

"I would be honoured, Snow." Replied Red without any hesitation.

Just as Snow was going into labour, Regina was adding the last ingredient to the dark curse completely unaware of the fairy dust infused spell that would only lead to the curse backfiring onto her. The cauldron was hot and bubbling, a slight dark smoke rising from it. Regina then crushed her beloved father's heart into the mixture.

A dark storm of purple and green magic burst from the cauldron, it began to billow out around the room. But, instead of continuing its path of destruction, it sought out the caster of the curse; clinging onto Regina in a dark, purple, green and a hint of pink flurry of colour, smoke, and ash. The curse clung to every inch of her body as it tried to find a way inside of her.

Regina breathed deeply in her panic, which was in her mind the wrong thing to do, as it only allowed the curse to seep into her skin, her bloodstream and every pore of her body. She felt herself regressing in age until she was eighteen again. Her mind, however, was still in her thirty-four-year-old mind set. Her body had regressed but not her intelligence or her limited wisdom.

It was in that moment did she realise that the curse had backfired on her for a second time. "RUMPLESTILSKIEN! YOU FUCKING MISERABLE BASTARD YOU DID THIS TO ME! I WILL DESTROY YOU IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO!" shouted an angry and frustrated Regina.