Fifteen long and happy year's went by, with Henry growing up to be a good strong young man. He was both a knight and could wield magic like his two mothers. Snow White and Charming had given birth to a set of twins by the names of David and Michael, they where handsome and charming much like their father but both could use magic much like their older sister and current co-ruling Queen Emma, the three siblings got along really well and they often enjoyed teasing their same age nephew any chance they got.

Red and Dorothy, Mulan and Belle were all also happily married each with two children of their own. Zelena and the huntsman who had asked everyone to call him Graham, had a daughter together but they didn't get married. As they found that they work better as just being together as a family without the implications of marriage came with. They both found that it wasn't their style. Regina and Zelena are both pregnant with their second to be born children much to the delight of young Henry he had longed to have a sibling.

But many small wars and many attempts by Fiona to try and break Regina and Emma apart made it impossible to happen until now. As Henry and his entire extended family were all together at the dark castle celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the union of Queen Regina and Queen Emma. When Fiona had come and interrupted the happy celebrations with her coming at Henry for her last ditch effort at defeating him.

Regina and Emma had both joined in on the fight at first as did his Grandma Cora, and his two uncles Zelena was on bedrest so she couldn't get involved in the magical battle much to her disappointment as she so very much wanted to give the black fairy a good beating. The battle was going on well until the stress of the battle sent Regina into an early labour as she wasn't due to give birth for another three weeks. So Emma and Cora helped Regina get to Regina and Emma's bed chambers to get ready for the impending birth.

So Henry made sure to run as fast as he could into the biggest of the ballrooms so he would have plenty of space to move around Charming and his uncles followed behind to provide support if he needed it but they knew that it was Henry's destiny to defeat Fiona.

"Blue may have been defeated, but I won't be so easy little boy!" declared the Black fairy. As she brandishes her wand in fast movements. Young Henry isn't in the least bit worried, he is confident he can beat the black fairy. After all it is his destiny to do so.

He flings fireball after fireball as he thinks of which spell he should use against the fairy. "is that all you can do?" taunts Henry as he blasts the fairy with his unique blend of magic. Like his blonde mother he can use both powerful light magic and powerful dark magic, being a product of true love himself. His ability to use dark magic gains an extra kick from his dark haired mother who is the once Evil Queen.

Like his raven haired mother who uses her dark magic to help in various magical battles over the years. The most noteworthy being the defeat of the Blue Fairy. When both Henry's mothers worked together to defeat the fairy. So henry alternates from using magic from he inherited from Queen Regina and his birth mother Queen Emma. White and red sparks shot out at the fairy from his hands.

"I am just getting started pipsqueak!" retorted the Black fairy as she increases the intensity of her magic. She hated to admit it to herself but her adversary was stronger than she anticipated, her magic was starting to weaken her as she continued to exert herself with each magical blow she had to black and each of her return hits. She continues to fire blow after blow not noticing that Henry had begun to chant as he continued to duel with her.

"true love conquers all, with the power of true love the black fairy is defeated. With true love let her feel the love she had been deprived off. With this spell she will no longer be able to harm others. With the power of true love let it be done." Chanted Henry as he sent his final blow towards the black fairy who was unable to block the spell.

Her wand is destroyed and her wings turn back into the dust they were created from. She falls to her knees on the ground in defeat. "You have won Prince Henry, what are you going to do with me now?" questioned the black fairy. Looking into his eyes in an act of a desperate plea to appeal to his better instincts.

"for now , you will be held prisoner until you can be tried for your crimes by my mothers. Guards take her to the prison cell we had made for her." Stated the young Prince. His mothers will be very proud of how he handled the situation. He will no doubt become a great king one day when it is his turn to take the throne when his mother's retire.

Soon enough he felt the presence of his blonde mother as she teleported into the garden where the final battle was held. Emma took a long look around the area, taking in the traces of magic that still lingered around them telling her the tale of how their son fulfilled his part in defeating the black fairy. A deep sense of pride settles in her chest. "You did well kid. I am proud of you! As is your Mama, come on kid it is time to come meet your baby sister!" exclaimed Emma, with a huge smile upon her face.

"Really mum? How is she? Does she have magic?" asked an overly excited Henry. His teenaged boyishness showing as he beamed with happiness.

"Calm down, she is only a baby we won't know if she has magic. Take my hand I will teleport you to where your Mama is waiting for us with your sister." Answered Emma as she took Henry's hand into hers before teleporting them both into the Royal bedchambers she shares with her wife Regina.

They had landed just on the inside of the room close to the chamber's large wooden doors. Regina was resting comfortably with the small bundle wrapped in her arms. Upon Regina seeing two of her favourite people enter the room she graced them with her brightest smile. "Come meet your sister Cordelia." Welcomed Regina.

Emma eagerly walks over to the bed to stand just to Regina's right hand side where baby Cordelia was being held by Regina. She lightly brushed her hand on top of the thick tuft of blonde hair. Henry cautiously approached the bed coming to a halt just in front of Emma. He looked down into his sister's clear brown eyes. Already feeling a strong desire to protect her with every fibre in his body. "She is beautiful ma, I promise to always protect her no matter what." Declared a proud Henry.

"I know you will my brave Prince. You are so much like your mother. She said the very same thing when Cordelia was born and she held her for the first time, when the midwife placed her in her arms." Said Regina.

"I stand by that promise Regina now and always." Declared Emma, love and devotion clear in her voice.

The End.