Hii my name's Annie LeBlanc,and this is the story of my life.

I was born in California,i had lot's of friends there,so many good memories,a happy family,an amazing school(actually no,school suck's) my life was amazing and i thought that it will always be like this but like what all people's say good things always comes to an end,and turns out,it was dad switched job's and turns out,my whole family needs to move to Los Angeles(LA) well...to be honest,LA is not that bad but what makes me feel that my life's not gonna be that amazing anymore is that i need to leave all my friend's and memories there and whenever i think about it,i will always burst in tears but that's on the bad side,the good side is that maybe i can meet some new friend's,make some even better memories,and maybe even meet my idol ;)i haven't told my friend's about it tho i don't know how will they feel i really don't wanna do it cause i may lose them and they mean everything to me but they deserve to know.


(Sorry for the short chapter,I'm still learning)

Thank you for reading hope you like it