Hey guys this is the ending to the duology! Dunno if that's even a word...FUN FACT: My Kaiden Poem won a fanfic comp on Pinterest! And it's just a short poem! So please read this and enjoy!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I might not say it out loud,
But Kaiden I love you.

You are everything I need,
A shoulder to lean on,
And you'll always be here for me,
Even when the battle's done.

Niyx told me to trust you,
And I finally see why,
I want to be with you Kaiden,
I have no reason to lie.

Hope you liked it! Anyway just as a heads up my yearly exams are coming so sorry but my new posts will be very irregular unfortunately. :( Buuuuut good news! In the summer holidays I'll be posting a looooot more!