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Natsu (17) years old.

Wendy (12) years old.

Gajeel (17) years old

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-Year X784-

"How could you do this Natsu!" Lucy yelled angrily at the pinkette who on the other hand was confused at was Lucy was talking about. The guild was in shock as members such as Gray and Erza were glaring at the pinkette with contempt and shock.

Other members such as Romeo and the Strauss siblings were just utterly surprised at the sudden outburst.

"What are you talking about Lucy? I didn't do anything." Natsu said not understanding what Lucy was talking about.

"Oh, you don't know huh, well how about I show you instead." Lucy then took out a newspaper and showed what she meant. It had an article about a town that was obliterated. Apparently, in the town a fire mage just suddenly appeared and started to cause havoc, people who were there were burned alive and killed.

"What the- I wouldn't do that! Besides you know that I wouldn't kill anyone." Natsu tried defending himself as Wendy and Gajeel argued with the blond mage.

"Lucy-san! Natsu-san wouldn't do that, we were with him the entire time and we never saw him do that." Wendy said defending the pinkette. Wendy on the hand couldn't believe what Lucy was doing. It hurt to see Natsu being blamed for something such as killing.

She knew how Natsu was, and for what she knows is that Natsu is not a killer.

"Yeah, I agree with sky girl. Sure salamander is sometimes crazy and destructive but like sky, girl says, he wouldn't kill anyone." Gajeel reasoned as Lucy then looked at Gajeel and Wendy.

"Oh, don't think I forgot about you two, there were also reports of people being crucified and others being torn to shreds by air magic." Lucy accused the other two dragon slayers.

"Hey! Don't drag Wendy into this! She's innocent and you know it!" Natsu got annoyed at how Lucy was treating them. She should know that they were innocent. So why wouldn't she believe them? It just made no sense...

"Hm, don't lie Flame-brain, just admit it to everyone and no one gets hurt." Gray threatened as many others surrounded them.

Natsu, on the other hand, was hesitant. He didn't want to use his magic seeing as if he uses it he'll basically be proving their point exactly. Wendy was slightly hesitant seeing Natsu in distress.

After a few moments, she decided to back him up and began to activate her sky magic.

Gajeel following Wendy's example started to activate his dragon slayer magic by covering himself in scales. The rest of the guild, on the other hand, was ready as they had their magic's ready. Makarov himself landed in front of them his hand stretched out as if telling them to back off. He looked at the pinkette

"Natsu... please. Tell me that that it isn't true. I've known you for many years and I know that you don't kill, but I need to know the truth. Tell it to me yourself." Makarov stated pleading that his brat was not a murderer.

"Here, I'll prove it to you," Natsu said as he pulled out several photos that he got from the council a few days back. He was confident that they were from the previous successful job he completed. He slowly handed them to the master.

Makarov took the photos but was utterly horrified at what he saw. Just like in the news coverage, it showed Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel doing exactly what it explained. Natsu was burning people alive, Wendy was tearing others alive with air, and Gajeel was bleeding them out and crucifying them.

Though on the inside Makarov didn't want to believe that Natsu would do such a thing. But after seeing the proof that the photos revealed. Makarov had no other choice but to believe and it broke him inside. He looked at the pinkette before speaking.

"Natsu... By my right as the master of Fairy Tail, I hereby banish you from Fairy Tail. You may not return again. The same applies to Wendy and Gajeel."

"Gramps I'm not lying! I told you guys that we didn't do that." He then quickly turned his eyes to Romeo, the Strauss sibling and a few others. Natsu looked at them with pleading eyes hoping for them to help him fight back.

"You guys believe me... right.?"

But unfortunately, his hopes were crushed as Romeo hid behind his dad and the Strauss siblings just turned their heads in the other direction for fear not muttering a word. As much as they wanted to help Natsu prove his innocence they were afraid that they would be treated the same way.

Natsu then just had his head down. His face shadowed by his pink locks as he then said something for everyone in the guild to remember.

"Well... It's that's the way it's gonna be, then consider me out." Natsu said as he then put his hand on his right shoulder and used his magic, therefore, removing his guild mark.

"I thought you guys were my family, but watch the next time you guys are in trouble I won't be there to help. I hope you have a good time without me." He then turned around and looked at happy.

"Happy let's go, It's time to start a new adventure." Happy on the other hand felt nothing but fury at those who thought that Natsu was a killer. Happy didn't think twice as he grabbed his green bag and gave Natsu a quick nod before flying by his side.

Natsu then started to walk away before a voice stopped him.

"Well since I'm banished as well, then I'm leaving with you too Natsu-san." He turned around only to see Wendy with Carla in her arms. Natsu was surprised at Wendy sudden action. At first, he was gonna try to stop her from doing something that she might regret but from seeing that look in her eyes he realized that there was no point.

Once she has her mind set she's not gonna change it.

Just like Natsu, she put her hand on her shoulder and using her magic the guild mark had vanished, meaning that at that moment like Natsu she was no longer a mage of Fairy Tail.

"If that's the case, then there's no point in staying. I'm not going to be in a place that treats us like criminals." Gajeel used his magic and erased his guild mark. As much as he hated Natsu's guts, he couldn't really stand and watch him be accused and berated like that. He knew the kind of person that Natsu was and to see him like that angered him.

"Yeah! That's right! Leave and never come back!" Gray and the other had started to activate their magic and were preparing to attack but they were not ready for what happened next.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu shouted as his fist was engulfed in flames and with everyone not being able to react fast enough he slammed it down to the ground creating a smokescreen.

"Let's go, guys! It's time to get out of here!" Natsu yelled at Wendy and Gajeel who on the other hand ran, well not before both slayers used their magic's to their advantage.

"Swift winds that course through the heavens!" Wendy chanted as a blue magic circle appeared below Gajeel, Natsu and herself.

"Vernier!" The three slayers glowed as they felt lighter. Taking advantage of Wendy's enchantment they quickly used their momentum and dashed away but Gajeel had other plans. Before following the others he quickly activated his magic to buy more time for their escape. Putting his hands together he slammed them down on the ground as he chanted his spell.

"Iron Dragon's Hard Wall!" A massive wall of iron appeared in between the other guild members as they quickly backed away. Gajeel then turned around and with one step shot his way out of the guild and followed the others.

Meanwhile, the guild members who were still there layed in shock. Who would have thought that the dragon slayers would make such a hasty getaway? Well, no matter. What mattered now was that sooner or later they would face retribution.

"Damn it. They got away! But since they left there's no reason to follow them." Erza reasoned as many members agreed with her suggestion and remained unmoving. Others, however, tried to argue but were silenced by the master.

'No, we will remain here. Those three are no longer our concern. Besides what happens to them will not affect us in any way." Makarov said as he then enlarged his fist and locked it and with one swing, his fist hit the wall destroying it in the process. Chunks of iron flew and scattered across the floor as Makarov then shrunk his fist back to its normal size.

"But, master are you sure about this? I mean, won't we have to cancel the exams?" Erza questioned the master motives. It wasn't like the master to just let things go like that, But it wasn't like she or anybody else could argue with him. He was their leader and master so whatever he says goes in the guild.

"Very well then. If you have no problems letting them go then so be it. I won't question your judgment. But how will we continue the exams? We lost a few candidates so do you have any ideas? Erza asked.

The master just simply sat down near the bar and grabbed his favorite mug. Filling it up he quickly downed it in two gulps and refilled it again. Looking at Erza then eyeing the rest of his children. He merely closed his eyes for a brief moment before speaking.

"Don't worry about that right now Erza. I know what we're going to do. So be patient."

"Okay then. Whatever you say, master." Erza turned around as she looked at the other guild members who were waiting for instructions.

"Okay, all of you listen up. The s-class exams will go on as planned so that means that since Natsu and the others left the guild, his spot has now opened up. And that means that if any of you wish to take the exam, you must work even harder then ever before if you wish to compete." She paused for a brief moment before she continued.

"Another week from now the master will determine who gets to claim his spot. So, get to it!" Erza said out loud as members then began to race to the request board taking the best jobs that they could find and make their way.

-In the outskirts of Magnolia-

Natsu and the other two Gajeel and Wendy were on the outskirts of magnolia waiting for Natsu to grab his things. Apparently, he felt that he needed to grab all of his precious belongings before leaving.

Natsu then came out of his house with his traveling supplies meeting Wendy who on the other hand had all of her necessities with Carla who had come back from scouting the area to make sure they weren't being followed.

And Gajeel who didn't really take much, all he had was a black bag over his shoulders with Lily near his side with his sword in hand.

"Are we really leaving for good Natsu-san?" Wendy questioned. It wasn't like she didn't want to leave but after seeing how the guild tried attacking them it made it obvious to her what they needed to do.

"Yeah, we have to. It's not like we have a choice in the matter. Besides if we go back then we're just gonna be signing our death warrants. Even if we wanted to stay, everyone now sees us as murderers. And at this point, all we can really do is just run and hide..." He looked at the sky before looking back at her and Gajeel.

"But it doesn't matter what happens in Fairy Tail anymore cause we're not a part of it. We can go and find a new guild to join if possible." Natsu said as he conjured up a fireball and tossed it into the building which used to be his home. Wendy, on the other hand, winced as she saw Natsu burning his home as if it was nothing.

"Natsu-san are you sure you should burn it? I mean because you have so many memories in that house right?" Wendy said hoping that Natsu wouldn't regret his action.

Natsu could tell what Wendy was gonna say so he beat her to it. Looking her straight in the eye he just simply told her.

"If you're worried then please don't be. It's my decision to do this and besides burning my home here just shows that I'm willing to let go of the memories I have." He said as he watched the place burn. As much as he would've wanted his old house to stay intact, it had memories of Fairy Tail.

The guild that betrayed him and his fellow Slayers.

"All I know is that I can make more memories not with the guild but with you guys. So, for now, let's go and find ourselves a new guild." He said as they looked at Fairy Tail from the outskirts. It was a real shame that they had to leave the guild but it's too risky knowing that if they return they'll be in deep trouble.

Their time in that guild may be over but there is a new adventure awaiting them.

And with that, the three dragon slayers and their exceeds simply vanished leaving their old home forever. They didn't need anyone else, all they had were each other for the time being and that's what matters most especially with these upcoming adventures ahead.

- a couple of days later-

Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel were walking in a forest looking for a place to camp out. It wasn't safe that's for sure but seeing as they were raised by dragons they could handle the wilderness just fine. The only problem was that the forest was massive and getting lost was an easy thing to do especially since the flora and grasses were filled with different scents it could make hard for the dragon slayers to find their way through.

Wendy was following behind Natsu seeing as she was scared of being in a dense large area by themselves. Gajeel on the other hand simply trotted forward keeping in pace with Natsu. Happy was busy looking around to see if they could find any place where they hopefully could rest up. Carla, she mainly stayed close to Wendy seeing that since she was still a young girl she would need proper protection.

Natsu was busy sniffing the air sensing if there were any place with water nearby due to Wendy and the exceeds not having anything to drink for the past couple of hours. Natsu then suddenly stopped as he smelled the air, Wendy and Gajeel smelled the air and felt that they were near.

Following the scent, they quickly ran and about five minutes later they saw a river. They were surprised at the site the river was vast and it went father than the eye can see.

What made it beneficial for the three was that the river was crystal clear there was no dirt or anything to make the river polluted. They just settled down quickly as Wendy then grabbed her canteen filled it with water and just sat down and ate her food silently.

Gajeel was too busy splashing water on his face to notice that there was somebody across the river from where they were. The figure stayed out of view as the person merely watched the three mages and the three felines resting up.

Meanwhile, Natsu who was busy eating and resting up felt that something was off, getting up he noticed the faint presence of someone across the river though it hid well enough it wasn't enough to keep Natsu from finding out.

"Who's there? Come on out and show yourself." Natsu said as he had his guard up. Natsu for one knew that now that they were out of the guild it made it difficult to put his trust in others especially those who turned their backs on him.

Rustling came from the bushes on the other side as the figures revealed themselves. One was a boy with spiky blond hair with a white shirt, a brown vest, blue pants with a brown furred exceed near him. The blond haired boy was covered in scratches and dirt.

The other beside him was a boy who looked about around the same age as him seeing as he wore brown pants, a gray shirt, and an exceed with something that looks like a frog outfit on it. This boy looked like he was devoid of any emotions seeing as he had a pure blank expression. However, the only thing that caught their attention was that he had a look similar to Gajeel.

And the third one was a girl who had pink hair tied in twin tails, she wore blue and pink skirt and a shirt with a pinkish heart design in the middle. The girl looked like she was in worse shape than the other two seeing as her clothes were ripped and dirty. The little girl looked no older than Romeo maybe like around 8 years of age it seemed. She looked like she hadn't eaten in days seeing that she was rubbing her belly.

Natsu and the others could only be surprised as they couldn't believe it. Just like they were on the run, these kids had no home to return too. Steeling himself he went up to the group as the kids prepared themselves.

"Who are you three? And why are you all out here in the middle of nowhere?" Natsu asked with curiosity.

It was surprising to see kids in these parts, knowing that the forest is filled with poisonous plants and animals. How long they've been in this forest Natsu and the group didn't know. But one thing was for sure these kids weren't normal.

"My name is... Sting Eucliffe." The blond haired boy responded back slowly but he appeared to be tense.

"My name is Rouge Cheney... it's nice to meet you." The boy bowed slightly but showing no emotions.

Wendy then looked at the pink haired kid who was fidgeting her hands like a lost child. The girl merely looked at Wendy before finally introducing herself. Recomposing her self she looked at the three before talking.

"I'm Chelia Blendy... It's nice to meet you all." The girl said now addressing herself.

"It's nice to meet you all. My name is Natsu Dragneel." Natsu introduced himself.

"The names Gajeel Redfox. Remember it..." Gajeel said without a single care in the world.

"My name is Wendy Marvell... It's nice to meet you." Wendy said with her hands behind her back.

"So what are you guys doing way out here? From what it looks you guys look way to young to be in this part of Fiore." Natsu asked as they all sat down.

"We got lost after the three of us got chased by the Rune Knights. So we ran but we got away. Well just barely...they're still looking for us but we lost them in the forest." Rogue paused before he continued.

"And what about you guys? What are you six doing out here?" Rouge asked with the other two being curious.

"We were chased out of our guild by our former guildmates. Right now we're looking for a place to settle down so for now, we are just wandering mages." Wendy said as she explained the details of their experience.

"That stinks to have been abandoned by your guildmates and being forced to wander and survive. It's a harsh world indeed." Chelia said as she had a frown on her face.

Wendy couldn't help but feel bad for her, Sure she was a child and a dragon slayer but this pink haired girl was just a toddler. If they were to leave her alone this girl would perish. Wendy removed the lid of her canteen and handed it along with a piece of bread to Chelia.

Chelia, on the other hand, was slightly hesitant to take the food but sensing no ill intent, she slowly took the canteen and bread and ate. Wendy made a small smile seeing as she was able to help someone in need.

"Mm, mm, mm, Puah!" Chelia gasped for air as she was finished with Wendy's canteen.

"Thank you Wendy-san, I thought I would've passed out. You saved my life." Chelia said with a smile as Wendy took her empty canteen. She went back to the river quickly to refill it for a later time.

"It's no problem I was more than happy to help." Wendy smiled.

"You guys hungry? We have some food if you'd like." Natsu said as he making some food. He was busy preparing some fish that he caught in the river. Sting and Rouge at first shook their heads saying they weren't hungry but their stomachs showed otherwise as both of them were embarrassed.

"Come on, I saved you guys some. Have a bite." Natsu offered as he held a fish on a stick.

Sting and Rouge both took a fish and began to eat slowly, Natsu on the other hand kind of figured that they wouldn't be as talkative especially since they were being chased by the rune knights.

After a few minutes, everyone was done resting up and began to pack their supplies. Turning around Natsu could only look at the children in sadness, he didn't want to leave them so he made them an offer.

"You guys wanna come with us? If we stick together then we can have a better chance of surviving." Natsu proposed as him, Wendy, and Gajeel looked at the three with wonder.

Sting, Rouge, and Chelia were busy debating amongst themselves whether or not they were trustworthy. After a few minutes of debate, the three agreed to join Natsu and the gang as they as well packed what little supplies they had. Afterward, Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel the three exceeds with the new additions of Sting, Rouge, Chelia along with the two exceeds joined the gang.

"Okay, now that we have everything are we ready to go?" Natsu said as he looked at their group one last time.

"Yeah, we're good. We got everything that we need." Wendy said as everyone faced the other side of the river.

"Let's go, guys, it's time that we get out of this forest," Natsu said as they walked across the bridge that connects both sides.

While walking Wendy was holding a map it had the directions of the nearest city or towns in the vicinity. Looking at the location in the west, she saw that they were about to meet good fortune.

"Hey guys, I just checked the map and I have good news. We are near a place called Hearth City. If we can make over these mountains then we'll be there in no time." Wendy said as showed the members the location.

"Alright let's go I'll race you guys there," Natsu said as he sped up slightly. Wendy and the others didn't have time to argue as they just followed in pursuit.

Though it was short, they made new friends along the way. Their adventure was just beginning. And with that, they made their way.

-Hearth City-

Natsu and the group made it to Hearth City unscathed. The city itself was surprisingly large as they saw flowers and other things decorating the city in style.

Many people were walking through the city gates with their families and loved ones by their side. The inside of the city was grand as building lined themselves perfectly as many types of stores were seen in the vicinity.

There were all kinds of things in the city to due. Such activities included sightseeing, trying out the fancy cuisine and food that this place had not to mention that this place had a guild at the center.

Natsu and the group walked closer and the insignia looked awfully familiar. The mark itself looked like that of a dragon's face with its mouth opened having two large fangs standing out.

Upon entering they noticed that there were tons of people inside. Many of them were people who had families and others were mages who wore the same insignia. Looking around they saw that the guild had a similar vibe to Fairy Tail. People were drinking, having fun playing games and had pure enjoyment.

The only difference was that this guild lacked any chaos and that what made this place unique.

So as they saw the guild in its entirety, a figure walked up to them.

"Hello, is this your first time here?" A feminine voice said as they turned around and saw a green haired woman around Gajeel and Natsu's age.

"Uh, yes we're here because we don't have any other place to go and we couldn't help but look inside the guild," Wendy explained to the woman as the woman looked at them with a warm smile.

"Oh, is that so? Well, we're more than happy to have new members here. The only mages allowed here are lost magic users, in other words, slayers." She paused before continuing.

"I'm sure you all have your reasons for being here but enough of that now. Would you all like to join the guild?" She asked wanting to know what their response is.

"Yeah, that would be awesome. Also, do you guys have any strong mages? Because I'm always looking for a challenge." Natsu said he was bursting with excitement.

"Yes, we do in fact. But some are out on jobs right now. But I can introduce you all later if that would that be fine?" The woman said as the group looked at each other in thought.

"Yeah, we have no problem with that," Wendy said.

"You know, This place might not be so bad after all," Natsu said to himself and the others prepared their marks.

"But, before I forget what's the name of this guild anyway?" Natsu asked as the marks were being administered to the others.

"This Guilds name is... Draco Fang." The woman said as the group had now become guild members.

"Draco Fang huh, I like it. Thanks for letting us join I really appreciate it." Natsu said sincerely as the others as well gave their thanks.

-Hearth City Inn-

Natsu and the gang were now resting at the inn finally happy that they found a new home to rest in. Though it took a few days they finally saw a place that could be considered their new family.

Natsu was laying in his bed completely happy but tired as he just stared at the ceiling in thought. All the stuff that had transpired over the last couple of days were a lot to deal with. the first thing was Fairy Tail betraying not just him but Wendy and Gajeel as well.

Although Natsu was upset about how they treated the group. He realized that just thinking about it wouldn't do him anything. So after being lost In thought he just turned the lacrima light off as he prepared to sleep.

Well not before muttering something.

"Sleep well Wendy, I hope you have good dreams." He said before he closed his eyes and let drowsiness overtake him.

And just like that our favorite Dragon slayer bunch have settled in. And just like that new adventure await them.

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