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Natsu (20 years old)

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Sting (15 years old)

Rouge (15 years old)

Lindsey (15 years old)

Raven (15 years old)

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Year X787

December 1, Year X787

It was a cold day. The clouds had obscured the sun as the sunlight was dimmed giving the atmosphere a more depressing vibe and feel. The nature surrounding the city remained silent as the animals in their respective habitats just remained in their burrows unmoving as they stayed in hibernation.

Snow covered the city as stores in the vicinity were covered to the brim. People came and left as they went to their favorite areas and stores to buy the merchandise they desired. Kids just ran into the streets having fun and just passing the time with their friends and loved ones.

We now head over to a building that's stationed in the very center and heart of the city. The building consisted of three buildings surrounding the guild. One that was positioned left was a dorm that housed the adults and boys. While the building on the right housed the women and young girls. Both dorms roared with life as the residents began to wake up to start their daily routines.

In a room, was a blond haired teenager who was slightly rolling on his side as his eyes twitched partially before yawning. He then got up and went his drawer, grabbed his pair of clothes before heading into the shower. He took his time bathing as he let the hot water pour all over his body, allowing his eyes and body to wake up.

After that, he turned off the shower and simply smiled as he grabbed a nearby towel and began to dry himself. Then putting the towel away, he made his way over to the bed and began dressing up.

He put on what appeared to be a blue vest with golden outer edges and a gray fur, leaving his stomach exposed and a pair of belts connected down to his loose cream-colored pants that served as suspenders. He also wears a pair of dark blue gloves that reach to his mid-bicep and spiky blonde hair jutted upwards with its strands.

It only took him minutes as he finally began heading downstairs into the lobby only to see his fellow slayers sitting down eating their breakfast. Gajeel was busy nibbling on some metal, while Natsu was sitting at another table a few feet from The iron dragon eating what appeared to be a flaming steak. Going into the kitchen, Sting checked the fridge as he took out several ingredients before laying them on the table next to him. Then opening a drawer Sting took out a knife before preparing his food.

Taking the time he began to cut his ingredients before taking two pieces of bread and spreading mayonnaise on it. Afterward, he began to put his chopped lettuce with the diced tomatoes and began to slide the bacon, with a piece of ham. Satisfied, he made his way to the older slayer.

"Yo Sting, how are you doing?" The pinkette asked before taking another bite out of his food. Sting merely sat beside the pinkette before slowly taking a bite.

"Well, same old thing. Training my ass off to get stronger. What about you?" Natsu looked after to the blonde teenager before grinning. "Well, you know training. But I'll say this everything feels so different compared to 3 years ago." Sting could only look at the pinkette in confusion as a question mark appeared on his head.

Natsu merely put his hand on Sting's head before ruffling his hair.

"Remember how everything started? We didn't even know each other back then but as these years went by we sorta became like brothers..." He smiled at him. Sting widened his eyes.

That's right. Even though they were just strangers to each other, they still treated one another as friends.

"Sting-kun!" A brown exceed made its way to Sting as the latter just grabbed him. The brown exceeds appearance consisted of just a sleeveless buttoned vest.

"Lector, How's it going buddy?" The dragon slayer asked his feline friend as Lector just smiled. "I was busy tidying up the room and Happy actually helped me." Natsu was surprised at this revelation.

What the heck? Natsu wanted Happy to help him out whenever he needed to tidy up. So why the hell does he help Sting instead?

Oh, He was gonna have a talk with his blue furry friend later on.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand.

"Want to go and do a job today? It will be a blast." Sting could only rub his head shrugging, not really knowing if he could. Looking at his brown feline friend, he patted his head and smiled slightly.

"Well, that all depends on whether or not we train today." Lector merely lowered his head feeling slightly depressed and disappointed with the idea of not being able to go on a quest with his friend.

"Well, we'll just have to wait and see now won't we?" Natsu finished his food as he put in the dishes to wash. Gajeel had also finished his meal and was prepared to leave. Sting could only look at him before munching on his sandwich and putting his plate away.

"Okay let's go." The males made their way to the guild only to see Rouge outside the building talking to three other people. Taking a closer look, they identified the 3.

The first was a girl who had silky long blue hair and was wearing what appeared to be a blue-yellow tank top with frilly like designs on the edges and a skirt, coupled with a pair of shoes. She had what looked like a scarf around her neck.

The person on her right was another female who was around the bluenette's age. She had beautiful white hair that was tied in a ponytail. Her outfit consists of a white shirt with frilly designs, a silver skirt that reaches her knees and a pair of shoes. She was wearing a fluffy coat that had fur trimmings on the inside of the hoody.

And the last female who was on the bluenette's left was a dashing girl who was the same age as the other two. She has purple hair brushing over to the left side covering her left eye as some strands jutting upward. She wore a black tank top with a purple dragon face on the left side bearing its fangs, a set of shorts that reached above her knees, and some sneakers.

The three were busy talking to Rouge that they didn't notice the three other boys looking at them. Sting merely waved at them.

"Oi! We're coming." The others just looked at the shadow dragon turned around only to see his partner in crime waving at them.

"Natsu-san! How are you doing?" The bluenette simply smiled as the pinkette was walking along the path with the two other slayers side by side. The pinkette just looked at her and grinned while the blue exceed just flew next to him and hugged the bluenette.

"Ne, ne, Wendy do you have any fish? I'm starving." Happy asked the sky dragon while a white furry exceed appeared in front of him and began to pull him off of her.

"Keep your hands away from her you tomcat! And no, she does not have any fish." Carla spoke after pulling the blue exceed off and began to stomp on him. Although stomping on him barely did a thing, she slowly backed away and made her way to her slayer.

"Now then why don't we head inside. It is a bit chilly out here." The purple haired girl spoke as the others agreed but the silver dragon asked her something before entering the guild hall.

"Raven my question for you is, why are you wearing shorts at this time of the season? You'll most likely end up getting sick." The purple haired girl then waved it off by giving her partner a rundown of her choice of clothing.

"Let me just say that I feel more comfortable with my choice of clothing and fashion. Also, I don't like wearing stuff that restricts my movement. It just feels wrong." The silver dragon just shrugged mainly due to the fact that her friend was beyond reasoning with.

Once Raven decides on something she's not going to change it. Oh, how stubborn can one person be?

Well, let's get to the group.




The inside of the guild was completely decorated as stockings were hung in every corner. A large Christmas tree was put near the corner close to the unused furniture and area. The interior itself looked slightly different due to the lack of destruction and chaos.

It was peaceful, to say the least. And there was nothing wrong with that.

"Yo, Drew how's it going? Is there any training today by any chance?" Drew merely smiled before putting his hand on the pinkette's shoulder.

"No, in fact, I was going to tell you sooner but for the remainder of this month, you guys are free from training. Also, I think it's about time for you guys to go out and do some quest. Most of you need to work especially to survive." Drew reasoned as the other slayers just breathed a small sigh in relief.

"Right now I'm going on a quest with Melanie and Kane. And the job is located in another nation across Fiore's border. That means we won't be back for a few weeks or maybe a month." He continued after pausing. "But don't worry after we come back we're gonna do some really cool stuff that I think you guys are gonna enjoy." He began to walk to the entrance as a tall bulky man followed.

Melanie then also began to walk to the entrance well not before whispering into the bluenette's ear.

"Wendy we have a lot to talk about after I come back okay?" Wendy didn't know what the green haired woman was talking about and tilted her head in confusion.

"What do you mean by 'talk'?"

"Oh, You know what I mean by that." She spoke as she saw Melanie eyeing the pinkette. Wendy merely blushed at the realization with Melanie slightly giggling at her teasing.

"Okay, we're off now. We'll be back soon. Later." The door behind them opened as others then began to enter the guild. Natsu wasn't someone who wanted to stay in place for too long so he slowly started walking towards the request board and grabbed a sheet.

"What job request is that?" The blonde asked as Natsu went up to him and showed the request. Sting read the paper. "The town of Rose needed some mages to help them with a delivery." It showed the object was an artifact that was to be shipped to the town of Clover.

"Well then let's get started." Natsu went up to the bartender and handed the request before he nodded in approval. The group then headed out of the guild and made their way to the city gates. Lindsey and Raven were kind of exciting. This was the first time that they were grouping up with other Slayers aside from themselves.



Two hours later...

The group slowly made their way as they finally made it to the town of Clover after receiving the artifact. The travel to Clover was kind of a hassle especially since the entire group had to deal with their most formidable foe.


Some members were holding each other for reassurance while they were busy recovering from those 'death traps' as they call them while the others just stood on wobbly feet trying to catch their breath. Natsu was busy looking the map Raven had given him in order to see where the place to deliver was.

"Let us go over here." The silver dragon slayer spoke as she pointed to a couple of benches a couple feet away from them. "We can sit down for a bit as we wait for the pickup."

"You guys stay here. Gajeel and I will go and find this guy. So for now go and enjoy yourselves until we get back." Gajeel wasn't too pleased seeing that the pinkette's choice of a partner was horrible.

"Now wait a minute there Salamander! I never agreed to go with you! Besides I have more important things to do than to hang with your sorry ass!"

"Relax Metal-head! I never said that we were gonna be there for long." Hearing the nickname he hated so much Gajeel snarled at him.

"What did you just call me Salamander?!"

"You heard me Iron-shit!"

"Can you two stop fighting for even a minute? You're making a scene." Sting pointed out as many people who'd just so happen to be passing by stopped and witnessed the two idiots butting heads.

Natsu and Gajeel then decided to back off from one another and merely turned their backs in annoyance. Sting and the others just sweat dropped seeing that they managed to prevent their two guildmates from throwing down.

Ever since joining Draco Fang, Natsu and Gajeel haven't exactly been able to blow off steam especially when most of the time they are constantly being reprimanded by Drew, Kane, or in their worst case Melanie.

After that, they have constantly tried to avoid fighting in the guild to prevent either of the three from 'Scolding' them.

Let's just say... Never piss off the three strongest mages. A terrible fate worst then death itself will befall all those who do. All the members who've seen their wrath made a mental note to themselves to remember.

Once again Natsu continued.

"All I said was that we find this guy, hand him the thing then we're good. Unless you have something else to say?" He questioned with a narrowed expression. Gajeel couldn't really argue with what Natsu said. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, he was right.

After a few seconds, Gajeel reluctantly agreed. Natsu smiled as him and Gajeel left the area leaving the younger Slayers to their discretion. Wendy looked at paper Raven was holding and saw what made the purple haired girl so intrigued. There was a restaurant nearby and from what it appeared, it looked like the business was hosting a discount meal for having its one year anniversary.

"We should go," Raven said as her pupils lit up in excitement. Wendy, on the other hand, wasn't really up to it seeing that it would be a waste of all the food that she had made beforehand.

"No, We are not going Raven."

"And why not?" Raven pouted in annoyance.

"Because if you didn't know Wendy here has made us a couple of boxed lunches. One for each of us. And going to that restaurant will only make it worse because then it will mean that we would not be eating the homemade food she put her early hours in making." The silver dragon reasoned.

Raven, of course, was still eager to eat some delicious food but then thought about the situation a bit. A bubble then appeared in her head as she visualized some of her choices. Going to the restaurant would make the situation worse as she would make Wendy upset. Then she visualized the second option. Instead of eating at the deluxe restaurant she would see what kind of food the bluenette made.

After playing both scenarios in her mind she went over to Wendy and smiled at her before pointing at the boxed lunches.

"Wendy, would you mind if I have a look at one of those boxes?" Wendy agreed as she went to the boxes and the purple haired girl a certain box with her name on it.

"Here you go Raven-san." The bluenette handed the box to her as Raven took the item. Then slowly opening it. She was shocked.

The box itself glowed with a bright light as it finally revealed the contents within. Inside the lunch was an assortment of meats to vegetables combined with numerous other delights. Raven had no words to explain how she felt. She then began to think back to the time where she was looking at the restaurant remembering that discount it was offering.

If what the bluenette made was on this level of cooking then she wondered on how the food in the restaurant tasted. But for now what did matter was that she had a delicious looking lunch right in front of her.

"Itadakimasu!" She spoke as she raised a chopstick and picked up a piece of meat and took a bite.

Her eyes widened in awe at how the food tasted. This tasted, unlike anything she had before. The meat was so tender as she chewed it. With each bite, the flavors just keep coming in waves. It was like a meal fit for a king-no a god!

Looking back at the bluenette, she swallowed her food before giving her a thumbs up.

"This tastes so good!" Raven complemented as she started taking another bite. Wendy could only smile in return as she watched the purple haired girl enjoy the meal she made. Wendy had a thought in her mind that the food was not going to taste as good.

Well, it looks like those thoughts were completely washed away as she filled with joy and a new confidence in herself. Well for her cooking that is. She wasn't sure about her strength but since three years ago she felt more confident in her abilities. Her magic improved quite a ton seeing that she mastered some of her most basic spells and has now since then began to develop new spells and techniques.

The same applied to the two older slayers of the group. Gajeel and Natsu have been competing against each other since those years training and sparing with each other in the city's arena. Though neither of the two could fully be satisfied with fighting each other since there were much stronger opponents than them. Well mainly those being Drew, Kane, and the most tricky of the three being Melanie.

Fighting them was a big obstacle and hassle. Since they started training under them it was hell on earth. They were being trained to the brink of death every day only having a few minutes to rest between sessions. Heck, she remembered how much she was scared of her that she tried hiding but it was a failed attempt.

She knew that Melanie meant well and also heard her say that she couldn't wait for the day that Wendy would surpass her.

The day that they are defeated will be the day that they surpass them. But with how things are going, they all still have a long way to go before they could ever think about winning.

Sting and the other then began to sit down with most of the group eating. It seems that Natsu and Gajeel aren't back yet. Well, they did say that they would take a while so it's to be expected but hopefully, they could use the time they got to have some fun.

But just as she was about to get up, said people came with somewhat smiley faces, well one anyway. It looked like Gajeel wasn't too happy about going with Natsu especially since his facial expression showed annoyance.

"Hey, guys sorry we took so long. That old fart took longer to find then we expected."

"Well, maybe we would've found him sooner if you didn't go drooling over every piece of food that was on display around here!" The pinkette turned in Gajeel's direction, a tick mark appeared with his aura glowing.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He got in Gajeel's face as the iron dragon stood his ground and glared back at him.

"You heard me Salamander. I should kick your sorry ass for making me go with you!" He began cracking his knuckles signifying a potential fight. Of course, Natsu being the battle-loving dragon slayer that he begins igniting his flames as they stood apart from each other.

"Um, Natsu-san can you not fight, please? If you do then you know what will happen don't you?" Wendy pleaded as Natsu still glared at Gajeel. Of course, he still wanted to fight but then he realized that if he fights him here then they'll just make more problems for their guild.

He reluctantly stepped away but not before looking back at him.

"You know what, it isn't worth it. I would rather walk away instead of getting punished again." Gajeel at first was gonna take some cracks at him but figured as much. Getting punished was something that everyone in Draco Fang wanted to avoid especially since certain people have some sort of sadistic side to them.

He shivered at the thought of being punished especially since it would be at Kane's right. He remembered what Kane did to him last time. He had picked a fight with Natsu and accidentally destroyed some tables. Kane wasn't too happy at this so he quickly grabbed him and took him somewhere. By the time they got back, he was lifeless. His pupils were blank and were completely monotone.

Just the thought of going through all that again made him stop. Just as they were about to leave a certain conversation was taking place. Seated not too far away from them was a group of people. They appeared to be simple civilians just having a drink although talking, more revelations were revealed. The group listened intently as the people began to converse.

"Hey, guys did you hear? Apparently, Fairy Tail Is being replaced now." Someone spoke.

"Wait are you serious?" A female spoke.

"Yeah, I just found out today. They're going to be replaced by another guild called Twilight Ogre."

"Well, it doesn't really surprise me at this point. Ever since what happened in Tenrou three years ago, the guild's been going into decline. Not to mention that almost everyone who was in the guild just quit."

"This just means a new age has come. Fairy Tail's era is finally over."

Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel just widened their eyes at the shocking revelation. They knew that since their departure from Fairy Tail, the guild itself was facing many hardships but they didn't expect them to be replaced. It truly did seem that Fairy Tail's time was over.

While silent, Wendy suddenly spoke.

"I know this may sound strange but how about we go and visit?" The bluenette suggested.

Natsu was kind of surprised at the bluenette's idea. He honestly never thought about visiting. He just figured that they would head home after their job. But visiting them once wouldn't hurt... right?

"I don't know if we should..." Natsu spoke letting them hear his honest thoughts. He was still remembering the time when they fled the guild. Wendy looked at him with a slightly worried expression, concerned about him. But, she knew why he was doubtful. It was because that day had made him remember what he lost.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to..." Lindsey spoke feeling the need to reassure him. If something was troubling one of her friends, she would do everything in her power to help.

"No, it's okay... I can't let the past hold me back. If anything, I need to face them again in order to finally let go." Gajeel just put his hand on Natsu's shoulder and grinned before finally slapping his back.

"That's what I like to hear! At least your not chickening out." He teased before looking back at the bluenette.

"Okay, first question... how the hell are we going to get there? It's like a three to four-hour walk from here."

"Swift winds that soar through the heavens... Ascend!" Wendy just chanted as a blue magic circle appeared below everyone. The magic disappeared leaving the group confused. Raven was the first to speak.

"Um, what did you just do?"

"I cast a new spell that Melanie-san taught me. Well, it's more like an enchantment than a spell. It allows whoever is affected by it to move faster to the point where you can fly."

"The only problem is that the enchantment doesn't last long, so if you want to get there sooner then we might as well go now." The bluenette reasoned as the others just nodded their heads and took off.

An hour later...

The group had just made it to the outskirts of the town where their former home was located. It seems as though nothing has changed during those years but rather the people themselves. Civilians just passed through the town minding their own business as kids were running around the streets chasing each other, while shop owners brought out new merchandise.

"Wow... So this is Magnolia... It looks different then what I imagined..." Raven just looked at the town in awe as she looked at the bluenette and the other two. It came as no surprise that the three were anxious. The three exceeds were no exception to that.

"Well, we might as well look around to pass the time." Sting insisted as the group looked in different directions. An idea popped up in the blonde's head.

"I got it! We should split up that way we can all check the place out." He looked over to Rouge as he nodded his head.

Grabbing Lindsey's hand, they quickly vanished into the crowd. Raven followed Sting's example and took Rouge's hand taking off in an opposite direction. Gajeel just played along and walked away with Lily. All that was left was Natsu and Wendy. Well technically the exceeds as well but they vanished as well...

It took only a few moments to realize what happened.




Wendy then realized it! Steam rushed to her head as she was stuck with a troublesome predicament. Out of everyone she could've stayed with, it had to be Natsu of all people.

Why did they leave her with him?! Are they trying to mess with her? Looking at the pinkette she could only look away as a small blush crept its way to her cheeks. She honestly wanted to find Raven or Lindsey and beat the lights out of them. But before she could do anything a voice rang in her ears.

"Oi, Wendy are you there?" He asked curiously as the bluenette snapped out of her thoughts and turned her eyes to the source. She asked him.

"I-Is something wrong?" She muttered nervously as the pinkette just looked at her with a curious look.

"Well, you were a little too quiet and you sounded a little distressed."

"Oh... my bad it's nothing. Sorry for worrying you!" Natsu just smiled as the bluenette then asked.

"So where to first?"

"I don't know but we should see if we find them."

"But where should we go?"

"For now, how about we just enjoy ourselves first then we search. How does that sound?"

"Okay, let's have some fun." Natsu then grabbed her hand as they began walking down the streets. Wendy, of course, was flustered as people who so happened to be in the vicinity were looking at the two while whispering.

"Oh, my those two look adorable~"

"Are they a couple by any chance?"

"Ah~ young love, how it must feel to be young again."

Wendy took this as a rumor seeing that some of the townsfolk were convinced that the two were an item. Of course, Natsu holding her hand and leading her through didn't make it any easier for her since she was literally blushing up a storm.

Before any more embarrassment could come her way, they accidentally bumped into someone. Looking down, the person looked familiar. He had black raven like hair, he was wearing what appeared to be a vest with a yellow scarf wrapped tightly, a pair of pants and some hiker boots.

"Ow! Man, watch where you're going!" The person looked up ready to give the person who bumped into him a piece of his mind before staying in shock.

"Natsu-nii?!" The raven-haired boy spoke in shock.


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Character bios:

Lindsey Emilia:

Bio: Lindsey is a young dragon slayer and is one of Wendy's close friends aside from Raven. She is the Silver Dragon Slayer and is a member of the slayer guild Draco Fang. She is the daughter of the Silver Dragon Lustra. She joined Draco Fang shortly after being abandoned by her mother.

By joining Draco Fang she met various other slayers and met her partner Raven. But with the new additions of Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, Rouge, and Chelia her time at the guild changes for the better.

Age: 15 currently ( 19 later in the story)

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blue

Magic: Silver Dragon Slayer magic, Dragon Force.

Likes: eating tasty food, traveling to other places, making dresses, Draco Fang, Lustra.

Dislikes: hates seeing her friends hurt or mocked, pervy men or massive flirts, terrible fashion.

Love interest: Sting

Mother: Lustra the Silver Dragon.

Father: Unknown.

More to be revealed later.

Raven Voidsong:

Bio: Raven is the partner to Lindsey and is a close friend to Wendy. She is the Void Dragon Slayer and is the daughter to Yamestra who is a powerful void dragon. She is a member of the Slayer guild Draco Fang. She joined Draco Fang sometime after being left alone by her mother Yamestra.

Upon entering the guild, she was met with a family that would always look out for her no matter the circumstance. When the other five joined it made her life all the more interesting.

Age: 15 currently ( 19 later in the story)

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Black

Magic: Void Dragon Slayer magic, Dragon Force.

Likes: traveling to cool places, eating sour food, relaxing, Draco Fang, Yamestra.

Dislikes: fancy clothing, her friends being hurt, arrogant people, massive brawls.

Love interest: Rouge.

Mother: Yamestra the Void Dragon.

Father: Unknown.

More to be revealed later.