Takes place directly after "Ride Along" and belongs to my Antonio-is-Jake reality, as the angle of Antonio becoming addicted to pain killers gave me ideas. Chicago PD belongs to Dick Wolf and UC: Undercover belongs to Shane Salerno. Antonio's history as Jake is my own creation since they didn't really go into it on UC: Undercover.

Antonio sighed as he walked into his apartment, stopping when he saw the brunette standing in the front hallway.

"What are you doing here, Alex?" he asked. Damn. Knew I'd regret giving her my key, he thought to himself. Yeah he had done it in case she ever needed to crash cause of a case or she couldn't go home for whatever reason, but it didn't mean that he liked the fact that she was sticking her nose in his business.

"Blew through your Hydrocodone pretty fast," Alex responded. Worried about him. Is he falling into old habits? she wondered. From what she could see, the answer was yes. Well, she wasn't going to let it happen. No, she was going to make sure he stayed on the straight and narrow. He was her friend and she wasn't going to let him fall.

"You're monitoring my med intake?" he queried. What the hell? What gives her the right? he fumed as his eyes flashed as he glared at her. He wasn't a child. He had everything under control. He wasn't going to get addicted again. Seriously, a little trust was in order here.

"That's standard procedure with you, Jake," she shot back, causing him to wince. She was using his old name. This was bad. "Did you forget that I was there with John when he was helping you detox after that bastard kept you doped up as a kid?" she continued, stepping closer to him. "That I know you better than any of the cops that you're working with?" Damn. Forgot how scary she could be when she gets pissed, he thought to himself. He knew she cared and was the only person who actually knew the real him. In fact, it was why they were so close. But again, he was fine. He was not falling into old habits and Alex needed to trust him.

"Alex, I-"

"'I've got it under control'," she interrupted, her voice slightly mocking. "'I'm fine. I don't need your help'," she repeated, approaching him once more. "Save it, Jake. I've heard it from you before. And I'm calling bullshit on this," she told him, standing in front of him. "The Hydrocodone was supposed to last you for another week at least," she emphasized. Damn, it's just like when John dragged his ass to his place when he was trying to get him off of the coke, she thought to herself. He had been acting like an obstinate little brat then as well. Well, she wasn't going to stand for it. If need be, she would lock him inside his damn house.

"Doc said take 'em as needed. I've been needing 'em," he defended himself.

"Don't throw that crap at me, Jake," she snapped. "Here's what's going to happen: I'll pick up the refill for you. Then I'm going to hold on to that refill and give you the dosage that is instructed. If you think you need a higher one, we can discuss it and the reason for it. But I will tell you this right now: I will not let this crap drag you down again and I am not giving up on you. This is our deal. Take it, or leave it." Antonio sighed.

"Okay," he agreed. "Fine," he continued. Don't need her help but if it'll shut her up, fine, he thought to himself.

"Good," she approved. She could care less if Antonio was pissed off at her. The only thing she cared about was making sure that he stayed clean. And if that required a little tough love, so be it.