Donna and Michael were both enjoying a night stroll on Coruscant's Ola Street, holding hands, "For two years" Donna smiled, "I've been official with you, Mikey."

"Plus there was something about you Donna" Michael replied, "That made me fall for you."

Donna nodded her head and said, "I'm not like other girls, I'm different."

"That's right" Michael replied, "You were another Saculean who grew up in the galaxy, while I was a Saculean who grew up on Earth."

"I am Groot(Alien blood from two worlds)" Groot said.

"Groot" Donna replied, "You're embarrassing me."

Vee flew around making heart symbols, "Love is in the Out of This World air"

Donna and Michael blushed.

By the time they got to a movie theater, a group of cat aliens were being kicked out for no apparent reason, "Gentlemen" shouted the manager, "Leave this minute or I'm calling the police!"

Taserface came out with popcorn.

"Shut up" shouted Taserface with his mouth full of popcorn, "This is our theater now!"

"Go eat a stinky fish!" Hafnut shouted while spitting some soda in a cat's face.

"And have some butter with that" Gef shouted as he spitted popcorn at their face.

They stuck their tongues out and left.

Michael, Donna, and Groot were spying on them from the alley, wondering why would they attack a theater, then they saw 2 posters, "It Came From the Haunted Volcano and Slumber Party Zombie Attack."

"Those are two of the FAKEST horror movies anyone has ever seen," Michael recalled,

"Those were only for anyone who love unconvincing movies." explained the manager, "The real shows are the Terminatra film series."

"They're not like the Nightmerica movies," Michael said.

That's when Donna thought of something, "I got an idea" Donna smiled,

"I love it when your ideas come around." Mikey smiled.

Note: Ola Street is named after Michael's love interest in the Thriller video, "Ola Ray".