Queenie and Zoe would kill her if they found out about what she was going to do. Because truthfully, she wanted to kill herself over this, but Delia felt like she was out of options. She hadn't dreamed of the girl the night before like she was secretly hoping. Instead, Fiona filled her dreams, and that was the last thing Delia wanted. Those couldn't be her visions, they were her nightmares, taunting her. She woke up several times throughout the night, willing the dreams to go away, only to fall back asleep and experience the same dream over and over: Fiona walking down a long hallway carrying her baby blanket.

That was it, nothing else, just an endless hallway, and Fiona. Delia knew this was just happening to taunt her. After all, Fiona had thrown out her blanket in a drunken rage when she was a child, despite her tears and pleads for it to be saved. Maybe it was the universe throwing in her face that she didn't have a child to raise. She had wanted a baby of her own for so long, but when she became supreme she knew she couldn't raise a child the way she wanted to, her attention had to be on the coven. So she had made the choice to set aside her own wants and put the coven first, but apparently her mind still hadn't gotten on the same page.

When Delia had realized sleep wasn't going to be her friend that night, she had gotten up and gotten back to work, pouring over notes of mysterious cases around the world, taking her mind off the girl and her mother and focusing on other potential witches. After a few hours of working somewhat diligently, Delia fell asleep at her desk, prompting another vision, this time, just one image: a voodoo doll. When she woke up, she didn't really know where the vision had come from, or what it meant. But something told her she needed to act on it, and so here she was, standing in front of the hair shop, willing herself to enter, or maybe to just go home, she wasn't sure which yet. She didn't know what to expect if she entered the store, and even more so if she actually went forward with her plan and asked the voodoo witches for help. Would they laugh at her? Would they still be angry for what her late husband had done? Now, she wished she had brought Queenie, after all she was one of them for some time, she would know how to win them over, to convince them, or maybe she would just be good moral support. But Queenie wasn't here and as much as Delia had acted like she wasn't the small, quiet teacher from the past, her insides still screamed at the very thought of walking in those doors and being told to leave.

But Delia was the supreme, and she knew if she didn't try then all of her hopes of finding this girl would be lost; this was truly her last chance. So she put her game face on, and walked through the doors.

Since Marie had passed, Delia wasn't sure who their new leader was, so she walked in and smiled at the girls at their stations, and asked in the nicest tone she could if she could speak with whoever was in charge. The girls however, knew who she was and didn't mistake her as someone looking to talk about hair, they all looked from one to the next, silently asking each other whether they should even entertain her. They didn't even need to decide as beofer they could muster an answer, a gorgeous woman stepped out from behind the beaded curtain. "You wanted to talk with me?" she said. "Yes, I'm-" but before Delia could finish, the woman chimed in "I know who you are, come to the back and we'll talk."

Delia tried to keep up her strong, cool fa├žade as she walked behind the curtain, however as soon as the women sat down she broke.

"I'm Grace, I took over after Marie left us. What can I help you with?"

Delia immediately noticed the difference between Marie and Grace. Marie was harsh but strong, whereas Grace had a softness about her. Suddenly, she felt at ease.

"I'm looking for a girl, and I was hoping you could help me."

"Why do you think we would be able to help?"

Cordelia went on to explain her vision of the voodoo doll, and the visions she had of the girl, explaining to Grace what she knew about her appearance and background. Grace told Delia she couldn't really give a definitive answer about the girl unless she had more to go on, but Delia felt like something was off. There was a strange energy in the air, almost like a pulsing that Delia couldn't quite place. She heard the front door shut and the sound of a couple girls laughing, and Grace quickly got up to show Cordelia out. Right as Delia was about to walk out from behind the curtain, she ran into one of the girls, and stared into an all too familiar pair of eyes.